Simon the Sorcerer 2Simon the Sorcerer 2

The Lion, The Wizard and The Wardrobe

Game Details:  Fantasy, 1995

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  11/25/2002

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Simon the Sorcerer 2 is the second in a series of comedy fantasy adventure games. This game continues after Simon the Sorcerer. You play as Simon, a normal boy who is inadvertently drawn through a portal into a world of magic. In this game you are transferred to an alternate dimension by your wardrobe, and must find a way back. The series continues with Simon the Sorcerer 3D. A new version of the game has also been released, Simon the Sorcerer 2: 25th Anniversary.

The Town

Go back into Calypso's shop. Take the baseball bat and the dye, then go back outside. Go to the castle and ask the guards how much a dollar is worth - note down the currency system. Leave the castle and head to the 3 Bears Cottage. Open the letterbox and take the letter. Go to the Street of Traders and talk to the ironmonger several times, offering to help him with his money problem. He will give you a crowbar. Now go down the stairs to the pet shop. After chatting with the owner, try to take the electric turtle - leave and go left to the joke shop. Take the joke book, look at the Stinko Kit sign, and talk to the joke seller. After getting squirted and zapped you will leave the shop.

Go to the Loan Office. Give the joke book to the jester in exchange for a bladder Use the crowbar on the drain cover and enter the sewers, heading left to get scared by a very large spider. Go into the Sunshine Loan Company and talk to the secretary. After picking one of the loans, open the door to the manager's office. While the manager is looking for the proper form, use the letter from the 3 Bear's Cottage on the in-tray. Leave the Sunshine Loan Co and go to the 3 Bears' Cottage. Walk into the house, and go right into the kitchen. Take the rubber gloves, then turn off the tap and you will end up in the fountain. Walk to the left and leave the fountain area, then go to the docks.

Head right and talk to Um Bongo about his missing dancers. Now head left and talk to the Goldilocks - she needs to get into the crate. Open the crate with your crowbar and she will leave her wig and dinghy for you to take. Now go back to the 3 Bears' Cottage and walk inside to meet the bears. Offer the wig to Pa and ask for some of Ma's porridge in return. Leave the house and go to the Town Square. Talk to the accordion player. When one of the dancers breaks a stick, give your baseball bat to the accordion player. Now head to the tattooist.

Pull the ladder down so you can climb up to the door and enter the Insane Society. Talk to the frying pan man. The fish man will give you a note book - use it with the frying pan man and learn that you need to be a porridge wearer. Go ahead and wear the porridge and the frying pan man will give you a junk bag. Go outside and open the bag to get $100, a bungee rope and a wedge. Leave the area and go to MucSwampling's. Talk to the guy in the suit to get a balloon and voucher. Look in the bin to the left to find a fishing rod, then head inside the building. Talk to the tattooist and the anorak man, then to the waiter and order a kiddie meal. Open this to get some more goodies, then leave and go back to the Street of Traders.

Take the poster, then head back down into the pet shop. Use the rubber gloves on the turtle to pick him up, then use him on the cage to the right of the machine. Make sure the red lever on the machine is to the left, then use the machine - you will end up with electric eels and a normal turtle. Take the turtle from the left hand cage, and the glow worms from the shelf. Put the glow worms in the empty cage next to the eels. Move the lever on the machine to the right hand side, then use the machine again to make some supercharged glow worms. You will automatically leave the shop. Go into the joke shop again. Ask if he can make you a swampling costume, and he will tell you to get some green material. Leave the shop and talk to the fat man (Nefahpayup) to the right. Agree to help him, then walk right and take lamps until you get the right one. Walk back to the left and talk to the cave entrance, then walk up the ladder to get out. Talk to Nefahpayup to get some white cloth. Use your balloon on the railing near the ironmonger, then head to the Fountain.

Use the dye on the fountain, then your white cloth on the basket. Go back to MucSwampling's and get a second balloon. Back at the Fountain, take your green cloth before heading to the Street of Traders. Use the second balloon on the railing. Give your green cloth to the joke seller and he will make you a costume. Go and get a third balloon from outside MucSwampling's, then go into the shop. Wear the costume and you will walk up the staircase. Go to the top of the stairs and left into Swampling's office. Ask him to make you some stew, and he will give you a bucket to collect some swamp mud. Go all the way outside and head to the docks.

Give your poster to Um Bongo, then follow him to Town Square and talk again to find out he needs a new skin for his drum. Give him the bladder, and it will start raining. Go to the Loan Office and head back down into the sewers. Walk left and use the glow worms to continue through the sewers to the other exit. Walk through the swamp to the broken bridge. Use the bungee rope on the railing, then the bucket on the rope to get some mud. Leave the bungee rope behind, and head left to the water. Use your fishing rod in the water to catch a fish. Go back through the sewers and go to MucSwampling's. Go inside and wear the costume to get upstairs again. Give the mud to Swampling and you will get a souvenir jar of swamp stew. Leave and head to the Street of Traders. Give your stew to the joke seller and he will make you a stink bomb. Now finally you can head to the magic competition.

Talk to the clerk to enter the competition, then walk into the tent. Use your stink bomb to reduce the competition, then go back inside and take the spell book. Pour your swamp shake in the last wizard's ear-pipe and you will be the only competitor left, automatically winning and getting an ID card. Now go to the castle and give money to the guards, then show your ID to get inside. Talk to the prince, then open the door and go into the castle. Walk through the room with the 2 doors to enter the throne room, where you learn that you must get the baby to go to sleep. Walk slightly left and use the fish to capture the seal. Leave the throne room and enter the right door. Use the wedge to stop the cradle from rocking, then take the cog from the gears. Leave the castle and go to MucSwampling's.

Use your costume to get up the first flight of stairs, then put the cog in the clock to get it working again. Now leave and go to the Tattooist, who should now be back from lunch. Ask about getting a tattoo, then grab a brochure and leave. Go back to MucSwampling's and give the brochure to the anorak man. Go back to the Tattooist and walk inside to win a free tattoo, so get the one with the jewel-encrusted swords. Go to the Swamp. Head to the far left and ask the lady of the lake if you can become one. Show the royal seal and she will agree. Take the air tanks and wet suit, and use the tanks on your dinghy to inflate it. Use the dinghy to reach the island, and get the sword out of the stone. Use the dinghy to get back to the swamp, then head back to the Castle. Give the sword to the prince, and you will get the pea-shooter. Enter the castle and go through the left door. Put the pea in the princess' mattresses and you will get a lolly. Go back to MucSwampling's and wear the costume to get upstairs. Give the lolly to the baby swamplings and you can take their milk. Go back and give that to the royal baby to make it shut up. Go to the throne room and you can walk into the treasury.

Climb the stairs and you will be knocked back down by 2 demons. Go back up and use the swamp shake on the pentagram, then when the demons appear they will be trapped. Leave the castle and go to the Street of Traders. Use the 3rd balloon on the railing and you will make it into the treasury. Walk to the rug and you will fall into the vault. Grab the mucosade and go back up the tube and out the window. You will fall down to the ground. Go to Calypso's and you will be beaten up and taken to a pirate ship.

Pirate Ship

Use your spell book to break the chains, and take the eye patch from the skull. Try to climb the stairs and you will be enlisted as the cabin boy and allowed up to the cabin. Take a stuffed parrot from the shelf. Look at the diary to get a postcard of Kalimari, then leave the cabin. Give the eye patch to the purple-shirted pirate in exchange for some sunglasses. Now climb the ladder to the right and swap the stuffed parrot for the real one, then use the swamp gum on the stuffed parrot. Go down the stairs and you will fall asleep for a while.

When you wake up, climb back up and talk to the bosun. Go back down and head left, using the rigging to climb to the crow's nest, then use the picture postcard on the telescope. Climb down the rigging and go back to the bosun. Move the parrot, then climb down and go left again, and back down into the galley. Ask the tough guy for a welding torch, then go back outside. Push the guy working on the plank so that he falls overboard, then grab his hammer, nails and plank. Open the door on the right side of the ship and go inside. Take the knife and use it on the hammock, then take the tinder-box and go back outside. Try to use the torch on the chain twice. When the captain enters the sleeping quarters, use the plank on the door to lock him in. Now use the welding torch a third time on the chain to cut it. Open the door and climb down to take the mucusade. Go back up the ladder and you will fall asleep again. You will wake up on a deserted island without any possessions.


Take the shovel head, then walk right and talk to the beachcomber and take his towel. Head into the jungle and give the balloon to the kid - you will be given a shell. Take the wooden pole and use it with your shovel head. Now go back to the beach and use your shovel, then put the towel over the hole and the shell on the towel. Talk to the beachcomber again, then grab the mucosade after he falls. Walk back into the jungle and follow the upper left path. Take the dog, then enter the cafe and talk to the waitress. Order a decaf coffee and you will have a nap. Order another when you wake up, then go outside and into the cave to the right. Try to get the whiskey bottle and a genie will appear. Ask for 3 wishes, then to go to Calypso's shop. Leave the cave and follow the lower left path, asking the dealer for some salmon - he will offer you caffeine tablets for 3 gungas. Take the dog whistle. Go up and left and use your dog on the generator. Go right to the totrture machine and move the lever. Go back to the dealer and take the lower left path. Talk to the judge and enter the limbo competition, using the dog whistle to distract the judges and win 3 gungas. Give these to the dealer to get the caffeine tablets, and put them in the coffee. Go back to the cave and use the coffee on the whiskey bottle. Get teleported back to Calpyso's shop. Walk inside to end up in a cell.

Valley of Doom

Try to open the door and Alix will give you a hairclip. Pick the lock and open the door - you will end up outside the goblin camp. Go to the right, then enter the Dark Woods, where you will meet a hungry little child. Go right and talk to the woodworms, then to the far right and enter the witch cave. Talk to the witches about their problem and leave the Dark Woods. Go to the Secluded Hut. After you introduce yourself, close the door. Walk towards the soda bottles and the cat will knock itself out. Pick up 3 soda bottles (and a straw), the hanky and the cat. Leave the hut and go to the Volcano Rim. Take the chemical sprayer and guide book. Use the straw on a soda bottle to empty it, then use the cat on the carnivorous plant and collect the saliva in the empty bottle. Go to the Goblin Camp.

Use the saliva on the goblets, then try to walk into the camp - once they fall asleep, grab the conch horn and enter the camp. Talk to the elf and get his perfume bottle. Use a full soda bottle on the perfume bottle, then enter the big tent. Take the food rations and pepper, then head back to the elf. Use the pepper on him and then give him the hanky and perfume in exchange for a block of wood. Walk to the left of the camp and use the last full soda bottle on the fire, and while the goblins are blinded, take some of their "stuff". After the fight starts, take the dice, then go back to the Secluded Hut and grab two more bottles of soda. Go to the Dark Woods and give the kid the food rations and a soda bottle. Take the magnifier he drops, then go right and give the wood to the woodworms, for some wooden teeth. Enter the witch cave and give them the wooden teeth, conch horn and magnifier. Empty the last soda bottle with the straw, then collect the potion in the empty bottle. Go back to the hut and use the potion on the Role Players, then join the game. When you get the chance, use your own dice to win a wallpaper catalog. Go to the Goblin Camp again.

Walk all the way to the left, to the entrance to Sordid's Tower. Talk to the guards and show them the wallpaper catalog. Take the tapestry and walk into the eerie passage - you will leave agan. Enter the stairwell to the left and use the tapestry on the pool of sweat. Use the soaked tapestry on the chemical sprayer, then turn out the lights by moving the lever on the generator. Leave the room and go back to the guard in the eerie passage. Use the chemical sprayer to mask your scent, wear the dog, then wear the furry slippers. Walk across the lava channel to the other side and you will arrive in Sordid's chambers. Walk to the right and take the screwdriver. Use it on Sordid's hand, then use the hand on the palm print identifier. Take the time stick, then try to exit the chamber to the left, and you have completed the game.