Shady Brook: A Dark Mystery Text AdventureShady Brook: A Dark Mystery Text Adventure

Game Details:  Mystery, 2016

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

Shady Brook: A Dark Mystery Text Adventure is a remake of the original game, Shady Brook. It is the second in a series of text-based adventure games by Unimatrix Productions, under their series title Storycentric Worlds, coming after Lifestream: A Haunting Text Adventure. In this game you take the role of author Jake Torrent, who moves to the small country town of Shady Brook with his father Wayne. After a series of unusual deaths, Jake suspects something more sinister is happening, and decides to investigate. The next game in the series is The Filmmaker: A Text Adventure.

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