Lifestream: A Haunting Text AdventureLifestream: A Haunting Text Adventure

Game Details:  Fantasy, 2016

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  9/18/2019

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Lifestream: A Haunting Text Adventure is a remake of the original game, Lifestream. It is the first in a series of text-based adventure games by Unimatrix Productions, under their series title Storycentric Worlds. In this game you take the role of John Holton and his father Randolph. Randolph goes missing during his search for the mysterious Lifestream, and John sets out to find and rescue him. There are 30 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below. The next game in the series is Shady Brook: A Dark Mystery Text Adventure.



Examine the grass and the iron gate, then head west to the pond. Examine the water and pick up a stone, then also look at the trees and the flowers - these are chamomile. Go east and north to reach the porch. Try to open the front door, but it is locked. Next try to open the mailbox, but it is also locked. Use your small stone on the mailbox to break it open, then take everything from inside. Read the mail that is now in your journal.

From here, go south and east, then approach the shed. Examine the padlock and enter the code HOLTON to open it. Examine the cellar door and the gas meter, then continue east into the shed. Look at the pot, take the duct tape, and use your small key on the toolbox. Take the broken hammer from inside it, then combine this with your tape to fix it.

Return west and use the hammer on the cellar door to get it open Prowler.

Examine the wood shards and try to take the plank, but it is too cumbersome. Go north into the basement. Search the boxes and take the clock hand. Look at the bicycle, then examine the large table and try to take the oil canister. Finally examine the wooden crate and move it. Head east into the tunnel, but it is too dark to see anything, so return to the west.

Go north to the living room. Read 3 books in the left bookshelf and another named book in the right bookshelf Bookworm. Inside one of the books on the left you will find a journal entry (1/8) and another journal entry (2/8). Now pull out the odd-looking book to reveal a secret passage. Don't worry about going back down to the basement. Search the armchair's cushion to find a crumpled sheet of paper. Now read everything in your journal, including the handwritten note you just found. Try to open the western door, but it is locked.

Continue east to reach the study. Look at the desk first, and read the passage in the bible after opening it. Next examine the framed photo in the left drawer, and a letter that you find in the middle drawer. The right drawer is locked for now. Look at the hutch next, and try to take the candle, but you don't need it yet. Examine the clock and use your clock hand on it, then set the time to 5:30 (based on the bible passage). Now open the right drawer and take the journal entry (3/8) from inside.

Chapter 1

House of Worship

Open the top-left drawer of the dresser take the robe from inside. Also look at the necklace and read the notes in the dresser, looking at them in your inventory for clues on how to pass the upcoming puzzle. Go southwest to the common area, and examine the stoup, framed portrait and telephone. Continue southwest, northwest and north into the church. Complete the homily as follows:

  • Start with a joke
  • How can we welcome Jesus into our lives?
  • An average length - 10 minutes
  • End on a positive note Natural Born Thespian

When the elderly woman approaches you, take a church bulletin, then talk to her (choose to be nice). Now go northeast and play the piano 3 times The Next Beethoven. Next go southwest and north, and pray 3 times Reverent. Search the pews to find the purse, and pick up the $50.

Go north again to reach the altar. Examine the bible and the sheet of paper, then look at the tabernacle and take the empty chalice from inside. Read the new items in your journal. Return south twice and give the purse to Anne, then give her the $50. Be nice to her, but reject her dinner invitation Party Pooper, then reluctantly accept it.

Head north and west, but you cannot start confession until you remove your robes. Go south twice to meet Father Grandl, answering him however you like. Continue southeast and northeast twice, examine the dresser, open the drawer and use your robe to put it away. Return southwest twice, northwest, north twice and west into the confession booth. Look at the plaque, then select these options:

  • Press the green button
  • Press the red button
  • Say a blessing
  • Ask to read An Act of Contrition
  • Absolve the man

Continue with your second confession:

  • Press the green button
  • Press the red button
  • State a blessing
  • Ask to read An Act of Contrition
  • Absolve Anne

Press the green button and the red button once more. There is an achievement for selecting the correct options at each confession Man of the Cloth. Tell the man he can trust you, and he will give you a small key.

Chapter 2


Read the letter in the trash bin, then search the coat rack and take the work gloves. Go west into the living room and talk to Father Grandl. Continue west to see a vision Who You Gonna Call?. Examine the compartment, but it is stuck. Try to open the patio door, but it is locked. Unlock the front door.

Go west twice into the kitchen. Take the matches and wrench from the cabinet. There is also a pot here, but you don't need it yet. Take the dull knife from the sink. Next examine the oven - try to open it and try to turn it on. From here, go east twice and northwest, then pick up the chisel. Next head southeast, south twice and east. Examine the gas meter, then use your wrench on it.

Return to the kitchen by going north twice and west 3 times. Make sure you are holding the chisel, then examine the cooktop of the stove. Turn to turn on a burner, then use the chisel on it and you will heat up the chisel. Use your hot chisel on the oven, then look inside the oven to see a pole. Use your gloves here to get the pole out of the oven.

Head into the study by walking east 4 times, and you will see another vision. Examine the painting and try to move it, then use your rusted pole on it. Try to open the painting, but it is too rusted. Go west and south and look at the large table. Try to take the oil canister, then use the gloves to get it. Go north and east, and use the oil can on the painting. Open the painting and take the journal entry (4/8) from inside.

Chapter 3

Dinner Guest

Head southwest twice and try to get in the car, but you don't have the keys. Go northeast and north to enter Father Dan's bedroom. Examine the dresser and take the magnifying glass. Next examine the fireplace and search for your keys. Head south and examine the stoup, then use your empty chalice on it to fill it with holy water. Return to the north and use your filled chalice on the fireplace to douse the fire. Try to take the keys, but they are still too hot, so use the bulletin to get them Common Thief. Go south again and use your hot car keys in the stoup to cool them down. Head southwest, get in your car, and drive to the bank.

Look at the calendar and read the notes to see mention of 2 birthdays. Now ring the bell on the desk. Look at the teller to see her name starts with S (she is Sally from the calendar), then talk to her about everything (choose to be nice). Go back outside and use your car to drive back to the church.

Go northeast and use the telephone, providing this information:

  • Audrey
  • Gropner
  • July 12
  • 1971

Return southwest and use your car to drive to the bank again. Ring the bell, then talk to the teller again, telling her about her sister. Leave the bank and drive back to the church. Go northeast twice, examine the dresser and take the necklace. Return southwest twice and drive to the bank. Ring the bell, talk to the teller, and give her the necklace Guardian Angel. In your inventory, combine the eyeglass and bank key to be able to read the number on it. Talk to the teller again, giving her the number 018. Leave the bank once more, and use the car to try to drive to Anne's house. Use the address from your inventory to go there.

Chapter 4

The Well

Read the unread items in your journal, then go west twice to see Father Grandl again. Continue west to hear some voices in the dining room, then go west once more to reach the kitchen. Examine the wine hutch, move the bottles and examine the keyhole. Now head east twice and north into the backyard.

Examine the well, then continue northeast to the gazebo. Examine the gazebo, then stare into the crystal ball twice. Look at the belladonna plant. Next examine both statues, and take the crowbar from the male statue. Return inside by going southwest and south.

Examine the compartment, and use the crowbar to open it, then take the bucket and rope. Read the printed manual (look at it in your inventory) and also pick up the small coin (1/3). Head south twice and east. Examine the wood shards and take the wooden plank. Enter the shed to the east and search the toolbox to find some nails. Continue west and north to the basement, then use the crowbar on the wooden crate - you will get a flashlight. Go north, west and north to return to the backyard.

Combine the bucket and rope, then use this on the well. Combine the plank and nails, then use this on the well. Next use your hammer to secure the crank in place on the well. Next examine the pipes, and follow the instructions you recently obtained:

  • Turn the left valve all the way to the right
  • Turn the right valve all the way to the left
  • Turn the middle valve to its middle position

Examine the well again and turn the crank Carpenter. You will automatically get journal entry (5/8) and journal entry (6/8).

Chapter 5


Examine the folder on the bed. Examine the chest and try to open it, then take the gloves. Head southwest twice and northwest. Talk to Father Grandl, then try to take the garden shears. Now go southeast, northeast and north to meet Father Dan. Look at him, then talk to him and ask about yesterday's homily. Look at the letters on the dresser, and he will give you one. Return south, southwest and northwest. Give the letter to Father Grandl, then take the garden shears.

Return to your room by going southeast and northeast twice. Use the shears on the folder, then read the documents - you will automatically find an elegant key. Read everything new in your journal. Use the elegant key on the chest, then try to take the gem. Use the gloves on the gem Gembearer. Go southwest and north, and talk to Father Dan again. Ask about the Lifestream, then show him the gem. Let him keep the gem.

Chapter 6

Making Contact

Read the unread items in your journal, then go south and east to the living room. Look at the right bookshelf and close the secret passage, then read the "Herbal Mysticism" book, and look at the spell in your journal.

Walk west, south twice and west, then pick a chamomile flower. Also pick up a stone from the water. Next walk east, north 3 times and northeast, then examine the female statue and pick a rose petal. Now examine the gazebo and use your gloves to get some belladonna. Head southwest, south and west, then examine the dining table and take a candle. Go west into the kitchen and take the pot from the cabinet. Try to use it in the sink, but there is no water.

Next go east twice and northwest to run into Father Grandl again. Head west to see another vision in the master bedroom. Search the bed, then look under the bed and take the empty chalice. Also take a small coin (2/3) from the left nightstand, and a small key head from the right nightstand. Next go east and northwest into the bathroom to hear a voice.

Head outside by going southeast twice and north. Next examine the pipes, and follow these instructions:

  • Turn the left valve all the way to the left
  • Turn the right valve all the way to the right
  • Leave the middle valve in its middle position

Walk south and west twice to return to the kitchen. Use your pot on the sink to fill it with water. Combine your small stone and empty chalice to make a mortar and pestle. Next go east twice, south twice, east and north to run into Father Grandl again. Ask him for today's date to find out it is Sunday the 7th. Now return to the kitchen by going west, north twice and west twice. Read the spell in your journal again - you are looking for the instructions for a waxing moon. Examine the stove, and then the cooktop. Use your full pot on the cooktop, then follow these steps:

  • Combine the belladonna with the mortar and pestle in your inventory
  • Use the mashed belladonna on the pot
  • Stir the pot once
  • Combine the chamomile with the knife in your inventory
  • Use the chopped chamomile on the pot
  • Stir the pot twice
  • Turn up the heat
  • Use the rose petals on the pot
  • Use the gloves to pick up the pot

Now head east twice and northwest twice to reach the bathroom. Use the full pot on the tub. There is an achievement for getting the mixture correct on your first attempt Master Alchemist. Now combine your matchbook and candle to light the candle, then use this on the tub. Speak the incantation "Phasma Evigilo". Examine the tub and try to talk to the woman, then try flushing the toilet. Examine the sink and write the message "Can you see this?" Ghost Whisperer.

Chapter 7

The Search

Head southwest and north to reach Father Dan's room. Search the bed, then look under the bed. Examine the knife, eyes and neck Detective. Go south and use the telephone to call the police. Now go east to Father Grandl's room and search the dresser. Examine the new book in your journal, and take note of the capital letters in the phrase. Also look at the painting on the wall here, and use your eyeglass on it Art Lover.

Next walk west, southwest, northwest, north and northeast. Play the piano, playing the notes corresponding to the capital letters you just read: F, D, E, C, G - you will automatically get an old key. Return southwest, south, southeast, northeast and east. Open the wooden chest with your old key. Examine the handwritten letters, old bible and Grandl's collar Truthseeker. Choose either option when Grandl enters the room.

Chapter 8


Go southeast and north into the guest room. Search the miniature bed to find a small coin (3/3) Coin Collector. Examine the ball and the rocking horse Child at Heart. Next look at the toy chest, and your 3 coins to unlock it. Take the journal entry (7/8) from inside. Look in the chest again, and take the batteries from inside the monkey.

Return to the bathroom by going south and northwest. Look under the rug and take the rosary. Now head southeast twice and west Black Out.

Chapter 9

Trial & Truth

Talk to the librarian, then go north into a cavern. Pick up the walkie talkie. Take the sledgehammer, then use it on the north cavern wall. Continue north and search the passage, then take the rag. Try stepping on each of the indentations, then talk to the librarian again. Return south and examine the debris, then take a boulder. Go north again.

Place the boulder on the west indentation. Examine the portcullis and use your sledgehammer on the close gate. Pick up the boulder and place it on the east indentation Puzzlemaster. Head north into an endless corridor. Pay attention to the whispers that you hear, and follow the instructions from the ancient note in your journal:

  • If children whisper, walk forward
  • If men whisper, walk right
  • If women whisper, walk left

You will eventually make it to an ancient monastery. Use the walkie talkie here. Look at the serpent statue, the remains, and the gem. Talk to the librarian, then go south 3 times. Examine the debris, then use your rag on it to end up with a small patch. Go north 3 times and use your rag on the serpent statue. Now use the torn patch to pick up the gem Initiate.

After you awaken, go east and southeast, then open the front door. Answer Grandl any way you like.

Chapter 10

Gateway to the Realm

You will automatically find a small key shaft - combine this with your small key head. Go east and examine the front door. Next go northwest and north to see another vision. Look at the business card in your inventory. Now head south and west into the master bedroom. Examine the music box on the dresser, and use your small key on it. Wind up the music box twice more Clockwork Ballerina. Remove the ballerina's head and take the parchment, then read this in your journal.

From here, go east, southeast and east. Pull out the odd-looking book in the right bookshelf again, then continue south twice and west twice. Search the roots of the trees to find a symbol carved into one of them. Go east twice, north and east, but it is too dark to see anything. Put the batteries in your flashlight, then use it. Explore the sewers, and follow the directions from the carving: south, west, south, east, southwest and east Maze Runner.

Look at the small photo, then examine the sarcophagus. Look at the etching on the side. Use the crowbar on the sarcophagus to open it. Read the journal entries (8/8) Journal Snoop. Next examine the prayer book, and you will find the rosary once more Lost and Found. Return to the kitchen by going west twice, north and west three times. Examine the wine hutch, then move the wine bottles and examine the keyhole. Use your rosary here and enter the passage.

There is an achievement for failing in multiple different ways in the next section. Start by just talking to Grandl 3 times or waiting for the timer to run out for failure (1/4). Use the prayer book on Grandl. After he dies, examine everything. Jump into the gateway for failure (2/4). Take the gem for failure (3/4). Pick up a bone and use it on the gem for the final failure (4/4) Glutton for Punishment.

Now pick up the gem using the gloves, then use the gem on the gateway. There is an achievement for scoring more than 700 points out of the total 720 Meticulous. There is another achievement for not using any hints Master Adventurer. Keep watching the epilogue for the final achievement for completing the game Acolyte.