The Secrets of AlamutThe Secrets of Alamut

Game Details:  Adventure, 2001

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Walkthrough Updated:  7/30/2008

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

The Secrets of Alamut is the third game in a series by Arxel Tribe based on the works of Brazilian novelist Paulo Coelho. It follows on from The Legend of the Prophet and the Assassin. In this game, you reprise your role as Ay-Sayf, still on the hunt for Simon Lancroix. The game begins around a campfire, where you must talk to each of your compatriots before setting off on the adventure.

Alamut Mountain

Walk forward and enter the cave.

Acid Pools

Turn around and grab 3 rocks from the pile near the entrance. Throw a rock into each of the 3 green pools directly ahead of you. You will hear hissing sounds from the middle and right pools but not the left one - this indicates that the left pool contains green water, not acid. Grab some more rocks and use them to make your way across the room. Starting from that left pool, you need to go forward, right, forward and right. Pick up the flask here, then go forward and over to the exit door.

You now need to get through the lock on the door. Turning around to face the pools again, the one on the right contains acid - use your flask on the pool to collect some, then pour it on the lock. Head through the door.

Test of Colors

Approach the opposite door and look at the 4 colors on the door - red, purple, yellow and green. Return to the middle of the room and use your flask to collect some red liquid. Go back to the door and pour 2 lots of red liquid into the upper left catcher, and 1 into the lower left. Now collect some blue liquid and pour 1 lot into the lower left and 2 into the upper right. Finally collect yellow liquid and pour 2 lots into the upper right and 1 into the lower right.

Challenge of the Sisters

Read the 2 inscriptions on the floor where you start, then go forward to see a top-down view of the hall. From the starting position, jump over to the right. Now go straight down the right side, jumping ahead 2 squares, then 1, then 2, 1 and 2. Head over the lava to the left again, then jump 2 squares forward to the last one and you can go through the exit.

Room of Vents

Click on the central statue 3 times when you enter, then walk around to the left and click once to open a vent and escape.

Sarcophagus Room

Pick up the bowl of oil from the corner, then take a close look at the sacrophagus to see it leads into the next room. Approach the wall with the bowl suspended on a rotating rod. When you drag this down into the water to collect some, notice the sarcophagus rotates - to get it to rotate back you need to empty the water. Place the bowl of oil beneath the one containing the water, then light it with your lighter. Now quickly walk inside the sarcophagus, and when the water has evaporated you will end up in the next area.

Planet Slider

Walk down the corridor and look at the puzzle on the floor. The inscription suggests you should rewrite the order of time, so you need to arrange the blocks from Sunday back to Monday. In order across the top row, they should be Sun (yellow), Saturn (blue), Venus (pink), Jove (purple), Mercury (Green), Mars (brown) and Moon (gray).

Valley of the Maidens

Approach the pillar in the middle of the clearing. Take the 5 gems and insert them in the sculpture (each stone will only fit in one place). The 5 caves will then be accessible. Get all the gems back again as you will soon need them.

Enter the first cave (going around from left to right) and take the incense branch and veil. Get the peacock feather from the second cave, then give this girl the 5 gems. Whenever one of the maidens wakes up, make sure you leave before the hourglass empties or you will die. Enter the fourth cave and take the birdcage, then go to the third cave and take the spatula. Hang the birdcage on the pole here, and cover it with the veil. Go to the fifth cave and take the grapes, using the peacock feather to wake the girl. Return to the first cave and give the grapes to the maiden here. Approach the pillar again and get some embers in the spatula. Finally, go to the fourth cave and put the embers in the bowl here. Add the incense to wake the final maiden. You can now leave this area through the unblocked exit.

Talk to the Visier and agree to help him. Once out in the desert, open the letter, then refuse to kill An-Nab. Talk to An-Nab and accept a dagger, then talk to Kyot. In your nightmare, select Taleb to help you overcome the genie.

Temple Ruins

Talk to the voice down the well, then answer yes to show your injured knee. Wash your knee using the well, then pick up the apple core when instructed to. Talk to the man twice more, then pick up the rope and linen bag from near the well. Walk over and pick up a large rock from the ruins, then approach the tall tree next to the pillar when the man sits. Throw the rope over the top branch, then approach the rope's base. Tie the linen bag to one end, then the rock to the other. Use the rock to rise up. Talk to the man again, then turn around and click on the mountains.

Monastery of St Catherine

Walk forward, then quickly turn right and approach the wall (otherwise the bird will attack). Pull the rope, then talk to the man until he lets you up. Talk to him again and he will let you see Procles' tomb. Read the inscription on the tomb, then go to the opposite wall. Pull the metal ring and take the white and red sticks from the alcove. Now leave this room and go through the opposite door.


Look at the walls and the floor, and examine the side door. Approach the bookcase, and read all the books that you can, including the slip of paper hidden behind one of the books. Take the magnetic rosary from the box, and read the note left by Procles. Take the skull from the shelves and use it to smash the hourglass so you get a wooden rod.

Now approach the wall. Use the magnetised rosary to get the iron key from the flag. Place the wooden rod in the top rung of the ladder so you can grab the copper key. Look closely at the sun disk. Using the information from the books, click on rays VI, X, IX, XI and IV. Now take the gold key from the top of the sun. Return towards the bookcase and look at the ground - move the rug to reveal another puzzle. This works like a magic square - each of the vertical and diagonal lines must contain the same number of sticks. A book will have told you that each row contains red sticks in the same locations, so you can easily fill those in first. Knowing that each vertical and diagonal should contain a total of 21 sticks, you can now fill in the rest by trial and error (to get you started, the top right square needs 2 white sticks, and the bottom middle one needs 1). Once you are done, you can take the bone key.

Look at the door again. Insert the 4 keys into the 4 locks (each will only fit in one location). Take the 4 keys again, then put the combined "secret" key in the middle of the door to get through.


Remember the inscription from the tomb earlier:

"To the East of the West of the West of the North, in the shrine of the wild boar and the sow, the fawn and the doe, the son and the mother, the Warrior of Light will find the path to heaven. The Earth shall be his if he covers with white the bare hand of the Pantocrator, a pupil with eight shining rays. Then, on the first day of spring, he shall, in the middle of the temple, preside over the wedding ceremony just before the sun broaches the place of the Burning Bush. Thus he shall receive that which is his by right."

Leave this room through the double doors and head along this side of the church. Turn right at the end and enter the small room. Look down at the floor to see a tile puzzle, then use your dagger on the tiles. A book earlier showed a picture of these tiles, with the 3rd tile down on the left side showing a North and West symbol. Put the tip of the dagger at the bottom edge of this tile and it will slide underneath. Now drag the dagger left, right and left again and it will pop up. Take the round box that is revealed.

Go back to the main hall of the church and cross to the other side. Look at the backs of the pillars until you can zoom in on one - it shows a picture of Jesus with a bear hand. Look closely at it (with your "pupil") and it will lift up, revealing a square box you can take.

Return to the room where you entered the church and go through the single door. Use your dagger to lift up the tile on the right, then put the secret box (combination of round and square boxes) in the niche. Wait here until the sun sinks further, then pick up the 3rd talisman piece.

Walk back out to the library and you will appear outside. Talk to Gemisthios and you will start journeying again. In your nightmare, select Taleb to help you overcome the genie.

The Mines

Iron Gate

Approach the gate and you will be stopped by a woman. Talk to her, and offer to help her. Look at the gate again, and drag the numbers to display the Fibonacci sequence (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55).


Push the scaffolding away when you enter the next room. Pick up the jug on the ground in front of you, then turn around and grab some rope from near the entrance. Walk over to the right and pick up the wooden platform and piece of gutter. Next approach the waterwheel - combine a piece of rope with the jug in your inventory, then attach the combination to the waterwheel. Turn slightly left and place the gutter in the scaffolding that you pushed earlier.

Go over to the wall and take the rope off the hook to activate the mechanism - if everything is in place the rope will be lifted from the mine shaft. Approach it and attach the wooden platform, then stand on it to go down.


Follow the first tunnel until you reach a fork. Turn left and go to the end to locate a chain. Turn around and take the right path from the first fork, until you find another one. Turn right at this one and go to the end to find a crowbar. Return and take the left fork to reach a broken bridge. Step forward on to the bridge, then turn around. Use the crowbar to lift the boards behind you, then face forward again and put the boards down. Walk forward. Use the same several more times to get across the bridge.

Pick up the lamp on the other side, then combine it with the chain. Light the lamp with your lighter, then look closely at the bridge ahead and throw the lamp at the rope. The bridge will drop down and you can go forward.

Go through to the steps leading up to the next doorway. Look closely at the word "oculo" and you can take each of the letters. Once you have them all you will automatically look down at the ground. Place the letters on the ground one by one to form a key. Walk back to the bridge and look at the slot in it, then insert the key to open the door.

Enter the new door and pick up some gold bars. In the main room, collect a hook from the ground, and cut a net loose using your dagger. Now walk over to the large machine and you will hear a girl calling for help - you only have a limited time once she has spoken. Attach the hook to the wooden beam on the machine, then tie a rope over it. Combine the gold bars with the net, then attach this to the rope. Now pull the rope as far down as it will go, and release it to smash a hole in the door.

Talk to the spirit about everything you can, then explore the room. In particular, you must look at the urns on the left, the statue, the foot of the statue, and the sunset. Now talk to her again. Say "No" when she asks you to marry her, then say "Yes" when asked if you are mad enough to help. You are now told to find a weapon - go and take the salt rose from the statue's hand.

Tomb of the Warriors

Each of the statues represents an element - you need to give each of them the element they represent. Break open the air warrior's mouth with your crowbar to give him air. Search the coffins between the earth and water warriors to get some soil - put this in the earth warrior's mouth. Find a jar of oil behind the fire warrior, and a cloth next to one of the graves nearby. Dip the cloth in the jar, then light it with your lighter. Throw this in the fire warrior's mouth. The jar will now be empty - go and fill it with water from the pool between the fire and water warriors. Throw this in the water warrior's mouth.

Now go and collect the mask from the coffin at the base of the large building. Walk over to the exit door and it will automatically be attached. Grab each horn of the mask and pull it down. Talk to the spirit once in the room, then turn around and leave. You will be attacked (and hit once) by a warrior - kill him with your sword and many more will materialise.

To get through this area without dying, head right twice, then up twice, right once, and up twice to reach the steps. Use the salt rose on the steps. Pick up the petals, then return to the room with the spirit. Talk to the 2 girls alternately, then attack the spirit (on the right) with your sword. Turn around and head down to the Well of Souls (at the base of the large building in the middle of the room). Put the rose petals in the jar to destroy the spirit. Return to the girl and you will carry her to freedom.


Talk to Kahina several times and the game will be over.