The Legend of the Prophet and the AssassinThe Legend of the Prophet and the Assassin

Year:  2000

Genre:  Adventure

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The Legend of the Prophet and the Assassin is the second game in a series by Arxel Tribe based on the works of Brazilian novelist Paulo Coelho. It follows on from Pilgrim: Faith as a Weapon. In this game, you play as Ay-Sayf, a former Knight Templar, on a quest to find Simon Lancroix. The game is set in the 13th century and features historical and mystical elements. The series continues with The Secrets of Alamut.


Read the plaque to the left of the gate and the inscription to the right. Turn around and walk away from the gate to find an abandoned caravan. Enter it and take the rope, adze and tineul, then get the big key from inside the chest. Return to the gate and use the tineul on the middle of the chains, then use the rope on the top end of it, and finally have your horse Phorbas pull the rope.

Once inside, tether your horse to the bar on the wall. From looking at Phorbas, turn left and go forward 3 times, then left, forward again, and turn around to see a thin, hungry dog. Turn right and go forward twice, then turn left and enter the doorway. Get the meat from the barrel in the corner, then return to the dog. Give it the meat, then start following it - go right, forward 5 times, right, forward, right, forward 3 times, left, forward 3 times. Look up at the scaffold board, and use your sword on it. Turn around and head forward 3 times, right and forward once. Turn right and look at the man up on the scaffolding - try to talk to him twice. Pick up some stones down to your left and throw them at the man. Go forward and pick up the oil gourd he dropped.

Turn left from the scaffolding and go forward, then right, forward, and left into a door. Pick up the hammer from this house, then try your key on the locked door. Put some oil on the key (from the oil gourd), then try it again. Go inside and collect the ladder.

Now return to where the dog led you earlier and place the ladder against the wall. Climb up and walk along the scaffolding until you reach another ladder. Look up and attack the old man with your sword. Climb up and turn around, then quickly cut the rope with your sword before the planks beneath you break. Proceed forward, being careful to only walk on the strong brown planks. Go up at the end, then continue until you reach a cliff. Look up and attach your rope to the hook to swing across.

Follow the path until you see a cave on the left - go inside. Approach the curtains and poke them with your sword to get Theodore to come out safely. Talk to him until he falls asleep. Pick up the bucket and return to the cliff - to get across this time get the plank from the right and place it on the cliff edge. Cross over and get your rope, then go forward 3 more times and pick up the mass.

Go all the way back to the well out the front of the city. Combine your rope and bucket, and use them on the well wheel. Click on the rope again and get the bucket full of water. Next go to the inscription outside the entrance. Combine the mass and the adze and use it on the protruding brick, then pick up the pearl box. Return to Theodore and use the bucket of water on him to wake him up. Talk to him again, then pick up the nail and use it on the pearl box. Read the letter, then talk to Theodore once more.



Talk to the boy and pay him the dinar to look after Phorbas. Proceed across the courtyard and down the passage to the left. Talk to the beggar in blue on the left, who asks you to retrieve a chest from the silversmith. Go to him next, and he will ask for help with a coded message - say "yes". Now find the herbalist, and answer "yes" to his question. To solve his puzzle, place Chelidonia on the eyes, Artemisia on the head, Green anisen on the abdomen, St John's Wort on the leg and Mallow on the throat. As the herbalist bends down to pick something up, use your dagger to cut some Chelidonia that is hanging above him. Combine this with the coded message to get an uncoded message. Give this message to the silversmith and you will receive a small box. Give the box to the beggar in blue and he will guide you to a street.

Street of Four Pearls

Follow the street to the right and go through the brown gate on the left to locate the forge. Talk to Taleb the blacksmith, then walk over to the table and look at the metal objects, then talk to Taleb again. Talk to Isaac when he appears and you will learn about the Golem. Pick up those metal objects and approach the stand near the fireplace. Construct the Golem. Find the bucket of water and the sword. Give the sword to the Golem, then quickly pour the water on its head.


Walk forward to the cart, and pick up the iron stick and the oil lamp. Use the iron stick to break the lock on the herbalist's shop, and go inside. Collect the measuring glass, a glass flask, the water of bistorte, and the hawthorn pollen. Examine the parchment on the right, then the notebook under the counter. Put the measuring glass on the counter, and add water of bistorte, hawthorn pollen, water of bistorte again, and hawthorn pollen again. Now collect some of the mixture with a glass flask. Pour some of this mixture into the bowl near the mouse on the floor and you will discover it is a narcotic.


Look up to the left to see some icicles. Use your dagger on them, then put the icicles in the narcotic flask. Turn right and go forward to find a sling. Combine this with the icicles, then proceed once towards the guards. Use your sling on the light in the middle of the watchtower, then use your sword on the approaching guard, and your dagger on his left shoulder to get 10 keys.

Enter the watchtower and use the silver key to unlock the main jail door. Go to the 3rd door on the right and unlock it with the dark blue key. Go into the cell and talk to Qamar, then take a small crystal ball from him and leave. Back at the Forge, talk to Taleb again and you will go to Qamar's library.


Talk to Isaac, then find a key on the bed. Get the large crystal ball and the toothed wheel from the bookcase, and the small case from the shelves. Use the key to open the case and get a frame and lots of disks. Now find a stand in the corner and move the fruits from the bowl to reveal a star map. Go to the desk and assemble a metallic sky map - place the frame on the desk, then enter the boar, stag, hare, knights, donkey, mermaid, dragon, peacock, hawks, stork, sheatfish and cat disks in the holes from the 1 o'clock position.

Go to the ornate brown door and place the sky map on the gold knob. Turn the map until the triangle above it points to the knights. Click on the triangle. Place the small crystal ball in the eye socket of the automaton, and you will push it outside. Place the toothed wheel in its back and turn the rotating mechanism to winter. Go around to the front of the automaton and put the sky map and the large crystal ball in its hand. Rotate it so that the reflection of the stars coincides with the constellations on the map. Read the inscription on the automaton's belt - Jerusalem.


Talk to the guard on the left and give him your sword and dagger. Talk to Rajib and enter the palace to see the Khan. You must complete 3 puzzles to prove you are worthy to face him in battle. First, look up to the hanging lamp on your left. Place the wax doll in it. Next, look at the scales, which hold weights totalling 72. You need to balance it by placing weights of 36 on each side (eg. 18, 10 and 8 on the left, all the others on the right). Once this is done, open the drawer beneath the scales and get the lighter. Turn around and pick up the bow and arrow from the ground. Turn to the left and shoot the hawk when it flies towards you. After the fight, talk to Rajib about Qamar, and you will end up back at the jail. Use the key to open the cell and free him.


Go forward and note the rug on the ground to your left. Talk to the man sitting behind the camels, then turn around and get the lit torch. Talk to the man selling a falcon, then to the guy standing in front of the tent. Enter the goat pen and talk to An-Nab, who will give you a brooch and tell you to look for a map.

Leave the pen and approach the last tent to find Qamar. Talk to him, then get the iron needle from the ground. Next head to the vats behind the goat pen and get the dung pancakes and the mouse. Find the 2 men playing chess and pick up the magnifying glass. Talk to the man on the right, who says he will give you a map if you win the chess game for him. Look at the board, and move the bishop (shield) from the bottom right, diagonally up and left 2 squares - you have earned the map. Now look at the brooch, and use the magnifying glass on it. Press buttons 1, 2 and 5, and it will turn into an eye. Use this on the map, and note the positions of Jerusalem, Cairo and Alamut.

Return to Qamar and talk to him again, then talk to Taleb and An-Nab at the goat pen. Go back to Qamar's tent and talk to the lady who is lying down. She requests a bird of prey in exhcnage for some black sulphur. Leave the tent and put the mouse in the glass bottle. Now return to the camels and combine the dung pancakes with the torch. Place them on the rug you noted earlier. Now go to the falcon and remove the leg strap and eye cover. Return to the lady and you will get the black sulphur.


You will find Rajib on the throne, looking for information about the ghouls. Get the carafe from the table, then open the case and get the ink bottle. Fill the empty metal pot with the ink, and click the carafe on it. Now click on the words to learn how to fight the ghouls. You will be given the red sulphur.


Now back at the forge, give Taleb your sword. From right to left, the symbols you need to display are line, arch, part of octagon, triangle, part of octagon, and arch. You will be given the parchment and talisman, and your sword back.


Once you reach the oasis, turn around and go over the river. Turn left and use your sword on the bush, then pick up the turban. Go back towards the horse, then turn left and go forward twice. Look down and pick up the wooden branch from in front of the rock. Go forward twice more and look down to see another rock. Combine the branch and turban to make a torch. Place the bush on the rock and use your lighter on it, then use the torch on the bush to light it. Now you can go forward and down the stairs and you will have a light source.

In the cave, approach the pond. Use your sword to clear away the water lilies, then look at the hand that is revealed. Use your sword on it to get white sulphur. Return to the waterfall and use the parchment on it. Now head toward your right, then to the rocks over the river, and into the brown circle on the other side of the water. Once the ghouls are together and you are facing them, click on them. At the final fight, select Caradoc as the one that can help you.