Game Details:  Fantasy, 2003

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  3/3/2007

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Samorost is the first in a series of surreal fantasy adventure games from Amanita Design. This is a short freeware game that is played online. You control a little white space gnome who must go on an adventure to prevent his home planet from crashing into another. The series continues with Samorost 2.


Click the lighthouse, and you will fly from the rock planet to the green planet.


Click on the herbs in the smoking device, then click on the smoking device again and the man will throw away the mouthpiece. Click on this and it will work in the locked box. Now look up on top of the hill and click on the cable that has fallen down to replace it up on to the pulleys. Next click on the arrow sign twice so it points to the left, then press the red button to top of the locked box and you will ski up to the top of the hill. Click on the worker just to the left and while he moves out of the way, click on yourself to ski to the next screen.


Click on the float at the bottom of the fishing line on the left and the rat will catch a fish. Click on the 6 lizards as they climb up to try to steal the fish, and the fish bones will be thrown out. After the bird lands near the bones, click on the bones and the bird will carry you to the next screen.

Vcely Skala

Click on the cog in the large right rock 4 times to make the rock more vertical. Click on the hole in the opposite rock and a bridge will be formed and flowers will bloom. Click on the higher hole and bees will fly out to the flowers. Click on the man within the hole, who will attach a light bulb to the top of the cliff. Press the round button in the middle of the screen to bring up a round transportation device. Click on its lever to open the door, then on the doorway to get inside.


Click on the hole in the middle of the tree to see a creature with a gramophone. Click on the 4 worms that pop out of the tree around the screen to have them eaten by a bird. Now click the red button on the gramophone. Click the creature's tail until it plays loud music and the owl wakes up. Now click the owl 3 times.


Click the lever on the transportation device to exit the vehicle. Now turn the metal ar above you to make the ants walk towards the anteater. Click on the steps when the anteater is eating to get past safely. Open the box on the side of the building and click on it to zoom in. Turn the bottom 3 knobs and the top right knob on (to match the pattern of red dots on the door). Go through the door.


Click on the red blinking light. Click the plus or minus buttons on the left controller until the left dial shows 50, then click the middle button on the left controller to raise the ladder. Now click on the wheel at the top of the ladder.