Safecracker: The Ultimate Puzzle AdventureSafecracker: The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure

Game Details:  Adventure, 2006

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  1/31/2012

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Safecracker: The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure is a puzzle adventure game where you are employed by a wealthy family to search a recently deceased man's estate in order to find his last will and testament. This is hidden within one of many safes scattered around his 4-storey mansion. It is very similar to an earlier game, Safecracker.


There is little to accomplish in this game other than progressing through the house and cracking the locks on each of the safes. Most of the safes must be opened in a predetermined order, with only a couple available to be opened at any time.

Entry Halls

In the Hall (first room) there is a combination keypad that for the moment is uncrackable. Head into the Small Sitting Room and you will find a safe requiring a key which you do not have, so keep moving. In the Small Corridor is the first accessible safe.

Small Corridor

There are green, red and blue lights on the safe, and their positions can be altered using the buttons around the periphery. The goal is to get the green lights to the top left, the blue lights to the top right, and the red lights to the bottom (next to the appropriately colored buttons). This is fairly straightforward, but if you get stuck, back away from the puzzle and approach it again, then use the combination Green-Clockwise x 2, Blue-Clockwise x 2, Red-Clockwise, Green-Clockwise.

Grab the resistor and the piece of paper from the safe, then look at the paper to see a combination "4298". Head back to the Hall where you entered the mansion.


Look at the keypad, and type the combination 4298 from the piece of paper.

Main Rooms

Head into the garden and wander about exploring the rooms. Make sure you unlock the door leading from the Museum back into the Small Corridor, as this makes further exploration more simple. Use the map in your inventory to check the general layout of the area. You should have revealed another 11 safes to crack in the available rooms. Head into the Study.


The large metal box has a slider puzzle on the front. The pattern for the answer is the dollar-sign symbol which can be seen on the menu screen next to the phone cord. The easiest way to solve this is to start at the top right and work down one row at a time, finishing at the bottom left. Take the piece of paper and flip the switch to activate a new puzzle. Now go to the Study.


You will notice a keypad on the wall next to a door that is not currently active. There is also a postcard that you can read on the chair here, and a second safe on a small podium - look at this one now. There are four buttons you can press, each activating a magnetic field that draws a metal ball towards the button. The goal is to make the ball drop into one of the four available holes. The only one that is accessible is the bottom right button. To reach it, press Up, Right, Down, Left, Down, Right, Down, Left, Up, Right, Up, Right, Up, Right, Down, Right, Down, Left, Up, Right, Down. Take the 4 pin circuit, then head to the Main Sitting Room.

Main Sitting Room

Look at the complex safe in the bookcase. It contains a central wheel with two sets of letters, one in gold and one in grey, and a string of letters along the base. The goal is to turn the central wheel to convert the cipher text (gold letters) into plain text (grey letters). If you align the gold L with the grey A (as per the piece of paper from the museum), you can convert the text into SixFourOneTwo. Turn the four number dials to these numbers to open the safe. Grab the photograph and the 8 pin circuit, and read the yellow note from Mr Adams. Head to the Office.


Look at the safe on the podium. The buttons display various numbers of arrows in each of the four directions. You will note that if you press a button, then move to the button indicated by this one (eg. if there are two left arrows, press the button two to the left), they will both stay down. The goal is to get all buttons to stay down, revealing the red button. To solve this, just start with the third button on the second row from the top. Follow the directions to press the red button. Now look up at where the laser is shooting. Move both mirrors so the laser hits the globe, then take the transistor that is revealed.

Now look at the keypad next to the door. It is missing some components. Insert the four components you have just retrieved from the other safes, and the door will open. Head into the Workshop.


There are 3 more safes in here. The only one you can currently open is in the far left corner. It has a keypad that is apparently broken, but there is some logic to the way it works. Each number that you press on the keypad actually results in a sequence of 5 different numbers being submitted - for example by pressing 1 repeatedly you will cycle through 79482, by pressing 2 you will cycle through 43168. If you back away from the safe and approach it again, you can quickly open it by pressing 1256, 3456, 3456. Take the magnetic card, then head back to the Study.


Insert the magnetic card into the keypad on the wall. Now note that three of the keys are clean, as though they are regularly used. Just try all 6 combinations of these three numbers to discover the answer (834). Head through the open door and upstairs to the Kitchen.

New Areas


Look at the dumbwaiter on the wall, and try pressing the up and down buttons. Pressing the up button moves it up five spaces, and pressing the down button moves it down seven spaces. You need to get it to align perfectly with the opening. Press Up, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up Up, Down, Up, Down, Up. Now collect the pipe key and head back downstairs into the Dining Room.

Dining Room

Look at the painting that is hiding a safe in here, and you will comment that the paintings look familiar. Have a look at the photograph in your inventory to see they are normally arranged in a different order. Move the paintings so they are hung correctly and the safe will open. Collect and read the letter. Now head downstairs again into the Cellar.


On the wall is a very complex circuit. To get all the lights turned on, just rotate all the switches to the up position. Explore the rest of the cellar, and you will find another complex safe next to a wine rack.


There is only one light on at the start. Clicking several others, you will realize there is only one other that you can turn on, which is two down from the start. In order to continue, you must keep going in straight lines, skipping one light and clicking the next. You can turn when you click at light at an intersection. To solve, head Down, Down, Down, Down, Right, Up-Right, Up-Right, Down, Down, Right, Down, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up-Left, Up-Left, Up-Left, Down, Right, Right, Right. Now collect the GPS keycard and the brass key.

Go upstairs and use the key to open the door in the Dining Room that leads to the main staircase, and keep going through to open the door to the Hall, to make subsequent travel easier. Head back to the Workshop.


You now have the information to open the first Workshop safe. Note the 3-digit numeric display. Read the letter in your inventory again, then look up the wavelength for buttercup (yellow) on the internet - it is 580nm. Set the numbers to 584 to open the safe and obtain a small gold key and a T-shaped key. Head to the Small Sitting Room.

Small Sitting Room

Use the T-shaped key to open this safe, and get the piston. Go back down to the basement and into the Store Room.

Store Room

Attach the new piston, then look at the controls for the puzzle. The goal is to end up with 4 bars worth of water in the middle section. To achieve this, press Large-Medium, Medium-Small, Small-Large, Medium-Small, Large-Medium and Medium-Small. This activates the pump mechanism for the fountain.


Go upstairs via the main staircase and open all the doors you can so you get an idea of the layout. There should be six unopened safes up here visible on the map at the moment. Start off in the West Corridor.

West Corridor

Use the pipe key to open the panel on the laser lock. Now have a look at the 4 different colored wires. They each appear to be in the shape of a number. Also have a look at which wire is on top of the others. They look like a green 2, yellow 4, blue 9 and red 3. Press the buttons corresponding to 2493. This opens access into another bedroom.

Yellow Room

Read the letter on the window sill, then look at the safe here. You can play around with the numeric buttons if you wish, but the solution just involves flicking the red switch. Take the magnetic pass and snooker rules, and head to the Games Room.

Games Room

Walk around the snooker table to get to the computer game. Insert the GPS card and turn the key to activate the game. On the screen are the directions, and all you need to do is turn the steering wheel the correct way at each of the turns indicated on the map. Don't worry that the car does not appear to be moving. Just turn Right, Left, Right, Right, Left, Right, Left, Left, Right, Left to complete the game and get a piece of paper with "6821" written on it.

While you are here, go and look at the keypad on the wall. Insert the magnetic pass to activate the keypad, and you are prompted for 4 digits. Look at the snooker rules in your inventory, then walk around the table and count the balls. There are four balls missing - 2 reds, green and black. Enter the four digits corresponding to their values into the keypad (order is not important). Four example you could enter 1137. Collect the lever and the fountain plug. Head downstairs to the Winter Garden.

Winter Garden

Insert the fountain plug into its empty receptacle. Now walk to another plug and quickly look at the fountain - note that the plug rotates and shoots into another hole. Keep doing this and you will notice that each plug has a specific target to hit to make the water in the middle rise. The goal here is to get the water to rise enough so that you can reach the floating key. Walk away from the fountain and approach it from the museum entrance. Walk around the fountain in an anti-clockwise direction two and a half times, then take the key. Head into the Museum.


This complex puzzle now needs to be solved. First look at the touchpad near the garden entrance. The goal is to clear all the blue squares by clicking on them. You can only move up, down, left or right. Just click on the squares until they are all gone (there are many solutions).

Now look at the touchpad near the office. This is a very simple version of sudoku - just click on the squares to cycle through the symbols, with the goal being that there should only be one of each symbol in each row and each column. Again there are many solutions.

Finally, look at the remaining keypad. Enter 6821 to bypass the first part, then you are presented with a magic square puzzle. The goal is to get the numbers to add up to 15 in each row, column and diagonal. The solution (top row first) is 816, 357, 492. From the starting position, this can be reached by moving the top row right, the bottom row left, the left column down and the right column up.

Go back upstairs now, and use the double key to gain entrance to another bedroom.

Violet Room

Read the letter on the table near the bed. Use the small gold key to open the music box safe, and obtain the small iron key and the screen and keycard reader. Go through the new open door in the Games Room to find the Library.


Approach the keypad in the bookshelf and you will see a note to call Sarah. Remember that when dialing phone numbers with names we just look at the letters adjacent to the numbers on the keypad. Have a look at the phone on the menu screen and convert the letters to numbers based on their phone. Dial 86265 and you will retrieve a steering wheel.

Now look at the other safe here. Attach your screen and keycard reader, but the display is broken and only partially shows the digits. If you try various combinations, you will see that the bolts start to move. The number of bolts moving indicates the number of correct digits. With trial and error you can find the solution of 8796. Take the triple key and head to the Blue Bedroom.

Blue Bedroom

Read the letter on the chest of drawers here. Insert the small iron key and turn it to activate the puzzle. Now hit the speakerphone button on the phone. This is a simple game of "Mastermind" with 4 digits. You get 5 guesses before the puzzle resets. A red light indicates a wrong number, green light means right number, and flashing green means right number but wrong position. Some simple logic and maybe some trial and error will get you through. The solution changes each time. Once you are successful, take the chip card and the letter. Read the letter, and also read the yellow note from Mr Adams. Now go down to the workshop.


Back in the workshop again, approach the final puzzle down here. Insert the chip card, then note the letters on each of the dials. As hinted in the letter you just read, the solution is the main man's middle name of Walter. Just turn the dials to spell out this name and the door to the Boudoir will open.


Look at the safe here. This is the classic parking lot puzzle. Pick up the magnet on the left and use it to slide the blocks around the board, with the goal to get the key to slide out the right side. Once you have achieved this, right-click to return the magnet, and pick up the triple key. Head back upstairs to the East Corridor.

East Corridor

Look at the door lock here. Attach the small steering wheel. Now when you turn the wheels, two bars move with each turn. Once you work out the pattern, the goal is to get all bars to retract completely. From the starting position, turn Top-Left, Top-Left, Left, Left, Bottom-Left, Bottom-Right. Go through the door and up into the Loft.


First look at the free-standing safe with the game of pipes on the front. The goal is to rotate the pieces so that the green light can run freely throughout the pipes. The easiest way is to fix the corners and work backward. Once a complete cycle is lit the safe will open. Take the carved stone block and read the latest note from Mr Adams.

Now approach the other safe here. Insert the lever to open the grille. Now you must press 6 squares on the chessboard to indicate where 6 queens could be placed without attacking each other (ie. only one square is occupied on each row, column and diagonal. One solution from top to bottom is to press squares 2, 4, 6, 1, 3, 5. Collect another triple key and head down to the Dressing Room.

Dressing Room

Insert the carved stone block and you will note a grid of numbers and letters. Above the dials at the top are a sequence of numbers. They are actually number pairs, indicating a row and column. For example the first 34 represents the letter O. The full text therefore reads OneTwoSixFive. Turn the dials to these numbers and collect the final triple key.

Violet Room

Insert all four of your triple keys to open the doors here. Now save your game so that you can appreciate the multiple endings ahead.

Secret Room

Here is the final safe. All you need are four more digits, but you haven't received them on a piece of paper. Go back and look at the doors to the Dressing Room, Yellow Bathroom, Main Toilets and Violet Bathroom. If you add the four images together from these doors, you will see the numbers 3528. Enter this code and take the Will. Now you have a decision to make.