Rise of the DragonRise of the Dragon

Game Details:  Mystery, 1990

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Walkthrough Updated:  12/15/2005

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Rise of the Dragon is a dystopian first-person adventure game by Dynamix, using the same interface as Heart of China. In this game, you take on the role of William "Blade" Hunter, a police officer turned private detective. You must investigate the horrific murder of the mayor's daughter, but in the process uncover a major drug operation.


Start by looking at your computer. Turn on the power and watch each of the messages using the remote control. Grab the picture from the printer, then take your ID card from the computer, and the magazine for your gun from the bottom left. Now leave the computer and enter your bathroom to the left. Open the panel and grab the NaPent and first aid kit. Leave the bathroom again.

From your main room, you need to get your clothes from the floor and your trenchcoat. Put these items on using your inventory. Also get your gun by first moving your pillow, then load it with the magazine. Now head outside and press the bottom red button to get down to the Em-Way. Go to City Hall, by selecting it from the holomap.

City Hall

Buy a dozen roses from the flower vendor (show your ID card to pay). Grab the flowers, then head west and talk to Jenni at the front desk. Refuse her advances, then enter Records. Talk to Karyn and apologise, then give her the roses. Agree to meet her at 7:30, then take your keys.


Go back to your apartment and get inside using your ID card. Unlock the cupboard on the left using your keys, and grab the wire tester, candy bar and bombs. Now leave again, not forgetting your ID card. Go down to the Em-Way and head to the Pleasure Dome.

Pleasure Dome

Approach the entrance and your gun will be detected. Give this to Martha at the window, then give your candy bar to the bouncers so that you receive a ticket to claim your gun later. Now head inside. Talk to the female card player, then head back to the bar and talk to each person, finishing with the guy in green at the back. Be careful what you say to The Jake, as you really need his information. Show him the picture you printed from your Vid-Phone to get his attention. Make sure you find out Chen Lu's address. Leave the bar and grab your gun on the way out by giving your claim ticket to Martha.

Chen Lu's Apartment

Head over to Chen Lu's and go inside. Make sure you are quick in here, as the police are already on their way and you don't want to be arrested. Look at the Vid-Phone message, then steal the ID card. Go into the bathroom and grab the patch. Now go into the bedroom and press the dragon's eye, then open the safe with combination 0772 (common numbers from Chen Lu's permit number and ID number on the Vid-Phone). Grab the paper and candy bar. Now leave the apartment and head back to City Hall.

City Hall

Go straight through and see Karyn (you need to get her before 5pm or the place shuts). Talk to her, then give her the patch you found at Chen Lu's, and she will analyse it for you. Also give her Chen Lu's ID card, and look at his accomplices to get Johnny Qwong's address. Leave City Hall and go back to the flower lady. Exit to the right, then follow the passages into a warehouse, where you meet Chang Li. Talk to him, then ask him to look at the calligraphy you found in Chen Lu's safe. He will give you 4 items - take them all. Remove your trench coat and put on the vest, then put on your trench coat again.

Johnny Qwong's House

When you get here, head straight for the man hole cover and go underground. Look at the diagram on the box, then put a mini-bomb on the padlock and stand back. Go forward again and open the box. Get out your wire tester. Connect the red clip to the red wire at the terminal. Connect the yellow clip to the second connector from the bottom on the right. Connect the blue clip to the black wire at its bottom end. Now leave the sewer.


Don't forget to make your date with Karyn by 7:30pm on 31st September. After the date, you will end up back at your apartment. Check your vid-phone messages - you should have one intercepted via your tap.

City Hall

Go back to the warehouse, but head to the right, not all the way in to where you met Chang Li. Attach a mini-bomb to the power box and blow up the factory. Now go to City Hall and see Karyn. She will show you the MTZ tape. Ask her for any details she can get on Deng Hwang while you are here. Next force your way in to see the mayor. Threaten him, but be careful not to end up in jail - show him the tape and you will get a security pass. Now leave and go in to the police armoury - get the rifle here.

Blade's Apartment

Now go back home and fill in time for a while. Check your messages as they arrive. The Jake will contact you about an urgent meeting - go to the warehouse at 8:00pm on the 4th of August. Complete the arcade sequence and you will get a new ID card and a rifle. Ready your rifle, and head to the reservoir.


Shoot at all the bad guys when you arrive, then get in the hovercar. Go straight to Deng Hwang's, as you have limited time from this point forward.

Deng Hwang Enterprises

Talk your way past the receptionist, then go in to security (on the left). Access the panel. Look at the fortune cookie you already have, and write down the code it shows. Enter this color code using the buttons on the bottom left of the panel. Now turn off the main alarm (the red off button). Unlock the janitor's room and lock the break room.

Exit security and go to the other side of the receptionist. Open the first door - the janitor's closet. Open both panels and flip the mains switch at the top. Use the screwdriver on the sink to break open the bottom panel, then grab the wires and leave the room.

Go through the next door to find Karyn. Place the wires across her, then look at her face. Disconnect the three leads and she will be free. Now fight Bahumat in the final battle to win the game.