Heart of ChinaHeart of China

Game Details:  Adventure, 1991

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  9/13/2009

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Heart of China is a first-person adventure game by Dynamix, using the same interface as Rise of the Dragon. In this game, you take on the role of Jake "Lucky" Masters. You must travel to Hong Kong on a mission to infiltrate a warlord's fortress and save the daughter of a wealthy businessman.

Hong Kong

Leave the dock straight away and head to town. Enter the bar and go left. Talk to Ho, asking him where you can find Zhao Chi (3, 1, 1, 1). You will be interrupted and start talking to some tough guys (1, 2). Chi will appear and agree to help you (1, 2, 1). You now need to persuade him to fly with you.

Go outside and pick up the piece of paper on the ground. Use it on yourself to make a paper airplane. Now go back into the bar and use this with Chi - he will join you. Now go outside and enter the healer's next door. Talk to the healer as Lucky, then as Chi. You need to find some seagull droppings. Go outside and head to the dock.

Look at the seagull, then switch to Chi and use the prune on the bird. Switch back to Lucky and pick up the droppings. Go back to the shop in town and talk to the healer. Give him your droppings, then take the herbs, passport and map when offered. Give the herbs to Chi, then travel to the airport. Get on the plane and you will be stopped - tell the official that you don't have a passport. Once on the plane, start flying.


Land the plane at a safe spot. Get the crowbar, then switch to Chi and get the rope and hook. Go outside and get Chi to talk to the peasant when he arrives (1, 3). Grab the clothes and have Chi put them on. Now lasso the cow with your rope, and head to the fortress. Wait outside while another peasant enters, then go inside.

Once in the fortress, drop the peasant clothes and put on your veil. Head west and grab the key. Go back outside and enter the palace. Go west and take the bottle, then continue west to the kitchen. Pour the wine in the dog's bowl to put it to sleep. Now go up the stairs and get the knife. Go through and talk to Kate, then leave the palace the same way you came in. Go to the shed (northwest). Use your rope on the hook, then throw the hook over the wall so Lucky can climb over. Go back to the gate, then west into the gatehouse. When the coast is clear, enter the palace and go west. Push over the lamp to start a fire, then continue west, up the stairs and through the door to Kate. Bolt the door and ready your gun. Shoot the snakes (hold down the right mouse button to aim, then shoot with the left). Kate will be bitten. Pick her up, then go to the balcony at the back of the room. Grab the curtain cord and use it on the balcony rail to escape.

Run ahead to the tank and get inside. Get Chi to give Lucky the key, then switch back to Lucky and insert the key. Turn it and press the button to start the engine. Win the arcade sequence by getting the tank down the hill safely, and you will be back in your plane. Fly to your next destination.


After the plane crash lands, talk to Chi (1, 2, 3). Now as Chi, enter the plane and get the tarpaulin and blanket. Go back outside and use the tarpaulin on the wing, then cover Kate with the blanket and use Master Wu's healing herbs on her. Use the second packet of herbs on her and you will be rescued.

Talk to Ama (3, 2) then leave the house and go to the Lama's on top of the mountain. Knock on the door and talk to the disciple (3) then go inside and talk to the Lama (1). He will start praying, so leave and go back to Kate. Talk to her (3, 3), then go to the telegraph office (2 houses away) and send a telegram to Lomax. Go back to the Lama again and talk with him, then go to the tavern and talk to Sardar (1, 3). Give him the gun and he will attack Bojon. Go west and talk to Kubla (1). Switch to Chi and get the cigar box, then use the chopsticks on the box and use the coins on it to make a toy. Give this to Kubla. Switch to Lucky and grab the pipe, then go east and you will take off for Istanbul.


Exit the plane and talk to the mechanic. Head into town, down the main street, and then to the right. Enter the tavern and talk to the barman to get access to the phone. Talk to Lomax (2, 2, 2), then talk to the barman again. Leave the bar and you will be arrested.

As Kate, head back out to the main street, then north to the palace. Talk to the guard, then go west and talk to the woman. Return to the main street and talk to the hustler on the right. Head east and then into the pawn shop. Sell your locket (3, 2). Buy the hacksaw, then leave the shop. Go south twice and grab an orange from the cart, talking to Hakim (1). Take the flower he gives you, then talk to the camel trader.

Head north and west. Buy a ticket using American dollars. Head east, north and west. Talk to the woman again (1), then give her the flower. Return to the hustler and bet with him until you have at least 200 shekels. Quit the game and go south, buying the camel from the man (3). Head back to the woman and talk to her, then you will free Lucky.

Talk with Kate (3, 1), then head south and see the plane explode. Go back to town, then head north, west and on to the train to escape. Play the next scene as Lucky (3, 2, 3, 2) or Kate (3, 2, 3) and win the arcade sequence to complete the game.