Reversion Chapter 2Reversion Chapter 2

The Meeting

Game Details:  Adventure, 2013

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  8/13/2020

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Reversion Chapter 2: The Meeting is the second in a series of third person adventure games, following after Reversion Chapter 1: The Escape. After escaping the hospital where you were held captive, you now must explore Buenos Aires in search of the mysterious man pictured in a photo you were holding when you awoke with no memory of your past. There are 25 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below. The series continues with Reversion Chapter 3: The Return.


Finish the opening conversation with Victoria Introduction, then talk to the Mysterious Man behind the telephone booth Mystery man. Examine the subway map in your inventory, then take a cable from the wires inside the telephone booth. Leave by going to the left, and choose to go to the next location.

Garrahan Hospital

Climb up the rope, then go through the door to the hallway and into the warehouse opposite. Pick up the floor dryer on the left, then return to the hallway and enter the other door on the right to find the bathroom. Grab the jar of laxative and the crowbar from here, then leave the hospital again.


Go down the stairs here into the Metro. Search the trash can to get a screwdriver. Leave the Metro again and use your crowbar on the hood of the white car. Now use your lubricant oil and screwdriver on the battery, then pick it up The Mechanic.

Go down into the Metro again and head to the right. Pick up the shovel, then go towards Metro Line B. You now need to follow these instructions closely to get all achievements:

  • Read the "C Pellegrini" sign, then keep going right.
  • Ignore the first lever and continue going right.
  • Read the "Florida" sign, pull the lever, and return left.
  • Pull the lever here, then go right 3 times.
  • Read the "Alem" sign Subway Erudite, pull the lever, and continue right Subway Maraude.
  • Go back towards Metro Line B and head to the right until you are just past "Florida".
  • Pull the remaining lever Secret Door.

Assuming you pulled the levers in the correct order, you will get an extra achievement Bullseye. Pick up the hammer and nails from the box. Speak through the intercom and say you are here on behalf of Victoria. Use your screwdriver on the electrical panel. Unplug the burnt battery and attach your battery, then use your cable on it. Speak through the intercom again The Electrician. Now go through the door into the hideout.

Take an Alfajor from the candy box on the floor. Talk to Pablo and ask him to help you find someone. Now you can leave the Metro and travel again.

Waste Land

Go to your inventory and double-click the floor dryer, then break it into a dryer and a stick. Combine the stick with your shovel to make a loose shovel, then use this on any of the graves Broken Shovel. Back in your inventory, combine the stick and shovel again, then use your hammer and nails on it The Carpenter. Now use your reinforced shovel on any two of the graves.

First House

Try to take the flashlight Thief, then talk to the soldier until she gives you a picture.

Garrahan Hospital

Climb up the rope and look at the badly injured patient, then use the picture on him. Climb back outside and leave.

First House

Tell Maria her boyfriend is still alive, and she will leave The Informant. Take the flashlight.

Waste Land

Use your reinforced shovel on the remaining grave Tomb Raider. You will end up with an identification card and a new address.

Second House

In your inventory, combine the syringe with the sedative, then use it on the Alfajor candy. Now give this to the chubby soldier Sleeping Candy.


Go back down to the Metro, and through to Pablo's hideout. Grab another Alfajor from the candy box.

Second House

In your inventory, combine the syringe with the laxative, then use it on the Alfajor candy. Now give this to the chubby soldier Exploding Candy. Use your crowbar on the blocked door, then head inside. Take the UV lamp from the shelf near the door. Tear the back of the couch some more, then pick up the closet key. Use this to open the drawer to the left, then search the drawer to find a paper with a code 5829 written on it. Move each of the picture frames on the wall until you find a safe, then open it with code 5829. Grab the evidence from inside Remembering.


Go back down to the Metro, and through to Pablo's hideout. Use your UV glove on the lamp here to see the message on the wall Flier Shoosh. Leave again and go to the new location on your map.

Engineering Faculty

Notice the Greek lambda symbol painted on the outside of the building. Try to pick up the piece of paper here (twice), then head inside The Student. Pick up the piece of paper from the floor in front of the right elevator, which has a Greek rho symbol on it. Notice the two other Greek symbols here, omega and pi.

Now go down the stairs to the lower floor Usher. Go over to the right and press the light switch. Use your serum holder with the fan, then pick up the elevators key. Press the shutter switch on the left, then go through. Pick up the gloves from the railing on the right. Go back and use the shutter switch again to take the shutter key. Return to the lobby.

Use your elevators key on the left elevator, then use your gloves on the opened elevator to climb down the cable. Use your shutter key with the shutter switch here. Go over to open the unlocked box on the left, then examine it. You need to click on the 4 Greek symbols you have just seen, but in the reverse order:


The water should now drain away Lowering Water. Climb down and enter the tunnel. Examine the padlock, then return back out to the lobby of the building. Search the box here, then take the lock cutter from inside. Return down through the left elevator to the tunnel. Use your lock cutter on the padlock, then go through. Follow the red cable until you reach another door The final door

Save your game. Open the door and go through to the laboratory. Watch the ending and the credits Winner. There are extra achievements for completing the game within 4 hours Marathon Runner, and without using the hint system Riddle Guy.

The fastest way to get the final achievement is to load your game and just perform the final act one more time Double Winner.