Return to RingworldReturn to Ringworld

Year:  1994

Genre:  Sci-Fi

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Return to Ringworld is a science fiction adventure set in Larry Niven's "Known Space" universe, and is the sequel to Ringworld. In this game you control Quinn, the protagonist from the first game, as well as his 2 companions, Seeker and Miranda. You take refuge on Ringworld after finding themselves fugitives, and you must find evidence to clear your names.

Lance of Truth


Pick up the green stepping disk, then use the table and take the stasis negator from inside. Leave your room and enter the door to the far left, where you should collect the sensor probe, hyper-conducting attractor unit and reader device. Use the sensor probe on your stepping disk and stasis negator to extract power capsules, then use the charged power capsule in the stasis negator. Leave this room and take the elevator up to the bridge. Talk to Miranda and Seeker, then return to the elevator and go down to deck 5.

Take a loose optical fiber from the wall, then move the loose panel and take the multi-purpose retention clamp. Head through the door on the left. Open the storage cabinet on the back wall and take the com-scanner from inside. Use your optical fibre on the wire panel of the large autodoc machine, then use your reader on the shelf next to it. Press the red button to get inside, then selected "Advanced Procedures", then "Open Door". Take the reader again, then head right and back up to the bridge. Give the reader to Miranda (she won't take it until you have talked about the autodoc). Return down to deck 5 and go left. Put the reader on the shelf, then use the red button. Again selected "Advanced Procedures" then "Open Door". Press the yellow button and take the small infodisk. Leave the room and now head up to the bridge again. Give the infodisk to Seeker. Return to the elevator and go down to landing bay 2.

Pick up the cable harness and use it with your attractor unit, then go through the small door to an airlock area. Open the small left cabinet and take the sonic stunner. Open the small right cabinet and take the laser diffusion aerosol. Also pick up a red rebreather from the ground here. Go back out to the landing bay and use your harness on the grey panel just right of the airlock area door. Walk right and use the controls on the far wall. Move the crane far right and back, then turn the tractor field on; when it is correctly positioned, the cable harness will have lifted up into the air. Stop using the controls, then go over and climb up.

Enter the door just to the left. Use your purple aerosol on the laser, then use your multi-purpose clamp on it. Open the door to leave and the laser will be destroyed. Use your com-scanner on the ? to bring up its interface; slide the control to the second bar from the left. Now use the com-scanner on the laser, then use your sonic stunner on it; the aerosol should disperse. Pick up your com-scanner again and set it back to its default position. Use your stasis negator gun on the quantum drive (behind the laser). Leave this room, then climb down and go left to the elevator. Head up to the bridge again and talk to Miranda and Seeker.

After the cutscene, use your computer and select "Scan Ops", "Deep Scan", "Passive Enabled" (to change it to active), then "Geographical". Click on the up button and the Fist of God will be located.

Canyon Village


Use your stasis negator on the soldier, then use your sonic stunner on him. Talk to the trapped village chief, then you will return to your ship.

Spaceport Ledge


Use your computer again and select "Scan Ops", "Short Scan", "Technological". Select plan 3 when prompted. Leave the bridge and go down to landing bay 2. Use the control panel to select a human suit, then use your rebreather in the suit before wearing it. Head through the airlock.

Use the com-scanner on the ? and press the scan button to see a map with the red marker indicate yourself and the green items of interest. From your starting position, you can find the items you need as follows:

  • Go west 7 times and south 3 times. Pick up the joystick (Seeker will come to help you).
  • Go north 6 times and west 5 times. Pick up the radar mechanism.
  • Go east 4 times, south 15 times and west 4 times. Climb the ladder, move the latch, press the button, and take the battery from the back of the satellite dish, then climb back down the ladder.
  • Go north and west 5 times. Pick up the guidance control module.
  • Go south and west 8 times. Pick up the airbag and diagnostics display.
  • Go west. Pick up the navigational gyro.
  • Go east and north 10 times. Pick up the fuel cell.
  • Go east 6 times and south 5 times.

You should now be at the spaceship. Use the front window to get inside. Remove the broken display and replace it with your working one. Insert your joystick in the middle holder. Open the glovebox and take the ignitor and thruster control valve, then press the green button to head outside again. Now from left to right, insert these items into the slots on the spaceship hull:

  • Battery
  • Fuel cell
  • Ignitor
  • Thruster control valve
  • Navigational gyro
  • Radar mechanism
  • Guidance control module

Get back into the spaceship and use the joystick to take off.

Rim Wall


Head south 3 times, then enter the mag-lev on the right. Examine the control panel, then use the acceleration slider to move the mag-lev until you are lined up with the elevator (watch the red lights and when the top one is lit up, watch the left display until the round elevator reaches the middle). Press the red button to exit, then go left to the elevator (you may need to go one screen north or south first).


Try to open the jammed door. If you can open it slightly you have found the right one; if not, go back to the mag-lev and find the next one.


Once Seeker is propping open a door, use the lever inside to raise the staircases, then climb up and enter the higher room.


Try to push the robot.


Use your airbag on the robot.


Push the robot again.


Use your airbag on the robot again. Now use your rebreather tank on the airbag to inflate it, then press the button on the wall to raise the console. Use the console and click the 2nd button, then the 3rd button.


You will automatically assume control of Miranda; quickly take the yellow wire when you get the opportunity.

Spill Mountains


Take the coat, then talk to the Caretaker, followed by Astor Pharisha.


Talk to Astor Pharisha again. Now head south, west, downstairs, west and through the doorway. Pick up the lamp and gunpowder. Go back outside, then go west, down the ramp, east and through another doorway. Pick up another lamp here. Return outside, and head east, downstairs, east twice and through the doorway, this time getting a glass dome. Go back outside and continue east, upstairs, east, up the ramp, east and through the doorway. Use the rope to go down into the crevice, then use a lamp on the green liquid, and then the glass dome on the lamp. Pick up the key, then climb back up the rope.

Return outside once more. Now go west, down the ramp, west, downstairs, west 3 times, upstairs, west twice, up the ramp, east twice, upstairs, west and through the doorway. Take the mask from the wall. Go outside and continue west twice, up the ramp, east twice and in through a doorway. Take the blue flask from the shelf, then return outside. Walk east twice to reach the elevator. Open the left door and climb down the ladder until you reach some ice. Use the gunpowder on the ice, then use your lamp on it. Head through the doorway that is revealed. Now use the blue flask on your mask. Use the key to open the door, then use the mask on yourself before heading through.

There are a total of 18 vampires to kill in this maze, and you must kill them all by shooting them with your photon stunner (some take several shots to kill). One way to find them all is as follows:

  1. Go east twice, north and west.
  2. Go east 3 times.
  3. Go east, south, west, up and west.
  4. Go east, down, east, north, west 3 times, south, west, up, west, north and east.
  5. Go east.
  6. Go east, up, east, down, east, north, down, west, north, east, north, up, south, up and west.
  7. Go west.
  8. Go west, down, north, down and west.
  9. Go west, up twice, east, south, down, south, east, down and west.
  10. Go west.
  11. Go west, up, north, up, east, south, west, south twice, east, north and east.
  12. Go east, south and east.
  13. Go west twice.
  14. Go west twice, north twice and east twice.
  15. Go east.
  16. Go east, down, east, north twice, down, west, south and west.
  17. Go west.
  18. Go east twice, north, up twice and east.

You should now automatically remove the mask; if not you have missed one of the vampires. Walk west twice and take some scrolls from the shelf on the left. Now use the keypad on the device; press each button once and it will unlock so you can take the gem from inside. Now you must head back through the maze. Start by going east, down twice, east, up, south twice, west, up and west 3 times. Next head north, west, down, south, down and right 3 times. Continue up, west, north, up, north, west, down twice, east twice, up, south, up and east 3 times. Now head down, north, down, south, west, south, east, up, south, west, up, west, down and west 3 times. Finally go south, east, down and west twice.

Go through the door and all the way up the ladder again. Press the red button to climb back outside. Continue west 4 times, down the ramp and east 4 times. Head inside and give the scrolls to Astor. Offer the gem as well but you will keep it.


From outside Astor's room, head west twice and go through the doorway. Try to pick up the rebreather and you will drop it down the hole. Go back outside, then head west twice, up the ramp, east twice and inside. Use the crank to lower the rock, then go back outside. Return west twice, down the ramp, east twice and inside. Now pick up your rebreather.

Head back outside and go east, downstairs, west twice, down the ramp, east twice, downstairs, east twice and through the doorway. Use your rebreather on the stopcock to fill it up. Go back outside and east, then use your rebreather with the balloon. Astor will give you a flute and you will take off. You will start at full altitude, drifting in a clockwise direction. Follow these instructions to land:

  • Just as you pass the northeast corner and start heading south, decrease altitude 3 times.
  • After you end up going north and west you will turn south; immediately increase altitude once.
  • After you end up going north you will turn west; immediately decrease altitude once.

You should end up heading north through the river valley. After you land, use your com-scanner on the ? and press the Scan button, then walk in the direction indicated. Keep repeating this and then enter the forest when you find it. Use the flute on yourself, then follow Nej behind the trees to the east. After your conversation, shoot the guard with your sonic stunner, then enter the guard tower. You will end up at the ARM Base.

ARM Base


Pick up your pillow and put it in the toilet. Take the light bulb and then put your wire in the light fixture.


No need to do anything, just filling in time.


Your meal will be delivered and you will eat it automatically. Pick up the food tray and put it on the toilet, then flush the toilet. After the guard is electrocuted, leave your cell. Walk left and go through the unbarred door into a control room. Pick up the toolbox to find a laser hacksaw, then leave again and return to your cell. Use the laser hacksaw on the grille on the right and you will climb into the ventilation system. Click on the laser device and change it to this configuration:

Now head east 4 times and north 3 times. Look at the vent, then continue north 3 times and east. Change this laser device to the following:

Continue east 5 times, north twice and east 3 times. Change the last laser device to this pattern:

Go east twice more and look at the vent 4 times. Now use the vent to climb through, and enter the door on the right. Use the computer console to destroy the base.

Flup Tube System

Within the large tube maze, start by setting your speed as low as it will go (10), then follow this set of directions to get through:

  • Go north to the end
  • Turn left and go west to the end
  • Turn right and go north to the end
  • Turn left and go west to the end
  • Turn left and go south to the end
  • Turn right and go west to the end
  • Turn left and go south to the end
  • Turn left and go east to the end
  • Turn right and go south to the 1st left turn
  • Turn left and go east to the end
  • Turn left and go north to the end
  • Turn right and go east to the 1st right turn
  • Turn right and go south to the end
  • Turn left and go east to the end
  • Turn right and go south to the 1st left turn
  • Turn left and go east to the end
  • Turn left and go north to the end
  • Turn right and go east to the end
  • Turn right and go south to the exit

Open the door at the end of the platform, then the next one at the end of the hallway. Walk around the large circular room until you find a set of double doors, then go through. After the cutscene, walk into the light.