Game Details:  Mystery, 2018

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  9/17/2022

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Repentant is a third-person adventure about regret and remorse. The story ties in with an earlier game by the same developer, Little Kite. You play as Oliver, a criminal who is given the opportunity to atone for his sins when he witnesses a robbery committed by a young girl.


Talk to the girl here. Pick up the can, brick and half-empty bottle from the ground, and the pipe from inside the crate. Use the pipe to remove the metal plate from the bottom of the electrical box. Next use the brick on the car mirror to remove it. Use the car mirror on the broken glass in the window to the left, then the metal plate on the strange device attached to the nearby post. Use your bottle on the beam of light as it hits the ground, and you will be able to see into the phone box. Use your coins on the phone. Now head inside.

Talk to the man behind the counter. Take the knife from the box on the floor. Examine the hanger on the machine. Unplug the extension cord to the left, then take the hanger. Try to walk to the right part of the store. After the confrontation, head right.

Use the soda machine, but the drink will get stuck. Use your hanger on the soda machine opening, and you will get a soda can. Try to go left again, and you will automatically take a bottle of wine. Now head left.


After the girl threatens the cashier, head to the right again. Open the large refrigerator to the right, then walk away from it. Pick up the pipe from the floor, Use the fire extinguisher, but the gas disperses quickly. Use your pipe in the fan on the wall, then use the fire extinguisher again. Go to the left again. Talk to both the girl and the cashier, then head outside.

Talk to the man on the phone, then offer him the soda can - he wants some protein drinks. Go back inside.

Try to open the pantry door to the left, then talk to the cashier. Look at the hook on the wall near the cashier, then the spot on the floor beneath it. Take the Pro Power drink from the shelves to the right, then continue further right. Search the shelves here to find the Maximus and Amino drinks. Open the large refrigerator and take the Vitamin X drink. Try to take the metal bucket on the right, then try to move the cans above it. Use your knife on the straps, then move the cans. Look in the bucket to find the pantry key. Head left again.

Use your pantry key on the pantry door, then head through.


Try to take the Omega drink from the shelf, then use your knife on it to get the lid and label. Also take the oil from the bottom shelf. Open the locker and use the drink lid on an empty jar in the bottom shelf. Now use the drink label on the open tar container in the shelves on the left, then use it on the empty jar you are holding. Leave the pantry for now, then go right to the back of the store.

Take a carton of milk from the shelves, then use this on the empty jar. You should now have all 5 drinks, so head outside and give them to the man on the phone.

After the cutscene, enter the store again and try to open the pantry door. Use the key on the door and go inside.


Wander along the pathways, using the red footprints to guide you towards 4 memories:

  1. Kitchen table
  2. Broken pottery
  3. Playground
  4. Mary


Talk to the girl (Christina). Take the bandage from where she was tied up before, and combine it with the wine you are holding. Now use this on Christina. Examine the wires in the foreground to the right, then try to open the top desk drawer. Talk to Christina again. Pick up the piece of photo and pipe from the left. Use the pipe on the vise on the desk, then use it to get the top desk drawer open. Take out the wire cutters, then use these on the wire. Use your wires on the door to get out of the pantry.

After overhearing the cashier on the phone, go back into the pantry.

Talk to Christina, then go out to the store again. Use your oil on the cashier, then go outside. Use your pipe on the electrical box, then pull the switch inside to turn off the lights. Go back inside.

After the shooting, go right and pick up the metal bowl. Return left and enter the pantry. Use the video equipment and you will remove the tape. Put your metal bowl on the box to the far left, and put the video tape inside. Pour oil on the tape, then use your soda can on the fuse box. Go back out to the store and talk to Christina.