Little KiteLittle Kite

Year:  2017

Genre:  Mystery

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Little Kite is a third-person adventure depicting a broken household. This is the commercial release of an earlier freeware game, The Kite, which sees you help Mary and her son Andrew escape from an abusive relationship on a background of alcohol and drug use. The next game from the same developer, with an interlinking story, is Repentant.


Talk to Andrew. Look at the pills, then open the cupboard on the left behind Andrew and look at the empty bottles inside. Try to pick up the Conan toy from the chair, but Andrew won't let you take it. Take an apple from the plate on the low table, then head left into the kitchen.

Open the refrigerator and take the cheese and ham. Pick up the lettuce from next to the sink, the kettle from the stove, and the bread from the bread bin on the kitchen table. Return right to the living room and talk to Andrew again.

Pick up the purple toy from the chair, the toy car from the sofa, the Rubik's cube from next to the telephone, and the robot from the shelf above the telephone. Give all 4 of these to Andrew, but he doesn't want them. Go right into the entry hall.

Take a tomato from the low cupboard, and an iron bar from behind the vacuum cleaner on the right. Pick up the toy gun from next to the box on the left. Now open the large cupboard, then look at the piece of paper that falls to the ground. Return back through the living room to the kitchen.

Open the pantry and move the boxes around to get the toy box to the bottom right, then take it to find a toy dinosaur. Return to the living room and try giving the toy gun to Andrew, then give him the toy dinosaur. Take the Conan toy, then use its sword to cut the bread, cheese, ham and tomato. Put the lettuce on one slice of bread, then add the tomatoes, ham, cheese and the other slice of bread. Give the finished sandwich to Andrew.

Go right and open the front door.

Broken Promises

Talk to Oliver, then follow him left twice into the kitchen and talk to him again. Head right twice and look at the thrift-box beneath the low cupboard. Try to get it out with your iron bar, but it is too short. Return to the living room and get a second iron bar from behind the suitcase. Go right again, combine the 2 iron bars, then use this to try to get the thrift-box.

Head into the kitchen and open the high cupboards over the sink, then take a branching iron bar. Add this to your iron bars, then go back out the front and use this on the thrift-box. Put your Rubik's cube under the cupboard to support it, then try again; it seems you will need some help. Go left and talk to Andrew, then return right and use the bar to get the thrift-box.

Back in the living room, open the thrift-box (just rotate the pieces to create one continuous line from the triangle at the bottom to the cross at the right side, using all pieces). Take the money, then go to the kitchen and give it to Oliver. Take his bottle of alcohol and pour it down the sink.


Checkpoint 1

Walk right and take the socket cover. Use this on the uncovered socket further to the right, then take the power cord and you will plug it in to the wall. Try walking right over the cupboard, but it is too unsteady. Unplug the power cord again, then retrieve your socket cover before going right some more.

Open the left cabinet door and take the screwdriver from inside. Use this on the small gap in the right wall twice. Use the socket cover on the uncovered socket you reveal here, then plug in the nearby power cord. Head through the new passage that appears.

Checkpoint 2

Look at the pills on the floor and the paper plane on top of the cupboard. Go over to the power cord on the right and click on it, but you can't get it to reach the socket. Go back and turn the valves on the machine until water starts dripping and Oliver appears. Look at the large can on the bench, then open it with your screwdriver. Look in the can to see it has sticky liquid inside. Take the can of soda from under the bench here, and read the note on the refrigerator, which says "We...". Move the pillow on the sofa and take another can of soda.

Walk to the right and Oliver will head over towards you. Pick up the can of soda from near the pipe in the background, and another from on the chair. Look at the bar on the right, but it is stuck; pry it free using your screwdriver. Now look at the pipe in the background and use the bar on it - Oliver will leave, but not before picking up and throwing the paper plane.

Go and use your bar in the large can of sticky liquid, then use it on the round grate just to the left, and you will get the paper plane. Look at the new note on the refrigerator, which says "... will become...".

Examine the caged bird on the right, and look at the padlock - set the code to the following:

  • Mother and child
  • Right arrow
  • Man carrying heavy load

The bird will break the pipe that was restricting the power cord, so go and plug it into the socket to reveal a hidden staircase leading to the right. Enter the building below the clothesline, then throw all 4 cans at the note hanging from the clothesline to make it fall. Go and pick it up, then read the new note on the refrigerator, which says "... stronger". Head up the staircase to the right.

Checkpoint 3

Walk right and examine the tricycle to get a pipe. Go to the far right and talk to your father. Go up the steps and over towards the door on the left. Look at the small carpet, then the power cord on it. Lift the corner of the carpet to reveal a socket, then try to use the power cord, but the socket needs a cover. Open the top drawer over to the right and remove the paper-clip from the drawing. Go over to the cupboard on the right and take the tape from on top of it. Open the cupboard door to see 6 socket covers - take the brown one at the bottom left. Go and put this over the socket beneath the carpet, then plug in the power cord. Press the button next to the elevator on the right to reach the next level.

Take another pipe from the crate, then examine the blue/grey barrel, which is too heavy to move. Try pushing both the left and right buttons next to the crane (just right of the barrel). Press the button next to the elevator to go back down again.

Use your paper-clip in the birthday cake to heat it up. Take the pump from the water/soap dispenser down the steps and to the left. Combine one of your pipes and the pump, then add the other pipe and finally the tape. Go back up in the elevator once more.

Use your pump on the barrel, then use the pump to empty the barrel. Push the empty barrel to the left 3 times. Now move the crane to the left 3 times. Go up and pop your rubber ball using the heated paper-clip. Look at the kite flying above that you cannot reach. Use the switch to the left to lower the elevator and cut the string on the kite. Go and collect the kite. Head back down to the fence and go through the opening to the right.

Checkpoint 4

Walk right and talk to your father again. Continue right and leave the wardrobe, then go out through the front door.

Checkpoint 5

Try to leave the kitchen, but the door is blocked by a broom. Open the freezer and look at the frozen plate inside. Pick up the kettle from the stove and the matches from the table. Use the matches on the hotplate. Turn on the tap in the sink and use it to fill the kettle, then put the kettle on the stove until it boils. Open the freezer again and use the boiling kettle on the frozen plate to get it. Take the spoons from the metal rack on the wall, then use your plate on the rack and you will end up with a metal bar. Use this metal bar on the bottom of the door to push the broom away.

Go out to the living room and talk to Oliver, then continue to the front room and out into the hall.

Little Kite

Checkpoint 1

Look at the right box on the wall to see it is locked and has a square hole. Pick up the curved pipe from the bottom right, then head further down the hallway. Talk to the repairman, then borrow his nippers and wrench from his toolbox. Return left and use the wrench to remove the pedal from the bicycle. Use the pedal to unlock the right box on the wall, then flip the switch inside. Now use the nippers on the exposed wire to get it.

Return to the repairman again. Open the elevator and look at the panel inside to see it is fixed with screws. Return the nippers and wrench to the repairman, then head downstairs. Talk to the men, but they won't move out of the way. Pick up the screwdriver on the right, then go down once more. Look at the radio on the left, but it doesn't have batteries. Use your screwdriver on the small box just left of the sink, and a wire will stick out of the top.

Note the number 425 on the right wall here. Go downstairs to level 2, and note the number 116 on the wall. Go downstairs to the lobby and note the number 324. Replace the wooden plank on the right with your pipe (holding up the mailboxes). Head back up to level 2. Open the chute on the right and prop it open with your plank. Return up to level 5 and borrow the nippers again. Try to head downstairs with them, but the repairman won't let you. Open the garbage chute here and drop the nippers inside.

Head down to level 2 and take the nippers. Go down to the lobby and use the nippers on the heavy metal device on the right to get a second piece of wire. Now head up to level 3 and use the nippers on the exposed wire on the box where you used the screwdriver earlier - now you should have 3 pieces of wire.

Return up to level 5 and open the elevator again. Examine the panel and use your screwdriver to open it. Examine the panel closely, and use your 3 wires to complete a circuit going from bottom left to top right. Now you can use the elevator to get up to level 6.

Checkpoint 2

Note the number 614 on the left wall. Look at the control panel to the left of the ladder - you need to enter the codes you have found on the various levels in the apartment building:

  • 1: 324
  • 2: 116
  • 3: 425
  • 6: 614

Take the flashlight that is revealed. Also pick up the calculator from the bench, then use the elevator to go down to level 3. Use your screwdriver on the calculator and flashlight in your inventory to get 2 batteries. Put both of these into the radio, and the guys from level 4 will come down to listen. Go up to level 4 and examine the box on the left - press the buttons indicated in color below:

Take the key to the roof. Go upstairs to level 5 and return the nippers to the repairman. Press the button to call the elevator, then get inside and go up to level 6 again. Use your key to open the padlock at the top of the ladder.

Checkpoint 3

Look at the antennas on the roof - you need to adjust them but can't let the repairman see you. Talk to the repairman again, then go back inside for now. Head down to level 1 and go outside. Talk to Mrs Dubrowsky, then look at the clock next to her and talk to her again. Take the belt from the pants hanging on the left. Look at the repairman's car on the right and remember the phone number 274-74. Look at the phone box to the right of the front door, but it is locked.

Go back inside and up to the roof. Head to the far right and read the note. Try pressing the red button nearby, but nothing happens. Attach your belt to the wheel below, then press the button again. Take the sack and the key from the shelf that comes over towards you.

Go inside and use the lift to get to level 1, then head outside again. Open the phone box using your new key. Now you need to move the 3 sliders so they are over the same group of 3 colors - white, green and purple. Go back up to level 5. Go to the left corridor, into your apartment, and then into the living room. Use the telephone to call 274-74. Go back up to the roof and talk to the repairman again. Look at the pile of gravel here, then go back downstairs and outside. Examine the repairman's car again - you need to distract Mrs Dubrowsky by changing the time on her clock.

Go up to the roof and fill the sack with gravel from the pile you saw earlier. Use this on the gutter to the left, and you will see that Mrs Dubrowsky is distracted briefly. Fill the sack with gravel again, then put a small hole in the sack using your screwdriver. Use the sack on the gutter once more. Now head downstairs and outside, and change the time on the clock - Mrs Dubrowsky will go inside. Bump the repairman's car. Go inside and talk to the repairman, who will now leave.

Head up to the roof again and move all three antennas.

Invisible Tears

Checkpoint 1

Enter the elevator and you will automatically go to level 5. Enter your apartment and use the first aid kit. Go to the living room and use the telephone to call 911. Leave the apartment, then walk down to the street.

Checkpoint 2

Pick up the toy dinosaur from the sidewalk. Try to cross the road, but the cars won't stop for you. Look at the sky to see it is getting dark.

Pick up a screwdriver and crowbar from next to the building on the left. Take the cover off the light on the side of this building, and you will see there is no light bulb inside. Look at the traffic light, which also has no bulb. Look at the large arrow sign and you will remove a bulb from it. Go back to the traffic light and put your bulb inside, but it doesn't work. Click on the large arrow sign again, but you need to know how to find a working bulb.

Next examine the opening of the electrical duct on the right building, then try to use your crowbar to open it, but it isn't safe. Now you can search the large brown rubbish bin to find a rubber tire. Use your screwdriver to remove the rubber, then use this on the crowbar. Use your insulated crowbar on the electrical duct opening. Click on the wire to get power to the arrow sign, then take the working bulb. Put the working bulb in the traffic light, then put the cover on top and you will paint it red automatically.

After the car stops, cross the road. Walk to the right once you reach the ambulance.