Red ComradesRed Comrades

Save the Galaxy

Game Details:  Comedy, 2016

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Walkthrough Updated:  8/30/2018

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

Red Comrades: Save the Galaxy is the first in a series of Russian games by Buka Entertainment. Although initially released in 1999, the game was updated and re-released on Steam. The protagonists are historical Russian characters, but the story involves alien invasion and has a comedic undertone. In this game, Pete and Vasily set off to retrieve their stolen Army banner, but end up repelling an alien invasion. There are 27 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below. The series continues with Red Comrades 2: For the Great Justice.

Chapter 1

Pete's House

Drink the water from the aquarium, then pick up the key. Take the cuckoo from the broken clock on the wall. Open the closet door, then take the rubber mattress from inside the closet. Go through the doorway to the next room. Get Vasily to retrieve the horseshoe from over the doorway. Use your key to open the chest here, and you will take a machine gun assembly manual. Now go outside Welcome to Backwoods. Go right twice and knock on the door, then go inside.

Anka's House

Try to use Anka I'm not some Larry Laffer. Pick up the bellows and the spare parts. In your inventory, try using the spare parts What? Broke it already?. Now use the manual on the spare parts to create a meat grinder. Talk to Anka about everything, then go back outside. Go right, through the fields and the forest until you reach a complex sign.


Talk to the young pioneer about everything, then go to the left twice to find a new area.


Talk to Mickey about everything. Use your bellows on your rubber mattress to make a "girlfriend", then use this on the birch that the crow is sitting on. Now take some tobacco from the left. Walk back to the path and the tobacco in your inventory will have dried out. Use it on the meat grinder to make tobacco powder. Continue right to the crossroads, then head down to a new area.


Enter the club Yawn. Look at all 9 people in the room apart from yourself The Old Bunch. Talk to the two soldiers and you will end up with their gun - use it to shoot the small lamp hanging from the ceiling and you will be outside again afterwards. Head to the right, then to the bottom right.


Talk to the drunk outside, then enter the shop. Try to take the elephants statue from the shelf Stripes & Elephants. Talk to the clerk and you will receive a book and some palm seeds. Use the book in your inventory to find an empty syringe. Go back outside and continue down along the road.


Plant your palm seeds in the seedbed, and a sprout will appear immediately. Head to the apiary in the background to the left.


Talk to Kuzmich, then give him your tobacco - now he wants some alcohol. Go left past the landfill to reach the dead end.

Dead End

Flip all 3 levers down, then get Vasily to use the wire on the ground. Now return right to the landfill.


Combine the horseshoe and cuckoo in your inventory to create a magnet. Attach this to the wires hanging from the right side of the tree. Return to the dead end again.

Dead End

Flip all the levers down again (probably only the right one is up at this stage), and have Vasily use the wire again. Go back to the landfill.


Pick up the shell/bullet from the ground and put it into the gun in your inventory. Now head all the way to the right, past the seedbed, over a small bridge to a new house.

Furmanov's House

Pick up the axe, then use the winch on the well to raise a bucket of water. Use Vasily on the bucket, it he will drink from it, then place it on the ground. Use your new axe on the rope, then pick up the bucket. Now enter the secret tunnel. Look at the poster of Arnie on the left wall Good Ol' Arnie. Now talk to Furmanov about everything. Pick up the oars from the corner of the room, and take a coupon from the bottom of the poster on the right wall. Now you might want to start using the map in your inventory to move around, rather than walking everywhere manually.


Give the coupon to the clerk in exchange for a can of Sprite.


Give the can of Sprite to the young pioneer. Go right twice, then use your axe on the twig sticking out of the tree stump to get it. Continue right into a field with haystacks. Use your twig to tickle the legs sticking out of one of them. Now you can pick up the hay.


Use Vasily on the opening of the stove, and he will retrieve a dark wig.


Use the wig on the paint can to the left to give it a lighter color.


Give the can of Spirit alcohol to Kuzmich Breaking Bad. Search him to find a piece of paper with a code, then use your empty syringe on the hive to fill it with bees.


Use the code on Vasily, then use Vasily on the safe. Move Vasily out of the way, then pick up the key that is inside the safe.

Cattle Shed

Use your new key on the huge lock outside the shed, then go inside. Feed your hay to the cow. Now try to use Vasily on the cow, then use your bucket on the cow, and you will end up with milk in the bucket. Also pick up the cow hide.


Use your bucket of milk on the sprout. Walk away and then come back here again to see it has grown into a massive coconut palm Rookie Gardener. Shoot the coconuts with your gun, then pick them up.


Use your syringe of bees on the keyhole. Enter the sauna after the previous guests have left. In your inventory, use your axe on your oars to make some firewood. Open the small door on the furnace and put your firewood inside. Now use Vasily on the furnace to start a fire.

Anka's House

You will automatically go inside and talk to Anka.


Enter the Sauna and talk to Vasily until he leaves - you will end up with Anka's clothes Masquerade.


Use the bush on the right and you will get changed.

Chapter 2


Climb up the drainage pipe on the side of the building. After the long cutscene you will be playing as Anka. Enter the toilet and pick up the powder from the floor. Return to the corridor and go through the door to the right into the photo lab. Take the cylinder from the left wall, the "nose and mustache" mask hanging on the camera, and the wig and sailor's cap from the right. Return to the corridor, then go through the door to the far right into the hall. Take the feather from Helen's desk, then ask everyone about the red banner before leaving through the archway in the back.

Down in the lobby, go to the left to find the restaurant. Talk to first lieutenant Bodybuildersky until you accompany him upstairs Scent of a Woman. Look at the whip on the wall Jones, Indiana Jones. Search the clothes on the bed to find a blank check. Use your quill on the blank check. Open the first aid kit on the wall and take the sleeping potion and patch from inside. Leave the room, then go to the far left into the hall, and through the archway in the back again.

Go left to the restaurant, and talk to Mario at the far left, then take the darts he offers you. Take some sugar from Captain Rastorgueff's table, and take the valve from the large barrel behind the priest. Go back to the hall and leave to the right. Talk to the hippie in the street until he agrees to a trade for Chapayev's head, then return into the brothel. Go upstairs, into the left hallway, and back into Anka's room. Pick up the make-up set from the floor, and open it in your inventory.


Talk to the clerk, then try giving him your filled-in check. Use sugar on the device, then give him the check again and you will receive some money. Walk outside and you will see head from from the statue into the fountain. Try to pick it up, but you can't reach it.


Try using the chainsaw This isn't Doom!. Give some money to Hans in exchange for a net. Go out to the fountain and use the net to retrieve the head.


Head upstairs. Talk to Madeleine at the bar. Give some money to the bartender and you will receive a drink (Madeleine will have some first). Combine this with your sleeping potion, then give it to Madeleine and she will fall asleep Wake up!. Go and tell Helen, then exit through the doors on the right. Enter the grand suite. Talk to Stepan to get some keys. While you are here, use your valve on the tap, then turn it on.

Go back down to the lobby, then use your new keys on the single door to reach the basement. Go down a second time, and Screamdrunk will give you a bill.

Post Office

As long as you have the bill, you will automatically exchange this for a package.


Go down to the basement once more and you will automatically hand over the package - it will be empty. Put your power into the package, then return to the basement Last Chinese Warning. Now you can enter the opium den behind Screamdrunk. Talk to the General, who will tell you the location of headquarters if you can show him a photo of the Tsar. Go upstairs, into the right corridor, and then into the grand suite again. Puncture the hippo with your darts, then pick it up and repair it with your patch. Go to the main hall and give the hippo to Valentine, and he will give you a flash.

Head to the left corridor and into the photo lab. Use the flash on the camera, then return to Anka's room - Vasily and Pete will follow you to the photo lab and you will end up with a photo. Go down to the basement and into the opium den. Give the photo to the General Caesar's Portrait.

Return upstairs and go to the doorway leading towards the left corridor. Use the oar that is being held by one of the statues, and you will take it. Head down to the restaurant and go over towards the cactus on the far left. Use the oar to retrieve the sombrero and cocked hat. Go up to Anka's room and give the cocked hat to Vasily, then take his papakha. In your inventory, use the make-up set on the plaster head. Add the nose and mustache, and then add the papakha. Head out to the courtyard and give the head to the hippie - you will receive a machine gun Armed & Dangerous. Go back to Anka's room and give the machine gun to Vasily.


Use your machine gun on the bottles, then pick up the bottle neck. Head up the path toward the barn, then go inside. Use the grand piano 3 times Murka. Take the corkscrew and the bucket. Use the corkscrew on the plug in the barrel, then use your bucket to collect some kerosene. Leave the barn and approach the plane on the left. Open the valve and try to pour in your kerosene. Put the bottle neck into the valve, then try pouring the kerosene again.

Fallen Plane

Head to the right to follow the road to a new area.


Pick up the sack of sugar. Use the small desk to talk to the ticket attendant, but you won't learn anything useful. Return past the fallen plane and continue along the road to the left.


Enter the church and try to use the mop I'm Not Some Roger Wilco. Go back outside, then head along the road to the right. Continue through the field to the left, then approach the gray box sticking up in the middle of the field.


Talk to the Hare Krishna. Use Vasily on the loose brick at the corner of the tunnel entrance to retrieve it. Go back to the field, and continue following this to the left until you reach the river bank.


Throw your sack of sugar on to the boat and they will all dissolve.


Go inside and look at the hole just to the left of the curtain. Use your brick here, then push it. Go outside and around to the cemetery, then down into the crypt that has just opened. Continue along the tunnel. Take the sword, then talk to the priest about everything Fifty Shades of Pope. Go back up to the church and head inside again. Use your sword on the jaws in the floor. Return outside and collect the sword again. Go to the cemetery and take the rosary from the opened grave.


Give the rosary to the Hare Krishna in exchange for his oar.


Use the sword to cut the rope, then use your oars on the boat.

Chapter 3


Use Vasily on the lamp on the fireplace, then pull the lever on the right until the gate opens in the fireplace. Go through the secret tunnel in the fireplace, then keep following the tunnels Per Aspera Ad Astra.

Alien Spaceship

Try going out through the hatch on the left, but you will stop because of the aliens. Instead go through the entrance on the right to find the cockpit. Press the buttons on the right, then take the small hammer/axe that drops down from the ceiling. Use this on the glass panel to the left of the door, and a huge escape raft will be inflated. Go through the door and out through the hatch.

Alien Headquarters

You start on a round platform at the top of an elevator. First head through the exit towards the top. Look through the window on the right They Live Among Us. Go through the small doorway to the left to find an alien museum. Pick up the head in the corner of the room Whose Head Is This?. While you are here, use Vasily on the space machine gun on the left I'm done with it!. Return to the previous screen and take the next passage to find the canteen. Talk to the bartender until he leaves, then take the remote control and the rag from the counter. Use the remote control on the TV to the right, and a floating eye robot will come in to watch it. Hit the eye with your axe, then pick it up. Use it in your inventory to remove the battery. Leave the canteen.

Continue twice to the far right, then go through the passage on the right into an alien laboratory. Pick up the vial of green liquid, then you will be captured. Talk to the alien leader, then use the vial on Vasily POW. Press either one of the large red buttons. After the alien leader is gone, pick up the plastic card. Use the round elevator platform to return to the center of the alien headquarters again.

Go to the right and enter the laboratory again. Pull the lever, then put Furmanov's head on the stand that appears. Talk to Furmanov's head to learn about the time machine. Pick up the empty bottle from the side of the bathtub, then leave this room. Go back to the canteen to the far left and use your empty bottle on the strange device. Return to the laboratory and press the red button on the bathtub. Use the plastic card on the elevator's remote to the right. Go back to the main elevator platform and use the plastic card here to go up.

Talk to the technician about everything. Give him the battery and the rag, then you will automatically leave. Use the plastic card on the elevator to go straight back up again. Talk to the programmer, who is very thirsty. Pick up the empty bottle from behind the time machine. Go down to the canteen and use this on the strange device, then pick it up again. Return up to the programmer and give him the bottle. Now talk to the programmer until he says you need to give him an exact time and place. Go and talk to Furmanov's head to get this information, then return to the time machine. Talk to the programmer and he will send you through the time machine Back to the Future.

Train Station

Use Vasily on the left sign and the right sign. Now place them back on the trains, but in swapped positions The End.