Puzzle Agent 2Puzzle Agent 2

Game Details:  Puzzle, 2011

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  3/4/2019

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Puzzle Agent 2 is another heavily puzzle-based adventure game by Telltale, staring FBI agent Nelson Tethers. This game is the sequel to the earlier Puzzle Agent. After solving the previous mystery and restoring operations to the Scoggins eraser factory, you are still puzzled by the ongoing disappearance of the factory's foreman, and you return to Scoggins to continue your investigations. There are 52 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

FBI Office

Moon Focus

Spin the 3 discs until you manage to see the man's face in the moon (there are many solutions to this puzzle, but one involving moving the outer marker to 1 o'clock, the middle marker to 5 o'clock, and the inner marker to 9 o'clock) Puzzle: Moon Focus.

Monosaki Puzzle #320

Talk to Agent Ingraham, then solve the puzzle with the answer 3 (the next hour on a clock) Puzzle: Monosaki Puzzle #320.

Valda's Inn

Watch the cutscene as you arrive back in Scoggins, Minnesota Welcome Back!.

Finding Vacancy

You can pick up the gum from the outside of the building (and anywhere else you see it from now on), in case you need it for puzzle hints. Open the door to the inn to go inside, then examine the shelves on the right and the stove on the left. Talk to Martha, then place the guests in these positions:

  • Upper floor: Maxwell, Blesson and Carlman
  • Lower floor: LaRue, Dimpleton and Tethers Puzzle: Finding Vacancy

About now you should also receive another achievement for spending a certain amount o f taxpayer dollars Christmas Tree Census. Go outside again, then open the gate to the alley, and you will end up in your room inside Valda's Inn.

Hidden Sightings

Examine the lamp to get a puzzle with 4 photographs. Rearrange them as follows:

  • Photo 1: Gnome by himself, 1 set of footprints
  • Photo 2: Two people walking, 3 sets of footprints
  • Photo 3: Snowmobile, 3 sets of footprints and tracks
  • Photo 4: Group of gnomes, lots of footprints and tracks Puzzle: Hidden Sightings

Now click on the bed to sleep.

Missing Persons (Part 1)

You will wake up from a dream to find a note on the floor. You will see a list of names and numbers, but after trying to start the puzzle you will stop and realize you need more information. Go back into the inn and talk to Martha about everything, then head back outside.

Stacks of Flyers

Talk to Daryl. At the puzzle screen, distribute the flyers to the 5 starting positions left to right as follows: 22, 2, 8, 6 and 24 Puzzle: Stacks of Flyers.

Now get on your snowmobile.


Examine the fire pit, then talk to Alfred about everything The Local Anthropologist. Get back on your snowmobile.

Sheriff Station

Look at the note on the door, then use your snowmobile again.

Moose Ear Diner

Examine the flyer on the window, then look at the store sign.

Power Grid

You need to hook up the generators to the devices below them:

  • Generator 1 (output 10: 30 and 45
  • Generator 2 (output 30: 15 and 40
  • Generator 3 (output 50): 40 and 30
  • Generator 4 (output 30): 45 and 45
  • Generator 5 (output 10): 45 and 45 Puzzle: Power Grid

Cross The Streams

Head inside and talk to Steve to see your next puzzle.

  1. Send the wolf and snake to the right, then bring the boat back empty
  2. Send the bear to the right, then bring the wolf and snake to the left
  3. Send the mongoose to the right, then bring the boat back empty
  4. Send the wolf and snake to the right Puzzle: Cross The Streams

Now talk to the Sheriff. You will automatically talk to Glori outside; talk to Mr Scruffman before leaving.

Sheriff Station

Examine the door again.

Sheriff's Door

Draw a line from the top left corner, to the second position from the left along the bottom Puzzle: Sheriff's Door.

Sheriff's Office

Once inside, click on the file cabinet over on the left.

Move the furniture into the positions shown above to get safely across the room Puzzle: Sheriff's Office

Missing Persons (Part 2)

Examine the board on the right wall, then the filing cabinet. Insert the names in this order:

  • Halldor Magnusson
  • Will Medlock
  • Ted Dijkstra
  • Barney Stroustrup
  • Isaac Davner
  • Darrel Boutin Puzzle: Missing Persons

You should also receive another achievement now Note Decoder. Talk to the Sheriff again before you leave.

Korka's House

Look at the factory in the background, then head inside.

Digits In Space

Examine the windows and enter the answer to the puzzle as 53 (the next 2 digits of pi) Puzzle: Digits In Space.

Coins In A Box

Next examine the shelving just to the left, and select the gold dollar coin on the right (the next number in binary sequential order) Puzzle: Coins In A Box.

Now talk to Korka and she will mark a new spot on your map in the woods.


Find Edvard!

Examine the footprints, then place the map pieces together:

  • Upper row: Grey, red and white
  • Lower row: Yellow, brown and green Puzzle: Find Edvard!

After the chase, examine the fallen tree, then examine the astronaut Under Cover.

Korka's House

You will end up back with Korka; talk to her and you will automatically leave.

Valda's Inn

About now if you have been collecting all of the gum you can find, you will receive an achievement Keep Scoggins Beautiful. Go inside and upstairs and examine the boxes, then go back outside and onto your snowmobile.


Enter the lodge and examine the photo on the wall.

Clearing The Ice

Look at the the small table near Bjorn. Rearrange the 6 photographs as follows:

  • Photo 1: Cleared ice
  • Photo 2: Boy skating south, cleaner going west
  • Photo 3: Boy skating east, cleaner going south
  • Photo 4: Girl skating south, cleaner going west (crossed paths)
  • Photo 5: Girl skating northeast, cleaner going south
  • Photo 6: Boy skating southwest, cleaner going west (crossed paths) Puzzle: Clearing The Ice

Bjorn's Sanity

Talk to Bjorn.


Place the mirrors in the path of the light to make it pass through the pieces of sanity lights on the way to the blue core (the / and \ symbols are the mirrors in the grid shown above) Puzzle: Bjorn's Sanity. Talk to Bjorn again, then leave and get on your snowmobile.

Olav's Cabin

Olav's Cabin

Examine the door. Draw a line from the bottom position along the left, to the right position along the top Puzzle: Olav's Cabin.

'Round the Cosmos

Examine the star map on the left wall to see a puzzle with two discs representing day on the left and night on the right. From the starting position, click in this order:

  • Left x 1
  • Right x 3
  • Left x 3
  • Right x 4
  • Left x 1
  • Right x 1
  • Left x 3 Puzzle: 'Round the Cosmos

My Four Moons

Next examine the lunar map to the left of the star map. The solution to this puzzle is 20 Puzzle: My Four Moons.

Lunacy Algorithm (Part 1)

Check out the desk near the back of the room for another puzzle, but after playing with it for a little while you will realize you don't yet have enough information.

Earth, Sun & Moon

Now look at the books on the left table. Shuffle the celestial bodies around as follows:

  • Move the moon to the top right
  • Move the sun below the moon
  • Move the asteroid to the top left
  • Move the Sun down towards the Earth
  • Move the asteroid beneath the moon, to the far right
  • Move the Sun just below the moon
  • Move the Earth to the top left
  • Move the Sun into position
  • Move the Earth into position
  • Move the moon into position Puzzle: Earth, Sun & Moon

You will now discover something behind the painting on the wall An Incredible Discovery. Examine the sock drawers then the desk again, then leave.

Korka's House

Talk to Korka and follow her into the back room The Kitimat Incident, then leave again.


Gnome Appearances

Knock on the door to talk to Alfred to see another photograph order puzzle. Just arrange these photos with the moon gradually heading from top to bottom Puzzle: Gnome Appearances.

Finding Alfred

Click on the trees to see the next puzzle. To solve this, move the bottom left tree trunk right, then the top left down and the first up to the far top left. Move the bottom right trunk left, then the large trunk to the bottom right. Now move the top left trunk to the far right, the middle trunk up and left, and the large trunk left to clear a path Puzzle: Finding Alfred.

You will end up back at the hotel Hermes II.

Valda's Inn

Head outside. After the talk, get on your snowmobile.

Moose Ear Diner

Head inside and talk to Director Jennings, then try to leave again.

Retrace The Path

Rotate the tiles to make a path from the top left, down to the bottom left, then up and around to the bottom right Puzzle: Retrace The Path. You will end up in the woods.


Examine the astronaut and you will end up talking to Isaac Foreman Found.

Mission: Rock

Click on any of the agents to open a new puzzle.


Place your new groups of trees on the grey squares as indicated Puzzle: Mission: Rock.

Lander Circuitry (Part 1)

Now examine on the lander to see another puzzle, but you will be interrupted and taken back to the hotel.

Valda's Inn

Pick up the phone to talk to Jim.

The Escape!

Move the bed to the left, then the couch to the bottom right. Bring the top dresser to the far right, the bed up to the top left, then the top dresser to the left to block the window Puzzle: The Escape!.

Olav's Cabin

Examine the desk and you will play the tape and end up in space.


My Three Suns

Click on the top left hidden person and solve the puzzle by entering 10 Puzzle: My Three Suns.

Racoon Spa

Click on the top right hidden person to see a puzzle with 4 photographs to place in order:

  • Photo 1: 3 raccoons standing on shore
  • Photo 2: 2 raccoons standing on shore
  • Photo 3: 1 raccoon sitting on shore
  • Photo 4: 1 raccoon standing on shore Puzzle: Raccoon Spa

Solar Rays

Click on the bottom right hidden person to get another deflection puzzle.


Position the mirrors as in the diagram above Puzzle: Solar Rays.

Starry Field

Finally, click on the bottom left hidden person and rotate the tiles to form a cohesive picture of stars Puzzle: Starry Field.

Lunacy Algorithm (Part 2)

Click on the sun to see this formula puzzle a second time. Arrange the four movable items in this order:

  • integral from 0 to 1
  • square root of x dx
  • pi ( r squared
  • v / c squared ) Puzzle: Lunacy Algorithm

There is another achievement for completing the space section and returning to Earth I'm The Best At Space!.


Lander Circuitry (Part 2)

Examine the lander to see this puzzle again. Drag the correct arrows on to each row of the control panel:

  • Up, left, up, up, up
  • Right, up, up, up, left
  • Left, left, up Puzzle: Lander Circuitry


While Nelson is running, draw lines between the objects as instructed 3 times Nelson's Run. Watch the cutscene where the device is destroyed Case Complete.

FBI Office

Monosaki Puzzle #512

Jim will enter and give you one last puzzle, for which the answer is 151 (cumulative days for each month in the year) Puzzle: Monosaki Puzzle #512.

There is an additional achievement for completing all of the main puzzles in the game Puzzles Complete. Watch another cutscene in your office Puzzle Agent 2.

Robot Hero

After the ending credits, go to your puzzle file and start this puzzle. Drag the correct arrows on to each row of the control panel:

  • Right, up, up, up, left
  • Up, up, left, up, right
  • Up, up, right, up, up
  • Left, up Puzzle: Robot Hero

Super Robot Hero

This puzzle is also in your puzzle file and requires similar logic:

  • Up, pause, pause, up, right
  • Up, left, up, pause, pause
  • Pause, pause, pause, pause, up
  • Left, up, right, up Puzzle: Super Robot Hero

There is an achievement for completing both Robot Hero puzzles Bonus Puzzles, and another for completing all 33 puzzles perfectly Rank: Puzzle Agent. If you receive this one, you will then automatically proceed to the final puzzle in the game.

King's Challenge

From the starting position, click in this order:

  • Right x 1
  • Left x 1
  • Right x 2
  • Left x 2
  • Right x 1
  • Left x 3
  • Right x 3
  • Left x 5 Puzzle: King's Challenge