Prisoner of IcePrisoner of Ice

Game Details:  Horror, 1995

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  10/25/2015

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Prisoner of Ice is a horror game based on the mythology of HP Lovecraft, and designed by Infogrames, creators of the Alone in the Dark series of games. This is a relatively simplified point and click adventure game, where you take on the role of Lieutenant Ryan, an American agent stationed aboard the submarine HMS Victoria. After picking up some mysterious crates from the Antarctic during a rescue mission, and evil presence makes itself known.

Submarine Victoria

Talk to Captain Lloyd about everything, and you will end up in the hold. Quickly pick up the fire extinguisher and use it on the fire, then return right to the bridge. Talk to Driscoll. Open the drawer on the left and take the key, code book and tape recorder from inside. Continue right to the sleeping quarters, and take the hatchet from the wall and the medal from the table. Now talk to Wayne and he will leave. Use the medal on Hamsun, then use the tape recorder on him. Look at the opposite bunk and take the life jacket and crampons, then return left to the bridge. Quickly use the tape recorder on Ryan to get rid of the monster.

Talk to Driscoll again to get a walkie-talkie. Use your code book on the radio to the left, then go down to the engine room. Talk to Stanley, then flip the switch to the right and use the walkie-talkie on Ryan. Talk to Stanley again to get the frequency, then grab the adjustable spanner from the ground before climbing back up to the bridge. Use the radio to try to send the SOS. Head left to the hold and use the crampons on Ryan. Use the key on the chest just left of the open cell door. Use the chest to get a flare pistol, then return right to the bridge.

Use your adjustable spanner on the metal wheel (on the broken door). Use your hatchet on the electrical box to the right - in this puzzle you need to use the switches to direct the current from the bottom of the box to the top along all three wires, missing the broken segments. Now head right and then down the hatch into the torpedo room. Pick up the distress flare, then click on the hole to the far right. Use your draining wheel on the hole, then turn it to get rid of the water. Open the torpedo launcher tube, then open torpedo tube 26. Use the walkie-talkier on Ryan.

Edwards Base

Talk to Sears twice, then pick up the cigarettes and ID file on the table near the door. Open the left drawer and look inside, taking the sheet of paper with a code on it (523). Quincy will then enter and give you your duty roster. After the guard leaves outside, look at the desk and take the film reel. Head through the far right door 3 times to find the briefing room, and talk to McLagen. Give him the cigarettes, then the film. Search the bookshelves to find a book with a code inside it (496). Return through the right door, then continue left. After the cutscene, go through the middle door twice to find the communications room. Talk to Shaw to get a message, then use Ryan's file on the kettle to get a photo. Leave this office and return to Sears' office on the left.

Go over and move the painting on the left wall, then open the safe with combination 496-523. Look inside and take the rubber stamp and set of keys. Back out and look at the desk; use the rubber stamp and photo on the letter to get a signed pass. Close the safe and move the painting, then leave the office. Go through the far right door, then press the button to call the elevator, and take it down to the basement. Approach the security door and show your pass to the guard, then go through the security door into the entrance hall. Go through the middle door and take a tin from the shelf, then return to the entrance hall. Now go through the right door and talk to Miss Trend to get an appointment, then continue right to see Dr Trevor. Tell him you have a stomach problem, then show him the tin. When he leaves, quickly take the assembling manual from his desk, then leave. Return to the entrance hall again and try to open the left door. Give the assembling manual to Finnlayson, then enter the room.

Talk to Finnlayson, who won't let you see the files. Pick up the fire extinguisher and cigarette. Put the cigarette in the bin, then immediately go to the dark corner on the right. After everyone leaves, use the fire extinguisher on the bin, then go left into the file room. Open the drawer to see a single file remains. Leave this room and the next, and you will end up back in Sears' office.

Submarine Victoria

Pick up the cable and use it on the bar, then continue to the right. Open the floor chest and take the 2 objects inside. Combine these together, then return left and use your marine key to open the bridge. Enter the submarine and go right to the sleeping quarters. Quickly look in the wardrobe on the left and take the papers from inside. Go back to the bridge and immediately use Lloyd's key on the button near the periscope, then use it on the lock. Use the ladder to escape.

Edwards Base

After you draw the pentagram on the ground in the infirmary, go back to the doctor's office and pick up the needle from the table, then continue all the way to Sears' office. Use the needle on the large map, then look in the hiding place and pick up the stone and the report. Now go all the way back to the infirmary and use the stone on Ryan. Pick up Quincy's files from the ground.

Buenos Aires

Talk to Diane and Hernandez, then talk to Jorge. After the cutscene, head out to the library entrance, then up the stairs and through the glass doors to the main library. Pick up the pile of books and the stick from near the entrance on the left. Search the bookshelf to find a single book that you can move to reveal a secret entrance. Climb through the passage to reach the second level.

Use the stick on the ladder, then climb up the ladder. Look at the empty space in the shelves to the left, then put your 3 books here in this order from left to right: Sophocles, Shakespeare, Goethe. Climb up the stairs here, then go to the far right and you will find a ladder to climb up. Use the statue on the right, then look in the hiding box to get a key. Use this on the door and head out to the terrace. Walk right and click on the disc in the third statue's hand. Climb up on the first statue, then jump to the second and climb to the third to get the disc.

Schlossadler Base

Pick up the items from your table and use the spoon on the left wall. Wait until you receive a pen and some paper from the guard (this will only happen after the other 3 prisoners have been taken away). Quickly pick up the stool, push the small table in front of the door, and then use the paper on the wash basin. Search the guard and use the key on the door to lock it again. Now move the table again and use the stool on the table. Use your spoon on the grill above you and you will climb up. Crawl to the right, then take either passage at the fork.

Move the stalagmite on the right, then pick up the objects that are revealed. Head right and use the amethyst on the right eye, and the ruby on the left eye. Now head into the altar. Walk right and look in the mine cart, then pick up the miner's bar. Use this bar on the stone block to the left to release lava, then dip the bar into the lava to heat it. Use the heated bar on the mine cart's wheel, then push the cart. Quickly exit to the right and use the bar to block the spinning propeller before heading through. After the cutscene, click on the grill, then use the page on Ryan.


Pick up the pieces of cannon from the floor (you should end up with 5 in total), and the battery from on the computer. Use the terminal on the far right to see a recorded message. Now look at the scanner and insert the battery into the slit, then press the red button. Use the barrel, butt and middle section on the screen and you will get the FND weapon. Go left and use the FND on the stone blocking the cupboard. Open the cupboard and take the stone and disc from inside. Use the disc on Ryan.

Schlossadler Base

Use the page on Ryan, then talk to Diane.

Buenos Aires

Quickly use the FND on Harland


Use the pull-ring on the left wall, then click on the large stele that appears and re-arrange the symbols. The top row should be Air, Water, Fire, Ice. The bottom row should be Cthulhu, Dagon, Nyarlathotep, The Prisoner. Click on the book that appears, and use the stone from your inventory on the hollow. Now attack the images of Boleskine and Narackamous. Pick up the Necronomicon and leave through the gate. Get into the rowboat and talk to Sears until the option to mention the Great Old Ones appears, then use this option. Cut the rope to kill Sears.

In the next room, use your sword on the right mask. Step on the flagstone near the bottom of the screen, then go right into the passage. Keep using your sword on Ryan until the officer kneels down, then throw the Necronomicon on the stone. Finally, you can choose one of two different endings.