Alone in the DarkAlone in the Dark

Game Details:  Action/RPG, 1992

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  12/7/2003

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Alone in the Dark is the first in a long-running series of 3rd person horror adventure games with combat and survival elements. This game sees you play as either Edward Carnby or Emily Hartwood, and has you exploring a haunted mansion. The series is continued in Alone in the Dark 2.

Top Floor


Starting in the attic, run over and push the wardrobe along the wall to block the window (before a monster enters). Now push the chest on top of the trapdoor (to stop another monster). Open the wardrobe to get an old Indian cover, and open the chest to get a rifle. Also take the oil lamp from the table and get a letter from behind the piano. Read the letter then drop it. Head to the corner of the room and go down the stairs.


Pick up the bow from the floor, and the oil can from the shelves, then use the oil can on your oil lamp. Drop the empty oil can before leaving this room.

Upstairs Hallway

Walk forward slightly and go through the first doorway on your left (don't keep going or you will fall through the floor).

Sitting Room

Search the desk to find a key, then use this to unlock the chest so you can get a saber. Drop the chest key here. Open the door and kill the zombie with your saber, then go out to the hallway and through the door directly opposite.

Dressing Room

Wait and kill the zombie with your saber (if it breaks just punch the zombie). Go through the other doorway into the next room.


Go over to the small nightstand behind the bed and search it to find a vase. Shoot the monster that breaks through the window, then throw the vase and pick up the key hidden inside. Use the key to unlock the dresser and take the 2 small mirrors from inside. You can drop the dresser key here. Leave through the door here and go straight across the hallway through the door opposite.


Open the cabinet and take the first aid case, then open this to get a flask. Drink the flask for added health, then drop the empty flask and first aid case. Leave here and go through the door at the end of the hallway.

Upper Lobby

Stay along the wall nearest the door you came through and place one of your small mirrors on each of the gray statues. Now you can go downstairs.

Middle Floor

Middle Lobby

Go around to the right and through the door straight ahead.

Sitting Room

Take the gramophone from the table and the matchbox from the fireplace (and the poker next to it). Search the cabinet to get some cartridges, and use these to reload your rifle. Go back out to the lobby and then around the base of the stairs and through the door directly opposite.

Middle Hallway

Go through the first door you reach. Take the notebook from the fireplace, then quickly turn around and shoot the monster. Read the notebook, then drop it. Go back out to the hallway, then through the second door.


Quickly take the jug from the floor, then back out of the room. Go back in and search the cabinet to get a first aid case, then leave again. Open the first aid case, use the flask, then drop both the empty flask and empty case. Continue down the hallway to the next door and go inside.

Dark Bedroom

Use your matchbox to light your lamp. Take the very heavy statuette and book from the table, then some bullets from the nightstand before leaving the room. Select Open/Search from your actions menu and you will automatically douse the lamp. Read the book and then drop it. Go back along the hallway to the middle lobby.

Middle Lobby

Throw the very heavy statuette at the suit of armor, then get the sword. Now go through one of the doorways to the sides of the stairs here to head down further.

Ground Floor

Ground Lobby

Drop the gramophone here for later. Walk around to the right and open the closed door, then go through.


Go to the nearest small dark door to find the pantry and take the cellar key from the wall. Search the cupboards to get a box of biscuits, and eat them for more health. Drop the empty box, then leave the pantry. Go over to the other dark door in the opposite corner and open it, then go inside. Turn around and kill the zombie, then pick up the oil can and use it. Search the pile of coal to get a box of shoes, then open the box and get the revolver. Use your bullets to load the revolver. Drop the empty box and empty oil can. Use your empty jug with the barrel of water to fill it. Go back into the kitchen and pick up the pot of soup. Now open the final door in here and go through.

Ground Hallway

Go through the door straight ahead.

Dining Room

Quickly run over and put the pot of soup on the end of the table, then stay out of the way of the zombies until they all sit on their chairs. Go over and leave through the opposite doorway near the cabinet.

Smoking Room

Quickly go to the table and take the lighter, then use your water jug on the cigars on the table. Search the small cupboard to find a book to take. Read the book and drop it again. Head back to the ground lobby and then around the base of the stairs and through the door directly opposite.


Quickly search the statue to find 3 arrows, then leave again.

Ground Lobby

Head back up the stairs.

Middle Floor

Middle Lobby

Go around to the left into the hallway, then all the way to the end and through the door.


Put your old Indian cover over the first painting you see. Walk half way along the corridor and use your bow to shoot at the far painting until you see you have killed a monster. Now go through the doorway at the far end of the corridor.

Jeremy's Bedroom

Take the false book from the table, then push the grandfather clock to the side and search the hole behind it to find another key and a parchment. Read the parchment, then drop it. Go back out of this room and half way back along the corridor, then through the double doors.


Put down the oil lamp so it lights the room. Quickly run around the edge of the room starting by going to the top left and you will find an indentation in the wall. Search the books just past here to find a mechanism. Use your false book here and go through a secret passage. Take the talisman from the bench, and search the bookshelves in here to find a dagger (with a curved gold blade), 2 books and 2 parchments. Read the books and parchments and then drop them. Use this dagger to kill the monster in the library. Pick up the oil lamp again. Now open the other double doors from here and you will be back in the lobby.

Middle Lobby

Go through one of the doorways to the side of the stairs to head down again.

Ground Floor

Ground Lobby

Pick up the gramophone that you left here earlier. Use your silver key to unlock the door next to the courtyard and drop this key here before going through the doorway.


Go down the stairs and avoid the rats. Find two barrels on their sides and take the block from next to them to open a dark passage, but don't go through. Run back to the stairs and head back up.

Ground Lobby

Go forward down the main corridor and through the double doors to your right.

Dining Room

Continue through the nearest single door.

Smoking Room

Use your key to unlock the double doors furthest from the cabinet. Drop the key here and head through.

Jeremy's Study

Put your old cavalry saber in the coat of arms on the wall; if it is broken already put both pieces in it. Search the bookcase to find another record and a book. Read the book before dropping it, then leave this room again.

Smoking Room

Go straight across through the other double doors out to the hallway and continue through yet another set of double doors.

Pirate Room

Use your sword to kill the pirate, then take the key. Also pick up the book from the ground and read it, then drop it. Use your new key to open the double doors here, then drop it before going through.

Dance Hall

Walk into a corner of the room and use your record (Dance of Death). Avoid the dancing spirits and get the key from over the fireplace. Leave this room and go back out through the pirate room, across the hall and into the study.

Jeremy's Study

Go down the secret staircase.


Run across the bridge as it collapses behind you, then follow the tunnel until you see a giant worm. Run away from the worm until the tunnel branches, and take the right path. Kill the monster here, then continue along this tunnel until you see the worm again. Turn around and go back to the branch and this time go the other way to avoid the worm (you may need to try this several times to escape).

Step down on to the decking and run around until you reach the lighter section, then jump over this. Keep going to the end and climb up to the next stone ledge.

Shoot the next monster, then continue to the next opening and shoot the flying monster. Jump over the stone pillars to reach the next ledge. Follow this tunnel until it branches and go to the right. In the next open area, take the bridge to your right. When you reach the high area shoot the flying monster. Make sure you jump over the lighter sections and make your way to the other side. Use your key to unlock the chest and take the gem and book. Read the book, then drop it. Push the rock behind the chest, then go through the opening. Follow the stone passage around the corner, then drop down and go straight ahead into a dark area.

Use your oil lamp to get some light. Now make your way through the maze (go far left, then far down, then to the right to find a door). Use your gem in the door and go through.

Drop down into the water and dodge the fireballs and monster to make your way to the ledge in front of the tree. Take the hook from here and put your talisman on the ledge to stop the fireballs. Use your lighter to relight the oil lamp, then throw the lamp at the tree. Climb up to the other rock ledge and use your hook in the door mechanism then go through. Turn right immediately and use your hook on another door, then go through.

Head back through the near opening and go back over the decking, again jumping over the light section. Climb up into the tunnels and go along the main path then go through a small opening.

Ground Floor


Climb back up the stairs.

Ground Lobby

Go straight down the main hall and through the front doors to escape.