Pahelika: RevelationsPahelika: Revelations

Year:  2011

Genre:  Adventure

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Pahelika: Revelations is a casual first-person puzzle adventure with a built-in hint system and several mini-games. It continues the story of the previous game, Pahelika: Secret Legends. After accessing the magical tome in the previous game, an ancient evil has been unleashed, and your new quest is to defeat it.


Move the two crates on the right, then click on the large crate beneath. Take the crowbar from the back of the room and use this on the large crate. Click on the trapdoor to find it is locked. Search the books at the back on the left and take the piece of wire, then open the small case and get the brass key from inside. Go back to the trapdoor and use the key to unlock it, then go down.

Press the button on the wall to turn on the lights. Take the book with a metal cover from the bookshelves. Zoom in on the large wooden chest. Take the piece of paper from the right and read it for a clue about a combination. Back out and head upstairs then to the left. Look at the photo on the desk and remember the date at the bottom. Take the screwdriver from the toolbox on the floor and use this on your book to open it. Read the book to find a piece of paper, and examine this to see a list of things to do. Now look at the door on the left. The combination is 197 in casual mode, and 179 in regular mode. Go through the door when it opens.

Take the electrical cord from around the curtain and plug it into the wall. Take the knob from the small table on the right and use it on the television. Look at the drawers on the left side; use your crowbar to break the lock, then open the drawer and take the iron handle from within. Back out and leave this room, then go back down the trapdoor.

Put the iron handle in the mechanism on the floor and pull it but it does nothing. Use your screwdriver on the small wall plate on the left. Use your wire in the panel, then click on the wall plate again and flip the switch to activate a motor. Now pull the handle again to go down.

Open the middle vault and read the paper inside for a clue about the locked chest. Now examine the circuit board on the right and solve the puzzle to restore some electricity to the house. Pull the lever in the floor to go back up. Open the chest using the instructions from the clue you just found. Take the book and read it. Now go upstairs and left twice, and watch the television.

The Tower

Pick up the painting, iron rod and stone. Put the stone next to the golem, then use the iron rod on the stone, and push the rod to move the golem. Pick up your iron rod again. Now put the painting in front of the exposed gear in the wall to open the trapdoor and head down. Step into the portal to reach the roof.

Pick up the white powder and move the two stones to the left. Pick up the journal and read it to see a recipe. Push the ground here and climb down to return to the room with the golem. Go down through the trapdoor again. Now examine the bookcase on the left and take the red powder, blue powder, key and portal meter. Climb back up the ladder. Use your iron bar on the chest stuck in the ceiling to make it fall down. Use your key to unlock the chest, then take the scroll from within. Read the scroll, then go down again. Use your portal meter on the portal and press its red button to get a current reading. You need to get this to 40 red and 60 blue; the easiest way is to use the white powder on the portal twice, then the blue powder on the portal 4 times. Step into the portal again.

Open the left door and go through, then continue forward. Pick up the mug from the high shelf on the right. Fill it with water from the tub below and pour this into the vat of acid. Repeat this until it says the acid is dilute enough, then get the bolt cutters from inside the vat. Examine the right cupboard and use the bolt cutters on the 4 hinges. Take 10 of each of the 5 ingredients here, then go all the way back to the portal.

Now open the right door and go through, then continue forward. Take the 2 loose pages from the bookshelves, then look at both of these in your journal. Pick up a sheet of paper from near the fire and the quill from the table. Put the sheet of paper in the tray on the table, then place an ether vial, irwak root and kawra leaves in the tray before taking the prepared paper. Dip your quill in the ink on the table then use it on the prepared paper, writing "SAPK ALAD OSG LUP HARI". This should create a dispel scroll. Go back and step into the portal.

Press the brick sticking out of the wall to reveal a key. Use your dispel scroll, then take the key. Go back through the portal again. Go through the right door and straight. Use the key to unlock the cupboard door on the left, and take the page from inside. Read your journal again. Now prepare another paper as before, but this time write "ILAT TI TUS IR". This should create a mirror portal scroll. Use this scroll, then enter the mirror portal. Take the page from the left and the empty bottle from the right. Read your journal to the end, then go back through this portal. Back out and go through the other portal.

Put some devil's root, deadwood and an ether vial in the cauldron on the right. Use your empty bottle on the cauldron to get a potion bottle. Use this, then read your journal's last page (you can now understand it). Go back through the portal again. Go through the right door and straight. Prepare another paper, and this time write "TER GO GIA EY OURE YT ORU NMIS". This should create an unlock scroll. Go through the mirror portal again. Use your unlock scroll, then open the chest and take the wizard's journal. Read this in your inventory, then close the book and speak to the wizard.

The Sage

Speak to the man about everything, then open the door and go through. Talk to each of the stone heads and answer their questions, then talk to the guardian above the door - note exactly what he says to you. Head through the door when it opens. Now select your door based on what the guardian said:

  • Bottom floor, first door: Though your knowledge is imperfect, your answers satisfied. You have earned the right to meet the sage! This test may be over, but do not think you are done, for it is not completion, but perfection that you must seek.
  • Bottom floor, second door: You are not the first, nor are you the second. Still your answers satisfied and you have passed the test. The door you must open is the door of progress. Progress in knowledge and progress in position.
  • Bottom floor, fourth door: Your knowledge is perfect, your answers are correct. You may proceed inside. But know that the right choice sometimes is not the one that is obvious, but the one that is hidden.
  • Top floor, fourth door: Your knowledge is perfect, but are you humble enough? You may proceed inside, but know this: those that are most able should also be the last.

Once through, speak to the sage about everything before leaving.

Fire Rune

Speak to the man here, then go forward 3 times. Pick up the shovel and the petal, then use the shovel on the rocks to break it. Go back 3 times and talk to the man again, then give him the petal and you will get his knife. Walk forward and use the knife on the low branch on the left 4 times to cut it off. Combine this with your shovel blade to fix the shovel. Now go forward twice more. Use the shovel on the rocks twice to clear them. Use your knife on the rope on the main doors, then take the rope. Open the door on the right and go through.

Tie your rope to the hook, then grab the free end and wrap it around the pulley on the floor. Pull the rope to lift the pulley, then click on it to clamp it in place. Finally take your rope back. Pick up the parchment from the ground and read it, then take the petal from above where it was. Now tie your rope to the central cog, then around the pulley. Attach your shovel to the top of the pulley, then head all the way back to where the man is sitting.

Click on the front of the well and the man will speak to you. Look at it more closely and remove the cover. Turn all the dials to face the middle, then take the stamp and journal. Examine both in your inventory, then talk to the man until he agrees to trade again. Give him the knife and he will give you two petals. Head forward 3 times and through the right door again. Combine all 3 petals with the strange stamp, then use this in the top right of the machine. Pull on the shovel's handle then go outside and through the main doors into the library.

Take the torch from the right and go forward. Take the torch from the left and go forward. Take the torch from the right, then go back twice and through the door on the left. Search the cupboards to find some coal (take 3 lots) and a magnifying glass. Place some coal into each of your 3 torches. Use your magnifying glass on the cupboard on the left to read the small writing, then head out to the right.

Go back three times and start a fire by using your magnifying glass on the pile of dried leaves. Light each of the torches from this fire, then go forward and into the library again. Put a torch up on the right wall, then pick up the page and read it in your journal. Go forward and put another torch in the wall on the left. Pick up 3 more loose pages as well as a poem and Vizier's journal. Go forward once more and put your last torch in the wall on the right. Pick up another 6 loose pages for your journal, and also take a wooden key from the right. Read everything in your inventory. Go back twice to see the ghost, then go left. Use your key to unlock the roller door, then look inside. Rearrange the panels in chronological order according to the story told in the old journal:

  1. Boy shooting swan with bow and arrow
  2. Boy being disciplined by father, while brother comforts swan
  3. Vizier whispering in ear of boy
  4. Boy approaching father in bed
  5. Vizier having boy sent away
  6. Boy sitting on throne
  7. Vizier's men attacking while boy (now older) runs away
  8. Vizier sitting on throne
  9. Boy in white leading band of mercenaries in white
  10. Battle between boy's men and Vizier's men
  11. Boy in white leading the people
  12. King on throne

Once these placed in correct order the bottom right cupboard will open. Take the pouch from inside and search it to find a parchment; look at this. Now use your empty pouch to pick up some sand from the cupboard. Leave to the right and go forward twice. Push the two back bookcases to the side to reveal some scales. Go back and speak to the ghost about everything. Use your sand-filled pouch to extinguish all 3 torches. Go back to the ghost and close the door on the left. Take the heart of darkness, then go forward and a machine will have arisen from the floor. Press the buttons on the machine to show colors indicated by the poem in your inventory:

  • White
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Black

Take the heart of pureness, then go forward. Put the heart of darkness on the left scale and the heart of pureness on the right scale. Now take the fire rune.

Water Rune

Go left and take the paper from under the front tyre of the car. Look inside the car and take another paper, then open the glove box to find a third piece. Unclamp the steering column and take it with you (called a "car handle"). Leave the car and head forward then to the right. Pick up the cover from the ground, then open the fuse box and take another paper and a fuse. Use your car handle on the gears in the wall. Now approach the door and take the final piece of paper. Look at the lock on the door and enter the following (from the pieces of paper):

  • Bolt
  • Wheel
  • Nut
  • Wrench
  • Wheel with bolt
  • Wheel with wrench

Go right and turn the wheel, but the door will not stay open. Go to the door again, then go back twice and forward twice to reach a wooden door. Use the door knocker then talk to the girl and she will eventually give you a metal rod. Back out twice, then go left, forward and right. Keep turning the wheel until the door is fully open, then quickly use the metal rod in the second hole from the top. Now head inside.

Pick up the iron wheel and scissors from the table, and the oil can from the top of the drawers. Read the book on the table, then open the arcade machine on the left and take the motherboard from inside. Head back outside and look in the car again. Use the scissors to remove the wires, then leave the car. Examine the fuse box near the front door. Use the wire in the fuse you got earlier, then place this fuse in the bottom right position in the fuse box. Go back into the house and into the room on the left. Now pour some oil into the control panel on the right wall, then look at the control panel. You need to control the flow of oil by adjusting the valves to achieve the following:

  1. Top lever left, bottom lever right
  2. Both levers right
  3. Top lever right, bottom lever left
  4. Both levers left

This should lift the bed up into the air, so you can go down through the hatch. Pick up the hammer from the ground, some glue from the left shelf and 2 bowls from the right shelf, then head right. Pick up the odd coin from the ground, then use your motherboard on the workbench straight ahead. Insert the appropriate gates to repair the motherboard (triangles at left and right, semicircle at top and curved arrow at bottom). Press the button to test the circuit, which should be correct.

Return left, up and backward to find the living room, then insert the fixed motherboard in the game. Insert the coin in the slot, then look at the top of the machine to play the game. Use the arrows to guide the ball to the lower hole on the right (if you go to the upper hole, hit the coin slot with your hammer, take the coin and try again). Use the hammer on the coin slot and take the ball bearing that falls out. Put this ball bearing in the iron wheel in your inventory, then use this in the lower right of the rolling cabinet. Push the cabinet twice to reveal a safe. Examine the lock on the right door and play the game detailed in the coffee table book to guess the combination. Open the door and head right.

Pick up the yellow glass shards from the ground, the candle from on the fridge, and the lighter from the left bench. Use your hammer on the broken cupboard twice, then take the solar cooker from inside. Next use your hammer on the hatch in the ceiling, then push it open. Return left, into the left room and down through the hatch. Pick up 10 raw keys and 10 raw rods from the left. Use one of your bowls on the silver nitrate, and the other on the rochelle salts.

Head up, then back three times to be on the footpath. Put your solar cooker on the path, then add the cover and both of your bowls of chemicals. When they are warm, take back both bowls. Head inside and down beneath the bed again. Pick up a plain glass from the right and put it in the frame here, then add your two chemicals and pick up the mirror you have created. Head right and place the glue and glass shards in the work area in the back left. Look at the area and solve the jigsaw puzzle.

Next look at the key cutting machine on the right. Light your candle with the lighter. Place a raw key in the slow at the top right. Flip the lever by itself at the bottom, then use the switch beneath the green light. Take the processed key from the machine, then use the candle on it to make a processed wax key. Back out and insert the key in the lock on the right, turn it, and take it back to get a used wax key. Look at this to see the location of notches in the key. Go back to the machine and insrt a new raw key at the top right. Move levers down on the right to correspond with the notches you saw, then flip the switch. Take your new key and use this to unlock the door on the right, then go through.

Rotate the bottom mirror twice to see the code 729. Rotate the left wall mirror twice to shine down towards the mount on the right wall. Pick up the mirror frame from the ground and insert your mirror. Return left and examine the lathe on the left. Turn each of the two top wheels once, then insert one of your raw rods. Adjust the dial to setting II, then press the switch on the left and take the processed rod. Use this on your mirror frame. Back out, then go left, up and backward to the living room again.

Look at the safe in the back wall and enter code 729. Take the parchment from inside and look at it, then head right into the kitchen. Place your polarised glass in the frame of the floor hatch, then close the hatch. Now go left, into the bedroom, down through the hatch and right twice. Put your mirror in the holder on the right and turn it twice so it is shining on the door. Examine the door where it is glowing and set the positions of the balls as follows:

  • First (top) ball to middle of right arc
  • Third ball to between middle and right arcs
  • Fourth ball to beginning of first arc
  • Fifth ball to middle of middle arc

Now you can pick up the water rune.

Air Rune

Start by going through the hole in the wall on the left. Examine the safe on the left wall and open it be pressing buttons 1, 2, 3, 4, 2. Take the key and journal from inside, then read the journal. Read the book on the desk, then go through the hole in the wall on the right. Use your key on the left door and head through.

Pick up the quill and spell book from the small table on the right. Read the spell book in your inventory. Pick up 5 prepared papers from the bed. Now use the quill on the inkwell then on a prepared paper 5 times in total, choosing these inscriptions:

  • Upar wale ise jaldi utha le (twice)
  • Zikura ar er num (twice)
  • Ruwa za'r elha zik rkan

Head back twice and left to be outside again. Use a lower scroll to get an iron rod. Look at the platform on the right and use your iron rod on the stone to magnetise it. Go through the hole in the wall on the left again. Use your see invisible scroll, then click on the right strongbox and enter JALAAL from top to bottom. Take the journal and read it. Now click on the left strongbox and enter SMELLY from top to bottom. Take another journal and read it. Once again head through the hole on the right, then the door on the left.

Look at the safe on the left wall and open it with code 124. Take the scroll from inside, then read your spell book again. Pick up 6 prepared papers from the bed and use the quill on the inkwell then on the paper to prepare 6 scrolls with the inscription "Ur nuk rowa sa hir buk rasa". Now look in the mouse hole on the left, and use your magnetised iron rod in the hole. Click on it in your inventory to get a wrench. Use this on both door hinges and the door will fall open. Make sure you note the picture on the back wall with 6 circles, then go through the door.

Use a levitate scroll to move the rocks, then go through the door on the left. Use a levitate scroll then a lower scroll to break open the cabinet in this room. Collect 6 plain quartz, 3 bowls of earth powder, 3 bowls of water powder, and the metal bowl on the right. Repeat the following 6 times:

  • Fill the metal bowl with water, then pour it into the large receptacle
  • Place a plain quartz in the receptacle
  • Add a bowl of powder to the water
  • Use a transfer elements scroll

You should now have 3 earth quartz and 3 water quartz. Go back twice and pick up another prepared paper. Use the quill in the inkwell then on the paper to prepare a scroll with the inscription "Abrah Al' Raziz". Head back twice more and go left. Look at the platform on the right. Place your 3 earth quartz in the spaces on the left, and the 3 water quartz in the spaces on the right. Use your open planar portal scroll, then click on it and enter CURRIN from top to bottom. Pick up the air rune.

The Monastery

Take the pickaxe from the left. Use the pickaxe on the flagpole, then pick it up. Use the pickaxe on the crumbling wall on the right twice, and pick up the strong rope. Combine the flagpole and rope in your inventory, then use this on the open window and climb up.

Take the decaying paper from the left and read it. Open the top drawer and get the cotton from within. Also pick up the strange knob from the bed and crumpled paper from the floor. Combine the knob and crumpled paper, then use this in the puzzle on the wall. Now look at the puzzle; just turn the knobs left and right to correctly position the numbers. When you are done take a piece of paper you find and read it for a riddle. Go through the next doorway.

Pick up the rock, rod, sword and hammer. Go back and out the window on the right. Use your hammer on the stone repeatedly until you get a flintstone. Use your sword on the trolley to get some dry wood. While you are here note that including the flag you took earlier there were 7 in total. Climb back up and go through the doorway again.

Put your cotton and dry wood in the furnace, then use the flintstone to start a fire. Now look behind the partially opened panel to see a bookcase. As per the riddle, pull out the 2nd book in the top row, 7th book in the middle row, and 4th book in the bottom row. Go down in front of the bookcase.

Go forward to the staircase (ignore the pressure plate in the first room). Move the rock from the bottom step and hit it with the hammer to get another rock. Hit the lever on the left end of the bottom step with your hammer twice, then use the lever. Put your rod in the left lever on a higher step and pull that lever. Use the lever on the right of the bottom step as well to open the passage. Put a rock on the pressure plate on the ground before going forward.

Take the rock from the right and place it on the pressure plate to the left. Examine the pedestal that arises to see another puzzle. Slide the numbers until they are in numerical order, then take the sands of infinity.

Final Battle

Open the doors and go through to meet Krur Jalaal. Speak to him, then use the sands of infinity to start the battle. There are only 3 things to remember to win:

  1. Air beats water, water beats fire, fire beats air.
  2. If Jalaal wins a round, he will use the same element in the next round.
  3. If Jalaal loses a round, he will use a different element in the next round.