Pahelika: Secret LegendsPahelika: Secret Legends

Year:  2009

Genre:  Adventure

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Pahelika: Secret Legends is a casual first-person puzzle adventure with a built-in hint system and several mini-games. The title refers to a powerful magical tome, that requires adventurers to complete 6 quests to be able to access. There are 17 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below. The story is continued in the sequel, Pahelika: Revelations.


Store Room

Click on the pile of wood 3 times to reveal a chest. Pick up the key from the barrel and use it to unlock the chest. Pick up the contraption from the chest and look at it to see it is missing 6 runes Scholar. Pick up the 6 golden runes from around the room, and put each of them into the contraption to activate it Beginner.

Stage 1

Wizard's Tower

Look at the small tree and take the water bottle. Use this on the fire, then look at it to find a gold key. Look at the pile of rocks and take the silver key. Now look at the chest and unlock it with the gold key, then pick up the blank scroll. Look at the brick in the tower wall and remove it to find a quill. Use the quill on the scroll to reveal a spell, then click on the spell to make a stairway appear. Now use the silver key on the door and head inside.

Wizard's Study

Look at the puzzle box on the table and solve the puzzle (set the clock faces to show time going backward). Pick up the blank scroll from the box, then the quill from the table. Use the quill on the scroll to reveal a spell, then click on the spell to move the golem. Straighten the picture on the far wall to open the trapdoor, then go down.

Wizard's Lab

Read the page from the book on the far table, to see how to create a magical lantern. Pick up the red and blue potions from the table on the right, and then look in the small pot near the ladder to find a spell. Put both potions into the cauldron on the right (first red, then blue), then cast the spell. Pick up the empty bottle from in front of the bookcase, and use it to collect the new potion. Next, look at the picture on the wall to find a slider puzzle to solve, and take the lantern that is revealed. Pour the liquid from the bottle into the lantern. Pick up the candle from the table and use it on the lantern. Now place the lantern on the wooden pedestal to make the table disappear and reveal a magical portal. Pick up the lantern and go back up the ladder to the study.

Wizard's Study

Put your magical lantern on the pedestal here, and take the magic dust that is revealed. Go back down through the trapdoor.

Wizard's Lab

Use the magic dust on the portal, then click on the portal to go through.


Pick up the note from the ground and read it to get instructions. Now pick up the 3 gems and 4 sand bags. Click on the loose brick in the left pedestal to find the final gem. Use the 4 sand bags on the fire in the correct order (red, green, blue, yellow). Now place the 4 gems in the slots around the edges (red nearest, then going anti-clockwise select green, blue and yellow). Click on the loose brick in the right statue to reveal a jigsaw puzzle. Solve this, then pull the yellow lever to activate the teleporter. Step into it to complete the first stage.

Stage 2

Puzzle House

Pull the tongue of the right statue, then take a note from the opened section in its base; read it to learn the combination 5-4-2. Pick up the 3 small stones from the ground and place them on the steel plate. Now look at the receptacle to the left of the door and grab the oil. Use the oil on the lever and the door lock. Look at the door lock and enter 5-4-2 as the combination. Pull the lever and head through the gate.

Hall of Ages

Talk to each of the small heads and answer their questions:

  • Life is a journey, but what is its destination?
    Afterlife, life continues after death.

  • A journey of thousand miles is completed by taking a single step at a time. But which step is the most important?
    The first, since it is the first step.

  • What is the hardest thing to do?
    Changing oneself.

  • Why do some people achieve everything, while others languish in nothingness?
    They are motivated from within.

  • It is said that to truly shine, gold must be tried by fire. Should we then put everyone through a trial by fire?
    No, what is gained by such a trial?

  • Who is better: The king, the cobbler, or the learned priest?
    All are equal, all are humans.

  • How may you obtain a pearl?
    Plunge the depths of the ocean in search of one.

  • What is courage?
    Fighting your fears.

Now talk to the big head and answer his question with any answer you like, then descend the stairs.


Pick up the white triangle, red heart and red gem from the ground. Find a slider puzzle in the left column and solve it to find a spell. Now you need to try out all the combinations of positions for the 3 levers on the right, and you will get green, white and red triangles. Put all 4 of your colored triangles into the rune on the ground (white, green, red and then blue), then use the spell to create a bridge. Pick up the remaining 3 items on the ground across the bridge. Now look at the 5 slots in the statue on the far side - you need to place the correct items from your inventory into each of these slots:

  • I am the sign of times, a chronicler of history: Quill
  • I wax and wane with time, I bring life, I am the light: Sun
  • A lover's give away, a keeper of the life: Heart
  • Red like the blood, a woman's fancy, a perfect gift: Ruby
  • Through the ups and downs, I go on keeping time: Hourglass

Proceed through the open door.

Compass Room

Pick up the 3 rocks on the ground and place them on the metal plate. Look in the mirror to see the combination 5-0-1. Look at the left compass on the floor and set the combination to 5-0-1 to open it. Now open the drawer to get a note, and read it to get instructions on how to set the four compasses on the floor. Set the four compasses to these directions:

  • Left compass: South
  • Bottom compass: North
  • Top compass: East
  • Right compass: West

Go through the door.


Pick up the knife and use it to cut the ropes. Now talk to each of the 3 heads and answer their questions (each head will ask 3 questions in total, related to their element):

  • I am the Wind guardian...
    The omnipresent wind.
    The soaring eagle.

  • I am the Fire guardian...
    The glorious fire.
    The fiery tiger.

  • I am the Water guardian...
    The unfathomable water.
    The majestic whale.

Now look at the chest near the teleporter and solve the puzzle to find some magic dust. Use this on each of the braziers to light them. Next, click on the loose stone near the base of the far left pillar and take the spell. Cast the spell to activate the teleporter, then step through.

Stage 3

Stone Gate

Pick up the note and read it. Also pick up the 3 gems from the ground, and look at the knot in the right tree to find a red potion. Pick up the Tulsi leaves from the rock on the right. Put the orange and red gems in the mural near the gate - you can't insert the yellow one yet. Pick up the empty bottle on the right and the small pot on the left. Place the pot in the middle of the rune on the ground, and add the red potion and Tulsi leaves. Now look at the stone trapdoor on the right and solve the rune puzzle (arrange them in order 1-2-4-6-9-12), then go down through the trapdoor.

Underground Store Room

Pick up the short and long sticks and the thin rope from the back wall. Combine the long stick and rope to make a fishing rod. Press all the raised buttons in the foreground puzzle and take the magnet that is revealed. Add the magnet to the fishing rod to make it complete. Look at the painting and solve the memory matching puzzle to reveal a secret compartment - try to solve the memory puzzle within 60 seconds Memorizer. Look inside and take the note, then read it to learn the word "fire". Now look at the puzzle box and click the letters F-I-R-E, from top row to bottom row. Pick up the small silver key. Go back up the ladder.

Stone Gate

Use the fishing rod in the water on the left to get a knife, and again in the water on the right to get a small iron box. Look at the iron box, then open it with your key and take the blue gem. You can now put the blue and yellow gems in the mural to complete it. Use your knife to retrieve the Kandali leaves and the oak branch, and add both items to the potion. Use the knife on the short hollow stick , then click on it in your inventory to reveal a spell. Cast the spell to complete the potion, then collect the potion in your empty bottle. Drink the potion, move the large stone slab and go through the gate.

Fairy Garden

Pick up the note and read it. Now pick up the bucket and empty bottle from the ground, and the rope from the small hut. Use the bucket with the well, then add the rope. Turn the handle on the well twice, and you will pull up a skeleton. Go back to the previous screen (use the link in the top right of the screen) and fill your empty bottle with more of the strength potion, and head back through the gate. Drink the potion and move the large boulder to reveal a spell. Pick it up and cast it to destroy the skeleton, and grab the sword it drops. Use the sword on the small bush and pick up the new bottle. You now need to collect water from the changing pool and put different colors in the 4 smaller pools - from left to right they must be red, blue, yellow and green. Go through the open door into the hut.

Fairy Hut

Pick up the key, hammer head and small stick. Combine the stick with the hammer head to make a complete hammer, and use this on the wooden crate. Pick up the silver magic star that is revealed. Next, look at the indent in the back wall and solve the jigsaw puzzle. Pick up the gold magic star. Use the key on the wardrobe and take the wand. Use the gold star and then the silver star on the wand. Use this wand on each of the braziers to change their colors - the colors must all match the colors of the bases. Once this is done, go through the door.


Pick up the crystal ball and place it on its stand. Pick up the pen and place it in the inkwell. Pick up the 4 books and return them to their correct shelves. Take the note and read it - not very helpful this time. Take the green vase from the top shelf. Open the left cupboard and take the doorknob and blue vase, then close the cupboard again. Put the doorknob on the middle cupboard and open it to find a candle. Put the candle in its stand over on the right, and put the green vase in the middle cupboard, then close the door. Put the blue vase on the right desk (just left of the candle). Pick up the sconce from the right chair and put it on the wall near the top of the screen. Now the other 2 cupboards are unlocked - open them and take the bag of magic dust and the spell. Use the bag on the teleporter, then cast the spell and step through Veteran.

Stage 4

Log Cabin

Close the window and take the green bottle, then pick up the fire starter from the floor. Use the green bottle in the stove, then add the fire starter to start a fire. Now look at the metal box on the wall. Solve the slider puzzle and the message E-G-G will be revealed on the wall. Using this and the letter-number combinations on the wall gives you the combination 7-1-1. Look at the chest on the table and enter 7-1-1, then take the small gold key. Use the key to unlock the top cabinet and take the 3 books. Put these on the metal plate near the door (yellow, red, then blue), and go through the opening.

Ice Room

Pick up the 4 ice slabs and stack them on the right. Now pick up the hammer and stalactite, and the metal triangle mould and brass pot. Use the hammer on the thin ice on the left wall to reveal 3 triangular slots. Now use the hammer on the stalactite to break it into pieces. Put the pieces of ice in your pot, then go back to the cabin. Melt the ice in the pot by holding it over the fire, then go through to the ice room. Pour water into your metal triangle, then hold it in front of the icy breeze. Click on it in your inventory to remove the ice triangle. Do this twice more to create 3 ice triangles, then place these into the triangular slots. Now look at the combination on the right wall. Click on the ice pillar until the first symbol is shown (triangle), then click the circle button. Rotate the ice pillar to show the second symbol, and click the circle button again. Repeat this for all 6 symbols, then go through the doorway.

Grand Hall

Pick up the large piece of wood mould on the left, then look at the pedestal and solve the jigsaw puzzle. Pick up the two pieces of ice from the floor, and put one in the pot. Go back to the wood cabin and melt the ice over the fire, then return to the hall. Put the wooden mould on the right next to the metal rod. Pour the water into the mould. Put another piece of ice into the pot, turn it into water (in the cabin) and pour it into the mould. Now you can pick up the metal rod. Look at the large ice slab blocking your path - it has a series of circles across the top. Look at the centre, and select all the O's. Now put your iron bar in the mechanism and pull the lever so you can go through the doors.

Crystal Room

Pick up the four snowballs and place them in the right side of the scales so they balance. Now pick up the knife that is revealed. Go back to the cabin and heat the knife in the fire, then return to the crystal room. Now use the knife to cut the block of ice on the left, and pick up the hammer (which is still frozen in ice). Take this back and hold it in the fire (in the cabin), then use it on the 2 remaining blocks of ice to reveal a pedestal on the left and a chest on the right. Look at the chest, and solve the rune order puzzle (two sets of reversed clubs, then diamonds, then spades). Pick up the golden fork and place it in the pedestal, then hit it with the hammer. Next use the hammer on the ice shards, then open the door and go through.


Search the snow and rocks on the right to find a hammer. Use this on the central rocks to remove the ice, then put the rock in front of the vent and the snowman will firm up. Pick up the two sticks, two balls and red gem, and put all of these on the snowman - a chest will appear. Look at the chest and set the dials to 2-3-5 (the numbers of pillars in the background). Take the spell and cast it, then go through the teleporter Expert.

Stage 5


There are seven objects to be collected from the beach. Combine the wooden object from the right with the strange object from the left, then with the bow to make a firestarter. Use this on your wooden plank to start a fire, then put it in the coal oven to light the coal. Use your bellows to make the fire even hotter, then put the iron rod in the fire to heat it up. Use the hammer on the iron rod to give it a sharp point, and use it to pry the wooden board off the tree. Pick up the gear that is revealed and put it in the machine. Now move the levers so from left to right they are forward-forward-backward-backward-forward. Go down the elevator.

Gallery of Many Deaths

Look at the puzzle box on the right and solve the slider puzzle to cover the first set of spikes. Now look in the bucket to find a shard, and use this to cut the chain on the left. Click on the buttons on the right so that only the top-left and bottom-left ones are red. Head through the door.

Machinery Room

Pick up the coal and put it in the bottom of the boiler. Also take the chain from the left and attach it to the metal trapdoor in the floor. Take the plank from the right of the screen and head back to the beach. Light the plank on fire and go through to the machinery room. Use the fire on the coal to start a fire. Now turn the top valve, then the bottom valve, and the trapdoor will lift up. Press the button that is revealed and a doorway is opened. Above the doorway, note the sequence of arrows, then go through.

Inventor's Workshop

Pick up the two robot parts from the shelves, and the spring from on top of the iron vault. Pick up the golden key from the floor and use it to open the iron vault. Press the red button inside the vault. Now pick up the two pipes from the floor and use them to fix the leak on the left of the screen. You can then flip the switch at the bottom of the left machine and it will lower towards the ground. Take the third robot part from on top of this machine. Put all 3 robot parts in the 3 hooks on the right of the screen, then press the yellow button that is revealed. Look at the new device, and insert the the spring on the left. Now press the buttons according to the sequence above the previous doorway: left-left-right-left-up-down. Take the spring and go back to the machinery room.

Machinery Room

Put the spring in the robot on the left. Press the left red button, then the right red button, and go through the new doorway.


Open the middle cupboard, pick up the coal and put it in the boiler. Open the right cupboard and solve the jigsaw puzzle. Now pick up the fire starter and use it on the coal. Pick up the key from the ground and unlock the left cupboard, then pick up the bowl. Fill the bowl with water and pour it into the water container on the left of the boiler - do this a second time to fill it completely. Look at the panel of the left machine and solve the rune sequence puzzle (gradually move one limb at a time until reaching a star position). Now turn the dial on this machine to I and pull the lever. Turn it to III and pull the lever. Turn it to II and pull the lever to get the machine fully running. Click on the steam pressure machine and keep the pressure within the green zone to activate the teleporter - try to solve this on your first attempt First Time Lucky. Step through the teleporter.

Stage 6


Pick up the 3 planks and use them to mend the bridge. Lock in the metal bowl on the left and take the handle; attach it to the machine. Now pick up the 7 bells and hang them on the hooks along the right of the bridge. You must ring them in the correct order, which is trial-and-error. If they are numbered 1 to 7 from left to right, ring them in this order: 7-4-1-6-2-3-5. Click on the trolley and solve the slider puzzle. Now turn the handle 3 times and enter the trolley.

Room of Seasons

Press the control on the right to turn the floating boulder, then click on the button. Solve the jigsaw puzzle and take the gem.

Turn the boulder and click on the next button, then solve the slider puzzle and take the next gem. There is an achievement if you haven't skipped any slider puzzles Slider Ace.

Turn the boulder and click a third button, then solve the memory puzzle and take another gem. Turn the boulder and click the button to answer a riddle with "Wisdom to chart the right course". Take the gem once you have answered correctly. Turn the boulder again and press the button to face an order puzzle - just place the gems in reverse rainbow color order. Take the final gem and turn the boulder to display a book. Put all 5 of your gems in the stand on the left to create a staircase. Take the book Finisher. There is another achievement if you haven't skipped any mini-games Puzzle Master.

Extra Achievements

On completing the game, there are a number of additional achievements. One of the achievements involves completing the game twice Expert Gamer. To get all of the achievements will require at least 2 playthroughs.

Skipping Achievements

  • Use the Skip button to skip a mini-game Easy Exit
  • Use the Skip button to skip all mini-games Take it easy policy

Time-Based Achievements

  • Complete one stage within 5 minutes Fast Mind
  • Complete the entire game within 1 hour I am in a hurry

Cheating & Hint Achievements

  • Complete one stage without using any hints No Brainer
  • Complete the entire game without using any hints Hardcore
  • Create a user profile called "ictester", select the Cheat option from the game menu, then complete a stage of the game Cheater!