Operation StealthOperation Stealth

AKA 007 James Bond: The Stealth Affair

Game Details:  Mystery, 1990

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  7/13/2013

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

Operation Stealth is a 3rd person spy adventure from Delphine Software. You play as secret agent James Bond (or John Glames depending on the version of the game), on a mission to recover a stolen stealth jet. The interface is an updated version of the one used in an earlier Delphine game, Future Wars: Adventures in Time.


Examine the coin return slot of the vending machine to get a coin, then use this in the coin slot to get a newspaper. Go through the door on the left and enter the right bathroom stall. Operate your briefcase (right-click on operate to achieve this). Take the pen and the passport, then examine the American passport and take the money from inside it. Now operate the calculator to find a hidden compartment. Examine your newspaper and note the country that is negotiating with Santa Paragua. Now operate the down green arrow button on the passport falsifier to show the country you just saw in the newspaper. Now use the unused passport here in the slot of the falsifier and operate the red button. Operate the briefcase again to close it. Go back out of the stall and out of the bathroom. Use your false passport on the official to get through.

Speak to the welcome hostess to receive a telegram. Head left and show your airline ticket to the guard. Go left near the bottom of this area to find a luggage area with lots of bags. Examine the blue baggage to see a label for Mr Martinez. Take this baggage and operate it to get a razor and a watch. Return right and go right through the next doorway into another bathroom. Operate your razor to get an electric cable, and use this on the socket on the right. After you hear the message, put the baggage in the bin here, then leave the bathroom. Use your false passport on the official, then exit to the left. Stand near the taxi sign and enter the taxi when it arrives.


Head left and enter the bank. Use your bench of notes on the bank teller twice to get two lots of coins. Leave the bank and return right. Give some coins to the florist then take a red carnation. Go left again and head behind the bank to find a park. Use the red carnation on yourself, then sit on the bench; you will get a card and key. Quickly go left or you will be arrested. Enter the bank again and use your card and key on the bank teller. Head down the stairs to the vault. Use your key to open the bottom right safe and you will automatically open the briefcase inside. Take the little box and the envelope, and you will be captured.


Operate the ground immediately next to you, then use your ropes on the piece of metal. Operate the ground again to find a pickaxe. Examine the rock wall on the right, then stand near it and operate the pick axe 3 times, then go through the hole you create. Now you need to swim right 3 screens, but going down beneath the rocks but surfacing before you run out of air.


Walk left twice (in front of the bank, not behind it). Use your coins on the man down on the beach to get a bracelet. Now head up towards the hotel in the background. Enter the hotel, then go through the doors on the left and upstairs to the top floor. Walk down to the leave the stairwell then go right and operate the door on the right.


While you are on the boat, quickly operate your bracelet. As soon as you hit the ocean bed, operate the bracelet again to escape. Swim down to the ropes at Julia's feet and operate them to free her; if you are fast enough you will both reach the surface.


In the mazes you just need to avoid the guards, pick up the keys and go through the open doors.


Operate the large hall door and go inside. Operate the statue's arm to reveal a safe. Use your little box on the safe door, then operate the button on the box. Use the arrow buttons to adjust the 1st digit until the 1st light of the box is on, then press the round button. Repeat this with the other 3 digits (for the 2nd digit the 2nd light should be on). Operate the button on the box and take the box again, then press the round button to open the safe. Take the envelope.

Now you need to survive 2 separate jetski minigames; for the first dodge the sharks and catch the other guy on the jetskit, and for the second just keep dodging the other jetskis.


After a meeting on a submarine, swim down and left, avoiding the sharks. Examine the seaweed at the bottom left of this area and you will find an elastic band. Now swim right 4 screens, and examine the right palm tree, then operate it and press the button you find, then enter the cave to the right. Walk right and operate the purple porthole in the ceiling, then you will climb the ladder.


Use your pen on the lock of the cage, then use your watch on the left and right walls (just the dark areas near the top of the screen on each side). Head right along the rope until you are near the grill, then operate the grill to go through. Go through 4 mazes, avoiding the rats, to reach a bathroom.

Operate the soldier, then take the clothes, boots, laces, napkin and glass from the sink. Use the laces and napkin on the soldier, then walk down out of the room. Continue down to the left, then go up through the door in the middle of this area. Operate the drawer on the left, second from the bottom, then examine it and take the laces, then use them on yourself. Open the right drawer on the bottom row, examine it and take the blank wooden stamp. Go back down out of this room, then head right and through the door on the next screen. In the control room, examine the clothes and take the mission instructions from inside; examine these in your inventory. Now go to the right of the control panel and operate the garbage dump, then take the lifeboat from inside. Use your glass on the fountain to the right to fill it with water, then leave the room again.

Continue up along the corridor to the right; you will be asked for a glass of water. Go up to the corridor again, then continue left and go through the door to the right of this screen. Use your full glass with the officer and while he is turned around take the stamp from the left side of his desk (you will swap it with your blank one). Leave this room and head right, down and back into the control room. Take the ink pad from the control panel to the right of the chair. Use the stamp on the ink pad, then use the ink pad on the mission instructions to make them authorised. Leave the control room.

Go up along the corridor again. Operate the cigarette case to get 4 cigarettes, then operate one of these to get a cigarette paper. Use the paper with your glass to get a fingerprint. Examine the fingerprint ID next to the door, and use your fingerprint on it to open the door. Head through the security door.

Head right along the corridor and through the next door. Use your authorised mission on the mailbox next to the guard window, then walk through the doorway. Head right along this corridor. Use your electric cable on the electric plug to the right of the trashcan. Operate the electric razor, then use it on the trashcan. Go right through the door. Wait until the voice calls out from your razor outside, then use another of your cigarettes on the computer at the bottom right of the room. Quickly operate Otto to fight him before he shoots you. Use the compact disc on the CD player near the middle of the room. Go through the door over towards the right.

Up on the helicopter, use your elastic band on the bomb above you, then while you are falling operate your lifeboat.