Future WarsFuture Wars

Adventures in Time

Game Details:  Sci-Fi, 1989

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  9/26/2002

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Future Wars: Adventures in Time is a 3rd person science fiction adventure from Delphine Software. You play as a window cleaner who stumbles into a secret passage that leads to a time machine. After a brief trip back to the past, you are made aware of an alien threat in the future and are thrust into a quest to save the world. The interface is similar to a subsequent game by Delphine, Operation Stealth.

Present Day

Pick up the empty bucket, then examine the scaffolding and press the red button. Open the window, then head through it into the waiting room. Lift up the right side of the carpet to find a key. Take the plastic bag from the wastepaper basket, then enter the bathroom. Open the cupboard and take the insecticide. Open the toilet door and pick up the little red flag from the floor. Use your empty bucket on the sink to fill it with water.

Go back to the waiting room and use your full bucket on the top door. Go through the right door into the office. Use your key on the second cupboard of the bottom row to find a typewriter, and examine this to see a code. Go over to the desk on the right and open the top drawer, then take the sheaf of paper. Look at the map on the wall. Use your red flag on the hole between the two flags on the map, then go through the secret passage. Quickly go over and look at the numeric keypad, and enter the code "40315". Go through the doorway into the control room. Use your paper on the opening in the machine, then press the green button followed by the red button. Pick up the documents from the floor, then head into the light.

The Year 1304

Walk west over the green areas and use your insecticide on the mosquito swam. Continue west to the tree and examine the glint of light at its base to find a pendant. Continue west to reach a lake, and examine the base of the next tree to find a rope. Use the rope on the tree branch, then wait for the stranger to arrive. Take the tunic and slacks, then continue west to find an inn.

Head northwest to reach a clearing. Use the tree here and a coin will fall to the ground; examine the ground to pick it up. Return east and open the door to enter the inn. Give the silver coin to the innkeeper and you will talk to him. Leave the inn again, and use the pendant on the guard on the bridge to meet Torin. Take the lance from the sleeping guard outside the castle, then go northwest to the clearing again and use the lance to get the monk's habit. Go east twice and use the plastic bag on the lake, then quickly head west and south. Use the full bag on the wolf. Open the door to enter the monastery.

Within the monastery, walk in the same direction as the monks and stick to the edge of the room. Open the right door and go inside to talk to Father Superior. Leave this room and open the left door, then go inside and take the cup. Leave this room and open the top door. Go inside and use your cup on the right barrel on the middle shelf. Leave this room and open the right door again. Head inside to give the drink to Father Superior. Examine him to get a control device, then use this on the piece of furniture beneath the books to get a magnetic card. Leave this room and open the top door, then enter the room.

Use the control device on the barrel at the top of the ladder. Go through the passage, then in the next room take the gas capsule from the glass case. Use your magnetic card on the console.

The Year 4315

Examine the rubble in the bottom right to find an empty blowtorch. Walk east, then around to the rubble on the left. Examine the box here to get some fuses. Examine the rubble on the right to find a manhole cover, then use this to enter the sewers. Walk east twice and then use the empty blowtorch on the tap on the wall to fill it. Keep following the path until you find the mutant, then use your blowtorch on it.

Use the lance on the videocamera above the door, then enter the station. Examine the coin collector of the newspaper machine to find a coin, then use the coin in the money slot of machine. Examine the coin collector to get the coin again, and use it in the money slot a second time, then get the newspaper. When the train arrives, board it to reach another station. Head downstairs to the bathroom and use your fuses on the fuses in the fuse box. Go back upstairs and walk between the two arrows. When the hostess looks away, walk on to the steps to board the plane. If you are caught, go back to the bathroom and come back to try again.

After you reach your cell, use the key on the air duct, then use the gas capsule on the air duct and quickly use the newspaper on it to open the door. Head through the doorway to the control room. Wait for the TV screen to appear.

Cretaceous Period

Walk down the path to Lo'Ann and you will get an airgun. Go west and shoot at the Crughons until the leader appears. Shoot him and the remaining Crughons, then examine Lo'ann 3 times to get a pill and the pendant. Use the pendant on Lo'ann.

Examine the Crughon outside the shuttle to find a magnetic card, then board the shuttle. Use the magnetic card on the card reader to the right of the door. Open the case and take the garment, then use this on the video camera. Walk to the platform under the case and you will lie down. Use the case to travel to the Crughon station.

Quickly use the pill on yourself after you arrive, then walk to the right of the doorway to avoid the guards. Go through the doorway, then head behind the boxes at the bottom left. Use the large box to enter the storage room, then walk through the doorway into a maze - you now have 6 minutes. Head east, down 1 level, east, down 2 levels, west, down 1 level, east, down 2 levels, west, down 2 levels, west, down 4 levels, east, up 2 levels, east, up 3 levels, just over to the right, down 5 levels, west, down 1 level, east, down 1 level, west twice, down 1 level, and east. Head through the doorway and use the magnetic card on the console. Go back through the doorway into the maze. Now head west, up 1 level, east twice, up 1 level, west, up 1 level, east, up 5 levels, just over to the left, down 3 levels, west, down 2 levels, west, up 4 levels, east, up 1 level, west and up 1 level. Go through the doorway to escape.