Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl FleetNelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet

Game Details:  Fantasy, 2016

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  11/16/2016

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet is a comedy point and click pirate adventure, starring Nelly Cootalot, who featured in the earlier game Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy! HD. Once again, Nelly must foil the evil plans of her nemesis Baron Widebeard. There are 20 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

The Ship

Click on the mop, then talk to William Bloodbeard. Take the tag labels from the envelope and crate near where you are standing. Head left and pick up the parcel tape and letter opener from the towering pile of letters. Use your parcel tape on the tag for Port Rubicund, then stick it on the crate. Use your letter opener on the crate, then climb inside. Use your twisted letter opener on the crate again Crate Idea.

Port Rubicund

Talk to Commodore LXIV, then head left and talk to Jack Tar. Pick up the plank while you are there. Return to the right and use the plank on the high open window, then climb inside. Clean up the mess on the right and you will end up with some boards in your inventory. Read the log book, then use your boards on the docking board:

  1. The Greasy Chicken - Insular Peninsula
  2. The Wild Assertion - The Guttering Howls
  3. HMS Twobyfore - Scurrilous Docks
  4. The Sinking Cloud - Isla del Tango
  5. The Saucy Manatee - Vegetable Isle
  6. The Wet Biscuit - Port Mustard
  7. El Queso - Tuesday Island

Move the stool on to the floorboard on the right, then lift up the floorboard on the left to find some sleeping pills. Also take the horseshoe from above the door, before using the door to leave.

Once outside again, head right and you should know that you are interested in The Wild Assertion. Talk to Gusty Nethers to find out what you need to continue. Walk further right and take the filthy rag, then talk to Jeremy Gannet (the bird). Look at the crow's nest up above and left of the window you climbed into earlier. Talk to Jeremy again, who agrees to move if you will help him get there. Use your plank on the crow's nest, then put Jeremy inside and you will get his hat.

Now head to the far left and into the cave. Talk to the doorman to find out you need a password, then talk to Lucky Jack and you will get the password. Talk to the doorman again and you will be allowed through. Wash your filthy fleece in the washing butt to end up with a golden fleece. Head all the way back outside and give the golden fleece to Jack Tar on the beach, in exchange for his shirt. Enter the cave once more, go through to the back room again, and wash the XXL shirt in the washing butt to make it a more appropriate size.

Pick up the red ribbon from the ground, and you will have everything you need for your outfit.

Talk to Admiral Woebegone and agree to help him win a race. Talk to each of the 3 other Toffs and ask them how they are winning the races. Head outside and dip your horseshoe in the tar bucket just left of the Commodore. Enter the cave again and talk to Annie at the back of the queue Local Colour. Order 2 drinks from Lucky Jack - the Butter Scotch and the Jalapeno Tincture.

Talk to Lucky Jack and tell him the toffs are ready to race. Return behind the curtain to the back room. Use your tarry horseshoe on Habanera's leg, then get Lucky Jack to start the race again. Use your sleeping pills on Fou's chocolates, then get Lucky Jack to start the race again. Mix the 2 drinks in your inventory, then give your Hot Scotch to Laird Mallory Cavendish. Go out and talk to Lucky Jack one last time - assuming you saw every toff win once you will get an achievement Hedge Your Bets. Go behind the curtain and talk to Admiral Woebegone to get the King's Shilling.

Head back out to the quay and talk to the Commodore, then go right and talk to Gusty Nethers - talk to him about the uniform, then ask permission to board the ship Sell Out.

The Guttering Howls

Vogel Island

Pick up the pink conch shell from the beach, then go and save Sebastian. Go to the blocked path, but you can't push the fallen tree by yourself. Talk to Sebastian again and ask for his help clearing the blocked path. Push the tree again and you will get past this time. Enter the house and talk to Rackham to receive some blueprints and a map. Talk to Sebastian and use him on Rackham (1/20). Pick up the lever from the bottom of the stairs, then return outside. Look at the small square device on the ground to the right, then use your lever on it. Pull the lever, then climb into the shuttle.

Groat Harbour

Talk to Van Zandt. Look at the dirty noticeboard, then head right to the promenade.

Groat Promenade

Walk to the right and through the entrance to Groat Manor.

Groat Chambers

Talk to Sebastian and use him on Enid Frome (2/20). Talk to her and ask about the painting several times, then examine the appointment book. Talk to Enid Frome again and give the right name to get past. Talk to Justice Groat about becoming a privateer. Talk to Sebastian and use him on Justice Groat (3/20), then go back out to the promenade.

Groat Promenade

Head left and through the blue door to the Harbour Master's Office. Talk to Sebastian and use him on Van Zandt (4/20). Talk to Van Zandt and challenge him, but you need to learn the rules first. Head back outside and through the green door just to the left, into the Quartermaster's Store.

Talk to Sebastian and use him on Moses Melly (5/20), then save your game. Talk to Moses Melly and beat him at the game by dragging the tweezers straight up after grabbing a piece - you will get an achievement if you win on your first attempt, and if not you can just load your game again Great Gamer of the Sea. Return outside and through the blue door again.

Talk to Van Zandt and challenge him to a game, but you will lose 6-0. Open the door, then while Van Zandt is distracted with the candle, examine the Amputation game. Examine the gold gizmo on the far side of the game and change the position of the arrow. Challenge Van Zandt to another game and this time you will win. After Van Zandt breaks the game, take it with you and leave. Go and visit Solomon Spry (the man playing the guitar outside the courthouse to the right). Talk to Sebastian and use him on Solomon Spry (6/20), then talk to him yourself. Take a sticker from the sticker case, then leave here. Go down the stairs just to the left.

Shanty Town

Walk to the right and pick up another conch shell from the ground (you will discover how they work together). Use the two shells on each other in your inventory Feedback Loop. Talk to Sebastian and use him the drunks (7/20). Enter the tea shop to the left.

Talk to Sebastian and use him on Dr Lemuel Periwig (8/20), Professor Mary Jane Morgan (9/20) and Nancy Curie (10/20). Talk to Nancy Curie about Solomon Spry. Return outside and pick up the magazine, then use the map to travel.

Groat Promenade

Go back to Solomon Spry and use one of your conch shells on him. Leave this area again.

Shanty Town

Enter the tea shop. Combine your sticker and magazine, and give this to Nancy, then give her the other conch shell and she will leave. Now talk to Professor Mary Jane Morgan, followed by Dr Lemuel Periwig - he will give you a word list to investigate.

Head outside and go down the stairs into the pub to the right. Talk to Sebastian and use him on Lucas (11/20), Gusty Nethers (12/20), Barman Friday (13/20) and Captain Rehab (14/20). Talk to Captain Rehab until you have learned the meaning of all the jargon, then go back to the tea shop. Talk to Dr Lemuel Periwig again and give the following answers:

  • Grocklesilver: A mineral often mistaken for silver.
  • Hobshank: A wooden leg under an enchantment or curse.
  • Glozzy: A pirate's glass eye.
  • Oakfamble: A wooden replacement for a lost hand.
  • Sally-packet: A ship on its first voyage.

Go outside again and into the hidden path to the right of the tea shop. Ask Sebastian to help with the rope ladder and you will climb up. Take the book from the thief's hoard. While you are here, examine every other object in the hideout Hidden Object, then leave and return to the tea shop. Give the book to Professor Mary Jane Morgan, and she will add a section about you. Now use your map to leave.

Groat Promenade

Return to Solomon Spry and talk to him about his new muse - you will get your song. Stand here and keep listening to Solomon sing his whole repertoire Folk Hero.

Groat Chambers

Head right and talk to Justice Groat. Tell him about beating Van Zandt, then give him the broken Amputation game. Next give him the book as evidence of your heroic deeds, and the shell phone as evidence that you are loved by the people. You will receive Papers of Marque, indicating you are now a privateer.

Shanty Town

Enter the tea shop and you will give the book back to Professor Morgan Borrower. Head right to Chinatown


Look at the Junk Shop and the Restaurant Junk Junkie. Enter the restaurant on the right. Talk to Sebastian and use him on Confusion (15/20) and How Fat (16/20).

Talk to How Fat and Confusion, and you will receive an astrological chart. Examine this in your inventory; given How Fat is calmed by a Startled Muskrat candle, you can work out that he will be made generous by a Cinnamon Fog candle. Travel back to Shanty Town.

Shanty Town

Enter the pub, then talk to Gusty Nethers about his shipment of candles.

Groat Promenade

Enter the Harbour Master's Office. Talk to Sebastian and use him on Shaw (17/20). Talk to Shaw twice, then pick up the 6 coins from the floor. Talk to Van Zandt about the candles, then give him the 6 coins and you will receive the package of candles.

Shanty Town

Return to the pub and give the package to Gusty Nethers, then choose any option other than the Cinnamon Fog candle.


Enter the restaurant and swap your candle for the one on the bar. Now talk to How Fat Mood Swings. Swap the candle back, then leave.

Shanty Town

Talk to Gusty Nethers in the pub again, and this time select the Cinnamon Fog candle.


Enter the restaurant once more and swap in your new candle. Talk to How Fat again and you will get the gong.

Groat Promenade

Go through the green door to the Quartermaster's Store. Try to take the golden rapier from upstairs, then go down and talk to Moses Melly about it.

Shanty Town

Enter the pub and try to take the coaster from the pillar. Talk to Barman Friday and offer to help with the cellar problem, then open the trapdoor and go down. Pick up all 6 labels, then use the clues to help you stick the labels to the correct barrels:

  • Green: Dubious Green
  • Brown: Infamous Souse
  • Yellow: Captain Caustic's Porthole Cleaner
  • Blue: White Ale
  • Black: Sour Jim's Special
  • Red: Old Misogynist's Tipple

Now you can take the dreadnaught coaster from the pillar; also pick up the tugboat coaster from the ground.

Groat Promenade

Enter the Quartermaster's Store again and use your tugboat coaster on the eyepiece. Talk to Moses Melly and get him to check his telescope Tug of War. Now swap it for the dreadnaught coaster and get Moses Melly to check once more. You can then go up and take the golden rapier.

Vogel Island

Go inside and give the gong and golden rapier to Rackham.

Groat Harbour

Walk to the right and try to talk to the privateers. Talk to Sebastian and use him on the privateers (18/20) and Whiskey (19/20). Talk to Whiskey about everything. Enter the Sanitania just to the left. Talk to Sebastian and use him on Captain Lear (20/20) Conversationalist. If you haven't had Sebastian's opinion on 20 people yet, keep doing so until you get this achievement.

Now talk to Captain Lear yourself. Search the roll top desk and examine the picture carefully - you will end up with a frame and a cleaning rag. Head outside and use the rag on the board to be able to read the sign.

Groat Chambers

Talk to Justice Groat about Captain Lear, then go left and ask Enid Frome about him.

Shanty Town

Enter the pub and try to talk to Hetty Lowman on the right, but she has a hangover. Head outside and into the tea shop. Use the drinks machine to get a Sober Joe, then return to the pub and give it to Hetty. Now talk to her about everything, and you will be able to remove the picture from its Flickerbye Frame.


Enter the Junk Shop on the left and ask Sebastian to wake up Lady Cheng. Talk to her, then pick up the orange bottle of Mama Fishcake's, and one of the Flickerbye cans from the shelf below. Put the can into the Flickerbye machine on the counter.

Groat Harbour

Give the Mama Fishcake's to Whiskey, then enter the ship and talk to Captain Lear. Tell him a story with the following options:

  • ... on a voyage to Grockle Island and back.
  • ... he was captaining a luxury cruise.
  • They promised to give Lear an Exit Permit.
  • Her name was The Santiana.

Keep talking to Captain Lear and you will automatically head outside, and then end up in court. You can win the trial by selecting the following options:

  • I see you have lots of time on your hands for research.
  • So what if I've pocketed a few knick-knacks?
  • Looks like you've been keeping a watch on me...

You will automatically leave the island Take Flight.

El Mono

Try to kick El Mono and you will end up in a very strange place.

Head to the Walk of Shame and talk to Hombre - play his game but you will always lose. Note the way El Mono is dancing, then look at the lock on the barrel organ. To open it, repeat the dance moves: right, left, left, right, left, left. Now talk to Hombre and play the game again - if you follow the queen correctly you will now be able to win, and both Hombre and El Mono will disappear. Return to the boardwalk.

Next go to the Tunnel of Love. Talk to Chica, then play the claw grabber game on the right. Move the claw right and forward twice, then press the red button when El Mono pops up (every second round directly after Widebeard). Return to the boardwalk.

Now enter the Chamber of Horrors. Save your game. Play the shooting gallery game and shoot 12 oranges - you will get an achievement if you win on your first attempt, and if not you can just load your game again Bang! Bang!. Return to the boardwalk, and enter the Hall of Memories.


After talking to Brad, also talk to Germain Man Perch. Head right to the village, then go left and talk to Bjorn and Olafssen. Sign up for the insurance package, then ask about the Scuppermatic hook and take it from the mannequin arm. Next talk to Eric Redface. Use the Scuppermatic on his jug, then follow him into the forest. Open the packed lunch in your inventory, then fill your flask from the moonshine still. Try to return to the village, but you will be stopped by the abominable snowbird. Talk to the snowbird, then light your candle from the flame on the still and give it to the snowbird. Talk to it again, and you will remove the thorn from its foot. Now you can return to the village.

Go to the far right and talk to Sir Finlay Hook, agreeing to help. Go back to the beach and talk to Father Rodstaff - say you are not a heathen, but you cannot recite the scrolls. Open the packet of biscuits in your inventory and you will eat them all. Now examine the packet in your inventory and remove the song from the back. Put the Captain Happy Song on the pile of scrolls. Talk to Father Rodstaff again and say you know all the sacred scrolls. Now ask about Gull Latterday. Return to the village and ask both Gull Latterdays about their favourite food, then offer one of them your ham sandwich - you will end up with a copy of the will. Read the 3 headstones in the cemetery while you are here Headstones.

Next talk to Anders Mayormaker, the boy sitting near the village entrance. Walk away and come back and then wait until you see Anders eating something. Go and ask him about it, then talk to Hilda - take the Hilda Challenge but you will lose. Talk to Bjorn and Olafssen again and switch your Scuppermatic to an Iron Grip. Challenge Hilda again and use the Iron Grip on her to end up with a pastry. Give this to Anders, then quickly read his book. Talk to Sebastian and ask him to help you with the monument, then with the helm. Return to the beach and enter the geyser Old Geyser.

Open the chest on the right. After your enemies appear, use the locket on the ray of light just next to you, and point it at Baroness Widebeard, then the stalactite above her. Next target Van Zandt and the middle stalactite. Finally target Baron Widebeard and Van Zandt, then the right stalactite. Blind all 3 of your enemies, then quickly pick up the fallen stalactite next to you. Put it into the vent right behind you. Press the red gemstone on the locket, then take the ring New Navigator. You will also get a final achievement if you collected all of the others Timewaster.