Mystic AcademyMystic Academy

Escape Room

Game Details:  Puzzle, 2023

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Walkthrough Updated:  1/4/2024

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

Mystic Academy: Escape Room (previously known as Wizardry School: Escape Room) is a first-person room escape game, similar in style to the previous game from the same developer, Regular Factory: Escape Room. Your professor needs your help to recover a valuable artifact, a task that will put all of your wizardry skills to the test. There are 5 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


Read the note on the bedside table closest to the door. Look in each of the unlocked trunks to piece together the names of your friends and how many of their favorite objects are in their trunks:

  • Lydia: 5 books
  • Finn: 3 hourglasses
  • Nathan: 4 potions

Now look at the lock on your trunk and open it with this combination: Hourglass < Potion < Book. Pick up the spellbook from inside the trunk. Cross the room and look at the calendar on one of the other bedside tables. The numbers on the right are made of up the sums of the digits of the circled numbers, so open the chest with the missing number: 68923. Take out the magic wand. Go out through the double doors into the common room.

Find a framed timetable on the wall and count the number of hours of each subject. Now go to the first desk opposite where you entered to see a list of the students' favorite subjects:

  • Abjuration: 8 hours
  • Illusion: 7 hours
  • Divination: 9 hours
  • Conjuration: 6 hours

Open the locked box here with the combination 8796. Take out the "Ostendo Charm" book. Next find a rectangular desk along the left wall of the room, which has 5 numbers and 5 glowing orbs over them. Look at the images of objects in the orbs, then look around the room and count how many of these objects you can see:

  • Clocks: 1
  • Chairs: 6
  • Sofas: 3
  • Cupboards: 2
  • Chandeliers: 3

Move the orbs over the correct numbers. Once correct, look at the 5 runes that appear within the orbs, and in particular the number of dots next to each (3, 2, 2, 1, 1). Go to the free-standing desk just to the left and look at the blank map - you will automatically use your "Ostendo Charm" book to reveal the map. You will see the 5 runes on the map going from start to end, and you need to press the arrow buttons on the locked box the correct number of times: down, down, down, right, right, up, up, left, up. Take out Gold Key A.

Go to one of the round tables and find a green board. There are places for 4 cards, and the symbols and numbers around the edge suggest that you need the cards to show a total of 5 moons, 6 clouds and 9 suns. Place these cards in the 4 places in any order:

  • 1 moon, 1 cloud, 3 suns
  • 1 moon, 2 clouds, 2 suns
  • 1 moon, 2 clouds, 2 suns
  • 2 moons, 1 cloud, 2 suns

You will now see the message "METHODUS/ACONITUM". Go to one of the rectangular desks opposite where you entered the room to find a grid of numbers. The letters for METHODUS are across the top, and ACONITUM down the side. You need to find the numbers where the letters from these 2 words match, then enter this code into the box: 87192035. Take out Gold Key B. Now you can go up the stairs and open the double doors with your two keys DORMITORY.

Professor Powell's Room

From the entrance, go over to the right bookshelves and find a compass hanging between the bookshelves. Pressing each of the 6 buttons highlights different words, and you need to get them all highlighted at the same time. From the starting position, press these buttons:

  • Top left
  • Bottom left
  • Middle right
  • Bottom right

Once the compass opens, watch the directions that it points (N, E, S, E). Now continue around to the next bookshelf to the left and you will find a box with 3 empty slots and 4 animals. Looking around the room you can see colored banners with the same animals at the bottom, and different symbols above. You need to follow the path of the symbols from one animal to the next, and slot in wooden pieces to the 3 slots to indicate this:

  • Left Slot: Line, cross, line
  • Middle Slot: Two crosses
  • Right Slot: Line, cross, line

Take the "Astrology" book that appears to the right. Go to the small desk along the side wall with the shelves behind it. Put your "Astrology" book here and you can flip through the pages to see the orientation of various constellations. Now go to the altar at the end of the room. Here you need to rotate the discs to match the orientation of the constellations:

  • Top Left: Aries (3 at top)
  • Top Right: Gemini (12 at top)
  • Bottom Left: Scorpio (6 at top)
  • Bottom Right: Virgo (9 at top)

Back at the desk, look at the locked box. You need to arrange these numbers in the order indicated on the box (Virgo-Aries-Scorpio-Gemini). Open the box with the combination 93612. Look at the compass inside and watch the directions that it points (S, E).

Cross the room to see 3 wooden slats with colored lights. You need to look at the order of the colors, then go to the nearby cage and find numbers that you can draw with adjacent lines of these same colors:

  • Green, pink, green, pink, orange = 5
  • Green, blue, pink = 7
  • Blue, yellow, blue, green, orange = 2

Open the box in front of the wooden slats with the combination 572. Inside, you will find a puzzle where you need to change the color of all of the orbs to blue, from this starting position:


Touch the orbs the number of times indicated above. Now look at the symbols that appear in the lid of the box, which provide 4 rules for which symbols can be adjacent. Turn to the left to see a series of discs that need to be arranged within a triangular grid based on these rules:

  • Top Row: Lightning
  • Middle Row: Wind, water
  • Bottom Row: Sun, fire, moon

Once the compass to the right opens, watch the directions that it points (W, N, E). Now go to the puzzle box on the central table. Here you need to follow paths from the compass symbol based on the directions you have seen on the 3 compasses around the room:

  • S, E: 83
  • W, N, E: 357
  • N, E, S, E:7254

Enter these three numbers on the box: 83, 357, 7254. Read the letter from the Headmaster, then turn around and go back through the doors PROFESSOR POWELL'S ROOM.


Start by looking at each of the magic paintings on the walls. There are 2 downstairs and 4 upstairs, and each one shows a pair of objects changing places. In the middle of the upstairs landing is a wooden desk with round symbols and spaces to place them. You need to place the symbols according to the transitions shown in the paintings. Number the positions as follows:


Insert the symbols like this:

  1. Candle
  2. Globe
  3. Book
  4. Quill
  5. Glasses
  6. Flask
  7. Scroll

Go downstairs to where you just saw the red and blue squares appear in a bookshelf. You need to choose cards here that indicate spelling out the name "Kaitlyn Ulysel":

This will reveal a secret room, but you are missing some information so will have to come back later. Now start looking around the upstairs and downstairs areas for book that have 4 geometric shapes on the cover. You should be able to find 6 books showing the following total shapes:

  • Circles: 5
  • Squares: 4
  • Triangles: 6
  • Lines: 9

Go to the downstairs table next to the fireplace and look at the chest. You need to look at the 4 symbols and add up the values based on the shapes you just counted:

  • Triangle + Line: 15
  • Square + Circle + Line: 18
  • Square + Circle + Triangle: 15
  • Square + Triangle + Line: 19

Enter this combination on the chest: 15, 18, 15, 19. Take the weird gadget out of the chest. Turn around and examine the bookshelves containing lots of red books - there are symbols at the top of these shelves, and numbers formed by the red books. Go to the nearby desk where you can use the weird gadget, and position this so it sits over the numbers from the bookshelves (13, 8, 24, 87). Now note the numbers in the column indicated by the arrows. Go to the next desk to the left, where you need to input these 4 numbers as a code to open the box: 8723. Take out Puzzle Piece A.

Find an open book in the central shelves downstairs, and read about the meaning of the 4 colors. Go upstairs now and examine the 4 statues. Place the correct colored gems into the statues based on this book:

  • Blue: Mind (head)
  • Yellow: Listen (ears)
  • Green: Words (mouth)
  • Red: Heart (chest)

Next go to the desk in the corner of the room downstairs, which has a locked box and a grid of paper with some numbers. Some glowing letters and numbered have now appeared on the box. You must find a bookcase with letters and numbers around the edges that has the correct number of books in the shelves matching the piece of paper. The bookcase is upstairs, to the left of the first puzzle you solved (with the round symbols). Take note of how many books are in each of the space indicated by the glowing numbers:

  • A3: 5
  • B1: 2
  • B6: 4
  • C4: 1
  • D5: 6

Now go back downstairs and open the locked box with the combination 52416. Take out Puzzle Piece B. Search the shelves downstairs to find Puzzle Piece C, then search the shelves upstairs to find Puzzle Piece D. Now you can head back to the secret room you found earlier. Examine the device and you will automatically attach the 4 puzzle pieces. You need to move each of the round discs to lie next to the corresponding puzzle piece. From the starting position make these moves:

  • Press the central button once
  • Press the fire button twice
  • Press the wind button twice
  • Press the central button twice
  • Press the water button twice
  • Press the lightning button twice
  • Press the central button 3 times

Once you see the brooch, head back out through the library door LIBRARY.

Potions Class

Go into the room and look at a large blackboard showing different types of bugs and some codes beneath. Using this, you can work out the letters assigned to each type of bug:

  • A: Beetle
  • B: Ladybug
  • C: Butterfly
  • D: Fly
  • E: Spider
  • F: Moth
  • G: Bee
  • H: Centipede
  • I: Scorpion
  • J: Ant

Turn right and look at the bench with the sign that reads "Food for Mimic Chest". Based on the letter assignments, put the following into the central pot:

  • 2 samples of butterfly
  • 1 sample of moth
  • 3 samples of ladybug
  • 1 sample of spider

Pick up the bug potion, then use this on the chest just to the right. Pick up the "Advanced Potion Making" book from inside the chest. Further to the right, look at the flowerpot to see a recipe written on the side. Go back to the stone table nearest where you entered the room and put the "Advanced Potion Making" book here. You need to put together a recipe to help the plant in the flowerpot grow. Turn the page to the Crescere Potion, then put the following into the central pot:

  • 2 samples of Serpens venenum
  • 1 sample of Unicornis cornu
  • 4 samples of Aranea telam
  • 2 samples of Gingiberi radix

Pick up the Crescere Potion, and use it on the flowerpot to make some flowers grow. Go and look at the smaller blackboard. Note the middle symbol, and the 8 symbols around it. Now go to the large set of shelves that have the same symbols. You need to rotate the symbols based on their orientation on the blackboard (don't forget that they are all upside down based on the orientation of the middle symbol. From the starting position, rotate the symbols this number of times:


Take out the "Witching Flowers" book. Go right and use this on the small wooden desk. Now you need to find the two flowers that grew in the flowerpot, and take note of the numbers on their diagrams (flowers, leaves, stems):

  • Plumeria: 2, 1, 8
  • Rose: 3, 5, 1

Add these values together and enter this code into the locked box: 569. Look at the piece of paper inside the chest that opens, noting the series of 5 symbols.

Next head to the far stone table and look at the 3 set of vials. You need to mix vials containing red, blue and yellow liquid to create 5 different colors in the middle stand. The recipes for creating these are shown on the piece of paper. From left to right, create the mixtures as follows:

  • 3 Red: 2 Red + 1 Red
  • 4 Blue: 2 Blue + 2 Blue
  • 3 Yellow: 3 Yellow
  • 4 Purple: 1 Red + 3 Blue
  • 4 Orange: 2 Red + 1 Yellow + 1 Yellow
  • 2 Green: 1 Blue + 1 Yellow

Now you can take the magic vials. Go over to the balance scales on the side bench and you will put the magic vials here. Now you need to use the scales to work out the relative weights of each vial. Through a process of deduction you can work out to put the vials in this order: blue < yellow < red < green < pink < orange. Look at the piece of paper that rises up, noting the 5 highlighted bricks. Go to the apparent blank brick wall and click on the following bricks in order, based on the two pieces of paper you have found:


Go through to the secret room and look at the desk. The names listed on the desk are ordered from least vowels to most vowels. Go around and look at the portraits on the wall and list them in the same order:

  • Finn (1860-1925)
  • Ozrik (1875-1989)
  • Sinistra (1882-1962)
  • Silvanius (1821-1910)
  • Bartholomeu (1952-2008)
  • Peaseagood (1822-1884)

Go back to the desk and put the date cards in this order from left to right. Read the letter, then leave the classroom POTIONS CLASS.


There are four shields over the four gates here. Each contains a symbol in the middle, a set of 4 colored discs horizontally, and a set of 4 colored discs vertically. You need to look at these sets of discs and find matching patterns in the grid shown to the left. In this way you can work out which color should replace the symbols in the middle of the shields. Go to the controls in the middle of the area and input the correct series of colors:

All four gates will now open. Look in the various rooms to find 3 iron maidens with a green glow. Look through the nearby stocks towards the iron maidens and you will see that one hole in each set of stocks has a shimmering effect. Note the symbols on these holes. Go to the large main room and head over to a wooden bench to see a box that needs 3 discs. Insert the 3 discs according to the symbols in the stocks: Y, B, M. Take out the blue key.

Go over to the box on the matching wooden bench in the left of this room to see another box with some numeric discs and 3 key symbols. You need to go to the room with the floating keys and count how many of each key shape there are. The ones you need to count all have golden wings. Come back and insert the 3 discs based on the number of keys you have counted: 2, 4, 6. Take out the green key.

Go to the central bench, where you will find 5 colored orbs. You can place groups of 3 of these orbs on the right to generate a series of different effects:

  • Ignis: Green, Orange, Blue
  • Stella: Green, White, Orange
  • Flos: Green, Blue, Pink
  • Ignis Veridis: White, Green, Blue
  • Glacies: Orange, Green, Pink
  • Electrum: White, Blue, Pink

Once you have worked these out, you can match the symbols to the colors and place the orbs in the top of the box:

Take out the yellow key. Go into the other room and find a chess board with some strange pieces. You need to get the pieces to move to cover the four crosses, by assigning moves to each piece as follows:

  • Piece 1: Up 4, Right 4
  • Piece 2: Up 3, Up 3, Left 2, Left 1, Left 1
  • Piece 3: Right 3, Right 2, Down 1
  • Piece 4: Left 4, Up 1

Take out the red key. Go out to the locked door and insert all 4 keys. You need to work out a series of 4 logical patterns and place the colored keys into the correct slots:

Go through the doors into the final room. Look into the mirror to see a series of 4 statues on the stones. If you go around behind the mirror you will see a series of levers that you can move to rotate the statues in the mirror. The directions that the statues need to face is indicated by the symbol on top of the stones - for example the gargoyle must face the grave. From the starting position, pull the levers this number of times (from left to right): 2, 3, 2, 3. Now you can go around and take the trophy DUNGEON.