Milo and the MagpiesMilo and the Magpies

Year:  2021

Genre:  Adventure

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Milo and the Magpies is a third person adventure starring Milo, an adventurous cat. You must guide Milo home, after an encounter with some troublesome magpies. There are 10 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

Chapter 1

The First Step Home

Click on Milo to jump down. Look at the computer screen through the window. Click on Milo twice more to hide from the magpie. When the lawn mower appears, click on it. Now place the small stone in the fountain. Click on the frog that was hiding beneath the rock The Enchanted Prince. Click on Milo several more times to attack the magpie and get carried up to the next fence.

Chapter 2

The Artist

Click on Milo to jump down, then click again to go into the deeper grass. Look at the painting through the window, then click on the sunflower facing towards the window, and click on it a second time His Lost Love. Click on Milo again to discover the fence, but the magpie will force Milo back under the nearby table. Click on the nearby window pane to break it, then click on Milo to jump inside the shed. Look at the jacket on the ground and take the key from it, then use this on the locked shed door - the key will end up in the pond.

Look at the bicycle, which has a 4-digit combination lock. Look at the painting next to the bicycle. This shows 4 items that will lead to the 4 digits:

  • Paintbrush: The artist is holding a paintbrush with the number 8
  • Bottle: The wine bottle on the table has the 2 of hearts playing card
  • Frog: The frog statue near the pond as 6 gems on its crown
  • Apple: The apple on the shed roof has a bite that looks like a 3

Examine the bicycle again and open the lock with the code 8263. Click on the bicycle to move it, then turn the tap. Once the fish in the pond moves, take the key and use it on the locked shed door again. Use the wire cutters from the shed on the fence, then go through the hole in the fence.

Chapter 3

Child's Play

Shake the branch of the tree hanging over the fence 3 times, then click on the glowing object that falls down The Firefly. Fly the toy helicopter up to scare the magpie to the right. Now get the boy on the trampoline to jump high enough to return the magpie to the left. Click on the neighbor while she is looking around, and she will knock down the blue ball.

Fly the toy helicopter, and it will blow the ball downwards. Now get the boy on the trampoline to kick it once into Milo's box. Kick it again, then get the girl to slide down the slide and kick the ball as it comes past (this requires timing). The boy on the right will leave, and the magpie will swoop down to the trampoline. Grab the batteries and use them with the helicopter remote control. Use the helicopter again to scare away the magpie. Now click on Milo twice to reach the next yard.

Chapter 4

Feed the Birds

Look at the paper next to the man to see the 8 birds he is trying to find. Click on Milo to scare away the magpie. Now you need to attract the 8 birds:

  • Touch the dried sunflower to knock down its seeds (birds 1 and 3)
  • Click on the snail on the upright post of the perch (bird 2)
  • Move the hanging bird feeder from the right tree to the perch (bird 4)
  • Pick up the apple near Milo and put it on the perch (bird 5)
  • Move the garden gnome, then pick up the worm and put it on the perch (bird 7)
  • Take the lid off the trash can, then move the bread from here to the perch (bird 8)
  • Open the top right window and pour water into the bird bath hanging from the tree (bird 6)

Pick up the fallen worm and put it back on the perch The Hoopoe. Click on Milo and he will cross the yard.

Chapter 5

A Fishing Trip

Click on Milo 3 times to scare the ducks into the water. Look at the table in the building opposite and notice the colors of the foods here. Click on the girl in the window, and she will go inside to get some food - pay attention to what she gets. Click on the duck with matching colors so it swims forwards, then click on the girl to throw the food. This is the correct order:

  • Pure white
  • Green/brown
  • Pure black
  • Bright orange
  • Spotted gray

Once all ducks have been fed, they will swim away. Click on the fisherman until he hauls out an old boot, then click on him again so he turns around. Now click on the crab, and Milo will fall into the water. Click on Milo repeatedly until he ends up reaching the deck. When the fish catches Milo, click on Milo to kick the fish. Click on the girl, and Milo will be carried inside. Click on the blue bird that arrives on the left bank The Kingfisher.

Once Milo is outside again, click on him twice to reach the next yard.

Chapter 6

Boogie Time

Click on the cat you can see through the cat door, then click on Milo to try to go through. Click on him again to have some catnip - the man drinking a beer will end up throwing his can at the magpie. Now click on the man and he will start playing some music. While the pianist is distracted, pick up the music from the floor and put it on the piano. Click on the man at the top again to turn the music off.

Once the pianist starts playing again, click on Milo to have some more catnip. This time Milo's dancing will attract the white cat. Click on the Cupid statue, and the white cat's collar will fall down. Click on the collar and drag it onto Milo. Click twice on the tree to the right to discover a red devil Little Devil. Now click on Milo to head inside.

Chapter 7

Unexpected Help

Click on Milo three times, and he will end up hiding beneath the table. Click on the love-heart picture in the left bookcase and it will fall to the ground. Click on it again to attract a kitten Milo's Child. Now click on the kitty litter to the right. Click on the black key above, then use it on the lock in the left bookcase. Look at the shelf that is revealed, and note the order of items here. Click on these items around the room to lead the Sphinx on a tour:

  • Right orange ball
  • Cup on the table
  • Flower pillow
  • Black light switch on the floor
  • White and blue sock
  • Right orange ball
  • Cup on the table
  • Flower pillow
  • Beethoven statue
  • Wall clock
  • Lamp shade
  • Mirror on the left wall
  • Door handle

Click on Milo to end up outside again, then click on him once more.

Chapter 8

The New Neighbors

Click on the shed door and notice that the dog barks 5 times. Quickly grab the green bottle and give it to the man in the high window. Click on the spilled liquid and notice that the dog barks 3 times. Next examine the photo in the lower window. Adjust the clothes on the clothes line to be in the same order (from left to right: floral, white, red, black, striped). Click on the fallen floral top and notice that the dog barks 1 time. Pick up the broken bottle and use it to cut open the rubbish bag at the bottom left. Click on the rat twice and notice that the dog barks 7 times.

After the dog tears up the mail, click on it and piece it back together. Click on the article and notice the four family members' names. The dog has barked a different number of times in relation to each family member:

  • Yvonne: 7
  • Xander: 5
  • Marjolein: 1
  • Peter: 3

Inside, just above where you repaired the mail, open the fuse box and press the right green button to turn off the light in the shed. Click on the shed door again, then on the moth that flies outside Death's-head Hawkmoth. Look at the safe on the ground outside the lower window and open it with the code 7513. Take out the remote control and use it on the lower window to open an awning. Click on Milo twice to get him to climb the tree.

Chapter 9

The Final Storm

Click on the loose roof tile to the right of the left window, then on the bat that emerges Batcat. Now examine the window and undo the latch. Click on the mouse, then take the key and use it on the locked diary. Read both pages of the diary. Zoom back out to the main view. Take the fallen pot plant and use it on the nest. Examine the nest and click on the plant, then take the earring and give it to the magpie on the nearby branch.

Click on Milo and the first magpie will fly down after dropping the earring. Click on Milo again, and the second magpie will come out to the branch. Click on the nest again and click on each of the baby birds to see their numbers. Next click on them in order from 1 to 5. Now click on them from left to right, and one will fly to the right. Click on the baby and then the nearby magpie. Once all the birds have arrived, click on Milo twice to save the baby bird. Click on the baby bird until Milo is saved.

Watch through the closing credits Bye!.