Milo and the Christmas GiftMilo and the Christmas Gift

Game Details:  Adventure, 2023

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  1/26/2024

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Milo and the Christmas Gift is a third person adventure starring Milo, an adventurous cat. This is a short, free, spin-off adventure based on Milo and the Magpies. This time you must help Milo recover a runaway Christmas gift. There are 6 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

Chapter 1

Meet Toby

Click on Milo twice to jump down, then click on Toby the rabbit. Click on both of them repeatedly until Toby runs away. Look at the green bauble just over Milo. Click on the small bell, then on the green bauble again Green Cat. Back out, then click on Milo again. Once outside, click on Milo once more.

Chapter 2


Click on the phone and drag it to the power socket in the shed on the left. Now you need to click on the lights in the tree on the right. Click on them from the smallest group to the largest:


Click on Xander until he sets off a firework, then quickly look at the bottle while it is lying down to see a code. Use the phone and enter the code 1998. Read both messages, then back out. Quickly pick up the cigarette and drag it onto the firework Chinese Dragon.

Chapter 3

The Christmas Tree

Open the door, then click on the girl, who will leave with her dog. Click on the cat on the roof, then drag the mistletoe from the doorway down to the cats Mistletoe. Click on the bottom left window in the shed to break it. Click on Milo twice, but the shed door is locked. Now click on these items:

  • Baubles inside the shed
  • Firework inside the shed
  • Photo hanging in the living room
  • Card on the floor in the living room
  • Nativity scene in the living room
  • Wreath in the top left window

There are hints in each of these objects about the relative positions of colored baubles. Look at the Christmas tree in the living room and arrange the baubles as follows:

Back out, then look at the tree again once the lights are on, and you will see the following reflections:

  • Red: Firework (the firework in the shed shows the number 7)
  • Green: Candle (there are 5 candles in the scene)
  • White: Bell (the pink bell in the wreath rings 4 times)
  • Blue: Sun (this points at 3 wise men in the nativity scene)

Now you can unlock the shed door with the combination 7543.

Chapter 4

Winter Wonderland

Examine the nativity scene, then click on the baby O Holy Cat. Back out, then click on Milo. Click on Milo again to brush the snow away, then click on Toby. Now click on Toby's ears, then click on Milo. Click on Milo to brush away the snow, but this time Toby has gone.

Chapter 5

Lost in the snow

Click on the girl twice so she leaves. Read the sign to see the numbers 250, 3 and 3. Examine the oven and set the 3 dials to these values. After the woman comes into the kitchen and leaves again, take the carrot from the pot and drag it up to the snowman Happy Snowman.

Click on the man so that he leaves. Next click on the mouse, then on Milo. Click on Milo several times until you are looking into the water puddle, then click on the images you see here. Milo will end up hiding in a box. Click on someone skating beneath the bridge to knock a stick free, then give this to the dog. Click on the woman, then her dog 3 times, then the woman again to rescue Milo. Back home, click on Milo again The Christmas Gift.