Manhunter 2Manhunter 2

San Francisco

Game Details:  Sci-Fi, 1989

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Walkthrough Updated:  10/27/2002

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

Manhunter 2: San Francisco is the second of a pair of games by Sierra On-Line where you take the role of a nameless Manhunter; a human given access to special technology and a job blurring the line between police officer and bounty hunter. This game takes place over 3 days and each day begins with a new target provided to you by an Orb. The overarching story continues from the previous game, Manhunter: New York.

Day 1

Start by taking a look at the man crushed beneath your ship. Take his ID card and MAD, and you can effectively take over his life. Use the MAD and get some info on the name on your ID card - Peter Brown. Next use the MAD to track a target leaving from a bank. 2 more targets will appear, and each will lead you to different locations if you track them in turn.

Bank of Canton

Travel first to the bank. Go through the door on the left and into the building here, then through a hole into the bank. Look at the dead body here, noting the dragon tattoo on the guy's hand. Take the newspaper article about Noah G from the ground, and the note from the table ("The R3 is the L1 to R4"). This is signed by Tad, suggesting the name on the door is all reversed, reading Tad Timov - get info on this name to receive another address to visit later. Leave the bank the way you came in, and head left down the street to find another dead body. Note the tattoo here too, then take the laundry ticket from the ground and the fang from the guy's neck.

Ferry Building

Travel to the Ferry Building. Enter the building, and try the doors at the top of the stairs, but they can't be opened. Also note the sign, mentioning a reward for returning the viewer. Leave the building.

Embarcadero Fountain

Head next to Embarcadero Fountain. Enter the fountain, then press Enter several times to spin out of the fountain into the tunnel on the right. Progress through this tunnel, pressing up to punch bats and down to stomp on rats. You will eventually make it to the right into a small cavern. Get the drivers license from the floor (surname Stone), then look at the body and take the flask. Leave the room and go back through the tunnel, then press Enter several times to spin right out of the fountain.


Travel to the warehouse and go inside. Look at the clump of hair on the floor. Enter the main room of the warehouse and dodge the robots to reach the room on the lower left. Read the message on the desk to get the first names Zac and Mic. Pick up the mallet from the floor (note the image of the fish), then return through the warehouse to the exit. Try the names Zac Stone and Mic Stone in your MAD - Mic Stone was an experiment volunteer.

Hyde Street Pier

Leave and go to the pier. Look at the crates of medical supplies beyond the fence, then climb down the ladder. Climb into the pipe on the right and you will be attacked and killed - this needs to happen at least once for the day to end.

Tad Timov's Apartment

Next Travel to Tad's apartment. Go inside and you will be killed by a dog. This also must happen.

Manhunter's Apartment

Finally, head to your new apartment. Open the drawer and take the cloth, which also holds the clue "Rub Jewel of Heaven". Look at the window to see the Coit Tower and the Transamerica Pyramid. Try to travel again and you will get an orb override. Enter the names Tad Timor and Mic Stone.

Day 2

An orb orders you to investigate a boat that is burning at Pier 5. Track all the suspects on your MAD (there are a lot to follow). Close the MAD and leave your apartment.

Pier 5

Head first to the pier, where you will find a corpse. Take the muzzle, then note the missing finger and broken fang. Get the fang from your inventory, and use it in the mouth to discover it matches.

Tad Timov's Apartment

Head back to Tad's place, and when the dog appears use the muzzle on it. Pick up the camera - do not use it, because there is only one flash remaining. While you are here, look at the tapestry on the left wall to see the words Heaven and Vision, and several black lines.


Now go to the temple. Open the door and you will enter. Pick up the shield, and turn left and right to shield yourself from the shurikens thrown by the four ninjas. When they stop, you will drop the shield and approach a buddha that rises into the air. Go through the doorway to reach a dark staircase. Look at the busts on the left and right. Remembering the note from the Bank of Canton, look at the 3rd statue on the right, then the 1st on the left and the 4th on the right - "The Castle is the Gateway to Hell". Now remembering the note from the cloth in your apartment, look at the 2nd statue on the left and use the cloth - you will get a new clue "4, oar, P, inches" or "four pinches".

Continue up the stairs now and you will be forced out on to a log above a pool of acid. Walk carefully across to reach a room with a cauldron. Watch as another robed figure places his hand on the brand and gets a dragon tattoo. When he leaves, grab a scroll and jump out the window. After reading the scroll to see "West is our only chance", quickly head right down the street (if you wait here you will die). Enter the house and approach the old man. Take 4 pinches from the second bowl (as indicated by the characters on the tapestry) and fill the pipe. You will see a vision of a girl turning into a monster. Take the statue.

Before travelling again, look up Zac West in your MAD - another volunteer, who works at a Wax Museum.


Travel to the shop, and the owner will put away a finger he was examining. Look around, but there isn't much you can do here at the moment.

Transamerica Pyramid

Go to the pyramid and you will see dirt being dumped from near the top. Approach the base and go inside. Look at the case on the right and take the gun, then you will quickly exit. Go back inside. Now approach the robot. Circle around it so the trapped man can escape - the secret is that the robot will pause when it is about to shoot straight at you; when it pauses, move one step further around. Go right around in a full circle and both you and the other man will escape.

Doctor's House

Head to the doctor's house and go inside. Look at the dead body to see an S on its arm and a P on its forehead (the work of Phil Cook). Go through to the back room to find the doctor is dead. Take the note from his pocket - it is from N Goring. Use the flask and you will pour the urine sample into it from the test tube. Use your MAD to look up Noah Goring - his house will now be on the map.


Go to the laundry next, but it is closed - you will need to come back tomorrow.

Cable Car Barn

Travel to the cable car barn, and look through the window in the middle of the building. Now go through the entrance (you will catch a cable car inside). Dodging the robots again, head to the right side of the pillar at the top right. Flip the switch, then continue dodging the robots as you go through the doorway to the bottom right. Look at the side of the cable car for some advertising, then look at a body in the rear of the car. Look at the dragon tattoo, then take the note.

Private Club

Travel to the club, and approach the door. If you knock on the peephole you will die, so leave for the time being.

Scientist's House

Travel to Noah Goring's place. Take the matchbook from the table in the corner, and look at the needle and thread. Now look out the window to see Coit Tower, Alcatraz Island and Julius Castle. Read the four folders on the floor, and you will have a vision of Phil Cook stealing the viewer.

Wax Museum

Travel to the wax museum. Approach the entrance and you will see a wax figure holding a hook and a fish. Hit the figure with your mallet, then go inside. Press the button and watch the show, then go left to another exhibit, and left again. Climb up the chimney into Zac's house, then climb back down and exit the museum. Try to travel and you will get another orb override. Enter the names Zac West and Noah Goring.

Day 3

An orb tells you to investigate a human on a sign above Ghirardelli Square. Track all the targets on your MAD before leaving home.


Head back to the laundry and go inside. Give the laundry receipt to the woman, and she will eventually wave you in. Go forward and you will be attacked and thrown in a closet. Once you are released (by the man you rescued from the robot earlier), take the walking stick by the door and leave.

Ghirardelli Square

Approach the dark alley on the left and take the rat's paw. Climb up the rope, then go across to the right. Climb up and around the sign to reach the body, dodging the electrical sparks (you need to reach the wire just to the right of the body). Look at the body, and use your walking stick to safely obtain the ring hanging from its neck. You can now either retrace your path, or just drop off via some broken wire.


Travel again to the shop, and go inside. Give the paw to the shop owner, then play his card game until you are offered the choice of selecting a prize (flashlight or lantern) or continuing. Keep playing and when you win again, take the rat mask on the left.

Private Club

Once again go to the club. Wear the rat mask, then knock on the peephole and you will allowed inside. You will automatically join a craps game - note the blue arm with UNNC on its palm. You will lose when you roll the dice, so quickly use your flask to create a diversion, then take the hatchet from the floor and leave via the door.

Wax Museum

Go to the museum and use your mallet on the figure again. Go left from the first exhibit and examine the new body on the pile. Note the thread on the tie - use your fang to cut it, and take the orb card.

Ghirardelli Square

Return to the square again. Approach the alley and climb the rope, then head left and down the stairway. Approach the gate at the bottom and use the ring to unlock it, and you will crawl into the sewer pipe. Take the orb-on-a-stick. After you are thrown into the crowd, use your camera to temporarily blind them with the flash. You will automatically run for the exit, past the rat that attacked you on day 1, and out through the pipe.

Hyde Street Pier

You will find yourself back at the pier. Climb down the ladder and head under the pier. Climb the pillar and use your hatchet, then climb up into the crate. You will be transported across to the island.

Alcatraz Island

Use the hatchet to escape from your crate (you will lose the hatchet by doing this), and you will run left. Look at the faces of the prisoners until you recognise one - 2nd row, 2nd column. Give the statue to this mutant and she will cry. Now look at the controls to the lower left. Use your orb card here, then hold up the orb-on-a-stick to fool the security camera. Ming will carry you outside and put you in a hot air balloon. Look at the controls. Turn on the valve, then use your matches to take off.

Pilot the balloon over the city, landing on top of Julius Castle (because the Castle is the Gateway to Hell).

After the cutscene, look at the control panel on the wall, and follow these instructions:

  • Press the Slaves button, and move the slaves into the large room titled Slavery.
  • Press the Robots button, and move the robots to the small central room right at the bottom of the facility.
  • Press the Lava button.
  • Open the gate above and right from the Slavery room (not leading into it).
  • Open the gates above and to the right of the room where you stored the robots. The lava will flow, and all the mutants will return to human form.
  • Press the Slaves button again, and move the slaves from Slavery to Hell (where you are currently).

They will carry you to Freedom and put you in a giant drill machine. Press the letters UNNC, then press the central red/black button. Look at the display to take control of the drill. Navigate through the lava maze to the exit. Read the message in the middle of the screen to finish the game.