Lost in TimeLost in Time

Game Details:  Adventure, 1993

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  7/5/2007

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Lost in Time is a puzzle-solving adventure by Coktel Vision, with a similar interface to Ween: The Prophecy. In this game you play as Doralice, an explorer investigating a shipwreck. You are contacted by the Space Time Patrol and sent on a mission back to 1840 to stop Jarlath Equs, a criminal who has stolen a rare element and hidden it on an island in the past.

The Briscarde

Turn left and get the lamp from behind the barrels. Turn left again and use the lamp on the barrels here to find a sponge. Use this on the bucket of water to make it wet, then use the wet sponge on the poster. Turn right and use the lamp on the opening in the floor to go down. Zoom in twice on the cask and take the oil. Now look at the pump and use the oil on the handle, then use the handle. Look at the chain and get the corkscrew, then go back up the stairs to the hold. Use the corkscrew on the knot that the poster revealed. Click on the hole to get a knife from another prisoner.

Use your knife on the post to the right and you will go up further. Head twice toward the back of the ship and get a towel from the middle container. Go to the back of the ship and use the towel on the ring hanging from the ceiling. Turn right and get some soap from the cache, then return to the front of the ship. Use your corkscrew on the soap to make some shavings, then place these beneath the sliding door and pull the handle.

Manor de la Pruneliere

Look at the tractor and get the battery, then the cigarette pack and pipe from the toolbox, and the apple from the basket. Give the apple to the horse, then read the note on the gate. Use the small pipe on the battery to get some acid. Use this on the lock of the gate. Look at the manor entrance and take the portrait, then go around to the backyard. Go to the north side of the lighthouse and take the vinegar, and use this on the empty battery. Return to the manor entrance and take the log. Take the door handle, and use it on the wire. Use the coil on the battery, then the dart in the keyhole. Use the electromagnet to get the key from the space under the door and you will go inside.

Take the oar and the fire extinguisher. Use the large rod in the fireplace. Get the roasting spit, and the copper wire and resin from the fuse box. Use the cigarette pack's foil on the fuse. Use the log in the fireplace. Now head back outside to the north side of the lighthouse. Use the dart on the cork, then pick up the barrel. Use the roasting spit on the window and grab the hose. Return to the backyard and head to the building on the left. Use the portrait on the hole in the steps. Touch the portrait. Enter the age of Philibert at his death (subtract the two numbers displayed) using the counters, then press the cross and the doors will open.

Use the elevator to go down to the crypt. Put the barrel on the ground to get a bottle of cidar, then use the cork on the container on the top shelf to get the can of rust remover. Return to the lighthouse and use the hose on the door handle, then go back to the elevator and use the hose end on the railing. Touch the button on the control panel to send the elevator down and open the lighthouse door. Go back to the lighthouse and get the wooden shoe. Use the rusted key (in the shoe) on the keyhole. Turn the valve to open a canal, then return to the lighthouse. Take the glass shard from the window, then head upstairs. Use the oar on the cupboard to get a razor, then open the desk drawer twice (first to read a book, second to get an acid solution). Use the fieldglass to have a look at the shipwreck, noting the three symbols and their colors. Go the ladder to the lamp. Touch the curtain twice to find some kerosene, and use the razor on the curtain to get a rag.

Return to the crypt and look at the trunk. Select the same three colors and the appropriate symbols (gun/cannon, bullet/cannonball, knife/sword) and press the button to open the chest and get a piece of fiberglass. Now return to the well in the front yard and use the leaky hose on the faucet, then fiberglass on the torn hose and the resin on the fiberglass. Click on the end of the hose and use it on the well. Turn on the faucet to fill the well and get the cork. Go to the lighthouse basement and use the acid solution and glass shard on the algae. Use the rust remover and roasting spit on the mechanism, then turn it to open the gate. Go to the boat and use the wooden shoe on the seawater. Put the rag and cork in the leak, then use the oar on the boat.

Enter the cabin and open the dresser to find some matchsticks in a bottle. Open the dresser again to get the nuoc mam. Get the handkerchief, nail and bread from the basket on the table, and also get the notebook from under the chair leg. Move the chair then use it. Use the nail on the handle and get the chandelier. Return to the beach. Use the nuoc mam on the bread, then the wet bread on the roof. Now cut the rope free with your razor. Attach the chandelier (anchor) to the rope, then use the hook on the cliff.

Use the razor on the repaired hose. Go back to the lighthouse basement and get the barrel and fire extinguisher. Head back into the manor and use the handkerchief and kerosene on the fireplace. Use the club on the ship in your inventory, then the matches on the matchbox and finally the fire on the fireplace. Use the club on your barrel, then the open barrel on the flagstone. Use the candle on the opening of the barrel. Use the wooden shoe to collect some of the fine sand from the trunk. Use the sand on the barrel. Go through the opening to arrive in a ship.

Look at the mast and get the pliers. Use the small pipe on the puddle, and the floats on the floor. Now look closely at the box. Use the copper wire, then the pliers on the electric wire. Use the water on the lock, then the extinguisher and pliers on the lock.

The Briscarde Again

Use the pliers on the wooden pin, then go down to the hold and look at the stool. Use the pliers on the nail to remove it, then again to twist it. Now look at the locked box, and use the small hook on the lock. Open the chest to get some clothes to wear. Look in the chest again to find a ribbon. Return to the mid deck. Walk to the back of the ship and turn right. Look at the cannonball and take the broken oar. Move back and enter the closet opposite the two cannons. Use the ribbon and wooden pin on the oar you are carrying, then attach the twisted nail to the end. Use the boat hook you have formed to pull the halyard. Look at it more closely, then put the corkscrew in the notch, pull the halyard again and tie the end to the corkscrew. Head towards the back of the ship and look at the porthole on the right. Pull up the thin rope, and look in the bucket three times to get a saw. Return to the closet and get your corkscrew back, then move forward and open the sliding door to Melkior. You will end up in the captain's cabin.

Go through the door to the balcony. Look at the stern and take the pirate flag, then go back into the captain's quarters and enter the washroom on the left. Look at the rug, lifting the corner to find a brass key. Exit the washroom, turn left and zoom in on the desk area. Look at the chair twice to find the silver key. Now look at the drawer and use the brass key to unlock it. Grab the blotter, then open the drawer a second time and get the dagger from the back. Turn right and enter the bedroom on the right. Grab the banana slices from the right, then look at the dresser. Get the salts flask from the left side, and the bowl from the left. Use your dagger on the rug, then descend through the trapdoor to the cellar (you will automatically exit the cellar into the hallway). Turn right and go back into the cellar. Look at the post, and use the corkscrew on the opening so you can take the master key.

Return to the hallway and walk toward the front of the ship. Turn right to the mysterious door and use the master key. Take the polish from the shelf, then look at the elegant door on the left and use the master key again. Get the ring from the desk drawer. Open the curtains and take the birdcage. Return to the hallway and descend to the lower deck. Go down to the hold and look at the box, using your dagger on the spring. Grab the beauty powder. Use the dagger on the spring again to reveal a handkerchief to take. Now return to the cellar and use the beauty powder on the post so you can climb back up to the captain's cabin. Return to the washroom and use the polish on the handkerchief, then the handkerchief on the sink. Use the blotter on the sink and note the code revealed. Zoom in on the dresser and use the seal on the notch.

Get the record from the low table, and the phonograph from the bar. Return to the cabin and turn left to face the cupboard (the bird raises an alarm if you try to open this). Use the salts flask on the bowl, then put the bowl under Galipo (the bird). Use the acid solution on the bowl. Put the banana slices in the cage. Put the cage on the table beneath the painting (other side of the room), then the flag over the cage once the bird is inside. Turn around again and put the phonograph on the music table, and use the record on the phonograph's platter. Touch the handle then the start button. Now you can finally open the cupboard with the silver key. Get the iron key from the jewelry box. Now have a look at the painting behind the bird cage. Click on the cannon fire to reveal a safe, where you must enter the code from the blotter. Grab the small box, then click on it in your inventory. Turn it to the right then use the top of the box to open it. Get the small key. Now use the top of the box then the middle and use the small key in the lock. Get the captain's revolver.

Pick up the covered cage and return to the mid deck. Go to the back of the ship. Use the towel on the ring again, then turn right and use the covered cage on the bottom. Pick up the cage again, then turn and look at the trapdoor. Open it with the iron key and you will go down to the other cell. Look at the floor and use the pliers on the necklace in the crevice. Now look behind the treasure box and get the cotton bale. Use this on the mast, then look at the mast and use the pliers on the door. Use the boat hook on the shelf, then the magnet on the revolver. Shoot the shackles with the revolver, then use the wet sponge on the rum and the label on Melkior.

Island of St Cristobald

Head right to the waterfall and talk to the child. Use the flag on the manicou. Use your corkscrew on the coconut, then the small pipe to get some coconut milk. Give the milk to the manicou. Now use the parrot on the passage to get through (you will keep the cage and a flat key). Use the key on the cage, then look at the door, and insert the golden pieces into the slot. You will be shown Delia's cabin.

Knock on her door and you will be allowed inside. While she is talking, grab her old book. She will go and look for it - while she is gone, take the mirror and use it on the spider, then take the silk blouse. Delia will return and give you the potion. Back at Makandal's cabin, click on the door, then put the holocom on the table. Open the window and use the holocom. While Makandal is hiding, pour the potion into his glass. He will return and drink it, so you can steal it.

Go to Delia's cabin and get her inverter. Now go to Makandal's cabin and get a Bequiet potion from him. Go to Serapion's house and use the inverter on the Bequiet to make a Speakable potion, then enter. Use the Speakable on Serapion and he will talk. Talk to him again to get a bag of salt, then turn it into sugar by using the inverter. Use the sugar on the dog, then go past it to the kitchen. Get the bag from the table, then take the vanilla and flower out of the bag (just into your normal inventory). Use the bag on the embers, then on the stool. Pick up the serpent in the bag and throw it on the embers to destroy it. You will meet Jarlath for the final confrontation - just use the flower on him to complete the game.