Lost HorizonLost Horizon

Game Details:  Adventure, 2010

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  9/3/2017

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Lost Horizon is a traditional 3rd person adventure game. You play as Fenton Paddock, an ex-military British smuggler, in a globe-trotting adventure to save the world. The story continues in the sequel Lost Horizon 2.


Khembalung Valley

You start the game playing as Richard Weston. After you receive the mysterious artefact, go and use it on the stone in the middle of the room.

Hong Kong

Talk to the singer and select the first option each time, until you are forced to flee. It doesn't matter what you say to the thugs outside the club, you will end up in the harbor. Use your lighter to soften the tar on the right, then collect it with your napkin. Use your napkin now to plug the hole so your hands are both free. Now examine your wallet to find some coins, and use these to unscrew the hinge. Now use the hinge on the lid to break free.

Chapter 1: A Missing Friend


Talk to Gus, then you will automatically go inside and talk to Huxley, then find out your mission from the Governor. Back at the airport, talk to Gus again about everything, then pick up the bellows. Enter the office to the left and take the alarm clock and measuring tape, then go outside and leave.

Governor's Palace

Look at the tall tree on the left, then try to take the ball from the tree, but the guard won't let you walk on the grass. Examine your alarm clock, then use the key on the alarm clock. Now put the alarm clock in the rubbish bin on the right. Now you can take the ball from the tree.


Enter the back door and talk to Shen (the barkeeper). Next talk to Nianzu, who needs a photograph to remind him about Yen Wuang. Go back out to the alley and try to use your bellows to collect the swarm of flies, but the cat will make too much noise. Combine your ball and measuring tape, then tie this to the rod near the cat. Now use the bellows on the swarm of flies.


Enter the office and try to open the safe, but you can't remember the combination.


Hao will find your wallet, but wants you to help him catch a bat for him before he will return it. Use your bellows on the light here, and Hao will return your wallet. Examine this in your inventory to find the safe combination.


Enter the office again and use the combination on the safe to get a photo of Wuang.


Show the picture to Nianzu and he will give you a new address.

Wuang's House

Enter the doorway on the right, then pick up the bamboo before knocking on the door on the left. After you regain control of the situation, take the hanger from the cupboard and combine this with your bamboo. Go down to the other part of the room and out to the balcony. Use your pole and hook to retrieve the lantern, then go back inside. Return out to the corridor and hang your lantern on the nail hook just outside Wuang's apartment. Try to use the window, then go back inside and talk to Kim to convince her to leave with you.

Truck Escape

Talk to Kim and get her to speed up, then quickly tell her to put on the brakes, and you will end up in the back of the truck. Use your pole and hook to bring the broken piece of glass closer, then use your broken pole to get it. Use the broken piece of glass on the tarpaulin to get a rag, then combine this with the broken pole. Give the pole and rag to Kim, then switch to her.

Take the key hanging from the rear view mirror. Use the pole and rag on the cigar lighter, then give both the key and torch to Fenton. Switch back to Fenton.

Use the key to open the crate, then take some fireworks from inside. Use the fireworks on the motor next to you, then light them with your torch.

Plane to Tibet

Collect a pumpkin, as well as the parachute, canister and bag of flour. Use the pumpkin on the fixture where the parachute was hanging to make some holes in it. Fill the pumpkin with water from the canister before adding the flour. Now open the door on the left and look outside. Throw the pumpkin at the fighter plane.

Chapter 2: The Secret in the Mountains

Crash Site

Pick up the sled and the propeller blade. Use the propeller blade to open the crate and you will get the crate lid. Search the crate to get the items from inside (broken record, folding table and gramophone horn). Now head along the path to the left to reach a crevasse.

Use your horn on the snowdrift, then on the smooth rock near the crevasse, and you will cover the rock with snow. Now use your crate lid on the broken sled to repair it, then use the sled on the furrow to cross the gap. Move the wing at the bottom to create a bridge over the crevasse. Use your propeller blade on the upright wing to pry it open, then take a piece of wing hull. Next search the cockpit to get a jacket and some binoculars. Cut up the jacket using your broken record. Return right, then take the other path up.

Combine your lambskin and sled, then add the folding table to build a fake sheep. Use this on the argali to get rid of it. Pick up the horn and leather strap, then examine these in your inventory to separate them. Also pick up the weird lumps, which turn out to be argali dung, and take some incense sticks from the altar. Go back along the path to the crash site, and continue left to the fire.

Put the argali dung in the horn, then use this on the fire to light it. Next use your leather strap in the puddle beneath the wreckage to freeze it. Return right and use your piece of wing hull on the ledge to create a ladder, then climb up to the ledge.

After seeing that Kim is unconscious, use the incense sticks on the burning argali dung to light one, then use this on Kim to wake her up. Now use your frozen leather strap to retrieve the parachute from the top right. Use the parachute on the cockpit, then use the parachute to free Kim.

German Camp

Walk to the right and examine the warning sign; you will end up down in a cavern. As Kim, pick up the warning sign. Also take the paper and rope from the truck, and search the crate in the back of the truck to get several more items. Look at the holes in the snow just outside the window of the barracks, and you will see a cigar being thrown out. Use your warning sign on the holes, and you will catch a cigar. Head over to the crevasse and give everything except the documents and warning sign to Fenton.

Switch to Fenton and light the gas-burner with the glowing cigar butt. Pick up some chunks of ice from the pile on the right. Next use the gas burner to light another one of your incense sticks. Use the incense stick on one of the passageways, then go through the left one. Take the pocket knife from the pile of rubbish, then use this on your log.

Put the chunks of ice into the pot, then seal the pot using the sticky tape, and add the wood chip to create a pressure cooker. Place your newspaper on the rubbish pile, then light it with your gas-burner. Put your pressure cooker on the fire, and the wood chip will shoot through the ice ceiling. Pick up the pot again, then combine your horn and rope to create a grappling hook. Throw this up through the ceiling, then climb up to escape.

Search the case to your left and you will get a grenade from inside. Walk to the right until you see the German soldier. Use your pot on the vent in the generator shed to throw the water inside; once the soldier has gone inside, kick the beam near the truck and he will be trapped. Try to open the toolbox here, but it is jammed shut. Enter the tent and take the red tent peg, then leave again. Use the tent peg to open the toolbox, and you will get several items from inside.

Examine the saw blade to remove it from its cover. Combine your glue and empty cover, then add the newspaper. Now combine your glue and broken record, and solve the jigsaw puzzle to put the record back together; the white joins are still too obvious. Use your vice on your grenade to retrieve the gunpowder from inside. Pour the gunpowder on the glued record, then put the fixed record into the record cover.

Enter the tent again and put your record on the stack of records. After the guard is knocked out, talk to Thomas. Take the guard's uniform, and you will also end up with a keyring and tape reel. Use the keyring on Thomas to free him from his handcuffs. Leave the tent and use Thomas (in your inventory) on the back of the truck to the top left; now another soldier requests some paperwork in order for you to be allowed to take the truck.

Use your keyring on the door to the hut on the left, then go inside. Pick up the pencil from the floor, and take a form from on top of the desk. Use your tape reel in the tape recorder to find out that object 28 is important. Now examine the list on the left wall - object 28 corresponds with "Eye of the Kanjur". Use your pencil on your form and select "Eye of the Kanjur". Go back outside and give your completed form to the soldier so that you can leave with the truck.


Use your tent peg on the sign post to remove the signs. Try using the lever to the right, then talk to Kim and she will stand on the platform. Use the lever again, and she will retrieve some wooden planks and baking powder for you. Now head along the pathway towards the monastery.

Search the bird's nest to get an egg shell, then go back to the crossroads. Use your egg shell on the puddle of oil to the right of the lever. Now return to the monastery. Use one of your wooden planks on the drain to the right of the bridge, and the other on the dragon's claw. Cross over the planks and use your tent peg on the prayer wheel. Try to open the side entrance, but the door won't budge. Open the gap to the left using your tent peg. Now use one of your signs on the wooden wheel in the gap, then turn it. Repeat this 3 more times, then head inside.

Try to use the pulley next to you, then oil it with your egg shell and try to use it again. Next attach your prayer wheel to the pulley, before using it again to retrieve a tin from below. Open the tin using your tent peg, then throw the disgusting meat from inside down to the wooden slab. Use the pulley once more and you will get the knapsack from below. Search the knapsack to get the items from inside.

Fix the torch using your glue and compass. Next use your torch on the kennel and the dog will go inside. Combine your baking powder and canteen, then close the canteen by using the lid on it. Now throw it on to the snow slab above the kennel. Since the dog is now trapped, you will climb down to the courtyard. Examine the chest in the corner, and get it working by connecting the 5 plugs to their correct sockets (despite the 2 difficulty levels, the solution is the same):

  • Plug 1 - Adapter 1
  • Plug 2 - Adapter 5
  • Plug 3 - Adapter 3
  • Plug 4 - Adapter 2
  • Plug 5 - Adapter 4

Now that you have some light, look at the western wall to find 3 ornaments. Use your prayer wheel on the right ornament, then examine the mosaic that is revealed. Swap the tiles around so that the mother dragon at the top is twice as long as the child dragon at the bottom (to achieve this, make the mother dragon form a complete diamond, and the child dragon a small curve up to the middle).

Enter the secret room and look at the symbols, then talk to Kim to work out the translation.

Chapter 3: Race Against Time


After finding out that Professor Hayes is in prison, head out to the bazaar, then leave via the north exit.


Take the well crank from the well, then go inside. Talk to the policeman, who asks for bail money. Go back outside and talk to Hayes through the window; he will give you a ring and some instructions. Return to the bazaar, then take the east exit.


Pick up some hay from the trough, and use your well crank on the sparkling stones near the rocks to get a raw quartz crystal. Go back into the city.


Enter the alley and talk to the jeweler to get 5 francs for the ring. Give him the quartz and he will polish it for you to create a polished quartz lens. Enter the antique shop and go to the rear, then talk to Monsieur Lacoste, who refuses to let you take anything, but gives you a blank application form. Leave the shop and head out to the bazaar again.

Talk to the greengrocer and buy half a watermelon with your 5 francs. Use your well crank on it, then enter the dyer's shop to the left. Use your melon rind in the barrel of clean water to fill it up. Go back out to the bazaar, then take the north exit.


Go inside and talk to the gendarme, and ask him to stamp your application form. Go back outside and put your polished quartz in the well's crank holder. Now place your hay in the ray of light to start a fire. While the gendarme is distracted, give your well crank to Hayes through the window, and he will retrieve the stamp for you. Use the stamp in your inventory to stamp the application form.


Go to the rear of the antique shop and give the stamped application form to Monsieur Lacoste. Now you can take the small case from the shelves on the right. Go back out of the shop and talk to the snake charmer about everything, then give him your melon filled with water, and he will give you his flute. Leave the bazaar to the north once more.


Talk to Hayes through the window, and give him his small case. Use the gold detector on the small empty case, then destroy the case using your well crank. Go back to the bazaar. Just near the east exit to the desert, read the poster on the wall. Now leave to the east.


Use the flute on the camel to bring it closer, then head out to the desert and go to the Berber Festival.

Berber Festival

You won't be allowed in yet as you don't have a blue djellaba to wear. Head back to the city and enter the bazaar.


Talk to the cloth merchant and take a white djellaba. Go left to the dyer's shop and ask him to dye your djellaba blue, but he is out of blue dye - he gives you a flat-bread and details of a new location in the desert. Leave town and head to the desert once more.


Talk to the nomad here and you will exchange the flat-bread for some indigo. Head back to the city once more.


Go left to the dyer's shop and give him the indigo, then he will dye your djellaba blue. While you are in the city, go to the alley and return the flute to the snake charmer. Now leave town again and enter the desert.

Berber Festival

Enter the shaman's tent on the far left and talk to the shaman inside about everything, then return to the desert.


Take some thorn apple blossoms from the plant on the left.

Berber Festival

Now enter the main wrestling tent. After the introduction, talk to the promoter to get beaten up by Aziz. Go back into the tent and use your thorn apple blossoms on the water, then talk to the promoter again and this time you will win 100 francs. Leave the festival and return to the city.


Go to the thimblerigger's tent and play a game with him; you will win the first round by selecting the middle cup, and then lose the second round no matter which cup you select. Use your ornamental gold ball on the tent and you will play the game with this. After the cups are shuffled, use the gold detector on each cup until you find the correct one, then select this cup. Repeat this a second time, and you will end up with 225 francs. Leave via the north exit.


Go inside and give the bail money to the gendarme so that Hayes can leave.

Chapter 4: Into the Lion's Den


Go inside and talk to the workman about everything (you will receive an info sheet). Read the info sheet, then search the cardboard box on the floor to get some sandpaper and an old rubber glove. Also search the rubbish bin to get the lid, a broken bottle neck and a dried bouquet. Use the sandpaper on the rubbish bin lid to polish it. Look at the devil sheep on the right, and use your broken bottle neck on its whiskers to remove them.

Go back outside and look at the advertising pillar, then take the loose poster before leaving the area.

Olympia Stadium

You won't be allowed inside without a press pass. While you are here, fill your old rubber glove with helium from the gas bottles.

Pariser Platz

After meeting the journalist, look at his jacket, and try to take the press pass from it, but he won't give it to you. Grab the napkin from the table on the left and examine it in your inventory. Use the napkin to clean up the ketchup on the table. Examine the dried bouquet to get some florist wire, then tie this to your horrendous balloon animal. Use this animal on the pram, then pick up the sticky lolly from the ground.


Examine the drainage grate in the ground to see something shiny. Use your sticky lolly on it to get a Reichsmark coin. Enter the museum again and examine the double doors on the right. Use your ketchup-covered napkin on the doorknob, then use your poster on it. Go back outside and leave again.

Pariser Platz

Use the telephone booth on the right and get connected to Cafe Erika - you will automatically steal the press pass, and the journalist will leave. Now go and talk to the tourist. Use your sticky lolly on your poster, then stick the poster to the traffic sign. Talk to the photographer again and he will leave. Steal his camera and then leave as well.

Olympia Stadium

Look at the hat on the organ then talk to the organ grinder and trade your polished rubbish bin lid for it. In your inventory, combine the sticky lolly and argali whiskers, and you should have everything for your disguise. Enter the stadium.

Enter the locker room and examine the trainers to get some shoelaces. Search the rubbish bin to get a bottle of cleaner. Now take a coat hook from the right and use it to pry open the ventilation grill. Now climb into the shaft and you will end up in the equipment room.

Look at the table, then take the table tennis balls and measuring tape. Next look at the shelves on the right, and then at the foot of the shelf. Use the coat hook on the foot of the shelf, then tie it there with your shoelaces. Pick up a dumbbell and use this to hit the coat hook, and it will develop a sharp point. Now look at the metal panel on the side of the lockers, and get it off using your sharpened coat hook. Take the suit from inside. Climb back through the ventilation shaft to return to the locker room.

In your inventory, combine the bottle of cleaner and the table tennis balls, then put them into the rubbish bin - now you have a source of glue. Use your broken bottle neck on the measuring tape, then use it again on your 1 meter length of tape. Now use your 75 centimeter length of tape on the glue in the rubbish bin, then attach it back to the main measuring tape. Leave the locker room and head out to the stadium to see that it is Glenn's turn to jump. Go back to the catacombs and use your dried flowers on the lamp that is sparking, then use your small torch in the torch holder on the wall. After you automatically go back outside, switch your altered measuring tape with the one on the table.


Pick up the red barrier, then use it on the entrance to the reception. Look at the table at the bottom left, then pick up the champagne glass and bottle. Examine the glass in your inventory to find a cork, then further examine this to separate the cork and wires. Use the wires to unlock the wall cupboard, then search the cupboard to find a mop and bottle of hydrochloric acid. Use this acid on the door to the right, then open the door and go through. While the Professor and his assistant are distracted, try to open the red box. Go back through the door, then use your new red metal handle on the display case to get it open. Search the display case to get a piton. Also search the cloak room to get a scarf. Combine the scarf and the piton in your inventory, then add the mop to create a long hook. Go back through the door on the right, and use your long hook on the large console. Put the cork back into the champagne bottle, then use it on the small console to start the turbine.

Use the metal handle on the red box, and take the fire hose from inside. Tie the hose to the railing, then pick up the loose end of the hose and use it on the red doorway on the left side of the room. Open the briefcase on the desk to get the Eye of the Dragon.

Chapter 5: Deep Behind Enemy Lines

Train Station

After meeting the attendant, look at the info board to learn about a mine under the castle. Go and look at the sign on the right, then clean it and look again to realize it is the mine entrance. Look at the memorial cross on the left, then take one of the candles. Use the candle to burn the rope on the right, and the attendant will run away. Now you can take the axe and use it to remove the lantern from the back of the old carriage on the right. Put the candle inside the lantern. Use the axe on the chain, then go through the gate into the mine.


Follow the train tracks to the right until they turn 90 degrees to go down, then 90 degrees again to continue right. Follow the next branch downwards and continue along the tracks, then go straight at the end to find a skeleton. Pick up the pot here, then go back to the branch where you turned. Head to the right and go straight to the cobblestones, then follow these up and right until you reach some stairs to climb.


Move the curtain on the left, and take the dusty mirror and nutcracker from behind it. Use the nutcracker on the hook to the right of the curtain. Also pick up the hand drill, then go through the archway up some more stairs. After the conversation here, take the bear pelt, tin soldiers, candle holder and gloves from the suit of armor. Now head through the door to the outside to end up on a balcony. Use your hand drill on the telescope to remove it, then go back inside and down to the workshop.

Place your tin soldiers in your pot, then put the pot in the fireplace. Pour your molten tin from the pot into the candle holder. Use the hook on the candle holder to remove a coin-shaped tin wafer. Go out through the secret door on the left.

Train Station

Use your coin-shaped tin wafer in the sweet dispenser and you will get some lemon sweets. Fill your pot with water from the rain barrel, then put the lemon sweets into the pot. Use the pot of lemon water on the bear pelt, then use the pelt to clean your dirty mirror. Go through the entrance again to return to the castle.


Head upstairs from the workroom. Put your hook in the crack in the wall on the right, then hang the clean mirror from the hook. Use the telescope on the mirror to learn that the map is in the north tower. Retrieve your mirror and hook, then head out to the balcony again. Use your telescope to look at the village, then look at the church to realize the tower you seek is on the other side of the castle. Go back inside and down to the workshop.

Put out the fire using your bear pelt. Look at the chimney to notice a ladder inside, then use your gloves on the ladder rungs to be able to climb up. Leave from the roof into the north tower. Use your hand drill on the round stone slab in the floor, then use your hook on the hole you have created. Use the red crank wheel to lower the chandelier, then use it again and the stone slab will be lifted up. Climb down the hole into a crypt.


Look at each of the lecterns and you will eventually discover the Piri Reis map. Use the Eye of the Dragon on this lectern to find your next destination.

Chapter 6: The Eye of the Tiger


Pick up a bundle of reeds, a bamboo pole (and cloth), some chicken feathers, a basket, a clay jug and some pot shards. Examine the basket in your inventory to find 2 smooth stones. Look at the white fur beneath the hut to see that it belongs to a goat. Now use your pot shards on your broken basket to get some stitching and sticks. Try to leave the village to the left, and an old man will tell you about a tiger nearby. Now leave the village and select the "Unknown destination" on the map.


Pick up the mushrooms and herbs then go back to the path.


Go to the old man's hut and ask him about everything. Put your bundle of reeds in the fire pit and light it with the flint stones. Place your mushrooms into your clay jug, then put the jug on the fire. Now use your piece of cloth to retrieve the jug from the fire, and also pick up some more reeds. In your inventory, combine the pot shards and thin wooden sticks, then add a chicken feather to create a dart. Use this dart on the jug of tranquiliser, then put it into the bamboo pole. Use your herbs on the goat that is still hiding under the hut on the left, then tie your stitching to the goat. Attach your leashed goat to the big tree in the village.


Click on the tiger to get its attention, and it will follow you back to the village.


Use your blowgun on the tiger, and the old man will show you the way to the temple.


Enter the lagoon to see a shark. Collect some water in your clay jug, then leave the area.


Climb up to the plane in the tree. Search the cockpit to find a cardboard box, then examine this in your inventory to find a radio. Examine the radio to get a small crank, then use this to open the cover of the plane. Take the cable from inside and connect it to your radio. Climb down again and leave.


Pour water from your clay jug on to the blood stains, then use your cloth on the wet blood stains. Now attach the blood-soaked cloth to the cable that is attached to your radio. Leave the village again.


Throw your radio into the lagoon, then use your small crank on the radio to send the charge into the water and get rid of the shark. Dive into the water and quickly go down to pick up the metal rod. Use your clay jug on the ground here to get some mud, then examine the gate to see a recess. Examine the recess, then go back up to the surface.


Use your metal rod to break the nearest vine, then collect some of the dripping sap using your bundle of reeds.


Soak your cardboard box in the water. Use your metal rod on the plants in front of the metal column, then look at the carving to see that it matches the recess on the underwater gate. Use your oil-soaked reeds on the carving, then stick the wet cardboard on it, before removing it again to get a cardboard mold. Fill the mold with your jug of wet clay.


Put your mold into the fire pit. Once it has hardened, use your metal pole to get the clay from the fire.


Dive into the water and use your clay shape on the recess in the gate.


Pick up 6 round stones from around the temple (3 from the floor, 3 from within murals), then examine all of the murals. Go and examine the tall stone in the middle of the room. Place your 6 round stones into the 6 holes here, then press them until the central part is opened. Take the artefact that is revealed.

Chapter 7: The Heart of the World


There isn't much you can do for now, so switch to Richard.


Open the stone slab on the left, then take the wooden gear from inside. Take the torch from next to the doorway, and search the pile of shards on the right to find a nut. Head out through the doorway into the northern cave. Take the right metal pillar, and you will end up with the chain as well. Kick the rocks here, then break the stalactite over the right doorway with your metal post. Next use your metal post on the mound of soil over to the left. Dig in the soil and you will reveal a coffin and get some wet dirt in your inventory. Go through the doorway to the right. Pick up the square stone, then go back to the northern cave and head through the top doorway.

Go to the southwestern cave. Combine your torch and chain, then lower this down into the lava to set it on fire. Now look at the statue, and examine the symbols on it. Since the symbol on the right represents life, place your wet dirt into the right bowl, then add your nut. Leave this room to return to the map.

Now head to the southeastern cave. Break off the icicle from the ceiling and place it into the tub on the left, then melt it with your burning torch. Put the wooden gear and the chain into the tub, then leave here.

Return to the northern cave. Look at the coffin to notice the brightly painted lock. Burn this with your burning torch, then go through the doorway on the left. Place your square stone on the stone pedestal to the right. Now switch back to Fenton.


Pick up the square stone block, which now has a hole in it from the dripping water. Go through the doorway into the northern cave. Open the coffin and take the bone from inside (this only works if you burned the paint from the padlock with Richard). Pick up some pebbles from near the waterfall, then go through the doorway to the right.


Try to kick the table, then look at the items on it.


Pick up some crystals, then go back to the northern cave and head through the top doorway.

Go to the southeastern cave. Take the chain and frozen gear wheel from the tub. Insert your 3 crystals into the 3 recesses, then take the tail piece of the dragon amulet from the melted ice.

Now head to the southwestern cave. Lower your frozen gear wheel into the lava. Next attach your chain to the hollow stone in your inventory. Since the symbol on the left of the statue here represents death, place your bone into the left bowl. Lower your hollow stone into the lava to collect some, then place your lava-filled stone into the statue's middle recess. Now take the body piece of the dragon amulet.

Return to the northern cave and go through the doorway on the left. Add your new gear to the other gears on the left. Place a pebble into the left stone head, and you will notice that the discs on the floor rotate. Keep placing pebbles into the left stone head until the red line on the outer disc points to the right. Repeat this with the middle stone head (for the middle disc) and then with the right stone head (for the inner disc). Now you can pick up the head piece of the dragon amulet. Head out through the doorway, then to the right.

Combine the 3 pieces of the dragon amulet, and use it on the force field.


Kick the table, then use the glass shards on the ground to move one towards your feet.


Use the dragon amulet on 2 of the platforms where the soldiers are standing.


Pick up the glass shard and use it on your ropes to get free.


Use the dragon amulet on the other 2 platforms.


Use any method of fighting to beat the Countess.