Lost Horizon 2Lost Horizon 2

Game Details:  Adventure, 2015

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  3/28/2018

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Lost Horizon 2 is the sequel to the previous globe-trotting adventure starring Fenton Paddock, Lost Horizon. This game is set 20 years after the events of the first game, and features Scandinavian mythology as well as confrontation with the Soviets in the shadow of the Cold War.



Go to the living room and pick up the blanket, then return to the bedroom and give it to your daughter. Go over to the door once you hear the knocking, then pull the door open. After picking up the key, go back to the living room. Take the lamp from over the fireplace. Use the matches in your inventory on the lamp to light it. Head out to the landing again.

Examine the door on the right. Insert your key into the keyhole and turn it until the door is unlocked. Now turn the handle and the door will open. Enter the darkened room (you can only do this if you already lit the lamp).

Examine the chest of drawers on the right and you will notice there is a hole in the wall behind it. Slide this to the far left to uncover the hole completely. Go back to your daughter, and you will automatically take both children to the hiding place. Go to the bedroom once more and pick up the photo of the children's mother, then go and give this to the children.

Chapter 1: Behind Enemy Lines

Port Said

Examine the cart, then use your knife on it to get some screws and a metal sleeve. Head right and pick up the 2 planks from the ground, then combine them with your screws - on the next screen select the wooden planks, metal sleeve, screws and then knife. Climb up the right column of the arch. Walk over to the left and use your long plank to reach the next column. Now jump over to the ledge. Sneak past each of the 3 lights when the guards aren't looking.

Up on the roof, use the radio receiver on the city. Turn the dials to get the correct signal: left dial to 10 o'clock, middle dial to 10 o'clock, right dial to 6 o'clock; you need to fiddle a bit to get it perfect.

Examine the car, then try to open the boot. Pick up the broken jug on the ground. Use your knife on the hose to retrieve it. Examine the motorcycle to see that it is leaking oil, then use your canteen on it to collect some. Use this oil on the gate to the right, then open it using the lock picks. Head through the gate.

Follow the corridor around until you reach a large water-filled room. Walk over to the first platform and use the wooden wheel to lower the top walkway. Cross this and the next 2 walkways, then use your knife to get some moss from the ground. Use the moss on your jug to repair it. Return to the first corridor and collect some water from the water pipe in your repaired jug. Look down the hole in the floor just to the left, then pour your water down there and you will end up getting a wooden wheel. Go to the first platform again and place your wooden wheel on the stele. Now turn the wheel to lower the right walkway. Cross this and follow the new corridor to the exit.

Go along the passage to the bottom of the screen and examine Tamer's body. Smear the blood around the code card until you can see the entire message. Take the cloth from the edge of the bathtub and wet it in the nearby washbasin. Go out to the previous room, then head right up the stairs. Grab the hook from the left, then return to the right. Now head outside to the left once more.

Use your new hook on the boot of the car to get it open, then search it to get some sticky tape and a spanner. Now head back inside through the gate.

Use your hook on the ladder above the compressor to pull it down. Examine the gas bottle to the right, then grab the hose and climb the ladder. At the top combine the water hose in your inventory with the gas hose you brought up. Secure the join with your sticky tape. Now examine the door to the left; put the end of the hose under the door, then seal it with your wet cloth.

Climb down and examine the valve on top of the gas bottle. Try to turn it by hand, then attach your spanner and turn it two times around in an anticlockwise direction. Climb up again, and now head through the door on the left. Use your code card on the radio set. Send the correct message in Morse code (hold down for a dash, press quickly for a dot).

When you regain control, examine the bathtub, then get in. Press the buttons quickly when they appear to survive the motorbike chase.

Chapter 2: Shadow of the Past

Kessler's Villa

Go over to the left and talk to the boy about everything. Look at the bag in your inventory to empty out the contents, then look at the personal organizer and take the pen. Go to the right and use the telephone booth. Place a coin in the coin slot, then dial the number from the organizer: 38658. While the secretary is gone, take the broom and use it to get the ball from the tree. Use the telephone booth to dial the same number again, then search the letterbox to get a postcard and a magazine.

Examine the notice board and the poster, then take the sticky corner of the poster. Give the ball to the boy, then talk to him and challenge him. In your inventory, combine the pocket knife and magazine. On the next screen, select the magazine, knife, sticky pieces of poster and then the postcard. Use your pen on the picture card, then offer the autographed photo to the boy.

Inside, go upstairs and take the cloth from on the drawers to the left. Search the jacket on the right to find a key. Pick up the vase and examine it in your inventory to remove the flowers. Go through the doors on the right into the study. Take the wooden casket from the desk and use your key to open it - inside you will find some iodine pills, cyanide capsules and a cigar. Now examine the desk to get a will. Examine both pages in your inventory. Next examine the serving trolley and take the bottle of gin and the tincture bottle.

Combine your iodine pills and bottle of gin, then use the bottle gin on your cloth. Examine the painting just right of the doorway - use your saturated cloth on the painting (from 1940) and rub it until you see the left arrow. Examine the next painting to the right (from 1942) and use the saturated cloth on it to reveal an up arrow. Go out to the corridor and repeat this on the painting at the end of the corridor (from 1768) to see a left arrow. Head downstairs and examine the painting here (from 1835), then rub it with the saturated cloth to reveal a down arrow.

Go back upstairs again and into the study. Examine the mask over the fireplace to reveal a safe. Now you need to arrange the arrows so they are the same directions as those on the paintings in date order (left, down, left, up). Press the middle button until the safe opens - you will automatically take a map and a rusted key.


Look at the site map, then use your map on it to work out the location of the side entrance. Try to enter the building, but it is boarded up. Head into the forest.

Head to point B on the map (towards the east) and approach the ventilation system. Pick up some fir cones from the ground, then use your pocket knife on the wire to get 2 pieces of wire. Leave here and head to point A on the map (towards the northwest) and approach the swamp. Pick up the rucksack and the fishing rod. Examine the rod in your inventory to get some fishing line. Now use the old fishing rod to get the plastic bags. Examine the rucksack to get a lighter, a boot brush and some ID. Combine the fishing line and plastic bags - on the next screen, use the plastic bags, wire, fir cones, fishing line and then the lighter.

Attach one of your new balloons to the drains here. Go back to the ventilation system and attach the other balloon here. Leave this area and go to the very north of the forest to find a lookout tower. Climb this and at the top, click on the area to the south. Leave here and now go to the rocks that correspond with the side entrance marked on the map.

Follow the path to the right, then examine the bush to find a rope ladder. Follow this to get to a large door. Use your rusty key on the keyhole to get into the bunker.


Examine the plate on the wall, then use your boot brush to clean it - this gives you the instructions to power up the generator. Use your pocket knife to retrieve the nail from the top left corner of the plate. Now examine the generator and follow the instructions you just found:

  • Change to A/C current (turn the current dial to the bottom right)
  • Set current to 035
  • Set voltage to 480
  • Press the red button
  • Use the green lever

Now place the nail in the position of the missing lever (in line with the air ventilation), then move it to the off position. Head through the right door into room A5, then go through the left door. Pick up the rubber mat, then search the lockers to get some old tins and a brass valve. Return to room A5 and continue through the right door to find room B1. Grab the metal pipe, then continue left to room D2, and through the right door. Continue through the ventilator (you can only do this if you turned it off earlier).

Go through the next door. Combine the rubber mat and metal pipe, then use this on the cable. Now cross the bridge to reach a large locked door. Examine the door and take the loose wheel from the top right. Go all the way back through the ventilator, then go right and left to return to room B1. Use your loose wheel on the darkened middle door, then go through. Take the bottle from the shelves on the left, and combine this with the brass valve.

Go back to the large locked door. Use your gas torch to break the chains, and insert your loose wheel again. Now turn the wheels to the correct combination (A-5-Right, B-1-Left, C-3-Right, D-2-Left) and the door will open.

Head right and search the table to find a book; examine this in your inventory - the 3 operations relating to 1942 are Alpha, Beta and Pi. Return left and examine the index cabinet. Open the drawer corresponding with capital Pi (2nd column, 3rd row). Look under Germany Artefacts, and you will find "AR-E04 Viking Casket 23". Click on this to discover it is in Rack 11, Slot 1. Back out, then go right twice. Look at the racks to the bottom right to see that the casket is missing. Look at the dragging marks in the floor, then examine the palette against the wall and go through the hole that is revealed. Examine the artefacts on the table, but the lamp will fall. Use the light switch on the wall to meet Gwen.

After you run to a new area of the bunker, examine the bricked up exit to the right, and take a loose brick. Examine the hole in the other wall and Gwen will climb through. Switch back to Anna, and pass the pocket knife, the windproof lighter and the loose brick through the hole in the wall to Gwen. Switch to Gwen again, and examine each of the apparent objects several times (the one on the left will eventually be identified as a lamp). Use your lighter on the lamp.

Move the cart toward the shell. Put the shell on to the cart, then move the cart over to the hole in the wall. Try to push the shell through the hole in the wall, but Anna can't handle it. Examine the cart; put the loose brick beneath it, use the pocket knife on the wheel, and then put the wheel through the hole in the wall. Switch to Anna and repair the wheelbarrow using the wheel. Move the wheelbarrow to the hole in the wall. Switch to Gwen and put the shell through the hole in the wall.

Switch to Anna again and move the wheelbarrow up the ramp. Go over to the left and use the orange console to move the transport sled over to the right. Lift the shell up on to the transport sled. Use the console one last time.

Chapter 3: Between the Fronts


Examine the note in your inventory, then head right from the station towards the city. Talk to the lady in the kiosk about everything; you will end up with some coins, a sweet and a ginger biscuit. Go back to the rail yard until there is no train present. Place a coin on the rails. Leave and come back twice, then pick up the flattened coin from the rails. Put both the sweet and the flattened coin in your wallet, then return to the city.

Go over to the waiting queue outside the mausoleum. Everything except your wallet will be confiscated, and you only have 2 minutes inside the mausoleum. Quickly go to the right and continue the tour. Examine the ventilation grille. Open your wallet and use the flattened coin on the screw covers. Press your sweet into one of the screws to get an imprint, then finish the tour.

Return to the rail yard and talk to the mechanic about everything - he will give you a screwdriver. Examine this to separate the blade from the handle. Put the ginger biscuit in your wallet, then return to the city.

Go to the waiting queue and you will get another 2 minutes inside the mausoleum. Once again go to the right and continue the tour. Put your ginger biscuit on the table, then finish the tour. Put your screwdriver blade into your wallet, then join the queue once more. Once inside, take the crank handle from the left (the guard will be distracted by your biscuit). Go to the right and examine the ventilation grille again. Open your wallet, then combine the crank handle and the screwdriver blade. Use this on the screws, and you will hide in the ventilation duct until the mausoleum is empty.

Go out to the front area and examine the sarcophagus to discover a secret base. Sneak along past the windows, stopping at the pillars when the guard is approaching. Wait for everyone to leave in the next room, then look through the windows, and enter door number 2.

Search the laboratory coat to get a laboratory key. Examine the green cupboard on the left, then open it using the key - you will get a scalpel. Use this to free Gwen. Choose either answer when Anna asks you a question.

Back in the laboratory, just pull open all four corners of the message.

Chapter 4: Deceptive Safety


Talk to the barman, then head outside to the harbor. Talk to the fisherman on the right. Go over and look at the painting, then talk to the artist and you will get a portrait of yourself. Talk to the woman on the left about everything, then to the sales girl just to the right of the artist.

Go back into the bar and talk to the barman again. Try to take the photo from the wall, then replace it with your portrait. Return outside and show the photograph to the artist. When you need to make a cup of tea, select the cup, kettle and then the filled tea egg.

Chapter 5: The Island of the Gods

Gotland Island

Go to the passage on the right to reach the central area. Enter the grave niche to the right, and search the undergrowth to find a hat. Return and enter the top grave niche, then search the pile of junk to find a stove, hand brush and trowel. Return and enter the left grave niche, searching the junk to find a whip. Take the passage back to the starting area.

Use your knife on your petrol stove. Now go around to each of the 4 unlit pillars; use the petrol stove on the pillar, then use your lighter on it, then examine it. Once you have done this 4 times, you will automatically talk to Gwen and she will give you a notebook.

Go to the passage again and examine the crypts in each of the grave niches; match these with the symbols in Gwen's notebook. Next approach the stone circle in the middle of this area. You need to rotate the circles into the correct orientation. From inner to outer they should be:

  • Book: northwest (Chadwick)
  • Cross: west (Tiras)
  • Scales: north (Alaric)
  • Rose: east (Rosa)
  • Lion: northeast (Leo)

Examine the hole, but it is too small for you to go through. Return to Gwen and talk to her, then you will come back to the hole. Use the whip on Gwen, and she will be lowered down.

Switch back to Fenton, then pass the lighter and stove through the hole. Switch to Gwen and use the stove on the bowl, then light it with your lighter. Look at the map on the ground, then approach the coffin on the left. Slide open the lid and take the shield from inside, then examine the breast plate. Read the engravings, then clean the middle part to reveal 2 symbols. Back out to the rest of the room.

Look at the sign beneath the left flame, then place the shield with the raised square in this recess. Turn the shield 8 times anticlockwise - if you have done it correctly, Gwen will say "Eight", if not keep turning. Look at the sign beneath the right flame, then place the other shield in this recess. Turn this shield 6 times anticlockwise - again Gwen will say "Six" if you have it right. Examine the map again to see that your next location has been revealed.

Chapter 6: World in Flames


Go over to the helicopter to examine it. Remove the cap, then examine the broken hydraulic line. Now go and collect the water canister from next to the tent, the air pump from next to the geologist, and the tin from next to the hearth. Examine the motor of the truck, and use your knife to retrieve the hose and clips. While you are here, use your tin can on the oil drain to fill it with water.

Go to the hearth and pour oil from your tin into it, then light it with your lighter. Pour water into the pot on the fire, and you will end up with a canister containing an emulsion.

Examine the helicopter once more. Use your hose and clips on the broken hydraulic line. Use your canister on the filler opening, then use your air pump on it. Back out and you will automatically leave this area.


Take the candle, then approach the plinth on the right. Spin the circles to make the shape of a tree. Look at the stele just to the left of the plinth and you will take the blue diamond. Leave to the right, then continue all the way down along the path to reach an icy cave. Examine the dead soldiers and take the helmet from the one on the right. Use this to collect some snow.

Go back through the door, then into the cave on the left. Ignore the wolf and go through the passage on the right. Try to pick up the spear, but it is stuck. Light your candle with your lighter, then use this on the spear. Now pick it up. Examine the white diamond and the raven. You can get the raven to move around by examining the pillars. Do it in this order:

  • Middle right
  • Near left
  • Middle left
  • Near right
  • Far right

Now pick up the white diamond. Go through the top doorway and pick up the yellow diamond. Go back to the room with the wolf, and use your staff to retrieve the rucksack from the middle of the room. Examine this to get an ice pick, a signal flare and some clothing. Go back out to the icy cave and examine the dead soldiers again. Use your ice pick to retrieve their backpack. Open this in your inventory to find a wooden casket and a tin cup. Search the wooden casket to get brass rods, brushes and a polishing cloth.

Go back and enter the cave with the wolf again. Use the blue diamond on the clothing to get some nylon thread. Use the staff on your helmet with water, then combine the wet staff with the nylon thread to make a bow. Add the brass rods to the bow to arm it. Throw the signal flare towards the wolf. Now use your armed bow on the green diamond and you will retrieve it.

Return outside and into the first building. You need to place the 4 diamonds on the 4 steles in these positions:

  • Far left: blue
  • Near left: green
  • Far right: white
  • Near right: yellow

Look at the projection that is formed above you. Leave here and go through the cave and pillar room to where you collected the yellow diamond earlier. Now step on the flagstones corresponding with Yggdrasil's name in the projection:


Go through the gate on the other side of the flagstones. In the next room, there are a whole series of switches that need to be used in the following order:

  • Left pillar
  • Left niche
  • Left pillar
  • Left niche
  • Left pillar
  • Right pillar
  • Right niche
  • Right pillar
  • Left niche
  • Right pillar
  • Right niche
  • Right pillar

Now continue right through the next doorway. There are 3 wheels in this room, and you need to turn them to match the directions of the triangles in the projection. Turn the wheels by pressing the buttons below:

  • Left wheel: pointing right
  • Middle wheel: pointing down
  • Right wheel: pointing left

You will automatically return to the main building. Use your tin cup to collect water from the fountain on the right, then go and give it to Gwen.

Go over to the chain on the right and use it on the waterwheel, then use the other end of the chain on the gate. Use the leave, then exit through the opened gate. After talking to Thrym, go through the passage on the right. Examine the altar to find a ring. Stand on the stone slab next to the altar, and then follow these movements to get over to the boat: up, right, down, right, up, right, up, left, down, right, down, right, down, left, up, left, down, left, up, left, up, right and up. Use the ring on the boat.

Leave this area, then go through the passage on the left. Climb up to the well and jump inside.


Enter the house and talk to the man, who will give you a key. Climb up the stairs twice, then use your key in the apartment door. The doctor will still be killed.

Jump into the well again and this time you will start upstairs. Enter the apartment and examine the teddy bear to get the photo, but the doctor will be killed once more.

Jump into the well again. Enter the apartment and search the bookcase on the right to find the casket. Throw this into the fireplace, and you will automatically leave the apartment. Go through the attic door. Look at the shelf, then take the cleaning fluid and cloth. Combine these 2 items, then use them on Dr Brunner.