The Longest JourneyThe Longest Journey

Game Details:  Fantasy, 1999

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Walkthrough Updated:  1/15/2003

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

The Longest Journey is the first in a series of games by Funcom, partly set in a futuristic scientific world (Stark) and partly in a fantasy parallel dimension (Arcadia). In this game, you take the role of April Ryan, who is visited in her dreams by a mysterious white dragon, and is then confronted by Cortez, an old man living in Stark. You discover you have the ability to travel between the two worlds, and must restore their imbalance. The series continues with Dreamfall: The Longest Journey.


Look around, including inspecting the egg. Take the scale from the nest and the twig from the tree. After your conversation with the tree spirit, walk to the right to see the stream. Combine the scale with the scale and use this to redirect the stream. Talk to the tree spirit again and the egg will be saved.

Chapter 1: Penumbra

Go and get the diary and picture from the table. Look at the diary and take the timesheet from within. Next go over and open the window. Look outside and untie the clothesline. Back inside, open the closet and take Guybrush (the toy monkey). Head out of your apartment. You will now meet Zack and have a brief conversation. When it is over, take a look at the plant in the foreground and take a leaf. Now try to use the FACT terminal - it is of no use. Head downstairs.

Talk to Fiona, your landlady about everything. Grab the matches from the table, and have a look at the plasma screen. There is a hidden button behind the screen that you can press to view the trailer for the game! Go and look at the cork board on the wall, and take the pink note. Read it, then give it to Fiona and you will get a gold ring. Note you kept the pin from the note. Go outside.

Talk to Cortez, then investigate the machine to the left. Try taking the clamp, but water flows everywhere. Note the frayed wires - connect them with your gold ring. Now use the two knobs to modify the orientation of the switches until they are all horizontal. You can now turn the valve in the top left to lower the pressure, then the wheel to lower the flow, and remove the clamp. Take your ring back before leaving. Head to the bridges, then go straight through to the park, and on to the academy.

Read the VAVA noticeboard, then head inside. Take the rubber glove from the bin, and head upstairs. Pick up your easle and brush, and use it on the canvas. After a while, Emma will walk in. Talk to her, then clean up and head back through the park and bridges, to the Cafe.

Go inside and take a candy from the jar before speaking to Charlie. Go further inside and talk to Emma. Grab some bread from the table, then look at the poster near the jukebox. Take a ticket to the exhibition - look at the ticket to find the address. Now talk to Stanley, your boss. Give him your timesheet, then threaten to quit, and he will give you your money. He will ask if you will work an extra shift - you will get a different ending to the chapter based on your decision, but it will not affect the rest of the game.

Go back to your apartment. Look out the window again, and throw the bread down to the rubber ducky. Now pull up the chain and you will get the clothesline. Next, head back to the cafe, and collect the rubber ducky. Now head to the subway. Use the gene scanner, and press a button (you will always select weekly). Wave your cash card in front of the camera to get access, then go through the gate. While you are here, notice the sparks from the other track. Combine the clamp with the clothesline. Inflate the rubber ducky, then look at it and remove the bandaid. Combine the ducky with the clamp/clothesline and use this fishing instrument to get the key. Board the subway train. Look at the map, and select Waterway Bridge.

Go inside and talk to Cortez. After he leaves, return to East Venice via the subway. If you agreed to work late, return to the Cafe. If you did not, return to the Border House.

Chapter 2: Through the Mirror

Go downstairs and talk to Fiona - she suggests Zack might know where to find Cortez. Go up and knock on Zack's door and you will get some info. Now go to the subway and head to Metro Circle. Go left here and try to enter the elevator - you will be stopped by the cop because you are not of the correct status. Return to the circle and head right, then right down the street to find the Mercury Theater. Talk to Freddie and keep talking to the cop until he tells you he would like a sweet. Move the trash can and dip the candies in the green ooze, then give one to the cop.

Go left and pick up the cop's hat from the street, then return to the theater. Look closely at the fusebox, and open it with the key you got from the subway. Now flip all the switches off, except the melted one. Use the bandaid to repair the glove, then use this on the sparks to turn off the marquee. Freddie will open the door and head into the alley. Go left and pick up the cop's hat from the middle of the street, then return and go into the alley.

Look at the shadow project up on to the wall, then place the hat on the garbage heap and put the monkey near the base of it. Open the trash can near the door and use the matches on it to light a fire. Freddie will come outside and be distracted, so sneak behind him into the theater. Talk to Cortez, and you will end up in another world.

Note the painting of the monks on the wall, then walk far to the right. Talk to the Priest, and you will eventually work out his name is Tobias. Outside, go to the stalls and talk to the map maker about everything, then go back to the temple and talk to Tobias about Stark, Arcadia and The Balance. Talk to Tobias again, specifically to find out how to contact Brian Westhouse, the "Rolling Man".

Go back to the map maker and ask him about the Rolling Man until the Dolmari shows up and is fired. Accept the job as the delivery person, and you will receive a list and a map. Head into the city, north from the stalls, then head out through the city gates and go right to the docks. Go to the ship on the right of the pier and give the map and the list to the captain - he won't sign the map without some music! Go back into the city and find a musical instrument merchant to the left. Buy a flute from him, and return to the captain. Give him the list again and he will sign it while you play the flute.

Return to the map maker again and talk to him, then show him the list and you will get another assignment. Go back towards the city gates and head to the Brian's bungalow. Talk to him and give him the map, then keep talking and give him the list. When you try to leave, he will give you a pocket watch. Use the pushpin on the pocket watch in your inventory and you will end up back in Stark. Talk to Cortez about everything, then go to the Fringe Cafe and talk to Charlie. Walk further into the Cafe and you will sit down. After Emma enters, you can decide to go on a date with Zack, or brush him off.

Chapter 3: Friends and Enemies

Leave your bedroom and talk to Zack in the corridor, then head to the subway and take it to Hope Street. Go north from the stairs to reach the cathedral, then go inside and talk to Father Raul. He will direct you to Building 87, where you should now go to find Warren Hughes (it is just outside on the street). Talk to him, and he requests that you break into the police department, destroy his criminal record, and locate his sister.

Go back to the subway and head to Metro West. Look at both the street signs, then use the roadblock and it will change positions. Climb into the container and you will end up in the police station. Talk to the desk sergeant, then try to open the door in the background - it is broken. Talk to the skinny fella and the portly fella, and you find out they will need a signed form to return to work. Look in the toolbox and take the old form, then talk to the desk sergeant to get a new one. Go and give that to the portly fella, who then requests an addendum. Talk to the sergeant to get this, then give it to the portly fella. Now look at the left vidphone and note the number on the screen. Use the right vidphone and dial the number from the left one so it starts ringing. Talk to the portly fella and tell him he has a phone call, then talk to the skinny fella and say the same thing. Fuse the 2 wires together on the panel to open the door, then try to go through - the desk sergeant will see you. Go and look at the shelves behind her, then talk to her and ask for a form. Now fuse the wires again and go through. Come back outside and pick up the screwdriver, then repeat the process to get through the doors again.

Use your cash card on the machine to get a can of Bingo! Classic. Next head into the locker room at the end of the hall, and go left to discover Minelli on the toilet. Talk to him, then look at each of the lockers, and say you are Maria Hernandez. Use Minelli's key to open his locker, then look at the mirror and the broken shard, so you can look at the note to find out about his computer login. Take the medicine while you are here, then give it to him. Note that he loses his synthetic eye when he sneezes. Leave the police station and you will see a news report. Go to the alley next to the movie theater (use the subway to go to the Radio Power Station) and pick up the toy monkey. Look at it, and take the eye. Return to the police station and turn the light off in the toilets using the switch just outside Minelli's stall. When he next drops his eye, switch it with the monkey's eye. Leave the locker room and use Minelli's eye on the retinal scanner to enter the Archives.

Use the computer and log in with Minelli's details. Search for Warren Hughes, then delete his record and print a hard copy. Look at the name Erika Hughes and the colonization number next to it. Now search for the name and the number, and print out her record as well. Search for the Church of Voltec, and note the name Jacob McAllen - search for him next, and write down the 4 symbols you see on the screen as you will need them shortly. Leave the computer and access the control panel opposite. Press the 4 buttons corresponding to the symbols from the computer, and you will receive a file. Look at this in your inventory to find a tiny datacube. Pick up the papers from the printer and leave the police station. Go and visit Warren again at Hope Street and he will tell you about Burns Flipper. Get back on the subway and go to Newport Docks.

Go up the stairs and walk far to the right, then approach the garage. Knock on the large doors 3 times and you will get inside. Go down into the pit and talk to the Flipper. Give him the datacube and watch the videos, then ask him for a fake ID, and he will ask for an anti-grav unit. Go back outside and use the can of soda in the paint shaker, then head back to the subway and go to Metro West. Return to the crash site outside the police station and talk to the police officer until he starts coughing. Offer him the can of soda (only works if you have shaken it up) and he will leave. Now use your glass shard to destroy the laser beams, then use the screwdriver to get the anti-grav unit. Return to the Flipper and give it to him, and he says you can get your ID tomorrow.

Go back to the cathedral on Hope Street. Go to the confessionals and you will overhear Cortez and Raul. Talk to Cortez, then return to the Border House and go upstairs. Zack will enter his apartment before you can talk to him properly. Enter your apartment and you will meet up with Emma and Charlie, then end up back in Arcadia again.

Chapter 4: Monsters

Enter the Journey Man Inn and talk to the woman near the fireplace until Abnaxus enters. Talk to him, then when you get tired, sleep in the chair. In the morning, try to leave and the woman will give you clothes. Agree to work for her and you will be paid. Now go outside and head into the city, then to the marketplace. Go and visit the map maker and give him the list so you can get another delivery. See Tobias in the temple and talk to him before leaving the city.

Go to the City Green and visit Abnaxus. Talk to him until you hear of the God who fell down to the sea. Next visit Brian Westhouse in his bungalow and talk to him until he speaks of winged storytellers. Head to the pier and talk to the old sailor on the small pier. He will tell you about mermen, and about a bird that the cups dealer cheated him out of. Talk to Captain Nebevay about the mermen and the God. Now head into the marketplace and approach the cups dealer. Agree to play his game, then use your screwdriver on the cups and choose the cup that moves when you hit it - you will get a calculator as a prize. Try to give him the screwdriver, but you need to think about which prize you want to claim.

Now head to the Enclave. Enter it and go downstairs, then talk to Minstrum Yerin and read all the books on offer. Return to the pier and ask Captain Nebevay for passage to Alais - he won't take you because there is no wind, no navigator, and you are a woman. Talk to the old sailor again and he will tell you he will help you if you get his bird back. Return to the cups dealer and give him the screwdriver to get the bird. Go and give the bird to the sailor who will call in his favour with Nebevay. Talk to Nebevay who will agree to take you if you fix the problems of the wind and the navigator.

Go to the Road North and you will enter a farm area. Head into the forest and talk to Crow, then follow the path to find a broken bridge. Talk to Ben-Bandu the Banda, then look at the bridge before returning to the previous screen. Help the old woman and talk to her, then follow her into her house. When she leaves, grab the broom from next to the cabinet and use it on the cabinet to free Ben-Bandu's brother. Now take the small skull from the table and throw it through the small window. Pick up Bandu-Uta and throw him through the window. Now when you are chased by the Gribbler, lift up the loose plank to knock it into the fire.

After talking to Ben-Bandu, go to the Banda village. Talk to the Elder, then to Crow and the brothers, then enter the Spirit Dig. Look at the chairs and the grid on the wall, then go to sleep on the bed.

Chapter 5: There and Back Again

When you awaken, go outside and talk to Ben-Bandu, then the Elder (you will get a piece of the disc) and Crow. Head into the swamp, then across the bridge. Pick a purple flower before proceeding up the hill. Look at the floating tower in the distance, then descend to the plains. Look at the man who has been turned to stone, then blow your flute to call Crow. Use Crow to get some berries from the right of the screen, then mix them with the flowers to make a moisturizing mixture. Use this on the man and he will lower some stairs for you. Climb them to enter the mountain.

Place a coin in the gargoyle's hand, then blow out both candles that appear. Place another coin in the hand and take the salt and pepper shakers. Turn the hourglass in the foreground and quickly run up the stairs that flip over - if you don't make it, turn the hourglass and try again. Try to take the parchment under the mirror door and an apparition will stop you. Ignore the parchment and knock on the next door to reveal another hourglass. Turn this, then run quickly to the door on the left. Open this to proceed. In the next room, use the pepper shaker on the stony face and the door will open and allow you through.

Go through the door and start up the stairs to meet Roper Klacks. Talk to him, then talk to him again to challenge him to various tasks, but you will lose them all. Give him the calculator to defeat him. Now climb the stairs and enter the tower. Take the white vial from the bookshelf, the green vial from behind the curtain, the blue vial from beneath the skull and the yellow vial from next to the cauldron. Go and read the big book and you will see how to make a spell. Approach the cauldron and put in white, green and then blue essence to make an invisibility potion. Return to the mirror door from earlier, use the invisibility potion on yourself, then grab the parchment. Look at the big book again and attach the parchment to fix the page.

Next make the light-as-a-leaf potion, by mixing the yellow, white and blue essence. Use this on yourself, then get the red vial from the top of the shelves. Make the wind potion with the white, red and blue essence. Next make the big bang potion with 2 lots of red essence and blue essence. Finally, make the bind magic potion with green, yellow and blue essence. Use the big bang potion on the large purple crystal - it will fail. Use the bind magic potion on it, then try the big bang potion again and it will work. Play the flute, then open the window and play it again. Talk to Crow, then give the wind potion on him and direct him out the window.

Back on the ground, head to Marcuria, then go to the pier and talk to Nebevay. Show him the wind potion to prove you defeated Klacks. Now go to the Journey Man Inn and talk to Tun Luiec at the bar - give her the map and talk to her about the navigator job. After the chat, go to the temple and talk to Tobias to get a talisman. Finally, go to the pier and you will set sail.

Chapter 6: The Chaos Storm

Walk to the bridge and look at the spirit compass. Talk to Nebevay and Tun, then go below deck. Eat some candy, then use the half-eaten candy on the sack of flour and pick up the worm when it gets stuck. Also pick up the axe from here, and look at the chest - it is open and empty. Go back up to the bridge and talk to Nebevay and Tun again. Head to the deck and get an apple from the barrel. Go and try to give it to Nebevay, then put the worm in the apple and give it to him. Talk to Tun and ask to take control of the ship. Place the talisman on the spirit compass, then ask for Tun's help. When Nebevay returns, try to take the talisman and Nebevay will take it away. Go down below and use the axe to break open the lock on the chest.

Chapter 7: A Deep Blue Mirror

After your chat with Crow, look at the head sticking out of the water. The next time it appears, try talking to it, then try to touch it the third time and you will be taken underwater. Look at all of the drawings on the walls, then take a blue polyp from the wall. Use the pushpin on yourself to get some blood, then use the polyp on yourself and go through the hole in the floor.

Swim to the left and open the closed shell on the seabed, taking the black pearl you find there. Swim next to the city, and get some glowing green stuff from the wall on the left. Return to the bubble cave. Mix some blood with the green stuff, then the mixture with the black pearl. Eat the golden pearl you have created, then swim back to the city. Talk to the Maerum about everything, then take the spear and talk again. Now take the crystal and show it to the Queen - she will let you keep it.

Swim outside and move the seaweed aside so you can take a second crystal. Move the seaweed again and enter the cave. Get two more crystals, then look at the stone altar. You need to line up the rings with their opposite symbols (fire with water, bird with fish, pot with harpoon, Maerum with fallen god). Now you need to place the four crystals in the four slots, so that two of the faces on each crystal match the symbols of the slots they face. Specifically, the first stone goes bottom right, second top left, third upper right and fourth lower left. Now that the cave is lit, read the drawings on the walls, and note the symbol on the left of the cave - it matches your talisman.

Return to the Queen and talk to her, and you will show her the cave. Take the spear and swim to the shipwreck by going right past the bubble cave. Approach the wreck and kill the snapjaw using the spear. Now take a tooth from the dead snapjaw so you have proof of your kill. Swim inside the wreck and take the talisman, then swim back towards the city. Enter the cave again and use your talisman on the symbol. Take the disc piece from the niche you reveal. Return to the Queen once more, and show her the tooth, talisman and disc piece. You will now be taken to the nearest island.

Chapter 8: Reunification

Get the rope, then follow the path to the left. Tie the rope to the small tree and climb down the hole into an underground cavern. Search through the rubble to find a key, then climb back up, untie the rope and return to the beach. Play your flute to call Crow, then talk to him before using him on the jungle. Head to the volcano, and look in the big mouth. Note the symbol on the wheel, then use the key in the keyhold to change it. With each new symbol that is displayed, look at the lens and note down what you see. Make sure the wheel gets all the way back to its starting position. Take the key and leave the mouth. Look at the tall tree in the background. Now leave the volcano altogether and head for the new area on the map.

Walk through the opening and you will meet and speak with the Stickmen (mostly just Wick). Climb the tree and look at the crossbow, then go back and ask Wick about it. Look at the base of the statue to the left, and insert your key. Turn the key left to set the top ring to the apple shape, and turn it right to set the bottom ring to the S shape. Take the key and return to the beach.

Head through the arch on the right, then up the path to the cliff. Look at the statue base, insert the key, and set the top ring to the arrow shape and the bottom ring to the S shape. Get the key again. Go back down and head left to the ruins. Look at the statue base, insert the key, and set the top ring to the volcano shape (it acted as a mirror when you were in the volcano) and the bottom ring to the apple shape. Get the key again.

Go back to the Stickmen and talk into the ear on the base of the statue there - if the statues are set correctly you will talk to Q'aman. Go to his secret area and talk to him in person, then return to the beach and go through the arch to find a helpless crab. Try to touch it, then try to talk to it. Return to Q'aman and ask him to help. Go up the cliff path and talk to Q'aman again, then give him the candy wrapper when he says he doesn't have a lure to catch fish.

Visit the Stickmen and tell them they can resume work on the cannon. Follow them up the tree and talk to Wick to learn what they need. Go back to Q'aman and get his fishing line and a large fish bone from the pile. Return to the Stickmen and give them the line. Now when the cannon is complete, ask if you can test it for them. Combine the fish bone with the rope, then use the combination on the cannon. Pull the lever and you will cross the canyon.

Talk to the Alatien here, then look at the updraft. Use the light-as-a-leaf potion on yourself, then the wind potion on the updraft to fly across the gap. Talk to the Alatien again, then head through the tunnel and in towards the tower. Talk to the guard in front of the castle entrance, who says to prepare for questions about the 4 fables. Talk to the other four Alatiens you will find to learn the 4 fables, then return to the guard and answer his questions (once you have heard the fables, the correct answer to each question is the third option). Now enter the tower and talk to the Teller. When you are swimming, pick up the sand from near the structure, and look into the small orifice. Talk to it, then enter through the larger orifice at the top. Try to take a circular protrusion and the God will awaken - it is the blue Draic Kin. Talk to it, then you will take a jewel. Talk to the Dark Person, who will give you another stone and a map. You will now fall asleep and be taken back to Marcuria.

Chapter 9: Shadows

Try to walk into the city, but a Chaos Vortex will appear and you will jump through a Shift to end up in the cathedral in Stark. Talk to Father Raul, then head to the Border House. Talk to Emma, then you will meet Gordon Halloway and run up the stairs to escape. Quickly talk to Zack before heading into your apartment. Jump out the window into the river, then drink the invisibility potion. Go past the guard and head for the Fringe Cafe - you will automatically escape through a door. Talk to Lady Alvane, and you will end up in Arcadia.

Chapter 10: Rebirth

Head to the City Green and talk to Abnaxus to get the last piece of the disc. Go to the Enclave and put the four stones in the circular hollows (each will only fit in one place). The dragon's head would appear to be stuck, so blow your flute and get Crow to fix the problem. Now head down into the library and talk to Minstrum Yerin. Go down the stairs and try to turn the wheel, but it is stuck. Talk to Yerin again and he will unlock the sluices. Now turn the wheel and get the disc. Leave the Enclave and try to return to the city.

Chapter 11: Kin

Back in your paint studio, pick up the paintbrush and use it on the canvas to create a Shift to visit the Mother. When you return to Stark, go to the Newport Docks and talk to Flipper Burns. After you receive your fake ID, give him the star map and he will get a friend to decipher it. Leave here and go to Metro Circle. Ride up in the elevators on the left. At the top, get the pizza box from the trash can. Look at the sign above the clothing store, then go inside to get changed. Now use a shuttle to reach a new area of Newport.

Talk to the police officer to learn the location of the MTI Building, then go down to the street and you will find the building automatically. Talk to Gerold at the front desk, but he won't let you up in the elevator. Give him the pizza box and he will be fooled. Up in the office, try to open a drawer and an alarm will sound. Talk to McAllen up here, and then again down in the laboratory. When you are being chased, look at the computer and use it to open the door. Run outside and head to the lower right ledge. Cortez will appear and save you from the mutant. After you talk to him, he and McAllen will reveal themselves as the other two Draic Kin and fall from the roof in battle.

Go back into the laboratory and look at the computer again. Unlock the containment chamber and you can get the disc from it. Leave this area and return to Flipper Burns. Get the copy of the map and learn about the Morning Star, then return to the elevators at Metro Circle. Next to the shuttle are some lift tubes - go up in these and talk to the receptionist. Tell her you want to register as a colonist and you will be taken to the Morning Star.

Chapter 12: Dreamland

Try to enter the women's toilet, but it is locked, so go into the men's. Use your cashcard on the dispenser to get some Instant Heat. Now move the trashcan to reveal a vent, and open it using your coin. Crawl inside, then look at the screen to the left and exit at Exit #1. Pull the cable out of the camera, then re-enter the shaft, look at the screen and exit at Exit #2. Put the Instant Heat in the coffee cup, then quickly re-enter the shaft. Look at the screen and go to Exit #2 again, and you will enter the security station when the guard leaves. Look at the computer in the background and you will discover where the Guardian is being held. Look at the security map on the wall and press the Cell Block button to order the guard off duty. Search the coat here to get a key.

Leave the security room via the door, then go into the far corridor to find the Cell Block. Open the panel outside Cell 5 and use the key to unlock the door. After you talk to Adrian, return to the security room. Use the security map to order the guard at the Rest Area on duty, and the guard at the Airlock off duty. Leave the security room, go to the far corridor and exit to the right. Press the lit red button on the control panel and it will open a capsule containing a pod. Look at the panel on the pod - it is missing an oxygen filter.

Return to the security room, and place the Airlock guard on duty, and the Cargo Bay guard off duty. Exit the security room and take the left corridor. Enter the cargo bay and use the computer terminal to find out which boxes hold oxygen filters. Now look at all the boxes here until you find the right ones, and get an oxygen filter. Return once more to security, put the Cargo Bay guard on duty, and the Airlock guard off duty. Go back to the airlock and put the oxygen filter in the pod. Now press the yellow button on the control panel.

Chapter 13: The Longest Journey

Walk into the desert. Look at the tower far off in the distance, then start walking towards it. At your first trial, use the bind magic potion on your talisman, then use the talisman on the Chaos Vortex and you will defeat it. Look at the other side of the chasm and you will get across. Now keep walking towards the tower.

You will soon come across your father, and will appear as your younger self. Show your father the golden ring you have been carrying around, and you will forgive him and be allowed to pass. Keep walking and you will reach your 3rd challenge, a large chasm. Call Crow using your flute. Talk to him, then use him on the tower, and then on the cone structure beneath it, where he will find the Well of Making. Now use him on the canyon, then on the Well of Making, then the canyon, and a mist bridge will form. Cross the bridge.

Look inside the Well of Making, then use the disc on it. Now touch the hand that appears in the well and you will be joined by Adrian. When Gordon starts fighting Adrian, use the talisman on them.


Just watch the closing tale. You now have access to the Book of Secrets from the main menu.