The LibrarianThe Librarian

Game Details:  Mystery, 2020

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  12/3/2020

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

The Librarian is a short mystery adventure game by Octavi Navarro, creator of the Midnight Scenes games. You are awoken from your sleep with a message about the local library. On further investigating, the librarian is dead and a supernatural mystery awaits.


After getting out of bed, light the candle, then examine the owl Agent on the end of your bed. Take the note from its beak to see a picture of the library. Click on the owl again and it will turn into a key. Pick up the library key. Go to the right and head down the ladder.

Open the wardrobe on the left and take the spirit dagger and the librarian uniform. Back out and also pick up the wine decanter from just to the right. Head outside to the left.


Step forward until your path is blocked by a dark creature. Pour the wine decanter into the puddle on the ground, and the creature will fall asleep. Continue left and go through the archway to the main street.

Further to the left, try to use the library key in the door lock, but it will break. Climb inside through the low broken window.

The Library

Level 1

Break off the branch immediately above your head. Go to the far left bookcase and insert your book in the empty slot. Return to the right to see that a strange machine has been revealed. Look closely at this, then use the branch on the broken handle. Now use the handle and go through the doorway that opens.

Level 2

Notice the buttons at the bases of the 4 statues here, but don't press them yet. Go to the right and examine the body of the former librarian and take the red lens. Go upstairs again.

Level 3

Examine the student at his desk. Move each of his fingers and notice the 4 symbols. Return downstairs.

Level 2

Press the buttons on the statues in the order of the symbols beneath the student's fingers. If they are numbered 1-4 from left to right, press them in this order: 4, 2, 1, 3. When the corroded soul appears, use your spirit dagger on it. Pick up the iron sphere from the ground, then head upstairs again.

Level 3

Go to the far left and insert the iron sphere into the round socket at the top of the lectern. Read the book "Our Darkest Times" and the scene will change. Use the red lens on the candle to the right and take note of the level 3 symbol. Go to the right and head downstairs.

Level 2

Find the candle and use your red lens on it, then take note of the level 2 symbol. Go downstairs again.

Level 1

Find another candle and use your red lens on it. Take note of the level 1 symbol, then go upstairs 3 times.

Level 4

Use your red lens on the candle here, then take note of the level 4 symbol. Just to the right, click on the 4 symbols to change them so they show the symbols matching each level, 1 at the bottom up to 4 at the top. Climb the ladder when it appears.


Climb up a second ladder. Head right on the high platform and try to take the library key, but the huge crow will shriek and force you back. Go to the far left and head through the broken glass door into a corridor. Examine the trapped baby crow and free it. Return to the right and give the baby crow to the huge crow. Now go and take the library key. Climb down both ladders and you will automatically return to level 2.

Level 2

Go to the door and you will automatically use the new library key to return outside and go home.