Les Manley 2Les Manley 2

Lost in LA

Year:  1991

Genre:  Comedy

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Les Manley 2: Lost in LA is a classic graphic adventure, and sequel to the earlier Les Manley: Search for the King. This time you are in search for your lost friend Human Bean, who has been kidnapped from his Los Angeles mansion.

Venice Beach

Walk left and try to open the mailbox, then read the news inside. Continue left and talk to Lifeguard Lance next to the surfboards. First talk about Helmut, then talk about the eclipse, and while the sun is hidden steal Lance's bandanna. Return right twice and talk to the bodybuilding women, then continue right.

Hollywood Blvd

Head left and talk to the tourists on the left; ask about the disappearances and answer no to their question then give them an autograph and they will give you a map. Next talk to the police officer and ask if his name is Rock, then you will learn about the LAPD database. Go down and talk to The Boyz. Once you start rapping, say you need a modem, then ask about Helmut. Go back up and then right twice.

Enter the hotel and ask Murry about the kid across the street. Leave and you will notice something on the counter under his hand. Go back into the hotel and ask about this; he will ask you to develop some film. Back outside go and talk to Blade and mention his real name, then say you won't tell anyone. Keep talking to get some more information. Return left twice.

Look at the film cartridge in your inventory to see it is unused. Enter the photo shop at the top left of this area. Talk to Rainbow, then use the film cartridge on her and select "LaFonda Turner". Have your photo taken then leave and go down. Show your red bandanna to The Boyz and enter Lou's. Talk to Diamond Lou about the laptop computer, then give him your photo to get the computer. Outside the store, head left.

Sunset & Vine

Walk right and talk to the entrepreneur. Give him your spare map and he will give you a cellular phone. Continue right.

Rodeo Drive

Click on the pigeon at the bottom right, then try to take the pigeon spoo from the car. Use your credit card on the spoo to get it before returning to the left.

Hollywood Blvd

Walk right and give the cellular phone to Blade, and ask for help with the LAPD password. Walk down and give your free pass to the bouncer. When you are in bed, talk to the girls to see what happened last night. Talk to them again and ask about a phone jack and then a DOS disk. Take the disk, then use the computer (first boot, then hack with the password "Elvis"). Head left twice, down and left again to leave this area.

Paramounds Studios

Talk to the security guard and ask to see either Abe or Maladonna, then ask if he really wants a reason - you will be let inside. Open the second hangar from the right and go inside. Look closely at the rowboat, then use your pigeon spoo to plug the hole before climbing in. Go to open the door on the house and Jason Myers will come outside. Talk to him and say Freddy's scarier, then pick up the axe. Open the stage door (where the "Camp Blood" sign is) and go through.

Sunset & Vine

Open the office door and go inside. Talk to Tony, who says you need a portfolio. Go right and enter the photo studio, but Luther says you need plastic surgery. Continue right.

Rodeo Drive

Go beneath the canopy to enter Les Plastique. Talk to Dr Nick to get a wax nose, then head left.

Sunset & Vine

Go right and enter the photo studio, then go left and enter Tony's office to set up a meeting. Back outside, head up to leave.

Rodeo Drive

Walk right and enter Les Boutique. Talk to the woman and say you will just look around, then walk behind the clothes on the right.


Talk to Abe and say no to his offer.

Nikopoulas Party

Talk to Abe and Maladonna at the top right of this area.

Wax Museum

Use your axe to break into the museum. Head right 3 times and use your hand (in your inventory) on LaFonda to get some wax. Take the flaming torch from the wall, then return left twice. Use the torch on the sword and you will end up taking it. Go right twice again and drop the sword near Helmut, then use the torch on him.

Pick up both the sword and the torch. Use the sword on the podium you were standing on to get some wax, and use this on the Alien's drool. Walk left twice and use the sword on Tarzan's loin cloth. Return right once and use the sword to open the sarcophagus. Use the cloth on the floor to parachute down. Use your cup of drool on the steel bands to free Les.

Use your credit card on the bimbos to make them melt, then climb up through the trapdoor. Use your credit card on Mad Wax, then pull the bell ropes behind him. Try to pick up the silver revolver, which is a stage prop. Wait for the signal from Helmut, then use your hand (in your inventory) on Mad Wax.