Les ManleyLes Manley

Search for the King

Game Details:  Comedy, 1990

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  4/9/2009

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Les Manley: Search for the King is a classic graphic adventure with a text parser. You play as the titular Les Manley, a man who dreams of winning an Elvis contest and ultimately the woman of his dreams. The story continues in the sequel, Les Manley 2: Lost in LA.

New York City


Walk around to the other side of your desk and open the drawer, then look inside the drawer. Take the thermos and bag. Leave to the right, and walk over to the water cooler. Open the thermos and fill it with water. Continue right and enter the boss' office. Ask for a raise, then wait until the boss is distracted by his secretary and take the key. Leave the office and unlock the door near the water cooler, then open it and go through to a storage room. Take the ID from the toolbox, then leave again. Head right and push the elevator button, then go down in the elevator. Look at the dream and take it when it is finished. Open the door and leave the station.


Cross the street and go left until you reach a circus. Find a paved area on the left and continue left from here to reach Bob's trailer. Knock on the door and ask for a job. Go down and take the shovel to start working. Wait for a minute or so, then drop the shovel. Go back up to the trailer, knock on the door and ask for a ticket.

Go back to the right, and approach the wagon in the middle of the right side of the circus. Look at the wagon, then head inside. Ask about your future 9 times, then touch the girl to make her disappear. Touch the lizard, then take the card and some wax before leaving. Head to the strong man and look at him. Talk to Luigi, then give him the wax, and while he is distracted take the rosin.

Go to the stall behind here and look to see the world's smallest man. Talk to Helmut, then give him your dream. Now you can pick up Helmut. Leave this area and go to the popcorn tent (small red and white tent to the left). Look here, then take some popcorn before entering the main circus tent. Throw your popcorn at the lion, then walk right to see Fred. Give the rosin to Fred, then take his cape. Return left and leave the tent, then leave the circus completely.

Go to the Bus Station opposite your work and mail Helmut in the mailbox. Go right twice and up the steps, then knock on the door and show your ID. Sit down on the couch and ask for a soda, then ask her to show you the scarf. Spill soda on the scarf, then leave. Continue right, then climb the fence and grab the scarf. Climb back over the fence then head all the way back to the circus. Go back to the popcorn stand and look again. Walk on to the platform of the strength tester.

Las Vegas


Head right twice and answer the phone. Drink your water, then return left twice. Open the mailbox and search it, then get Helmut. Continue left.


Head up the steps on either side to reach the lobby. Go up and then to the left, and continue one more screen left. Look at the girl, then look at Fabulous. Head right twice to return to the lobbyl. Use the phone, then call Fabulous. Go back outside and left again, and sit in the chair where Fabulous used to be. Wait for Lyla to go swimming, then get her shades. Go back to the lobby and go right twice more, then walk into the elevator.

Push a button, then after going up leave the elevator and head right. Enter the bathroom and take the floss. Go back out to the door to this room (behind the pillar with the curtains) and look at the door, then take the sign. Reverse the sign, then put the sign on the door again. Now go and sit on the bed and stand up again. Walk over to the maid's cart - while she is making the bed, take the key. Return left and enter the elevator again.

Push a button, then head left and into the jacuzzi. Look in the drain, then tie Helmut to your floss, and put Helmut in the drain. Take the floss again, then return right and get back in the elevator.

Go left and open the door to the drycleaners. Show your receipt, then take the suit. Ask Susie about King, then leave. Go outside the Casino to the street, and then thumb a bus.


Leave the starting screen to reach an overhead map. Walk over to near the restrooms on the right and look to find Red's Bar and Grill. Enter the phone booth and wear your suit. Open the door to the bar and go inside, then dance.

Outside, go back to the overhead map, and walk over to the mansion on the left. Look at the bear on the floor, then put Helmut in the mouth (to disable the alarm). Now head right and get the guitar. Look at the guitar, then fix it (with your floss). Also take the mic from the cabinet. Return left and go through the archway. Take a banana from the table, then leave this room. Now head upstairs. Open the bureau on the right and look inside, then touch the mechanism. Slide down the pole, then release the pole when you get to the bottom. Walk over to the right end of the bar and open the counter. Walk over to the oven and spread butter on bread. Now go over and open the door on the right and leave the mansion.

Go back to the Bar and Grill again. Open the door and go inside, then sing.