Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office BustLeisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust

Year:  2009

Genre:  Adult

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Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust is the eighth in a long series of games revolving around the exploits of Larry Laffer, a hapless, crude, middle-aged man looking for female companionship. This continues from the previous game, Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude. This game again sees you control Larry Lovage, nephew of Larry Laffer. You are sent to your uncle's adult film studio to investigate a possible mole on the site. The series continues with Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Don't Dry.

Story Missions

These story missions are completed in the order outlined below. From time to time other missions will become available; these can be dreamscapes which are launched by dreaming in front of a billboard (on the backlots), missions to get girls or racing games. There are also 100 awards to collect scattered around the main lot.

Call Me Al

Clean the 2 lots of graffiti at ground level, then climb up the ladder and clean all the higher graffiti as indicated on your map. Wall-jump up the crates to get on to the roof, and go and answer the phone. Follow the map to the green dot to find Kip's building, then go in through the reception and head up the stairs and into Kip's office.

Gone on the Wind

Talk to Al at the vehicle warehouse, then go to the street set and talk to Damone. Collect all 15 pieces of the script, then return to where you started.

The Postman Always Rings Thrice

Go to the mailroom and talk to Merv, then go back outside and get into the mail buggy. Deliver each of the packages (Uncle Larry is on level P if you use the elevator), then return the buggy to the mailroom.

One Camera, Two Girls

Talk to Merv in the mailroom, then go and visit Damone at his trailer. Head to the reception building, then when you spot the girls, you have 5 minutes to reach the roof of this building - go into the mailroom and head up to the roof, then walk over the tightrope to get there. Take the pictures, then you have 5 minutes to return to Damone. Finally, take the original pictures back to Merv at the mailroom.


Visit Merv yet again, then you have 2 minutes to get outside to the mail buggy and drive to the marked location. Head into the reception building and upstairs to Kip's office. Go back outside and meet the journalist, then drive to Damone's trailer - you have 2 more minutes.

Jurassic Clark

Head to Denise's office (just go upstairs in the Executive offices). You now have 6 minutes to get to soundstage 1. Talk to Hugh, then go back outside and drive to the theatre. Go inside and upstairs to find Clark. Drive Clark back to Hugh and talk to him again.

Director Game Tutorial

Talk to Hugh to see the director game tutorial, then have a go at the game yourself.

A Fistful of Larry

Go to soundstage 1 and talk to Hugh, then enter the prop workshop. Go into the second room and jump up to get the cowboy costume. Head next door into the costume workshop and use the wardrobe to get changed into the cowboy costume. Head all the way out to the western backlot and find Hugh. Beat up the stuntmen.

Flaming Saddles

Go and see Kip in the reception building. Now head to the wild west backlot and get on the horse. Ride to the target. Get in the nearby car and drive around to the small pile of rubble near the roof you are aiming for. Climb on to the buggy then up the side of the building. Move the crate so you can keep climbing up, then plant the explosives. Return to the horse and ride to the next target. Climb up on to the power substation, then return to your horse. Go to the reception building and plant the final fireworks on the roof. Take the horse to Damone's trailer to complete the mission.

Clue... Less

Go to the executive offices and up to see Denise. Find a vehicle, as you'll need one to complete this mission within the time limit. Go to find Al in the vehicle warehouse and you will find your first clue. Continue driving now to find each of the clues.

Spies Are Us

Talk to Al, then head to the post-production building and get the wire tap equipment. Head to Kip's office and use the tap. Kill all the guards that arrive, then head outside and climb up to the satellite dish (you need to wall jump between the pillars, then walk across some wires). Adjust the dish position until you get the signal.

The Fell Guy

Go and see Hugh in soundstage 2, then head to the costume workshop and get the horror costume. Get changed, then head to the horror set and find Hugh again. Run and find the shovel - you have 3 minutes. Now jump up to get the crossbow and kill all the stuntmen. Run back to Hugh.

Skylight Robbery

Head to the reception building and talk to Kip in his office. Now you have 10 minutes to get to each of the targets and disable the fireworks (you will need to beat up some guards at the first two locations). Go and talk to Al when you are done.

Fingering the Mole

Go up to Denise in the executive offices and she will give you a camera. Head to the reception building, and you will see Kip running away from some guards. Quickly (within 5 minutes) get to the roof of the post production building, taking care of 2 guards when you get there. Take 2 photos of Kip, then proceed to the roof of the prop warehouse. Take 2 more photos, and go to the roof of the executive offices. Take a final 2 photos. Return to Denise to complete the mission.

Salvaging the Situation

Go and see Hugh in soundstage 3. Leave and go to the prop workshop to find the Bytanic costume. Head across to the costume workshop and get changed. Go to the Bytanic set, which is on the horror backlot. Talk to Hugh, then you have 4 minutes to rescue the 7 crates from the water, using the nearby crane.

Kipee'yi-yay Muthafucker

Go and see your uncle Larry in his penthouse. You now have 5 minutes - go outside and find the fire escape on the side of the theatre building. Climb up to the fireworks, then beat up the 2 guards and Kip - Kip will run away when he reaches around half of his health. Quickly push the fireworks into the safe location. Now head to the top of soundstage 2 and repeat this process. Finally go to the top of the executive offices for the final showdown.


Western Dreamscape

Head up to the billboard on the western backlot to start your first dreamscape.

Plains, Trains & Horses?

Get on the horse and gallop through the checkpoints. Eventually you will reach a point where you have 1 minute to get to the next checkpoint.

Throw Larry from the Train

Press the 3 buttons when prompted to get on to the train. Run along the train and beat up the bad guys. Keep going along the train, using the crates to jump up to subsequent carriages. After saving the pair of girls, jump on to carriage with the hay bales, then jump over the side and climb along the railing on the right. Jump over the next carriage then pull the 3 levers until they make a clicking sound.

Gunfighter (Small Edition)

Go to the green marker to start the gun fight. Take cover behind the barrel for the best chance at surviving.

The Good, the Dead, and the Ass Bandits

Keep shooting the ass bandits to protect the hearse. You then have 3 minutes to complete the rest of this mission. Climb up the path in the side of the mountain using your wall jumping ability. Climb up into the narrow ledges and shimmy around the corner, then wall jump up again. Finally take a long double leap across to the boulder. Push it off the edge, then climb down to the hearse again. Get on the horse and ride back to the saloon.

Miner 69'er

Talk to all the targets around town (you can leave out the guy on the balcony at the saloon, you don't need him), then head to the prospector - go out of town, over the little bridge and around to an old fashioned elevator that is out of service. Go around a little bit further to find an elaborate path down the canyon. Talk to the prospector.

...Oh My Darling Dynamite!

Get on the elevator and head back into town. Wall jump between two of the buildings next to the saloon, then jump across to the roof of the saloon and down on to the balcony. Take the photographs of Ginger. Enter the saloon and talk to Jenna:

  • Wasn't me, hey don't I know you?
  • You're on! Let's get drunk!
  • You could call me a Maverick
  • I'm planning a memorial heist
  • You need a good scoundrel

Head upstairs into Ginger's room and take the dynamite. Head outside to the undertaker's, then head to Booty Hill. Get the dynamite, then head all the way back to the prospector (using the elevator).

Safecracker Lovage

Head back into town and go to the meat supply store. Climb the boxes down the side, then on to the roof. Leap across using the wooden ramp and climb up the grille to reach the roof of the bank. Go down through the skylight. Now walk through the corridors to the locked door. Grab the key from another office, then go back and unlock the door. In the next area avoid the two guys (or beat them up), then go into one of the small rooms and drag the heavy box into the middle of the room - this opens the doors in the other room. Go there now and you will blow up the building. Open the safe.

Larry Get Your Gun

Shoot 5 women and 4 horses within the time limit. Go and see the sheriff at the Livery.

Stinky and the Bandits

Talk to all the targets around town, then head to the ranch. After dressing up as a cactus, slowly make your way to Amy. Shoot the ass bandits, then try to go to Amy again. Kill the final bandit in the house.

Wild West Director Game

Direct the final scene of this movie.

Horror Dreamscape

Head to the billboard on the horror backlot to start the horror dreamscape.

The Not So Great Escape?

Go to the gate, but it is locked and there is a note to read there. Go towards the watchtower, then turn around and enter the barn. Go to the controls, then get the gas can and go back to turn on the machinery. Climb and jump up to reach the ladder, then walk outside along the rope to get the key from the watchtower.

Cabin Creeper

Walk to the cabin, then sneak past Merv to get the key. Press the buttons in the right order to stay alive.

Teen-Sex Chainsaw Massacre

Light your hair on fire, then escort a girl to her dorm. Repeat this two more times - you will need to relight your hair with the third girl, but at least she will be safe on the balcony by then. With the final girl, escort her halfway, then go and scare the madman away while you are still on fire. Sprint back and light your hair and continue to escort the girl to her balcony; you may need to even light your hair a third time for her. After she is safe, follow the madman to the next location by jumping over the canoes in the water.

The Wicker Women

Set your hair on fire with the torch, then light each of the other 4 torches in the shape of a pentagram. Now head back over the canoes and to the target.

The Mob of the Dead

Kill the zombies until your 3 minute timer runs out, then quickly take the ticket.

The Devil's Ride

Shoot all the zombies on your ride to the next location.

Children of the Maize

Pull the rock out, then climb up the vines and double jump to grab the ledge. Now climb up and out using the beams and platforms. Go through the door, then navigate the maze, avoiding the zombies, to reach a mansion.

Dracula's Monster

Shoot Igor repeatedly, then kill the zombies and Igor.

High Spirits

Go up the stairs and around to the knight statue, then push it over the edge. Go down and push it onto the platform just to the left. Now move the other two knights onto their respective platforms (each has to cross the room to sit on the far platform). The chandeliers will drop down, so you can jump across them, on to the ladder, and up to the exit in the ceiling.

Horror Director Game

Direct the final scene of this movie.

Bytanic Dreamscape

Head to the billboard on the Bytanic backlot and dream your way into the final dreamscape.

Mast and Commander

Talk to the man up on the deck above you, then go over to the crane. Go back to the upper deck and pull the crate to the middle, then climb on it and jump up to the rope. Walk along the rope in the direction of the main deck, then jump a couple of times and climb up on to the higher rope. Walk back towards the back of the boat to get the flag. Use the winch to raise the flag (press the buttons as indicated).

Crane Man

Use the left crane to pick up the large crate from the hold and drop it on the deck. Push the crate all the way over to the right, next to the right hold. Go up and use the right crane to lift it over the hold, then push it to the area indicated. Climb onto the crate and jump up to the level above, then run around to the next site.

Das Booze

Talk to all the targets, then enter the cargo hold. Use the disguise to avoid the guards and get the alcohol.

Icebergs Ahead!

Climb down, jump over the icebergs, and climb back up to the other deck.

Sleepers Creepers...

Sneak around and get the hat, then quickly head away from the old man towards the target.


Go to the target and play shuffleboard - beat Ginger to earn your first class ticket.


Jump on the chair near the shuffleboard game, then on to the nearby roof. Jump up to the rope and walk to the crow's nest, then get on the next rope to reach the deck the bird is on. Sneak up behind the bird and retrieve the notebook.

Going Down on Something Long and Hard

Jump over the icebergs, then climb up the ropes to get close to the ship. Now climb and jump up the side to reach the target. Pull Lily up.

Bytanic Director Game

Direct the final scene of this movie.

Optional Missions

Employee of the Moment

Go to the executive offices and head up to the second floor to see the Employee of the Moment board. There are a total of 7 girls that will appear here, as outlined below.


Head over to the reception building and talk to Anna. Next go to the mailroom and into the locker room to find the spray. Go back and talk to Anna again, and give these answers to her questions:

  • Just jogging by
  • I love a healthy girl
  • Squat thrusts in the park
  • I fill a good tightend
  • I can fit you in after practice


Head to the editing suite and upstairs to talk to Tammy. Go back outside and into the sound workshop next door. Get the cd, then head back and talk to Tammy again:

  • All music moves me
  • What a coincidence... I'm deaf!
  • Heart to heart with a beautiful woman
  • I wanted to understand disability
  • Let our heightened senses lead the way


Go to soundstage 2 and talk to Olga. Head outside then to the costume workshop and go upstairs to find the G-string. Go back to Olga and answer her questions:

  • America is our Oyster
  • Because I too hail from the Motherland
  • Dosvedanya!
  • As long as we're together


Go to the broadcast unit next to the satellite array. Talk to Janine, then head to the props workshop and get the game console. Return to Janine and answer her questions:

  • This? it's mine... for you
  • You should check out my arcade
  • I make my own games actually
  • A shooter... called "Janine"
  • So long as we play for kisses


Head to the reception building, then go upstairs and find the medical station. Talk to Chesty, then head outside and into the theatre. Run through to the area behind the screen to find the germ spray, then return to the medical station. Talk to Chesty again:

  • I'm a virgin with days to live
  • Only the right woman can cure me
  • I'm a fastidious cleaner
  • My body is a temple
  • We'll change the face of medicine


Go to soundstage 1 and into the makeup area to find Cherry. After talking to her, go to the Bytanic set and get the teddy bear. Return to Cherry and answer her questions:

  • It's from my teddy factory
  • All kinds of fluffy animals
  • Oh sweet Cherry its impossible
  • Nothing, let me treat you
  • Great! I have a twin "Barry Bovage"


Go to the editing suite and talk to Eva:

  • I'm a wealthy Rap artiste
  • Paris' legal fees
  • Only the 10 sexiest women allowed. You're in!
  • I'll have my butler meet you on Rodeo
  • The charity is for responsible sex... Show me how?


There are a total of 9 races to complete in the game - there are 3 on the main lot and 2 on each backlot. Just talk to the racing helmet guy to start the race at each location.