Leisure Suit Larry 6Leisure Suit Larry 6

Shape Up or Slip Out

Game Details:  Adult, 1993

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  5/30/2001

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out is the fifth in a long series of games revolving around the exploits of Larry Laffer, a hapless, crude, middle-aged man looking for female companionship. This continues from the previous game, Leisure Suit Larry 5: Passionate Patti Does a Little Undercover Work, although none of the previous plot points are included in this game. After winning a TV game show, Larry finds himself in an expensive spa resort, where he returns to his normal ways. The series continues with Leisure Suit Larry 7: Love for Sail.

Day 1

When you arrive in the front lobby of La Costa Lotta, talk to the girl behind the desk, to find out she wants a machine fixed. You will also get your room key from her. Head right up the stairs and unlock and enter your room. Read the pink, red and blue cards in your room, then use the telephone and ring the Turn Down Service, followed by Room Service. Go into the bathroom and discover you are out of supplies, so head back to the phone and call Housekeeping. Now leave your room to find a maid's cart - take some toilet paper, soap, hand creme, a towel and a washcloth. Walk away and look at the back of the cart, then grab some toilet seat covers and dental floss. Go back into your room and turn on the faucet in the bathroom. Phone Maintenance, then leave your room and go back downstairs.

Take a random key from the quick checkout bin in the lobby, then return to your room again. Take the condom from the bed, then go into the bathroom to find the maintenance guy. Steal a wrench and file, then talk to the plumber and leave the bathroom. When you attempt to leave your room, the plumber goes, so head back into the bathroom. Turn on the water (now clear) and use the soap to wash your hands, then use the washcloth. Use the toilet, then use the toilet seat cover on the toilet, and the toilet paper when you are done. Leave the bathroom, and take the flowers before leaving your room again.

Head left out of the lobby, and through the door to the north into the Health Spa lobby. Take the brochure from the desk, then go through the left door. Give your flowers to the woman here, to get an orchid. Return through the lobby to the right, then go through the north door to the dining room. Go through the swinging doors and search the trash can to get a can of lard. Return to the Health Spa lobby and go through the 2nd door from the left. Go through the locker room into the shower room, and remove the different tile from the bathroom wall to get an interesting view. Continue north into the mud baths room. Remove the plants from the stairs, then use the wrench to turn the camera so that it views the women's bathroom.

Head through the right-most door and talk to Thunderbird, who wants some handcuffs. Return to the front lobby and head south, into the gatehouse - note the viewscreen! Take the handcuffs, then go and give them to Thunderbird. If there is still a girl on the bun-shaker, leave the room and come back again until she is gone. Take the rubber belt, then return to the Health Spa lobby. Go through the right-most door and grease the piston on the left with the lard. Fix the hole in the yellow hose with the rubber belt. Loosen the tank lid with your wrench, then open the lid and take the filter. Go to the kitchen and wash the filter in the sink (while you're there, put your wet washcloth in the fridge), then return here and re-insert the filter. Close the lid and tighten it with the wrench, then pull the big lever - it works! Return to the hotel lobby and tell Gammie you fixed the machine.

When you arrive there, attach her with the straps, and pull the lever again. Gammie asks for an orange, so head to the dining room. Search through the ice on the buffet table and you will find an orange. While you are here, head into the kitchen and grab the washcloth from the fridge (it should now be cold). Go and give the orange to Gammie, then talk to her again. She will ask for a cool cloth, so give it to her straight away, and she will then want some mineral water. Head right 3 screens past the hotel lobby and there should be a bottle of water there for you to take. Go back and give it to Gammie, and she will leave you. Head out of the Health Spa lobby and go left to find 3 doors. Knock on the right one, then the middle one to find Thunderbird (and a painful experience).

Day 2

When you wake up, remove the diamond from your dog collar. Now head to the lobby, then left all the way out of the hotel, and north to the beach. Dig up the lamp from the beach sand, then fill it with cellulite from the Suck Off machine. Go back to the weights room, then go through the door to the right into the gym. Use the free step to join the class, and when it is over, talk to the instructor and get her badge. Go out through the right door, and take the beaver, then leave through the west opening. Go down the stairs here to find a bar. If the singer is not here, leave and come back again. Deliberately trip over her cord so you can look and talk to her - she wants a beer. Look at the bar and grab a match, then leave the bar and head east until you leave the hotel. Insert the badge in the gate and enter the campground.

Enter the tent and get some beer from the barrel. Walk back and give it to Burgundy - she wants more, so go get another six-pack and return to give it to her. Now she wants to meet you in the sauna. Go to the men's locker room and open the lower right locker. Change into just the towel, then walk north from the mud baths into the sauna. Take the bracelet after everyone leaves, then take a shower. Now go jump in a mud bath. While you are here, talk to the girl in the mud to find out she wants some batteries. Go and have another shower. Change back into your leisure suit (and get your belongings back) then leave the Health Spa lobby and go down the stairs to the left. Take the cord from the ground and talk to the woman on the right, who wants an evening gown. Go back to the bar, walk up on to the stage and then into the backstage area where you can take the gown. Return to Shablee and give her the gown. This leads to a night-time adventure, where you need to talk to her a few times before giving her the condom.

Day 3

The next morning, go back to the beach and get the champagne. Now go to the hotel and wait for the tram to come by - jump on and go for a ride to the locked gate near the campsite. The driver wants to smoke a cigar, so give him your free match. Quickly open the hood of the tram and disconnect the power cable with the wrench. Offer to help the driver when he returns and can't start the tram - you will get a flashlight. Open the flashlight and take the batteries, then give it back to the driver. Now head back to the mud baths and give the batteries to Charlotte. She wants to get in through the locked door. Use your hand on the cord, then plug it in and zap the lock. Walk in and wait for Charlotte - you will wake up in your room again. Return to the shock room and get the pearl that was left behind. Also return to the bar and get another match.

Head to the swimming pool and look at the floating bar. Take the sunglasses case, and get the sunglasses and cleaning cloth from it. Use the cloth with the dental floss to make a swimsuit. Go to the kitchen and blow up the beaver with the taco truck's tyre. Now return to the pool and wear the swimsuit. Talk to the lifeguard to get the bungee tower key. Open the door to the bungee tower and climb the ladder. Use the file on the random room key to make a copy of the bungee tower key (you could also have made a soap impression of the tower key and made the copy later). Jump down into the pool and use the beaver to float. Head over to the floating bar. Slap your beaver to order a drink for yourself and Merrily. Talk to her and when she asks for it, give her your copied key. As you are climbing the tower at night, look at Merrily for a close-up. At the top, remove your clothes and you will learn the words of wisdom.

Day 4

The next morning, use your champagne on the ice machine outside your room. Next go to the kitchen and open the dumbwaiter with the green button, then get into it and press the red button to reach the penthouse. Light the match with your zipper, then light the lamp with the match. Walk left on to the balcony to meet Shamara. Look at her and talk to her a few times, then give her the bracelet, orchid, pearl, diamond, sculpture, words of wisdom, lamp of knowledge and chilled champagne.