Kosmonavtes: Escape RealityKosmonavtes: Escape Reality

Game Details:  Adventure, 2021

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  3/1/2021

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Kosmonavtes: Escape Reality is a science fiction puzzle game. As Earth's resources are dwindling, you take the role of Vala, one of the first cadets of the Kosmonavtes program, which aims to explore other planets to find a new home for humanity. There are 10 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below. The series continues with Kosmonavtes: Academy Escape.

Chapter 1

Pick up the phone from your desk. Search beneath the pillow to find the phone charger. Now plug your phone into the phone charger to resume the phone call On the hunt....

Pick up the hedge clippers, then go over the river. Use the hedge clippers on the grass in front of the bench, then pick up the dog leash. Look at the stepping stones in the river and count the segments of each of them (7, 3, 6 and 4). Cross the river again. Examine the hot-dog cart, and unlock the combination lock with the code 7364. Grab a hot-dog, then go over the river once more. Give the hot-dog to the dog Good boy!, then use the dog leash on the dog. Collect the ladder, then cross back over the river.

Use the ladder on the hut, then collect the pet carrier. Grab the ladder a gain and go back over the river. Use the ladder on the tree, then get the cat with the pet carrier. Click on the river, then use the following steps to cross successfully:

  • Take the dog to the far side.
  • Take the cat to the far side.
  • Bring the dog back to the near side.
  • Take the hot-dog to the far side.
  • Take the dog to the far side.

When you cross to the far side yourself, you will receive the newspaper.

Chapter 2

Pick up the spray can and the ruler from the two desks, then the yellow key from the coat rack. Go through the door and use the ruler to get the blue key from the rack. Try to open the small cabinet on the left, then use the spray can on it. Now open it and take the paper towel and green key from inside. Return through the door to the first room.

Use the paper towel to clean up the coffee Oops!, then take the stained letters. Count the numbers of blue, green and yellow items in the room (4, 2 and 5). Insert the 3 keys in the drawer and turn them the same number of times:

  • Turn the blue key 4 times so its arrow points to the bottom
  • Turn the green key 2 times so its arrow points to the right
  • Turn the yellow key 5 times so its arrow points to the bottom-left

Take the note and red crayon from inside the drawer. Head through the door again. Examine the mail slots. Put the note on the board to the right and put the stained letters on the bench, then use the crayon on the stained letters to reveal some hidden shapes. Now click on each letter and place it in the appropriate mail slot based on the hidden shape. From left to right, these should be A1, C3, B3, D1, A2 and C2.

Chapter 3

Take the hanger from the cupboard and use it on the fan to get a letter piece. Count the different colored magnets on the fridge: there are 4 red magnets (including the number 1), 7 green magnets (including the number 2), and 3 blue magnets (including the number 3). Look at the green drawer and open it with the code 473, then take the key from inside. Turn on the switch on the wall beneath the oven mitt and note the order of colors. Now use the key on the red door, then head outside.

Use your hanger to get the letter piece from the drain Gone fishing!. Examine the box and press the buttons according to the order of colored lights inside: yellow, blue, green, green, red, blue. Take the wrench and grabber from inside the box. Use the wrench on the lawnmower and take the letter piece from inside. Use the grabber to get 2 more letter pieces from the gutter and the tree.

Return inside and place all of your letter pieces on the board, then examine it. Move the pieces around to fix the letter.

Chapter 4

Pick up the socks and t-shirt. Count the number of glass balls (5) and paper cranes (3) hanging from the ceiling, then examine the locked drawer and open it with the number 53. Take the light bulb from inside. Enter the closet and try to turn on the light. Insert the light bulb, then turn on the light. Now pick up the keyboard, trainers, coat and jeans. Put all of the clothing into the suitcase on the floor, then examine the suitcase. You need to arrange everything so it fits in two layers:

Once you are done All packed..., go back out and use the keyboard on your computer. Examine the computer and solve the nonogram. You have to put in both the trees and the sand to complete the puzzle:

Chapter 5

Pick up the ladder rung from the ground on the left, and note the letters and numbers of branches on the trees (E2, U4). Proceed along the path and get another ladder rung from in front of the car. Look at the trees here as well (V1, N3, S5). Examine the car and enter the code VENUS into the lock, then open the hood of the car Popped the hood!. Take the crowbar and car battery from inside. Use the crowbar on the car door, then grab the jumper cables and another ladder rung.

Return along the path and put all 3 ladder rungs into the ladder, then pick up the metallic ladder. Place the ladder against the E tree, then take the punched card and retrieve the ladder. Head along the path and place the ladder against the N tree. Take the screwdriver and another punched card. Return along the path and use the screwdriver on the panel. Use the car battery and then the jumper cables on the panel to give it power. Now examine the panel and use your 2 punched cards on its sides. Adjust the lights so those with dark circles on the punched cards are lit up:

Chapter 6

Take the crate from the corner of the room. Move the 3 rocks and collect the 3 gems. Examine the colored puzzle on the floor to the left. Insert your 3 gems, then rotate the puzzle segments so the small gems surround the large gems of the same color. You will automatically go down through the hatch to the level below.

Pick up the mirror, rag and hook. Move the crates in the shelves to find 2 more mirrors. Put your crate on the floor in front of the shelves so you can collect another mirror and the hammer from the top shelf. Climb back up and use your hammer on both crates, then take another mirror from one and bring the can out of the other crate. Use the hammer on the can, then dip your rag in the oil. Use the oily rag on the rusty mirror to clean it. Hang your 5 mirrors on the stands around the rest of this room. Use your hook to clear the roots from the 3 holes in the ceiling Let there be light!. Now angle the mirrors to guide the light at the door.

Chapter 7

Note the light flickering 8 times here, then go through the door on the right. Note the light flickering 3 times here. Examine the boom box and take the batteries from inside. Place the white sheet, red blanket and pillow on the bed Domesticated!, then pick up the silver statue. Return to the first room and open the toolbox with the code 83. Take the screwdriver and copper statue from inside. Use the screwdriver on the vent so you can take the flashlight and the bronze statue. Head through the door again.

Look under the bed. Put the flashlight on the floor, then insert the batteries. Pick up the marble statue and metal pipe. Back out and return to the first room. Use the metal pipe on the rusty wall, then take the wooden statue. Examine the scales in the wall and insert all of the statues. Now click on pairs of statues to swap their positions until they are balanced:

  • Left: Marble, wooden, gold
  • Right: Silver, bronze, copper

Chapter 8

Take the rocket-ship magnet from the door, then examine the puzzle on the left wall. Each row, column and path must have 1 of each symbol:

Now you can head through the door. Take the pliers from the toolbox, then search the box on the floor to find a shoe. Open the right sliding door on the wall to find a glass cup. Return to the previous room and use the pliers on each of the crates. Pick up a nail, and take the wine bottle from one of the crates. Examine the right wall. Put the shoe on the wall, then put the wine bottle inside it. Click on the bottle 3 times to force it open Genius!. You will end up with the cork from the bottle.

Use the cup to collect some muddy water, then pour it back on the sand in the middle. Repeat this several times, then pick up the stone. Fill the cup with water again. Go through the door once more. Put the magnet, nail, cork, water and stone on the desk. Use the magnet on the nail to magnetize it. Now combine the magnet with the cork. Use the stone on the nail to force it further into the cork, then put it in the cup of water. Upon entering the maze, go right, right, down, left, up, right, left and up The End.