King's Quest 8King's Quest 8

Mask of Eternity

Game Details:  Fantasy, 1998

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Walkthrough Updated:  1/5/2008

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

King's Quest 8: Mask of Eternity is the eighth in a long-running fantasy adventure game series by Sierra On-Line. It is different from all previous entries in the series, the most recent being King's Quest 7: The Princeless Bride, in that it is primarily an action-adventure. You take the role of Connor, a simple peasant in the Kingdom of Daventry. After a piece of the shattered Mask of Eternity falls at your feet and all the people around you turn to stone, you set off on a quest to recover the other pieces and reunite them, to set the world back in order.

Kingdom of Daventry


Click on the raven and watch the direction it flies off in. Click on the statue, then go inside. Examine the statue of Widow Burke, then get the mushrooms (from the basket) and the shield potion from the shelf. Go outside and head right. Get the mushrooms from in front of the house (and any you see near other houses from now on), then continue down the path, entering Connor's house on the left. Get the dagger from the table in the back, then move the jug on the shelf to reveal some coins to collect. Go outside again. Use your dagger on the bullseye on the side of the house to get some experience, then click on the raven on the fence and follow it. Head past Sarah's house and the Church, watching out for arrows. Go to the wizard and get the magic map. Return past the church and climb the cliff on the right. Walk to the edge and jump to the roof of the mausoleum. Walk to the far end of the roof and ready your dagger. You will drop off the edge and kill the Spriggan. Turn around and take the crossbow, then exit through the back of the cemetery to avoid some zombies.

Turn left at the fork in the road, and enter the first house on the right. Click on goodwife Simms. Take the gold from the shelf, then open the box and take some more gold. Get the mushrooms from the table and the boots from beside the bed, then leave the house. Eat the fish, then go behind the farmhouse, killing the monster and the zombie, and taking everything they drop. Head north to the fountain and have a drink, then northwest to the tavern. Go inside and open the chest to get some gold. Get the gloves from the bench, then go up the ramp and get the crystal from the trunk before going outside. Continue northwest, hitting the barrels outside the tavern to get some items. Kill the monster guarding the bridge then go across and kill some more monsters before entering Kavanaugh's house. Inside, get the mushrooms and note the fact a child lived there once. Go outside and around the house to the right. Kill the monster in the outhouse, then head south into the windmill. Note the axe in the ceiling - push the hay bale beneath it then jump up and get the axe. Jump down and kill the henchman waiting outside, taking the stuff he drops when he dies.

Head north then take the east path and go back to the fountain. Enter the mill to the southwest. Look up and notice the rope, then go back outside. Go to the north side of the mill and chop down the tree, then go back inside. Now that the wheel has stopped, jump up and get the rope, then jump down and exit. Head north to the waterfall, and go to its west side. Use the rope to climb up, then push the blocks to reveal an opening in the waterfall. Go through.

Castle Daventry

Follow the tunnel to the end and pull the candle to open the door. Click on the painting of King Graham, then push it by walking into it. Take the key, then follow the southern passage and collect the ashes. Walk to the statue of King Graham and click on the mirror when it starts shimmering. Exit the castle.


Head east from the waterfall, and once on the path follow it to the north. Go east at the fork, killing zombies on the way. Continue to the tomb of King James, and after you kill the Spriggan, King James will talk to you. Chop down the gate, and go inside. Open the tomb by walking into it, and take the ring. Go outside and continue east - talk to the unicorn, who wants you to return her horn. Go back to the west and enter the castle keep ruins. Quickly turn left to kill one monster, before spinning around and killing another. Pull all three chains in the two front rooms to disarm a booby trap, then follow one of those rooms around to find a locked door. Use the key to discover the teleporter room. Go back to the courtyard and climb the ramp to the right. Kill the monster then head east, climb another ramp, and kill another monster. Get the leather breast plate and potions, then exit the castle.

Run back to the fountain near the tavern and have another drink. Continue east and break down the alchemist's door with your axe. Take the shielding potion, exilir of life and scroll, then leave. Go back to the fountain again and head south to the blocked door to the church. Use the rope to climb up the side, then walk towards the window and climb down. Take the candle, then go to the front of the church and push the urn. Looking through the window, you can see a portal in the mausoleum. Climb back out of the church, and kill the zombies in the graveyard before entering the mausoleum. Go through the portal, but you will be thrown back out by a Shadow Bane. Outside, follow the raven back to the wizard. Talk to him, then give him the candle, ring and ashes, and he will make your ring of illumination.

Enter the water behind the wizard, and continue west to reach an island. Climb up the mountain to reach the wizard's house. Get the potion from under the table, and use the pen. Use the piece of paper on the spinning globe, then drink the new potion. Open the trunk that has been revealed, and get the bell, then go back outside. Climb down and put the bell on the stand, then hit it 3 times with your axe. The lady of the lake will appear and give you a sword. Head back to the mausoleum and go through the portal.

Dimension of Death

Make a note of the symbols in the entry here, then go forward and kill 4 skeletons. Head east (ignoring the locked door) and look at the single flaming pedestals - you will see a slot. Find the altar with the spinning Level of Life and take it. Continue north and click on the fallen warrior in the middle of the crates. Take the piece of shield, then place the Lever in each of the single pedestals in turn and bump into it each time (to turn it). Now go through the door.

Jump to each of the 5 symbols from the start of the level to reach Azriel, who will give you a key. When you leave his inner sanctum, run around to the other side of the building and continue north to unlock a locked gate. Kill the 3 waiting skeletons. Head west, turning left at the end and then right. Shoot the skeletons standing on the box, then continue south. Turn left and shoot the urns as you approach. Jump onto their platform and flip the switch (to disarm a booby trap). Head south, turn right and avoid the fire. Shoot the urns again and head north - note the locked door. Continue northwest. Kill the skeletons and shoot the urns, then head southwest and then west. Turn north at the end and hug the west wall (killing zombies along the way) to reach a large clearing.

Move the metal crate to release a pressure plate, then head north and climb the pedestal. Read the message about "lighting torches of righteousness". Move the remaining 3 crates to light the green flames. Make sure that you pick up any rocks you find from this point onwards. Now go to the Sylph of Inner Beauty, in the centre of this area. Talk to her, then drink from the fountain, and talk to her again - she asks you to bring her rust and mold. Now head directly south, past the statue of Azriel, and through the passage. Take the left passage and kill 2 skeletons, then read another inscription: "three holds the key to creation". Go back and take the right passage, jumping over the metal crate, then walking through the boxes to find a girl. Talk to her about her brother, then push the metal create forward and the girl will escape. Go back to the Sylph, and head north along the west wall. Kill 3 skeletons, then turn right, left, left and right again.

Click on the boatman, who will tell you to seek the Bridge of Life. Exit left from the docks, then turn immediately right and read "7 holds the key to the rhythms of life". Continue north to reach the river. Go east to the end, then start heading south and east, killing all the skeletons you can find. You will get a square key from a chest (far south east), and will find a dying man to talk to about the Hammer of Azriel (near the centre of the map). Head south and use the square key in the door.

Kill all the skeletons and pick up everything they drop, including a round key. Go to the tower in the east of the map and climb up. Kill the skeleton at the top (you need to gradually back him off the tower). Climb down and get the chain mail. By this stage you should have 3 rocks. Head to the central tower (in the middle of the map) and climb to the top. Cross the bridge and get the rock from the right. Climb down again, and throw your 4 rocks on the 4 pressure plates. If you don't have all the rocks, kill a zombie so that it falls on a pressure plate. Head to the north of the map and dip the shield in the black river of death to get rust. Also in this area is a section of the maze you will note as smelling moldy - get some mold and heaps of mushrooms from here. Now head back to the fountain area. Give the mold and rust to the Sylph in exchange for protection.

Hall of Respite

Enter the Hall of Respite and ready your crossbow. Kill the skeletons across the river. Jump onto the boxes and jump across the river. Now look at the shelves of skulls and remember the messages you have received. Take the seventh skull from the left shelf, third (bottom) row. Take the potion, then push a pillar into the water, run along it and jump, then leave.

Hall of War

Go into the Hall of War and cross the broken bridge. Take the potion of strength, put the skull on the headless statue, then take the feather and exit.

Hall of Immortality

Enter the Hall of Immortality and take the potion. Note the heart, then exit.

Hall of Justice

Take the potion from this Hall, then put the feather on the right side of the scales. Walk to the left and you will automatically jump onto it. Azriel will appear and the heart will start beating. Now exit this Hall.

Head to the northwest part of the map and use the round key in the locked door. Kill all the skeletons, then go to the east wall and flip all 4 switches. This opens the gate, allowing access to the hallway between the cells. Walk down the hallway, killing the spirits as you go. Head back to the switch area and go to the west wall. Note that the first switch is already flipped. Flip all 4 switches on the south wall, then go back to the west one and flip the second switch. Flip all 4 south switches again, then the third west one. Flip all 4 south ones, the last west one, and finally all 4 south ones again. The cells should now all be open, so take everything from them. In the last cell on the left, pull the lever to open the double doors in the switch room. Go to those doors and drink a potion of reveal. Arm yourself and go inside. Kill the spectre, then climb the ramp, jump over the spirits, grab the hammer and leave.

Run through the hall of cells, and turn left at the centre. Continue forward to fight a very difficult battle. Climb the bridge and throw the hammer at the lever to the left on the other side of the river. The bridge will lower. Go back and get the 4 rocks from their plates, then cross the bridge and enter the portal.

The Swamp

Start heading west until you reach a large tree (the Oracle of the Tree). He will ask you for a piece of gold in exchange for information - keep giving him gold until he runs out of things to say. Now head southwest, and jump up and enter the first shack you come across. Get the gloves from the shelf and the gold from the trunk, then leave. In the next shack, break down the boards, open the trunk, break into the next room and get the horn. Take the gold from another trunk, then leave. Now head east to find the whispering weeds. Walk close to them (without making them disappear) and use the horn to hear then say that the mask piece is in the Witch's Tower.

Head back to the portal, then northeast through the mushrooms, hugging the mountainside. Find the golden mushroom and get a piece of it using your sword. Head west and drink from the well. Try to avoid the roots of the Mandragor tree, and continue until you reach a skeleton. Take his bow and arrow. Continue northwest and find the teleporter room (the shack on stilts). Now head northeast through the break in the mountains, keeping an eye out for carnivorous plants. Continue until you find the wisps - give them a secret (by clicking on them) in exchange for a flower that protects you from the toxic swamp water, and then again for information about the Golden Ladle.

Head past the whispering weeds and then continue west to find the Witch's Tower. Continue to the left and kill the witch. Look through the locked gate and you will see a sandbag. Shoot it to open the gate, then go through. Turn right and take the horn out of the dead creature. Click twice on the cauldron, then climb the ramp, being careful to avoid the arrow traps. Break all the barrels at the top, then go out to the ledge. Walk around the outside of the tower, picking up some nice items, then go back inside. Throw a rock to spring the spike booby trap, then walk through and climb the ramp. Turn right and get the new armour, then open the trunk to get a piece of mask. You will need to use some potions to defeat the henchman who appears behind you. Pick up the dead monster's hand, then exit the tower.

Once outside, head northwest to reach a bridge. Walk around to the other side, then climb up and cross the bridge to the door. Use the severed hand on the door to open it and discover the stump puzzle. Jump forward-right, forward-right, forward, left, forward-left, backward-left, left, forward-left, and then forward-right to the end. Kill the 2 creatures and read the sign above the trunk before opening it and getting the golden ladle. Pull the two handles to reveal the gate control. Pull the control, then leave (jump straight across this time), climb back down and head to the teleporter. Go to Daventry, and give the horn to the unicorn, in exchange for a crystal pyramid. Visit Gwennie in the home where you noticed a child must live. Talk to her, get the gold and talk again, before returning to the swamp. Now go back to the Witch's Tower. Use the ladle on the cauldron and you will have a conversation with King Mudge; a portal to the Gnome Realm will open.

Underground Realm of the Gnomes

Grab all the mushrooms and the rock on the right. Break the barrels then head north to find a pressure plate. Use the rock to open the doors. Kill the manta, then turn right and follow the passage to the end. Get the rock and talk to the gnome, then go back and head left this time, following the passage and ignoring the first left passage. Turn right and kill the mantas, then turn right again to find pressure 3 plates. Head back to the previous passage and kill the rock demon, then open the door. Buy the best that you can afford, then go back to that side passage you skipped earlier. Follow this passage, killing rock demons and mantas as you go. Ignore the left side passage for now and go through the doors at the dead end. Make another purchase, leaving at least 250 gold (you can always come back later if you don't have enough gold now). Leave the shop and follow the skipped passage, heading up the ramp. Go right first, then explore to the left. Go down the stairs on the right and follow the passage to its end, wiping out 2 zombies en route. Carefully cross the narrow dark pathway, then get the potion and talk to the old man. Hit the crystal and take the piece that has broken off, then leave.

Jump back up the stairs, then turn right and follow the passage. At the fork, turn right and Jump over the break in the ground, then kill some monsters and break off some of the glowing substance to take with you. Go back to the fork and turn right to locate the teleporter. Return to the 3 pressure plates and place a rock on the left one, then one on each of the other 2. Cross the bridge and follow the tunnel, taking the left passage to find the apothecary. Click on the small statue to find out about the Essence of Sun Tzu. She will ask for iron, tree root, amber glow and 250 coins, so leave for now. Go back to the main passage and break the lock with your hammer - take it. Open the doors and kill the Spriggan. Follow the passage, ignoring the first left, and turning left at the end, to walk down the ramp and kill the Rock Demon. Follow the passage again, turning right when you can. Climb up the rock face at the end, and follow the passage to the left. Chop a root from the wall and take it with you, then head back to the padlocked door. Make a right at the opening, just before the door. Follow the passage to the boulders. Walk as close as you can, getting ready to start running when the boulder enters.

Continue following the path to the doors. Open them and go inside. The Sage Gnome will ask for a lode stone to help you exit the Gnome Realm, so leave. Go past the boulders, following the tunnel to the fork. Turn left and then right at the next fork, continuing to reach a brick wall on your left. Continue straight up the ramp, killing 2 rock demons. Climb up and follow the passage to a boulder, which you should push into the hole. Jump in after it, and push the boulder so that it goes down the ramp and smashes the wall. Go through the hole and put the crystal in the purple crystal on the wall to generate some light.

Follow this passage and kill the wyrm. Pick up the black diamond, then continue forward. Click on the purple crystal, then take the dark pyramid and the lodestone. Go back to the Sage Gnome and give him the lodestone - your map will be updated. Now return to the Apothecary and give her the ingredients and money in exchange for the Essence of Sun Tzu. Go to the teleporter room and teleport to the Barren Region.

The Barren Region

Head west to the bridge, picking up crystals as you find them. Watch out for the ants, and for Pyro Demons in the lava. After crossing the bridge, continue north to reach a village, and enter the first hut on the left. Talk to the Shaman, who can resurrect the dead for 25 gold coins. In the opposite hut, the weapons dealer needs a black diamond and metal shaft to make a weapon to defeat the basilisk. Head up the hill to the west and enter the Sanctuary of Stone of Order. Cross the bridge to the south, and talk to the guy with the horn, who will tell you the stone has disappeared. Enter the Blacksmith Shop, although the Blacksmith won't help you yet. Now head back down to the ground, then northwest to find a broken bridge. The solution to get across is:

NW, N, N
SE, E, E, E, E
SW, S, S
W, W, W, NW, NW
NE, E, E, E, NE

Now head north, climb up the ramp and take the fire gem. A spirit will appear and tell you that the fire dwarves have another piece of the mask. Head back south and through the mountains to the east. Head north to another broken bridge and cross it to reach a wall to climb. You need to shot the gongs in correct order, from lowest pitch to highest - the far central one, then middle left, first right, far right, first left, far left and middle right. You can now get the stone. Return to the sanctuary and put the stone in the pedestal near the horn guy. Now go back to the blacksmith and talk to him - he will give you a metal shaft. Give this and the diamond to the weapons dealer in exchange for a pike.

Head south across the bridge and keep going south to the lava. Head east up the hill until you reach the blocks in the lava. Jump the blocks to reach the cliff, then climb up and ready your pike. Step to the edge of the cliff and you will automatically kill the basilisk. Turn around and cross the bridge. Go to the right of the temple, then climb up and jump in the hole. Take the sword from the sarcophagus, and open the panel to get a potion. Click on the dwarf and get the key he drops. Note the pattern of shapes along the top of the walls. Go to the sarcophagus and push the pressure plates in the order on the wall - moon, triangle, circle, square - a door will open. Go through, open the panel and take the potion and suit of armour, then exit the room and climb out. Go back to the basilisk and use your new sword to chop off his tongue and take it with you.

Head to the south west of the map. Kill the 2 dwarves, then use your key to open the door. Follow the path, killing dwarves as they appear. On the wall to the right are three buttons - shoot the first one to extend a bridge. Cross it, then pull the lever to free a trapped woman, who will tell you about a crystal sceptre and open a door for you. Get the pipe cap from the cell. Go through the door and push the symbols as before: moon, triangle, circle, square. Take the second pipe cap, then go back across the bridge. Now shoot the second button and cross the bridge to get the third mask piece from the trunk. Kill the henchman who appears behind you and take all of his loot. Finally shoot the third button and kill the dwarf, then cross the bridge to reach the elevator room.

Put a pipe cap on one pipe then enter the elevator. Turn around and shoot the button to go up. Exit and take the sceptre and potion of reveal, then get back in the elevator and shoot the button again. Put on the other pipe cap, then go back inside and shoot the button one more time.

Frozen Reaches

Head south to the Snow Palace and talk to Freesa. Try to give her the sceptre, but she will let you keep it. Now head east to the dragon and use the sceptre on her - she can't take you anywhere until the gate is opened. Look at the broken chain hanging from the ceiling. Push the ice block beneath it, then jump up and grab the chain to open the gate. Again use the sceptre on the dragon, and you will fly across the lake.

Head north to the East Tower, killing two orcs and getting a crossbow on the way. Climb the wall to get inside, then go through the open doorway. Pull the lever to open a trap door, then jump in. Shoot the barrels, then get the potions from the trunk and leave. Head northeast and kill the snowmen. At the top of the hill you will be attacked - quickly drink a potion of reveal and kill the invisible monster. Continue forward to reach a sword in a block of ice. Walk onto the ice, and throw a rock until it breaks. Now use your fire gem on the ice to melt it, then get the sword.

Head south, then west around the East Tower, then north up a large slope. Shoot the orcs on the other side of the lake from you, then walk around to the left, being careful to avoid the water. Walk behind the guardhouse (around the left) then climb up. Click on the grate, and watch the cutscene. Move forward to the jail and talk to the Gryph King. Pull the lever on the other side of the room, then exit to the balcony. Jump off and kill the guard, who will drop a key. Get it, then climb back up and free the king. When you leave, you will be attacked and will fall through a grate. Kill Thork at the bottom. Take the amulet from the trunk, and get the ice shard. Notice the trunk behind the locked gate, and the slot in the wall. Open the front door and put the ice shard in the gap in the floor. Use the flame sword to melt it, then the crossbow to freeze it again. Pick it up (and also the rock in the corner of the room if you need it). Put the ice lever in the slot in the wall to open the gate. Get the fourth mask piece from the trunk, then kill the henchman. Go back to the dragon, who will take you back across the lake.

From the dragon's cave, head south then west, following the trail to another cave. Talk to the Gryph King to receive a blue adamant. Go back across the lake with the dragon, and back to the guardhouse. Climb up and put the blue adamant, tongue and mushroom on the chair. Pull the lever for a bonus in armour and weapons ratings, then climb down. Use the amulet on the pillar to the west. From here, continue north and kill some monsters. Climb the wall and kill the drake. Keep going, and drop through a hole. Head down the hall towards the next realm.

Paradise Lost

Follow the path to an altar, where you must use the clear crystal pyramid to be transported to the next realm.

Realm of the Sun

Level 1

Kill the henchman, then exit the room and turn left. Note the hole in the ceiling. Kill the snake near the wall, then climb up. Break the urn and grab the medallion before climbing back down. Exit the room and head down the hall. Turn left and kill another henchman, then continue to the end of the hall. Kill 2 more guys then open the panels with the red crystals. Head north and kill the snakes, then take a left, and another left into the temple. Listen to the voices for clues, and take the tablet from the altar, then exit.

Head towards the north-east part of the map, and talk to the archon. He will open the door for you, so go inside. Walk towards the monster and he will transform into a key as you approach. Leave, then head south and use the key on the door. Take the sword, and something will be written on the tablet. Head all the way to the north-west corner and use the tablet on the door.

Level 2

Follow the passage past the locked door on the left. Continue forward and kill 3 henchman. Head left, and keep going until you find an unlit candle on the wall. Pull this to open the locked door from before. Go back to that doorway and go through to get the last piece of mask. Two henchman will be waiting this time. Now head to the very north-east room on the map. Henchmen come out of the cauldron, so quickly use the medallion on it to turn it into healing water and stop them from coming. Head down the hall to the south, and talk to the archon again. Approach the book on the pedestal. Push the pedestal into the middle of the circle on the floor and a key will appear for you to take. Leave and head for the locked door in the middle of the map. Use the key to open it, then take the suit of armour. Go to the door in the north-west and use the tablet to go through.

Level 3

Follow the passage and note a panel in the wall - this can be opened by touching the golden urn in the opposite part of the room. Take the potions, then go through the southern opening, and continue to the door that speaks of order. Now head to the north part of the map and talk to the archon. Enter the open door and put the mask puzzle in order. Enter through the newly opened door and take the key. Head to the room on the east of the map and prepare for a fight. Use the key on the door and take the chalice. Go back to the door that speaks of order and use the tablet on it, then go inside.

Altar Room

Click on the Archon then enter the room - Lucreto appears. Put a piece of mask on the altar, and fight Lucreto until he disappears. Quickly put another piece of mask on the altar and fight him again. Once the mask is complete and Lucreto is dead, push him into the portal.