King's Quest 7King's Quest 7

The Princeless Bride

Game Details:  Fantasy, 1994

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Walkthrough Updated:  10/1/2004

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

King's Quest 7: The Princeless Bride is the seventh in a long-running fantasy adventure game series by Sierra On-Line. This follows after the previous game, King's Quest 6: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow. You are in control of 2 separate protagonists in this game, Princess Rosella and Queen Valanice. You are transported via a magical whirlpool into the far-off land of Eldritch, and must reunite and battle an evil sorceress before returning home. This is the final true adventure game in the series, but there is a more action-oriented subsequent game, King's Quest 8: Mask of Eternity.

Chapter 1

Take the ripped petticoat from the cactus, then head south twice. Walk around the sand storm until you can get the hunting horn. Now go north 3 times and enter the cave. Pick up the basket, then look inside it in your inventory and take the corn kernel. Head back outside and plant the corn kernel in the damp soil (where the water is dripping). Take an ear of corn after it grows. Look at the gourd plant to the left, and the gourd will be closed and dried up. Now read the hieroglyphics over on the right, then return to the gourd and take the seed.

Go right until you see a little door with "Rare Curiosities" written above it. Knock on the door and talk to the mouse. Now use the hunting horn on yourself, then use it on the rabbit's hole twice. Pick up the glasses and jackalope fur (from the cactus). Knock on the little door again and give the mouse his glasses. Now trade him your gourd seed for a turqoise bead.

Walk south, then go left until you find a pool of water. Pick up the stick and the salt crystals. Now look at the statue's head twice and it will change. Look at its necklace and move the beads so they are all in the 3rd column from the left. Now look at its wrist and the pool will drain. Go down the steps. Examine the statue down here, then place your turqoise bead in its bowl. Look at the bowl again and take the turqoise piece on the right. Climb the stairs.

Combine your ripped petticoat and stick to make a flag, then head right and enter the doorway. Use the flag on the scorpion to trap it, then examine the statue to the right. Turn the upside-down raindrop on the front of the altar, and 3 gems will appear. Place the blue gem in the statue's raised hand, and the yellow gem in the lower hand, then place the pink gem in the hole on top of the altar. Take the new turqoise piece and combine it with the one you already have. Go outside and head north, then go left until you reach the cactus with the pink prickly pear. Hit the cactus with your stick, then pick up the pear.

Examine the symbol above the door to your left, and insert the turqoise puzzle pieces to open the door. Go inside to complete the chapter.

Chapter 2

Head straight back out of your room and you will meet Mathilde. Pick up the toy rat the girl leaves behind, and also take the shield from the wall, just left of the throne. Examine the shield and take the spike from its middle. Go through the archway in the top right of this area to find the kitchen, but you will be kicked out. You will automatically follow a lady in pink to the mud baths. After the trolls' conversation about her, leave and return to the kitchen. Use the toy rat on the chef to get rid of him, then take one of the bowls from his shelves. Have a look at the bottom of the bowl - if it doesn't say "16k Gold" then return it to the shelf and take the other bowl. Also take some baked beetles from just to the right of the shelves.

Go back to the mud baths and overhear the conversation about sleeping aids. Return to the central cave and go to the bottom left one, where several trolls are hard at work. Go through the purple archway into another cave. Grab the lantern from the wall, and fill your gold bowl with green water. Jump across to the middle platform and then to the wall with the green sulfur. Take some sulfur, then jump back across and return to the workers' cave.

Light your lantern using the fire. Now put the sulfur on the fire, and the troll will fall asleep. Pick up the tongs, then use them to pick up the box. Put it in the bucket of water and you will get a silver spoon. Return the tongs to the rack. Talk to the other troll here, then go back to the central cave.

Enter the cave to the bottom right, and try to leave at the top right but a troll will stop you. Examine the cart near the top left of the screen. Use the shield to replace the missing wheel, then secure it using the shield spike. Ride the cart to get rid of the troll, then head right until you meet the white dragon. Talk to the dragon, then give it your lantern (containing a spark) and you will receive a gem.

Visit the working troll and give him the gem in exchange for his hammer and chisel. Now go back to the white dragon and use the hammer and chisel on her to get a dragon scale. Back in the main cave, give the bowl with green water, dragon scale, silver spoon and baked beetles to Mathilde. You will turn back into a human, and the silver spoon will melt into a silver pellet.

After you are locked in your room again, look at the picture to notice it is smoking. Move the footstool beneath the painting, then stack the small stool and the cushion on top, then look at the painting again and you will enter the vent behind it. When you fall back to the central cave, pick up the dragon toad near your feet, then try to return to your room. Give the dragon toad to Mathilde, and you will get an enchanted rope. Try to leave via the lower right cave and Malicia will stop you - use the toy rat on her. Now enter the lower right cave and use the enchanted rope on the elevator. Use the elevator to escape the caves.

Chapter 3

Give the prickly pear to the monster and it will leave. Exit the cave and head west. Talk to the stag until you will talk no more, then head west and north. Jump across the mud using the rocks, then when you find the spiderweb, trap the spider in your basket. Free the bird and continue north. Go through the small door. When the Duke stops you, show him your golden comb.

Enter the China Shop and talk to Fernando about his missing bird. Leave the shop and head right until you see a covered bird cage. Remove the cover, open the cage and take the bird. Return to the China Shop and give the bird to Fernando, and he will reward you with a mask.

Outside again, try to enter Town Hall, but you won't be allowed without a mask. Put on your mask and head inside. Go through the pink door in the background. Head down to the right, down to the left, straight down, and then through the door twice. Look at each of the mirrors, and you will end up passing through the 3rd one. Open the desk drawer and take the magic statuette. Leave the room through the door, then go up to the left, up to the left again, and down to return to the party. Go back outside.

Head right to the pond and the moon will fall from the sky. Take the wooden nickel from the bird's nest. Try to enter the Faux Shop, but it doesn't seem real. Eat the salt crystals and try again to find the shop. Talk to Ersatz, and give him the wooden nickel in exchange for a book, then the mask in exchange for a rubber chicken.

Walk all the way back to the desert in Chapter 1 and knock on the door to Rare Curiosities. Give the book to the mouse in exchange for a crook. Walk back towards the town, and once you have gone through the monster's cave, look at the flowers at the top left of the screen. The little bird will offer you some nectar, so hold out your clay pot to collect it. Back in town, use the crook on the moon.

Chapter 4

Hold on to the gravedigger's shovel to be pulled to safety. Talk to him several times, then head southeast. A kid will climb up into a large jack-o-lantern. Go west and watch another kid spray-paint a house, then return east and use the rope to enter the jack-o-lantern. Pick up the back bone from the floor and the foot in a bag from the coffin. Use the rope to get back down again. Go west and enter Dr Cadaver's house. Give him the back bone in exchange for a weird pet. Back outside, head east and show the pet to the kids, then put it on the elevator and you will get the gravedigger's rat. Head north and give the gravedigger his rat in exchange for his horn.

Head southeast and free the cat in the coffin using your hammer and chisel - she will give you an extra life. Return north and grab the shovel, then head west and south twice. Go to the bottom of the screen and blow the gravedigger's horn, then go down the hole he reveals. To open the large combination lock, press skull, bat, spider. You will end up locked in the coffin with the Troll King. Give him the dragon toad, then use the hammer and chisel on his arm band and you will escape. You will automatically receive the scarab and magic wand. Pick up the black cloak and use it on yourself.

Head north and enter Dr Cadaver's house. Talk to him and he will give you the defoliant. Go outside and head east (you will scare the kids) then south. Use the defoliant on the weed monster and head right until you find Malicia's house. Go north around the back of the house. If the dog is barking, head south and east into the forest, and return again. Keep doing this until all is silent. Now examine the green vine to reveal a hole. Use the shovel on the hole and go inside. When you hear Malicia returning, go immediately back down. When the dog's head appears, spray it with the defoliant.

Climb up into the house and look in the third drawer until you find the mysterious device. Put the clothes back in the drawer and pick up the fallen stocking. Now climb back down through the hole. Put on the black cloak and head to the front of the house, then east into the forest. When the bear confronts you, combine the silver pellet and woollen stocking to make a sling, and use this to attack the bear. You will escape into the peaceful clearing.

Head north, cross the mud and continue north, then through the small door into town. After meeting the Duke, enter Town Hall. Go through the far door, then follow the stairs as before to reach the room of mirrors. Read the statue on the left, then polish the plaque with the woollen stocking and read it again. Go and look at the golden grapes on the other side of the room, and use your hammer and chisel to free one. Give it to the statue. Use the magic wand on the scarab and the Troll King will appear. Follow him down to the underground and through the cave.

Chapter 5

After you are sentenced, use the rubber chicken on the nearby tree branch, then put the moon in it and it will be shot back into the sky. Take the feather the chicken left behind. Give the snake merchant your magic statuette and he will give you a were-beast salve. Combine this with the jackalope fur and leave town.

Head east 3 times, and use the feather on the sleeping rock. After you talk to Lord Feldspar, return west twice, then go south across the mud, south once more and east twice. Pour your nectar into the jar being held by the statue, and the river will spring to life. Go west and use the salve/fur combination on yourself - you will run through the forest and evade the weed monster with Lord Adas' help. Continue west and north through the gates. Go west again, then east and use the rope to enter the jack-o-lantern. Take the bone from the mummy on the right. Leave the jack-o-lantern and head east twice and north. Give the bone to the dog. Talk to him twice to get the Horseman's medal. Now go south and give this to the weeping woman.

Head east twice and grab the lit firecracker. Quickly return west and put this in the locked tomb door - if you explode, don't worry you can keep walking afterwards. Enter the tomb and push the lid off the coffin, then look inside to get the Horseman's head. Go back outside and stand on the path - when the Horseman rides past, give him his head. You will get the Horseman's fife, and will be taken to Etheria.

Go east twice, then carefully climb the mountain. At the top, climb along the purple branch and grab some ambrosia, then climb back down the mountain and go west twice. Jump down the bottom right rainbow, then walk across the rainbow bridge. Place the ambrosia in the other statue's cornucopia, then take the pomegranate. Go back over the bridge and head west. Use the pomegranate on the tree to revive Lady Ceres.

Use the Horseman's fife to return to Etheria. Head east and north. Play the harp by pressing the bars in this pattern: 1, 5, 6, 4 (numbered left to right). This pattern is obtained from the birds that dance around you on the second screen in Etheria. Use the crystal ball to travel to the Fates. Talk to them until you learn of Lady Maab and are returned to Etheria. Head south and west, and use the bottom left rainbow.

Walk through the northern gate, then go west and into Dr Cadaver's house. Talk to him until you say you have insomnia. Use his coffin to go to sleep, and you will reach the Isle of Dreams - Maab is in a block of ice. Use the fife to return to Etheria, and go east and north. Use the harp to return to the Fates and tell them of Maab, and they will tell you to see the Lady of Spring. Go south and west, then jump down the bottom right rainbow. Go west and talk to Lady Ceres - you need a crystal of purest sunlight. Use the fife to return to Etheria, then jump down the bottom left rainbow.

Head to the right and go north around the back of the house. Again, if the dog is barking walk away and come back again. When all is silent, go through the hole. You will hear Malicia approach, so go back down, then back up again and they will leave. Climb into the house and take a crystal from the lamp in the bottom right of the room. Climb back down the hole and go out the front of the house, then blow the fife. Jump down the top left rainbow to reach the desert.

Go north twice and then right until you can enter the building. Hold the crystal in the beam of sunlight. Go back outside and use the fife, then go east and north and use the harp to see the Fates. Talk to them to receive a dream catcher. Head south and east, then climb the mountain. Use the dream catcher on the cave, then on the nightmare that appears. Enter the cave and talk to the Weaver of Dreams twice, then show him the dream catcher. Use the tapestry on yourself, then when you meet another nightmare, use the dream catcher on it too. Head south, then enter the building and use the crystal with sunlight on Maab to free her.

Back in Etheria, climb the mountain and stand behind the cave entrance. When the wind appears, use the bridle on it to ride to the very top of the mountain.

Chapter 6

Examine the magic wand in your inventory, and click the button at its end. Now use it on the trolls to reveal the identity of the imposter. When you are in the volcano, use the shovel to dig a hole to safety. Head north and use the shovel on the boulder, then climb on to it and you will get the fragrant flower. Now approach the control room door. Use the left eye, then the right eye, then the nose to open it. Use the mysterious device on the socket above the unconscious Troll King. When it begins flashing different colors, get it and use the fragrant flower on the Troll King. When Malicia arrives, use the device on her. Finally, use the extra life on Edgar to save him.