King's Quest 5King's Quest 5

Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder

Game Details:  Fantasy, 1990

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  2/14/2003

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

King's Quest 5: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder is the fifth in a long-running fantasy adventure game series by Sierra On-Line. This follows after the previous game, King's Quest 4: The Perils of Rosella. This game marks the return of King Graham as the protagonist; you travel to the land of Serenia to locate the wizard Crispin, in the hopes that he can help locate the missing Kingdom of Daventry. The series continues with King's Quest 6: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow.


Head south twice from the cottage and into town. Talk to the man with the wagon, then enter the tailor's shop. Go back outside and grab the silver coin. Search the barrel, then take the fish. Walk west twice and enter the bakehouse. Use the silver coin to buy a pie, then leave again. Walk west twice more.

Throw the fish to the bear. Take the honeycomb from the hole in the tree, and the stick from the ground. Walk north and throw the stick to the dog. Now go west into the desert.


Walk west 4 times, and south to an oasis. Drink some water, then walk north twice and west 3 times. Hide behind the large rock and wait for the bandits, then get some more water before walking east, then south 3 times. Get the shoe and walk south twice more. Drink again. Now head south, then west 4 times.

Get the jar and enter the small tent. Get the staff, then go back outside and head east, the nnorth 3 times. Get water, then walk east twice and north 4 times. Knock on the door using your staff. Quickly get the brass bottle and gold coin, then leave. Go south and drink your final gulp of water, before heading 8 east 4 times.

Serenia Again

Give the coin to the man and you will receive an amulet. Walk east again and talk to the tree, then head east and north. Wear your amulet, then go west, east and north to reach the witch's house. Talk to the witch then give her your brass bottle to get rid of her. Enter the house. Open the trunk at the back, then get the spinning wheel. Open the drawer and get the pouch, then open it to find 3 emeralds. Get the key from the lamp, then exit the house.

Walk east and unlock the door using the key. Get the heart. Walk west twice. Now put your honeycomb on the ground and it will form a lump of beeswax. Use an emerald on the eyes in the forest 3 times, and an elf will get stuck in the honey. Follow him west twice to reach the elves' cavern. You will receive a small pair of shoes before leaving.

Go west and give the heart to the tree, then take the harp. Go west again and get the tambourine. Now head east and south, and give the spinning wheel to the gnome in exchange for his son's marionette. Continue south and search the haystack (with the ants' help) to get a golden needle. Go east and walk near the right side of the screen, then throw the old shoe at the cat. Head east back into the town.

Enter the tailor's shop and talk to the young man about the cloak, then give him the golden needle to receive the cloak. Leave the shop and enter the toy shop. Give the marionette to the shop owner and you will get a sled. Leave and enter the shoe shop. Give the pair of shoes to the man in exchange for a hammer. Leave this shop.

Go west 3 times and enter the inn. Talk to the men and you will be attacked and tied up. The mouse will chew through your rope. Take the rope, then use the hammer on the door and leave the cellar. Open the cupboard and take the leg of lamb, then leave through the left door. Walk north, then east twice. Play the tambourine to frighten away the snake, then continue east up the path.


After climbing up to a snowy path, wear your cloak and continue northeast. Throw the rope at the rocky ledge and climb up. Eat half of the leg of lamb when you are told that you are getting hungry. You should now haev reached some rocky platforms - jump across the rear 3, then to the front right one and finally to the opposite ledge. Walk across to the log and to the east. Use the sled to ride down the slope.

Walk east after you crash the sled. Give the lamb to the eagle. Walk north and you will be led by 2 wolves into the ice castle.

Play the harp for Icebella as soon as you can, then walk northeast up the path - throw the pie at the Yeti and he will fall off the cliff. Enter the cave and use your hammer to get the crystal in the middle of the room. Head south and west twice - Icebella will thank you and set you free. Go south, then walk to the pool of water near Cedric. You will be carried away by a large Roc. When you are dropped in the nest, grab the locket before you are carried away and dropped on a beach.


Get the iron bar from near the water, then walk north. Put the beeswax in the boat, then use the boat. Sail east 3 times then south - you will be taken away by harpies.

Play your harp when you get the chance, then take the fishhook once the harpies have left. Go west and get Cedric, then continue west. Get the shell, then get in your boat and sail west 4 times. Use the bell by the door, and give the shell to the deaf man so that he can hear you. You will be led by a mermaid to Mordack's Island.

Mordack's Island

After arriving on a rocky beach, grab the fish and head north. Use your crystal to safely walk between the statues, and continue north. Walk down the stairs and continue around the castle to the west. Use the iron bar on the grate, then climb down through the hole into a maze.

Head south, north twice, east, north and east to find a beast - play your tambourine and he will take it and leave. Get the hairpin he drops, then go south, west, north 3 times, west, north twice, east, west, east, west, north, west, north and east. Use the hairpin to pick the lock on the door, then open it and go through.

Open the cupboard and get the bag of peas. Go north into the kitchen. Talk to the girl and give her the locket, then talk to her again. Go east twice, then save your game before going south. If a cat is here, restore your game and try again; if a blue beast is here, let him catch you and imprison you in a cell.

Look in the mousehole to see a piece of cheese - get it with your fishhook. Cassima will come and help you escape your prison. Follow her through the maxe to get to the door, then open it. Go north and east twice, then save your game again. Go south - restore if the cat is here. Throw the peas at the blue beast, and you will end up with an empty sack. Now walk west and east, until the cat appears. Throw the fish to the cat to keep it occupied, then catch it in your sack.

Walk north up the stairs, then west and south. Read the book on the desk, then wait until you see Mordack go to bed. Go north and take Mordack's wand. Walk east twice, then up the stairs. Place Mordack's wand on one end of the machine and Crispin's wand on the other end. Throw the cheese into the machine and the energy will be transfered. Quickly take Crispin's wand and Mordack will appear.

Mordack will attack Cedric, then change into a flying lizard. Use Crispin's wand and select the tiger. When Morack changes into a dragon, use Crispin's wand to change into a bunny. Mordack will turn himself into a snake, so in turn you must change into a mongoose. Finally Mordack will change into fire, so use Crispin's wand to become rain.