King's Quest 1 ReduxKing's Quest 1 Redux

Quest for the Crown

Game Details:  Fantasy, 2001

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  7/29/2013

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

King's Quest 1 Redux: Quest for the Crown is an unofficial remake of the first game in the long-running fantasy series, King's Quest 1: Quest for the Crown. You play as Sir Graham, a brave knight sent on a quest to recover 3 lost treasures; the King has promised to give you the crown if you are successful. There is also an official re-release, King's Quest 1 Remake: Quest for the Crown.

Getting Started

Walk west twice, over the bridge. Push the rock, then look in the hole and take the dagger. Now walk north and climb the tree. Get the egg from the nest, then climb down and head north twice. Get a walnut, then open it. Head east and get the bowl. Examine the bowl to see the word within it. Now go south and talk to the elf (if he is not here, leave and come back again) and you will receive a ring. Walk south, west, south and west again and take some pebbles.

Go west twice, then look in the tree stump and get the pouch. Open the pouch, then continue east and south to reach a hut. Go inside. Fill the bowl (by using it in your inventory), and give it to the woodcutter, then walk over and get the fiddle before leaving.

Witches and Trolls

Head south twice and try to eat the house. Knock on the door - if someone answers, leave and come back. Open the door and go inside. Walk into the bedroom and get the note, then read it. Wait for the witch to enter the house, then walk behind her and push her. Open the cabinet and get the cheese, then leave the house.

Walk south twice, then east 3 times to reach the garden. Pick a carrot, then head east 4 more times to reach the goat's gate. Open the gate and go inside, then close the gate behind you. Show the carrot to the goat and it will follow you. Open the gate and head north twice, west and north again. Start to cross the bridge, then step back and let the goat take care of the troll. Now cross the bridge and go west. Talk to the gnome, and guess his name correctly ("nikstlitselpmur" - rumplestiltskin spelt backward) - you will be given some beans.

Giants and Dragons

Walk east twice and plant the beans. Climb the beanstalk up into the clouds, and head east twice, south and east twice more. Look in the hole and take the slingshot. Walk north then west, and quickly use your magic ring (you can shoot the giant with the slingshot instead, but will not get as many points). Wait for the giant to fall asleep, then get the chest. Walk east and enter the cave. Follow the stairs right down to the ground and go through the magical door.

Walk west twice, then south to the well. Cut the rope (with your dagger) to get the bucket, then lower the rope (using the crank) and climb down the rope into the water. Dive, then swim down, left and up into a cave. Climb out, fill the bucket with water and go west. Walk forward until the dragon wakes up, then throw the water at the dragon. Take the mirror, then go back and fill the bucket again. Head west twice out of the cave. A condor will now fly around the screen - keep jumping until it catches you and carries you away.

Return to the King

Walk west and get a mushroom, then return east and fall into the hole. Head south and west, and give the cheese to the rat. Open the door and play your fiddle. Go south and take the sceptre and shield, then go west. Eat the mushroom, then continue west through the hole. Walk south and west, and take the clover, then go south twice and west. Open the portcullis and go north to complete the game.