The Journey Down Chapter 1The Journey Down Chapter 1

Year:  2012

Genre:  Adventure

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

The Journey Down Chapter 1 is the first of 3 chapters in a 3rd person adventure series by SkyGoblin. You take the role of Bwana, a Rastafarian gas station owner, teaming up with your foster brother Kito. In this game you meet Lina, an assistant from Agibo University, who is looking for a mysterious book and needs your help to travel to the Underland. The series continues with The Journey Down Chapter 2.

Gas 'n' Charter

Open the power box. Release all 4 brackets, then open the hatch and pull the switch. Inside, examine the green folders on the table, and look in the cash register. Examine the certificate on the wall, then look in the cupboard under the window to get some stale bread-sticks. Use these on the ladder, then climb up to the attic.

Search the books on the floor and in the bookcase on the right. Open the dresser and you will take a blue shirt from inside. Pick up the paintbrush from the fireplace. Search the bed to find the book.

Back downstairs, you need to find the number of your shop. Look at the green folders again, then examine the phone. Turn the 3 dials so their top colors match those of the wires entering them. Now click on the digits to change the number to 99-450.

Fixing the Airplane


Climb down into the plane and talk to Lina about everything, then open the small hatch next to Lina and take a wrench from inside. Head out to the right and take the net. Go back into the plane and climb up the ladder, then re-enter the Charter office. Look at the ceiling fan to realize it could be a useful propeller. Search the fridge on the left to find some cheese. Look at the photograph on the wall behind the cash register. Go back outside and head down to the right.

Dip your paintbrush in the bucket of white paint, then continue to the right to find Mama Makena's. Talk to the sailors, who will give you some chillies. Talk to Rufus the dog, then talk to Mama Makena. Finally, talk to the fisherman Matoke. Return left twice, then go down to the left near the Gas sign. Put your cheese on Matoke's float in the water. Go back to Matoke again and you will end up with the fishing rod - unfortunately the rat will run off with the hook.

Return left, then go up the steps to reach the street. Look in the trash can on the left to find a new hook. Put the hook on your fishing rod. Look at the card terminal on the right - you need at ARA or maintenance card to use this. Go back to your office and use the fishing rod on the ceiling fan to get it - it will break so now you need to fix it.

Go back up to the street and head over towards the ship in the background. Talk to the dock-master, but you don't know the correct password to get on board. Go back to the sailors outside Mama Makena's and talk to them about the password, but they don't believe you are a sailor. Use your white paint on your blue shirt, then show this to them and they will give you the password. Return to the dock-master and talk to him again - you will give him the correct password and he will swap your shirt for a mop. Talk to him about everything else, then board the ship.

Go right and talk to the welder, who is too busy to help you. Return left and use the gas canister. Quickly go right and use your wrench on the nut of the next unit to be welded, then use the propeller on the nut; if you don't get it done in time, go back and use the gas canister and try again. Once you are successful you will have a repaired propeller. Go all the way back to your plane and give the propeller to Kito.

Steering Wheel

Return to the dock-master and use your fishing rod on the buoy floating in the water. Lift up the buoy to find you have obtained a crab cage. Use your net on the cage to retrieve the crab. Go back to Mama Makena's and use the crab on Rufus to get rid of him. Now head inside and take the steering wheel from the wall. Return to your airplane and head inside. Try to attach the steering wheel to the dashboard, but you need something to mount it on.

Climb back up and go down to the pier on the left. Use your fishing rod in the water to catch a fish. Go back to the dock-master and continue to the right. Look at the pelican and at its nest to see there is something shiny. Try to use the lever on the forklift, but the pelican won't let you. Throw your fish to the pelican, but it still won't leave you alone. Go back to the pier and catch another fish, then combine it with your chillies. Now go back to the forklift and throw this spicy fish to the pelican. Try to pull the lever on the forklift, then use your wrench on it. Search the nest to get a metal rod. Return to your airplane and insert the metal rod into the dashboard, then attach your steering wheel.


Return to the dock-master and board the ship behind him. Try playing with the switches here repeatedly, and you will eventually give up and kick them into the correct position. Climb the ladder and you will end up on the yacht. Talk to the concierge, but he won't let you pass. Open the door on the right, then open it again (more safely the second time). Talk to Sabo, who needs to make Mudyuggler stew.

Leave the yacht and go back to Mama Makena's. Talk to Makena about her stew, and she will give you her spice recipe and a container to collect the ingredients. You can put your remaining chillies into the container straight away. Head to the pier left of your airplane and use the spice container on the oil tap. Go back into the Charter office and examine the blue cup next to the cash register to automatically add some lemon to the spice container. Climb up the ladder and search the right bookcase to find some chervil that you will add to the spice container.

Go to the forklift and search the box to the left to find some salt that you will add to the mix. Board the ship, then climb up the ladder to return to the yacht. Enter the kitchen, then go through the door in the back to find the freezer - this will shut after you enter, sealing you inside. Search the 4 cabinets on the wall and you will end up with some ginger. Put the ginger into the spice container and you will have completed the mixture. Pick up the gum from the floor. Turn the temperature control knob, setting it to hot. Press the large red button on the left, but it won't stay depressed, so use your gum on it. Now try pressing the middle and right buttons to see their effects. Have the middle button off and the right button on, and the ice on the door will thaw so you can leave again.

Put the spice mixture into the pot of stew. Return to the freezer and search the cabinets to get the frozen bread. Put this into the radiator at the bottom of the door. Adjust the buttons so the middle one is on and the right is off, then take the toast. Return the buttons to their previous setting, then leave the freezer and give the toast to Sabo. Now pick up the tray of canapes. Leave the kitchen and show this to the concierge, and you will eventually enter the VIP lounge. The hungry guest will eat all the black canapes. Go back to the kitchen and get another tray of canapes, then leave the kitchen before painting them white with your paintbrush. Go back to the VIP lounge, and the hungry guest won't eat these ones, so you can continue through the door to the right. Go downstairs and through another door to find the engine room.

Try pressing the button to the right of the door, but nothing happens. Examine the switchboard to the right, and rotate the panels to create a continuous circuit. Now press the button again to open the ceiling hatch. You will automatically deliver the engines to Kito.

Taking Off

Climb down into the airplane and go right. Try using the winch, but you will end up just taking the crooked winch handle. Head back to the boat, then go right to see the welder again. Examine her access card and coffee mug, then head back to Mama Makena's. Go inside and examine the coffee maker, then go back outside and speak to the coffee drinker. Move the pipe that is just to the left of him, then use your wrench to turn it - Makena will end up making some more coffee for him. Go back inside and take the coffee pot, then return to the welder. Pour some coffee in her mug, then you can take her access card.

Now head to the elevator (on the way back to your airplane) and use the access card on the card terminal - it needs a pass code. Examine the card in your inventory and notice the pattern of dots and lines on the right. Use the card on the terminal again and use this pattern to work out the code: 3257. Enter the elevator and press the up button.

Talk to the vendor here, then read the tabloids on the front of his stand. Try to use your crooked winch handle on the train track, but you don't want to go out there. Return to the elevator and press the down button, then press the X button as soon as you see a large metal plate. Turn the bolts on the 4 corners to match the surrounding grooves, then remove the plate and climb out. Now use your crooked winch handle on the train track, then retrieve your straightened winch handle. Go back to the elevator and head down to the ground. Go back to your airplane and out to the right. Use the winch handle on the winch, then use it again to raise the anchor.