The Revenge of Johnny Bonasera Episode 4The Revenge of Johnny Bonasera Episode 4

Year:  2020

Genre:  Comedy

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

The Revenge of Johnny Bonasera Episode 4 is the fourth in a series of games starring Johnny Bonasera, coming after The Revenge of Johnny Bonasera Episode 3. Having stolen an alien UFO, Johnny must infiltrate the alien base and rescue his mother and all of the other human captives. There are 8 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

Earth Sample Room

Use the intercom and talk to Capitan Wachimolete until he releases Joe. Now talk to Joe about everything. Grab some seeds from the seed bed, an egg from further over to the left, and the pink box in the middle. Open the box in your inventory to see it contains a snake, then use this on the piranha. Press the red button on the wall, then hold the box under the pipe. Switch to Joe and press the button on the wall so a mouse gets caught in the box. Now talk to Mrs Bonasera about everything.

Switch back to Mrs Bonasera and use the seeds on the cables to the right. Use the box on the seeds to free Romero. Now talk to Romero about everything. Go and pull the handle over to the left. Switch to Romero and get him to pull the handle as well. Now turn the heater so it is facing the mammoth.

Repeat the process of catching another mouse in the pink box, then use the box on the mammoth. Talk to Capitan Wachimolete, then have Romero talk to him, and finally Joe. Eventually, Johnny will land on the base Johnny arrives.

Landing Bay Level

Talk to the alien about everything, and you will receive a handkerchief. Board the spaceship and pick up the bat from the floor and the glass shard from the window. Sit in the armchair, then get up and leave. Combine the glass shard and handkerchief in your inventory, then use this on the alien's broken arm. Go left and use the alien's hand on the biometric reader to get through the door.

Use the vending machine, but the can will get stuck. Use your bat on the machine, and a small robot will appear with a warning message. Use your handkerchief on the robot, then hit it with your bat. Now pick up the broken robot and the handkerchief. Use the broken robot on the next door to be able to get through.

Talk to the large robot on the left about everything, and it will send a new medical robot to help the wounded alien. Try to use the portal, but you are not authorized. Go right twice and break the hose. Quickly follow the medical robot back to the left twice and use the portal to be transported with it to a new area.

Crew Quarters

Go left and listen to the conversation between the two aliens, particularly the bit about the rigged Galactic League fights:

  • astonishing beats wonderful
  • fabulous loses to amazing
  • wonderful beats amazing

Go back past the portals to the right to overhear another conversation. Talk to the human slave about everything, then try to enter Queb's room. Continue along the corridor and go through the next door you find. Move the pillow and sheet, then pick up the key that you find. Talk to the robot about everything. Now talk to the Lieutenant and help him win using the following order (first is best):

  1. Astonishing
  2. Wonderful
  3. Amazing
  4. Fabulous

Once you win Galactic League, the robot will order some food. Take the food, then leave the room. Return left and show the food to the human slave. Now enter the room and talk to Queb. Play Stellar Chess against him several times, and ask to play first, but you still won't beat him.

Return to the Lieutenant's room and talk to the robot about Stellar Chess. Return to Queb and talk to him again, but refuse to play and say "Because the only way to win is NOT PLAYING" Stellar chess. You will receive a note for Re. Outside again, try several times to enter Captain Amunet's room to the right. Return left past the portals and give the note to Re.

Conversion Chamber

Shuffle forward on the table so that you can press the button to free yourself. Now collect the post-it, communicator, green chili bomb, stunning beans and wachi-chilis. Leave through the door to the left. Try to use a portal, then talk to Re, who will give you another note and grant you access. Use the right portal.

Crew Quarters

Return to Queb's room and give him the note, then he will give you another one. Go to the Lieutenant's room and show the post-it note to the robot to get it translated. Now talk to the alien appliance to the left, and ask it to send a can of spray paint. Pick up the can. Go back to Queb's room and use the spray can on the mirror Slave, then talk to Queb again. Return to the Lieutenant's room and talk to the robot to receive a brochure.

Back outside, try to enter the Captain's room again, then show the brochure to the robo-balls. Enter the Captain's room and give her the food Feed the Captain. Go back into her room again and show her the note for Re. Return to Queb to get a new note, then go and give this to the Captain. Take the 2 small pictures, and slide up the painting to reveal a safe. Try to open the safe, say "I forgot it", and choose random options after this.

Return outside and go left past the portals to talk to Ki. Continue left to the broken door and talk to it. Use the communicator in your inventory, then talk to the door again to find out that Capitan Wachimolete has been enslaved by the aliens. Relay this message via your communicator.

Hangar 19

As Fontana, talk to the General about everything - pay attention to the photo in the background - then leave.


Ring the bell for apartment 7 and talk to the man. Ring the bell for apartment 8, but there is no answer. Ring the bell for apartment 9, and answer the questions based on the photo you just saw:

  • Glasses: No
  • Earrings: Yes
  • Tie: No
  • Drink: Coffee
  • Pin: Star

Return to apartment 7 and ring the bell again, then ring the bell for apartment 8 and you will head inside.

Hangar 19

Now as Holder, you will automatically leave after your briefing.


Ring the bell for apartment 7 and talk to the man. Ring the bell for apartment 8 and head inside. Talk to Bri until you wake up in the cradle with Fontana.

Try to climb out to the right, then get Fontana to push you out. Look at the painting, then search the night stand to get a folder. Leave this room and take the note on the small table, then read it in your inventory to see a phone number. Pick up the phone and try to dial but you cannot reach it properly. Continue right into the kitchen and take the matches from the bench. Open the fridge to see it is full of formulas, but then you will be caught.

Escape from the cradle again and talk to Fontana about everything. Leave the bedroom and go through the door to the left into the bathroom. Grab the towel and toilet paper. Put the toilet paper in the bin, then use the matches on it. Head out to the kitchen and grab the canned beans. Open the the middle cupboard, then search the food to find a toy flute. Take a formula from the fridge, then Bri will return.

Escape the cradle once more and enter the bathroom. Put the towel and the canned beans in the bath, then turn on the tap.

Escape again and leave the room, then pour some of your formula into the coffee on the table in the living room. Talk to Bri about everything, then use your toy flute on the telephone. Dial 555-1212 and choose these options:

  • I need you to come to Sabrina's apartment
  • I've got food
  • Chili stew
  • (any number)

Go and talk to Bri about the stew, then give her your folder and ask about the stew again. Use your flute on the telephone. Dial 555-1212 again and choose these options:

  • I need you to come to Sabrina's apartment
  • I've got food
  • Chili stew
  • 1,300,000 on Scofille scale

Talk to the man when he arrives and he will eventually dial for you. Once the General arrives, answer he questions as follows:

  • SED
  • Hangar 19
  • I was sick SED

Fontana's Hideout

Use the intercom until Fontana says nothing new, then talk to Colder. Try the intercom again and you will eventually end up inside. Talk to Fontana until she eventually makes contact with Johnny.

Crew Quarters

Talk to the door and tell the prisoners how to save Capitan Wachimolete.

Earth Sample Room

As Mrs Bonasera, pick up the cable from beneath Capitan. Plug it into the socket, then use it to electrocute Capitan several times, before agreeing to stop.

Crew Quarters

Pass the green chili bomb, stunning beans and wachi-chilis, then everyone will escape from the Earth Sample Room. Playing as Capitan, use your stunning beans on Ki, then head right. Try to move the medical robot, but it is too heavy. Return left and talk to Romero, asking for help to move it. Switch to Johnny and talk to Capitan so that everyone uses the left portal together.

Landing Bay Level

Agree to stay behind to finish off the aliens Abducted. Go through the door on the right and enter the spaceship. Sit in the armchair and ask to go to Earth, then grab the batteries. Leave the spaceship and go left twice, then use your bat on the medical robot and take the battery. Use the portal.

Crew Quarters

Take the battery from the bottom of the other medical robot here. Enter Queb's room and ask him everything about Amunet. Go to the Lieutenant's room and show both photos to the robot. Use your communicator to ask Fontana about the other photo. Now return to the Captain's room. Try to open the safe, say "I forgot it" and choose these options:

  • Birth Place: Luxor
  • Best Friend: Babu
  • Favorite City: Brussels

Choose any new password, then open the safe with this password and take the key from inside. Use your two keys on the two locks here, and you will see the reactor door open. Go back to the portals and use the right one.

Conversion Chamber

Use the left portal.


Go through the big open door to reach the ship's reactor. Use the green chili bomb on the reactor, then try to use it. Use your communicator, then use the bomb once more. Leave the room and use the portal.

Conversion Chamber

Use the right portal.

Crew Quarters

Use the left portal.

Landing Bay Level

Go right twice and board the spaceship. Put your two green batteries in the battery holder, then sit in the armchair and head to Earth Base Destroyed.