Year:  1992

Genre:  Sci-Fi

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Inca is a hybrid adventure game with many action elements, designed by Coktel Vision. You play as El Dorado, a time-travelling space pilot, charged with the mission to travel to South America and recover the treasure of the Incas. The series continues with the sequel, Inca 2: Nations of Immortality.


Huayna Capac, the last of the great Incas, is relating his prophecies, including that of El Dorado, a mythical and legendary character chosen to restore the Inca Empire. Hit <ESC> and you will awake as El Dorado in the presence of Huayna Capac's spirit. He will tell you of your quest and warn you of an adversary. He asks you to seek out the gem of time on a planet nearby.

Check out the pipes on the right. You can play them or you can play, using the buttons below the pipes, the recordings of each of the musical pieces that you will hear through out the game. Check out the symbol, on the left, near the door and you will be able to read about some Inca history and culture. Exit through the door when you are ready for some action.

Jewel of Time


You will find yourself in your spaceship making your way to the nearby planet. Unfortunately you have to navigate a barrage of asteroids. The simple answer here is avoid them. Move above, below or to either side so they go by without altering your course. Accelerate toward the planet when you can. Destroy the asteroids only if you can't get out of the way in time. This should be very infrequently. When you are close to the planet and have dodged and/or destroyed the asteroids you will be presented with the first save code.

Trenches (Canyons)

Now you find yourself racing along a trench chasing or being chased by enemy space fighters. The aim is to get to the end of trench ahead of the enemy fighters. Shoot them down if you can. Shoot the mines they drop behind them. Above all accelerate to top speed and stay there as much as possible using the right mouse button or you will never catch all the fighters and get to the end of the trench before them.


Now you have landed, you are stuck outside a stone doorway. Touch the left then right angular stones of the doorway. Remove your spaceship's control cover and click on the right control key twice. Click on the left control key then take the three colored balls.

Click on the pattern on the ground until the pattern on the golden sun matches that on the ground. Take the sun and place it in the hole in the middle of the pattern. Place the red ball in the left melting pot. Put the green and blue balls in the middle and right melting pot holes respectively. Take the sacred tumi. Open the doorway by pushing the right hand side of the door.


Shoot the enemy warriors' red blasts first, then shoot the warriors. Read the section on "Ground Combat" on page 13 of the INCA user manual.

Ritual 1

Your way is blocked by a bamboo pole. Loosen the left knot, then the right knot, using the sacred tumi. Touch the bamboo with the scared tumi. Pick up the gold coin and the bamboo pieces. Continue forward.

Ritual 2

Touch the central stone on the wall, below the golden star. Place the bamboo on the notches. Touch the golden star. Touch the basin with the sacred tumi and pick up the golden corn. The mummy will give you a very important message. Place the gold coin on the circular indentation. You will move forward into another room.

Ritual 3

Face the wall that contains a gold panel. Open the panel, take the golden star, and close the panel. Go to the second column to the left. Open the column using the golden star. Pick up the Quipu and note the number of knots on each strand.

Touch the hook and retrieve the stone star. Return to the golden panel and open it. Place the stone star on the star shaped indentation. Place the golden corn on the golden ball. Click on the arrows according to the mummy's instructions and the number of knots on the Quipu:

  • My first is in morning (i.e. east). Click 3 times on the Right arrow
  • My second is of the zenith (i.e. north). Click once on the Up arrow
  • My third is of the evening (i.e. west). Click 5 times on the Left arrow
  • My last is of the night (i.e. south). Click twice on the Down arrow

Ritual 4

Touch the middle floor panel to make the altar appear. Touch the left statue and a red or blue ball appears (note which color). Touch the right statue immediately and a red ball will come out and unite with the other ball to form an egg. Keep touching the left statue until the other color egg appears (not the same color as came out of the left statue before). Immediately touch the right statue again and another egg will form. Touch the vase.

You have found the Jewel of Time. You will return to your ship and take off into space again.

Jewel of Matter

Space Fight

You want to return to home base but have to battle your way through enemy fighters. Note these are the easy guys! Read the "Deep Space Combat" section on page 10 of the INCA User Manual. When you have killed all these fighters, you can return to the Inca fortress.

Huayna Capac you will give you mixed praise and then send you out to continue your mission. Back into the action! This time there are two sequences of fighters. The first red squadron is easier than the second blue squadron. Destroy all the fighters. You are supposed to be making your way to the planet but instead find yourself in enemy territory on a Spanish galleon.

Aguirre's Ship

You will keep encountering Aguirre zapping you. Just fight him with the same technique as you used on Spanish warriors. Go up the ladder and through the door and you will find yourself trapped with Aguirre. He will talk to you for a while.

You find yourself chained in the hold. You have to free yourself. Remove the label and cork from the barrel. Put the powder on the label. Put the resulting petard on the floor under the hole in the barrel. Throw the cork at the rat. Put the cork back in the hole in the barrel. Pull on the chain until a there is a beam of light. Place the cup in the beam of light. Quite an explosion!

You are free to explore the hold now. Open the barrel on the right and take the gold nuggets and key. Close the cover. Go left and go through the doorway. Open the barrel on the right and take the precious stones and key. Close the barrel cover.

Go to cupboard on the left and open it with the large key. Take the hatchet and toiletry bag. Close the cupboard door and return to the room you were chained in. Put the toiletry bag on the ground near the small barrel. Open the barrel with the hatchet and fill the toiletry bag with powder using the cup twice. Go back through the doorway again. Go to the cupboard on the right. Open the cupboard using the small key. Put the toiletry bag full of powder on the plank. Pick up the cannon sponge. Close the cupboard door and return to the room with the small barrel.

Use the cannon sponge to push the small barrel aside. This reveals a trap door which you go through. You are now free to roam Aguirre's Ship and kill the Spanish warriors lurking in the hallways and rooms. Find your way to the exit by referring to the map of Aguirre's Ship.


When you encounter the doors with gold rings, knock on the doors three times. Take the crucifix and place the precious stones in the hand. Take the candelabra and place the golden nuggets in the hand.

You find yourself in a misty setting. Put the crucifix on the shell and take the censer from the shell. Put the candelabra and censer on the pedestal. Take a candle from the candelabra and put it in the censer. Fill the bowl with some holy water from the shell and pour the water on St. Peter. Immediately take the large key from St. Peter and unlock the door. You are now facing a large cross. Click on the top, then the bottom, then the left and lastly the right.


You take off in your spaceship again and land on a new planet. Aclla greets you and asks you to fight the Spanish warriors on the nearby moon. You have to fly through the trenches again. For instructions, see the "Trenches (Canyons)" section above. You return to Accla and receive the second power, the jewel of matter.

Jewel of Energy

Space Fight

On the Spanish galleon, Aguirre is motivating his troops to eliminate you! Back to the space flight fighting! This time you have to battle a very tough green squadron.

Return to the Inca fortress and talk to Huayna Capac. Head out to space again. You will encounter another squadron of green fighters then three Spanish galleons. Defeating the Spanish galleons is extremely difficult. You have two choices: Cheat or go for it! If you want to cheat, press both <SHIFT> keys and <ESC> during the Spanish galleons sequence. If you want to fight them, try the following instructions from Sierra:

If you rush into the group of galleons, they will lock on to you immediately making your chances of survival very slim. The key to success in this scene is to use some old fashion hit-and-run tactics. When the galleons enter this sequence, don't accelerate forward. Instead, sit and wait for the galleons to come to you. The galleons will start to fire at you, but they will soon realize that you are out of the range of their weapons. When the galleons turn to accelerate towards you, select a single galleon and rush towards it while firing your Plasma Bolts. When you get close to the galleons, they will stop and turn to fire a broadside at your ship. When this happens, turn and accelerate out of the range of the galleon weapons and start the whole process over again.

You will land on another planet inside a Mayan temple.


To open the door follow these instructions: Touch each of the three suns. Note while, and after, touching the plaques in the next set of instructions, you must act quickly. Touch the lower right and upper left plaques. Immediately put the green sacred egg in the blinking statue eye. Touch the lower left and upper right plaques. Immediately put the red sacred egg in the blinking statue eye. Touch the two middle plaques and immediately put the blue sacred egg in the blinking eye of the statue. Take the golden disk and use it on the three suns.

Mayan Maze

You will now be in the first of the Mayan Mazes. Handle the enemy as you did in the Jewel of Time Maze. If necessary, read the section on "Ground Combat" on page 13 of the INCA user manual.


You will find yourself prevented from going up some steps by a barrier of vertical bars. Lower this barrier as follows: Go through the door to the right, as you look at the barrier, to some steps down. Go into the room at the bottom and touch the golden panel. Rotate the mechanism. Return to the barrier. The barrier will lower and you may now go up the steps.

Lava Room

Pick up all the tumi blades in the rock wall in front of you. Note that the gaps left in wall allow you to slide the rocks into the gaps. Starting from the bottom, slide the rocks left and right until the top rock can slide to the extreme left. A bright light will beam out. Place the gold tumi blades around the point where the light hits the floor. Place the sun disk in the middle of the blades. It will reflect the beam to the right and up. A crystal formation will descend and a small blue crystal will fall. Replace the sun disk with the blue crystal. You must act quickly now and you may have to make rapid notes. Each different color that flashes actually represents itself or another color as follows:

  • Blue = Yellow
  • Red = Purple
  • Green = Green

After a sequence of colors flashes, repeat the sequence except with the other color by touching the circular spot at the end of the colored rays of light. For example, if the crystal flashes yellow, touch the circular spot of blue light. And vice versa, for all the colors. Note that the eye of the Inca cursor or key must be over the spot of the correct color.

Each time you repeat the sequence successfully, some rocks will fall from the ceiling. After you have successfully repeated the sequence three times in succession, a door will appear at the far end of the scene and you can leave this room. Now continue through the maze toward the Dial Room. At the entrance to the dial room take the piece of bamboo at the top left, then enter by touching the door.

Dial Room

The first part of the puzzle is to make all the moon stones disappear from the dial, except the one which must be positioned at the bottom. This is done by jumping a moonstone over another to a blank space. Assuming that each position on the dial is numbered 1 to 8, counter-clockwise from the top:

  • Move moon in position 5 to position 7
  • Move moon in position 8 to position 6
  • Move moon in position 3 to position 5
  • Move moon in position 1 to position 3
  • Move moon in position 6 to position 4
  • Move moon in position 3 to position 5

Now move the remaining moon to the top, by touching on the symbol of the earth in the middle of the dial. Place the golden sun on the sun and take the red gem. You now have all three of the Inca jewels of power. Continue through the maze until you reach the Gem Room.

Gem Room

Use the green gem (Time) on the supreme star so that the room turns green (Spring). Then use the blue gem (Matter) on the supreme star. Put the bamboo in the alluvium and use the red gem (Energy) on the supreme star. The bamboo will grow.

Use the green gem (Time) on the supreme star so that room turns blue (Winter). Put the bamboo on the ice. Put the golden sun on the bamboo. Use the green gem (Time) on the supreme star until the room is green (Spring). Use the red gem (Energy) on the supreme star. Use the green gem (Time) on the supreme star so that room turns yellow (Summer).


Visit Aguirre again by going up the ladder and through the door. He will talk to you for a while. You must kill the rest of Aguirre's Spanish warriors. Then you will find yourself fighting Aguirre himself, this time to the death. Use exactly the same strategy as with any Spanish warrior. First shoot the blasts he fires at you, then shoot at Aguirre. He will disappear very quickly but hitting him only occasionally is good enough. Don't despair! Keep walking around the ship. He will appear in every room, so be ready to shoot his blasts. Eventually he will pause and talk. He has some doubts he will win, at last! Your fight will resume, so just carry on as before. Ignore his threats. With sufficient patience and fast, accurate shooting you will defeat Aguirre, blow up the ship and the Inca empire will be yours!