Hugo 3Hugo 3

Jungle of Doom

Game Details:  Mystery, 1992

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  1/6/2002

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Hugo 3: Jungle of Doom is the third of a trilogy of mystery 3rd person adventures starring Hugo. This game continues after Hugo 2: Whodunit?. In this game, you play as Hugo again. After a plane crash in the jungle, your girlfriend Penelope is bitten by a poisonous snake; you must search the jungle to save her life.


Walk east and get in the plane. Take the clay, pins, flask, cubes and sandwich. Get out of the plane and walk west 3 times. Tie the vines, the cross the bridge and continue west. Follow the path (ignore the turn-off). Get the scroll and read it. Head east along the path and get the bell, then go east 3 more times. Look behind the rock, then take the ball and rub it. Walk west 4 times, then follow the turn-off you ignored previously.

Go east to a river. Swing on the vines to cross safely. Walk up a little bit between the plants and the water and you will find a book. Get the book and read it, then swing back over the vines. Return west twice, back on to the main path, and head east 4 times (back to the large rock). Follow the path up to the west.


Walk up into the village. Let the people talk to you and they will tell you about gift giving and receiving. Give them the cubes, then look behind the hut. Walk east and into the hut - you will be taken prisoner. Make an effigy, then stick pins in the clay. Open the door and walk over to the small cage. Put your sandwich in the cage. Walk to the right side of the screen and wait there until the mouse gets trapped. Go and get the cage. Also take the candle before leaving the hut. Go south, then east out of the village.

Return to the Jungle

Follow the path down to the west, then enter the cave. Read the spell (you must have the bell and candle for this to work). Go into the cave and you will have to answer no to the man's questions, as you don't have any of the items he asks about. You will leave the cave.

Walk east, then up to the west and west again. Drop the cage and open it - the elephant will start running away. Shoot the elephant as it reaches the end of the screen, and it will fall asleep and dam the river. Now walk east twice, around the curve and west twice. Walk up to the waterfall, then west over the rocks. Approach the pool of water and fill the flask. Head east 3 times and back into the cave. Answer no to the first two questions, then yes. You will automatically give him his crystal ball and leave the cave. Walk east twice and give the water to Penelope.