Hugo's House of HorrorsHugo's House of Horrors

Game Details:  Mystery, 1990

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  1/4/2002

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Hugo's House of Horrors is the first of a trilogy of mystery 3rd person adventures starring Hugo. In this game, you play as Hugo, and must search the titular haunted house and surroundings after your girlfriend Penelope vanishes. The series continues with Hugo 2: Whodunit?.

House of Horrors

Walk over to the pumpkin and take it. Open the pumpkin, then take the key and unlock the door. Open the door and walk into the house. Grab the candle from the table. Look in the hole under the stairs and get the knife and whistle.

Head up the stairs and through the door on the east wall. Enter the glass box. After the experiment, walk around behind the glass panel and get the bung. Enter the glass box again. Tell Igor to press a button 3 times. Go west, then open the right door and go north. Look in the mirror - you will see the number 333. Go south, then open the left door and go through. Open the closet and take the mask. Head south, then go down the stairs.

Walk north twice, then follow the path to the shed. Open the door, with combination 333. Walk inside and look, then take the oil. Go back south into the house. Wear the mask and head east. When the butler offers you a chop, say yes. Go back west through the upper door and take off the mask. Go west again and throw the chop. Walk over to the rug and lift it up. Oil the bolt on the trapdoor, then open the bolt and open the trapdoor. Walk down the stairs.


Head east between the rocks and quickly blow the whistle, then avoid the bats and head north to the next room. Walk immediately up, then when the mummy nears the big rock, go down so it gets trapped there. Go over and take the gold. Walk out through the coffin.

Walk over to the boat and plug the hole with the bung. Cut the rope, get in the boat and push off. When you reach the other side, talk to the man. Answer his questions with Bilbo, Narnia, Bram Stoker, C, Man, Bullet and Yes. Get out of the boat, then head east. Give your gold to the man, then walk north.