AKA Frederik Pohl's Gateway

Year:  1992

Genre:  Sci-Fi

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Gateway is the first of two text-based adventures with graphical elements based on the Heechee universe series of books by Frederick Pohl. It was developed by Legend Entertainment. You play as a "prospector", an astronaut sent on an exploratory mission through a mysterious gateway in space. The series continues with Gateway 2: Homeworld.

Part 1: Gateway Prospector

On Gateway

Start by opening the drawer and taking all. Read the book, then put the card in the slot. View your new messages by hitting 1, N, N, 0, 0. Now go east and north twice, then take the rose and flip the lever. Wait 4 times, then put the screwdriver in the toolbox. Wait twice and put the wrench in the toolbox, then wait twice more and put the pliers in the toolbox. Wait for the maintenance man to leave, then head south twice and northwest. Give your rose to the receptionist and she will give you a magaine. Read this, then give the book to the receptionist and you will receive your DataMan. Turn on your DataMan and read every page of information available.

Now head up and sit, then wear the collar and press the button to enter the VR world. Give the drink to the bartender. Keep doing this until he becomes unconscious, then put the drink in the scanner to crash the program. Open the collar and take the pin as your reward. Walk down, southeast, north, down, north and west to the armory. Get the gun and open the vent. Press the button and wait for the robot spider to appear, then put the gun in the vent. Go east, south, west. Open the vent, press the button and wait for the robot to appear again, then take the gun.

Wait here for the meeting at 15:00, and you will get your new blue badge. After the meeting, head east, up, south, east, then sit down. Wait until 20:00, when Thom will appear. Drink your drink when it is available, then wait and Thom will talk. When he looks expectantly at you, buy him a drink. When he runs out of things to say again, buy him another. Nubar will eventually join you at the bar - buy him a drink and wait while he talks, then he will give you a challenge. Play the trivia game - if you select category 3, the answers are 3, 2, 4, 1, 1, 3, 2, 4, 3, 4. You will win Nubar's medallion.

Walk west, west, south, south. Put the medallion in the depression then take the tuning fork. Put the fork in the device then take the hologram. Put the hologram on the pedestal and you can take the fork. Now head back north, north, east and sit down. Read the memo, then wait until 22:00 when Terri will arrive. Ask her about Orion, then wait until can read the napkin (note down the phone number). Keep waiting until Terri finishes talking, then go west twice. Wait until you are tired, then sleep.

Six Prospector Missions

Get all, then head east, north, down, south 3 times and up. Sit down. Enter the first code and go.

If you arrive at a planet, then land, wear your suit, open the hatch and go down. Head north, west, west, north, east, east. Push the rock. Now head west, west, south, east, east, north. Head east and take the box, then go south 3 times, up into your ship and sit down. Go back into orbit, then return to Gateway.

Head south, up and sit down again, then enter the next code. Repeat until you have been on all 6 missions that are assigned to you. After this, head north, north, up, south, west and insert the card in the slot. Make a call to Terri (using the number from the napkin) then hang up. Walk east, east and sit. Wait for Terri to arrive and give you a green badge and leave. Head west, west and wait until you are tired, then sleep.

Orion Program

Get all, then head east, north, down, south and west. Wait until 9:00am, when the meeting will start. You will be given a new code. Walk east, south, south and up, then sit down. Enter your new code and go. Get info on the destination, then land. Wear the suit and open the hatch, then go down, east and south. Wait, then grab the salamander. Head north, northeast and west. Wait here until the aliens come and go, then go east, southwest and south. Wait until you hear a mournful south to the north, then go north and east to the alien village. Now go southeast and down, then wait once before going up. Put the salamander in the tank. Now go northwest, south and wait once more. The salamander will bring you the cylinder from the tank - take it then head north, northeast, north. Put the cylinder in the hole, then type 4, 4, 3, 2, 5. Take all, then go up. Put the blue fan in the red hole, the yellow fan in the blue hole, and the red fan in the yellow hole - you will take the machine. Head down, south, south, southwest, west, up and sit. Go back into orbit, then return to Gateway.

Part 2: Other Worlds

Insert your card in the slot and get your new message. Head east 4 times then north. Sit down and wait during the conversation. Afterwards, head south, west 3 times and northwest. Head to the hangar by going east, southeast, north, down, and south twice.

World 1

Go south and up, then sit down. Program in the first code, then go. Get info on the planet, then land. Wear your suit and open the hatch. Go down and west, then take all, head back east and take the prism. Put the clear prism in the tray, then stand on the plate to arrive in a city. Walk east and take a bug, then head west and stand on the plate again. Get all, then go west and put the clear prism in the tray and the bridge cube in the socket. Put the bug in the depression. Take all. Go east and put the bright cube in the socket and clear prism in tray, then stand on the plate again. Go east, northeast, southeast, east, northwest, south, west, southeast and north. Put the pyramid on the stand, then head south to the control room. Turn the knob, pull the lever and press the button. Go west, stand on the plate, go up and sit. Go into orbit and return.

World 2

Go south, up and sit, then enter the next code and go. Get info then land, wear your suit and open the hatch. Go down and take the pod, then east and take the worm. Wait once, then shoot the spider twice. Go west, then back east and take your gun, and head east once more. Throw the worm in the swamp. Now you can go east. Drop the pod, then take the rat and a spike. Go east and drop the rat. Open the door and go east. Kill the pufferslug with the spike (you need to do this twice). Turn the knob, pull the lever and press the button. Now head west 5 times, then up and sit. Go into orbit and return.

World 3

Once again head south and up, then sit down and enter the next code. Go to the location, then land, wear your suit and open the hatch. Go down, east, east and take the stone. Now go north and east, then take all. Wait 4 times (until the beast leaves to the southeast). Go east and north, then take the bowl, before going south, west, west, north and west. Put the small stone in the bowl. Now head west and put some berries in the bowl. Walk east twice, south and east again, then sleep.

Wait until the beast heads southeast again, then go east and north, and drop the bowl. Go south and west, then wait for the beast to nead to his cave to the north. Go immediately east, southeast and north. Hit the shard with the branch, then take it. Go south, then northwest and west 3 times. You will drop the shard - dive after it. Go back to the east 3 times and wait for the beast to appear, then tie it with your vine. Walk west, west, north, west, west, south, east. Throw the shard into the water, then go east. Turn the knob, pull the lever and press the button. Go down, southwest, and up. Sit down, go into orbit and return to Gateway.

World 4

Go south, up and sit. Enter the final code, then go to the location, get info and land. Open the hatch (don't worry about the suit this time) and go down then south. Now head north and west, and take the pickaxe. Go east, northeast and look at the pile of rocks. Go northwest and shake hands with Becker, then wait while he talks to you. Go northwest when he leaves, and take all. Go up into the treehouse and open the drawer, then take all again. Read the notebook until you get the message you have read the whole thing.

Go down, then southeast 3 times. Open the crib, then take all. Go northwest twice, then north twice and look at the pile of rocks here. Go northeast, then take the rope and blow the whistle. Go southeast over the bridge and give your magazine to Becker, then ask him about the stand. Answer yes to all his questions, then play the drum. Wait 6 times and you will keep playing the drums. When you are finished, drop the leaves, then move the small mat to the ground. Ask about the lens, actuator, lens cover, mine and ore. Now you have more things to do!

Go northwest, southwest and south. Tie the rope to the branch, then go east to get a lens. Now go southwest and take the tiller. Look at the rock pile here, then go southwest and dig the rock. Dig twice more, then get the ore. Go northeast twice, then north, northeast and southeast. Ask Becker about the glint, then agree to help him. Give the tiller to him, then go northwest, southwest and west. Get on the raft, and tell Becker to get on the raft. Launch the raft, then start bailing water until you have reclaimed the cane and crashed the raft. Head northwest and remove the grommets with your wrench. Look at the cylinder, then unscrew the cap and remove the connector with the defuser. Attach the gray clip to the tetrahedron and the blue clip to the pyramid. Remove the core with the calipers, then take the cell.

Now head northwest twice and north twice, then northeast, southeast. Give the ore to Becker, then take the personal log and read it until you have read it all. Head northwest, and southwest twice to get a lens cover from Becker. Go northeast twice and southeast. Put the lens in the tray, then the cell in the tray. Put the lens cover in the housing. Ask Becker about Adriana, and answer yes to his question. Turn the knob, pull the lever and press the button. Go northwest, southwest, south and south. Answer yes to Becker's question, then head southeast and southwest. Go up into your ship and sit. Orbit the planet, then return to Gateway.

Part 3: Endgame

Walk east, southeast, north, up and west. Enter the crate, then wait until 00:00. Keep waiting while Perry is there, then climb out of the box and get the slip of paper. Read it and note the number. Hit the fork, then put it in the blister. Type the number that was on the slip of paper. Now go west, take the sphere and look at it. Press the button. Go east, east, down, south and northwest.

Deep Psych

Head up and sit. You will be told a password - remember it. Wear the collar, turn the switch to deep, then type that password. Press the power button. Jump the crack, then wait 5 times. Pick up the demon to pass the test. Now take off the collar and go down, southeast, north, down, south 3 times and up.

Final Mission

Sit and enter the new code, then go. Open the hatch and go down. Press the button, wear the collar and touch the orb. Go east and press the pedal, then touch the orb. Once you have entered the party, head west. Put your card in the slot, then stand on the scale. Go east twice to a ball toss game. Insert your card in the slot and throw the ball. Do this three more times. Now go west and south, then wait once and go south again. Insert your card in 1, then in 2. Wait, and the illusion will break.

Take the sword, and head south 4 times. Cut the net with the sword (twice), then get all. Head back to the north 4 times, then put ash in the sack. Go north and throw ash on the stump. Take the sack and head south to put some more ash in it, then go back north again. Wait here until you see footprints in the ash, then throw ash on the stump again to reveal a demon. Throw the net on the demon, then take the ring and the sack. Go north and wait, then put the sack over Aeshma. Get the sack again and wear your ring. Go south twice and throw the dust on the hydra to break the second illusion.

Go west twice and sleep. Get all, then insert your card in the slot and read the message from the HeeChee. Go east, northwest and up. Take the manual, then go down, southeast, east 3 times and north. Read the manual and write down the password for this day of the month. Now go south, west 3 times, northwest and up. Sit down, wear the collar and type the correct password. Press the button to complete the game.