Four Last ThingsFour Last Things

Year:  2017

Genre:  Comedy

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Four Last Things is a short Renaissance comedy adventure based around Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell. You take the role of a man who has committed all 7 deadly sins and in an attempt to gain redemption is advised to commit them again within his local church's jurisdiction so that he may be absolved. There are 17 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below. The story continues with The Procession to Calvary.


Grab an apple from the tree Forbidden Fruit.

The 7 Sins

After meeting the Bishops, head left past the signpost, then continue left until you see 3 land owners sleeping beneath a tree. Pick up the empty jug from the ground next to them. Talk to them and ask if you can join them, then wait there for around 30 seconds Sloth.

Head through the archway in the background to find a courtyard with a statue. Enter the pub through the doorway on the left. Talk to the man with the pipe and select any option Envy. Fill your empty jug from the keg o' beer, then go outside and drink it. Repeat this 3 times Alcoholism.

Head to the right and pick up the mallet and chisel from the barrels. Go along the alley and give them to the blacksmith, then offer to do a sexy dance as payment and he will sharpen your chisel. Leave the alley and continue right through the archway, then continue until you find a blind portrait painter. Ask him to paint your portrait and say that you have already paid. Describe yourself with options 1, 1, 1 and 1. After receiving the portrait, return to the courtyard. Use your portrait on the statue. Use your mallet and chisel on the statue to craft an expression of your inner turmoil Master Sculptor, then use it again to craft a statue of yourself Pride.

Return to the alley off the main courtyard and enter the first door on the right. Talk to the creepy lawyer, then offer to help and he will ask you to retrieve some documents for him. Leave and enter the second door on the right to find the Chief Clerk's office. Talk to the suspicious-looking gentleman by the door. Try talking to everyone else, then talk to him again and ask him for the documents - he will pose you a riddle. Leave the alley and head right. Continue to the far right and enter the building in the background to find an Art Gallery. Look at 40 paintings in here Art Critic. Make sure you have look at all the ones on the left pillar. Now return to the suspicious-looking gentleman and answer his riddle with "Jacob van Utrecht" Riddle Me This. Return next door and give the documents to the creepy lawyer Greed.

Still in the alley, look through the window behind the sinister-looking lutist and pick up the lute. Use this on the lutist Jam Session. Return to the pub and fill your jug with beer once more. Go outside and give this to the unhealthy-looking drunkard, then follow him to the alley and use your jug on his stream of urine. Go through the door on the left into the doctor's surgery. Try to talk to the doctor, but the monkey will stop you. Return outside and go to the vegetable market just out of the alley. Take some of the vegetables, saying your are poor and penniless, then go back and give these to the monkey. Try to talk to the doctor again, then give him your jug of urine. Take the poison, love potion and appetite suppressant, then go back outside. Leave the alley and go right, then talk to the Pie King. Challenge him, but you will lose. Talk to him and get him to look away, then quickly use your poison on his pie. Challenge him again to win Wrath.

While you are still with the Pie King, eat 6 pies from his pile Gluttony.

Return to the courtyard and look through the window to the right of the statue, then look at the beautiful woman. Go back to the blind portrait painter and ask him to paint another portrait, saying you have already paid. This time select options 2, 3, 1 and 4. After receiving the portrait, go right and into the art gallery. Exchange your portrait for the painting of the seductive young lady on the right Art Thief. Return back through the courtyard towards the signpost, then find a poet just to the right. Talk to him, then give him the painting and you will get a sexy poem. Go back to the courtyard and look through the window again, then give the sexy poem to the beautiful woman inside Lust.


Go back to the church and talk to the Bishops. Inside the church, give all of your possessions to the beggar Charitable Donation. Continue right to meet Heavenly Peter. In the next scene, jump off the platform Leap of Faith. After reaching your final destination Eternal Damnation, just keep hitting the rock with your pick.