Football GameFootball Game

Game Details:  Mystery, 2018

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  8/14/2021

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Football Game is a 3rd person point and click adventure game by the creators of A Date in the Park. You play as local football hero Tommy Taylor, preparing for a big football game, where you are supposed to meet up with your girlfriend Suzy Cooper. There are 15 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


Turn off the alarm clock. After getting up, look at any of the small photographs on the wall The Lake. Pick up the empty bottles and put them into the trash can on the right Remove the Evidence. Go right and through the door to the bathroom. Grab the shaving razor from above the mirror The Past: One.

Leave the bathroom, then go right and talk to Mom. Open the top left cupboard and take the mug. Open the top right cupboard and take a teabag from the box of tea. Next use the kettle and wait for it to boil, then use the mug on the kettle. Add the teabag Barista, then give the mug to Mom and she will go to sleep.

Go right and search the jacket to find some car keys. Head outside and go right - use the car keys on the car, but then you will remember Suzy's gift. Go back inside and move everything under your bed, but the gift is not there. Head upstairs and try to open Mom's bedroom door, but it is locked.

Head downstairs and outside again, and use the car keys on the garage door to the left. Take the rope and hammer from inside. Now go right and through the small gate The Past: Two.

Throw the rope up over the branch above. Move the concrete block until it is beneath the rope, then tie the rope to the concrete block. Now you can climb up the rope Among the leaves. Enter the tree-house and try to open the shuttered window, then use your hammer on it. Climb up the pipe to reach the roof, then go left and down. Examine the photograph on the side of the mirror here, then unfold it Suzy unfolded. Next open the top drawer next to the bed to find Suzy's gift.

Leave by going left through the door. Return downstairs and outside, and use the car keys on the car. Inside the car, open the glove-box, then pick up 2 tapes and some money. Use the blue tape (1/2) on the cassette deck.

Football Ground

Go right and talk to Rex, then enter the ground. Talk to the 3 girls here, then go right and talk to Mr Mahoney and the 2 guys. Also look at the cheerleader. Next go right until you make a comment about not being able to find Suzy Where's Suzy?. Return left and go through the door under the stairs The Past: Three.

Return outside and go right, then talk to Jesse and agree to help him. Go left again and through the door under the stairs. Talk to the people in here before going back outside again. Head right and go through the open door next to Jesse. Pick up the quarter from the floor. Examine the small unit near the door to the left - press the red button on the side, then take the batteries. Go back outside and head left to talk to Mr Mahoney again. Ask him why he is guarding the door. Continue left and use your quarter on the vending machine to get a can of soda. Exit to the left. Return to your car and use the car keys on it to get inside. This time, use the red tape (2/2) on the cassette deck Music Fan.

Suzy's House

Knock on the door until you realize nobody is home. Use your car keys on the car again The Past: Four. Use either tape in the cassette deck.

Football Ground

Talk to Jeff, and ask him about smoking. Go right and talk to the boy in the black jacket, then give him your money in exchange for some cigarettes. Enter the ground and go through the door under the stairs. Give the cigarettes to the people here, but they don't have a lighter. Go back outside and talk to Jeff again, asking for his lighter. Give him your can of soda, and you will get the lighter. Return into the ground and through the door under the stairs once more. Give the lighter to the girl.

There should now be a smoke haze inside this room. Examine the unit on the wall here. Press the red button on the side, then insert your batteries. Make sure both switches are to the right. Go and talk to Mr Mahoney again, and tell him there are kids smoking under the bleachers. Now you can go through the door here Distracted entry.

Enter Coach Funkhouser's office. Examine the desk - open the top drawer and move the documents to find a small key. Back out and use this on the filing cabinet to the left. Open the file for Todd Masters to see he has locker 4. Leave the office and look at the noticeboard. In particular pay attention to an advertisement for the "Ten Year Anniversary Ball", which will occur on 6/6/86. Now enter the boys' locker room. Look in the mirror The Past: Five.

Open locker 4 with the code 6676 (press the red button on the right when you are done). Take the framed picture from inside. Head back outside and go right. Give the framed picture to Jesse The Past: Six.


Head inside and go to your room. Examine the gift on the floor.


Look at the noticeboard, then go right. Talk to the salesman. Continue to the far right. Look at the necklaces, then talk to the salesman and ask about the S necklace. Continue to the right once more. After the scene with Suzy, keep going to the right The End.