A Date in the ParkA Date in the Park

Game Details:  Mystery, 2014

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  8/11/2021

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

A Date in the Park is a third-person mystery adventure game set in Portugal. You play as Lou, a young man who meets a girl in a bar and plans to meet in the park for a date the next day. On arrival, the girl is not there, so you set off to explore the park. There are 9 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


Look at the Polaroid in your inventory Eye of the Beholder. Talk to the window on the right of the park entrance, then use your wallet on the window. You will receive a map, and be allowed entry to the park.

Go through the entrance, then go right and forward to find a duck pond, but Catarina is nowhere to be seen.


Help the duckling into the pond, then leave to the right. Head forward, then approach the large structure. Examine the Sancus statue (1/3). Leave to the left, and you will reach a crossroads with a red telephone box. Continue left twice more. Head down to the left and try to talk to the gardener Lost in Translation.

Return right twice, then go forward to find a domed building. Try to open the gate, then look through it. Look into the shadowy alcove opposite Boom or Bust?. Back out, then head down along the path to find some pigeons. Continue down along the path, then forward twice towards another building. Examine the statue with bandages (2/3) and the headless statue (3/3) Statue Fan.

Back out and go right to reach the side of the building. Look at the graffiti, then continue right, then forward next to the red house Explorer. There is a locked door here.


Head all the way back to the duck pond. Examine the duckling, then use your handkerchief on it A Friend in Need. Go right, then return to the left and open the box - a balloon will fly out. Next head to where you saw the gardener, and the balloon will land in the lake here. Try to reach it, then search the gardener's bag to get a key.

Go to the red house and use the key on the locked door. Venture inside and you will get a telescopic hoe. Make your way back to where you saw the pigeons - examine the stone object on the ground here An Old Head. Next go to the lake. Return the key to the gardener's bag A Good Samaritan. Use the telescopic hoe on the balloon in the lake.

After reading the first note, go back to where you saw the 2 statues. Examine the right statue, and look into the pipe beneath it to see a tiny music box. Back out and go right to the side of the building. Use the contraption here - press the buttons on the right so all 3 right black indicators are on, then press the green button. Go back out to the statue and pick up the music box.

After reading the second note, back out and make your way to the red house. Open the box here. Make your way back to the red telephone box and use it Hanging on the Telephone. Go back out to the park entrance.