Game Details:  Fantasy, 2009

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Walkthrough Updated:  1/5/2013

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Enlightenus is a first-person adventure game with hidden object elements. You play as a detective sent to investigate the house of a renowned author, only to discover the inspiration for his works has been a machine that allows him to travel to other worlds. You must then use the machine to travel to these other worlds and collect pages missing from his books. The series continues with the sequel, Enlightenus 2.


Head into the house and take the orb from the desk, then pick up the key it was hiding. Use this on the left door and head through. Continue up the hallway into the study, and take the book from the desk. Touch the machine's panel to be taken to Enlightenus. Recharge your hint orb with the Enlightenus card when instructed, then pick up 3 more from the desk. Click on the note on the second machine to start your first puzzle.

The Mysterious Clocktower Labyrinth 1

  • E cards: Beneath wooden bench, to the right of the small clock
  • Large bulb: Electric lamp on right
  • Minute hand: Large one-handed clock
  • Bow: Antique cello on far right
  • Deflated balloon: Helium gas on left
  • Bolt cutter: Locked chest
  • Chisel: Generic stone in opened chest
  • Red paint brush: Blue ornament at top
  • Sun emblem: empty slot on right

Leave the study and continue through the hallway into a room with a knight. Take the knight's sword, and look at the door it is guarding to see a symbol with two missing pieces. Now look at the desk and solve the 4 slider puzzles to find a hammer. Look at the next note on the wall here.

Darkwood Manor Haunted Stories 1

  • E cards: On the piano, on the left curtain
  • Pumpkin scooper: Pumpkin with seeds
  • Carving knife: Pumpkin without seeds
  • Jack-O-Lantern candle: Pumpkin
  • Toy train: Railroad track on lower right
  • Diaper: Baby doll in bookcase
  • "Portrait Mood" spray bottle: Sad portrait on left wall
  • Piece of cheese: Mousetrap on lower left
  • Antlers: Deer head on left wall

Go to the entrance of the house, and you will see a sign saying you cannot leave until you have completed all the novels. Use your hammer on the loose nail here, and take the gem. Go back to the hallway, and put your sword on the shield on the right. Look at the green box that is now open, and take the note.

Strange Tales on Meadow Creek Farm 1

  • E cards: Next to typewriter on top left, beneath wooden wheel on far left
  • Rusty key: Rusty padlock on large gate
  • Hostage cow: Bovine beam beneath UFO
  • UFO escape beam: UFO
  • Shears: Sheep
  • Knitting needles: Pile of wool next to sheep
  • Mother bird: Nest of eggs at top of screen
  • Film: Camera on far right
  • Tea bag: Tea cup

Still in the hallway, look at the picture on the left wall.

  • Left: Duck, swan
  • Right: Raven, eagle

Now take the second gem. Go back to the door next to the knight and insert your two gems, then head through the door.

Chapter 1

Head left into the Old Globe antique store. Pick up the sledgehammer and the gear, and notice the two owl statues - the one on the right is missing a red gem. Now click on the note on the back wall.

And Now, for My Next Trick 1

  • E cards: Above green cage on left, in purple drapes at top right
  • Rabbit: Green cage on left
  • Black dot: Die with one spot
  • Heartless ace: Ace of heart cards
  • Rabbit's red cloth: Rabbit in green cage
  • Ropes for pulley: Pulleys at top left
  • Battery: Powerless robot on right
  • Sandbag: Hook on end of pulley rope
  • Top hat: Magician teddy bear

Leave this shop and enter Potions Perfecta and you will be presented with a puzzle. Slide the two devices on the left and right until they show the same prism symbol. Now for the next part, just place appropriate pictures next to the symbols (sun, moon, clouds, snow), with the two potions in the middle slots. Enter the store, then take the minute hand from on the book, and click on the note.

Enchanted Forest and the Seven Seals 1

  • E cards: Window at the top of the tree, next to the far left main window
  • Red bird: Small red birdhouse
  • Heavy stone: Basket hanging from right of tree
  • Hungry bunny: Carrot hanging on rope
  • Watering can: Patch of soil on bottom left
  • Bee: Sunflower that grew in soil
  • Gnome: Gnome house on bottom right
  • Carving knife: Unfinished carving near top of tree
  • Acorn: Hungry squirrel at top of tree

Go upstairs and look at the vases above the fireplace - take the battery. Look at the books on the table, and read the note.

The Mysterious Clocktower Labyrinth 2

  • E cards: Above the red ornaments sign, beneath the electric lamp
  • Match: Green oil lamp
  • Winged wooden shoe: Wooden foot
  • Silver stone hammer: Gnome on far right
  • Untyped paper: Typewriter
  • Mailbox flag: Opened mailbox
  • Microscope lens: Microscope
  • Microscopic slide: Microscope
  • Wine for two: Wine glasses at top right

Go downstairs and out of the shop, then along the path to reach the front of the Aquatic Museum. Look at the green stone statue on the right to reveal a tile-matching puzzle. Solve this puzzle, then click on the note.

Journey to the Ancient Parthenon 1

  • E cards: On left pillar, in tiling near top right
  • Elephant emblem: Top of left pillar
  • Small cannonball: Small cannon
  • Cheese: Hungry mouse (revealed by cannon)
  • Royal blue gem: Unfinished crown
  • Statue head: Statue in middle
  • Origami instruction: Green paper on left
  • Ivory tusk: Elephant statue on green paper
  • Artist's brush: Sketched painting

Use your sledgehammer on the left vase, and click on the note inside.

Strange Tales on Meadow Creek Farm 2

  • E cards: Wooden crate on left, on side of luggage
  • Dart: Dart board
  • Radio dial: Ham radio
  • Green glove: Mannequin hand
  • Paper with code: Other paper with code (fell from dart board)
  • Lantern lens: Lantern in chest
  • Shovel: Lighted floor
  • Fuse: Empty bulb box on left
  • Passport: Traveller's luggage

Head down the path to the right of the museum. Look at the sign to see the elevator operates at 8 o'clock. Look at the green statue on the right and insert your battery, then click on the note.

Strange Tales on Meadow Creek Farm 3

  • E cards: On red crate, fire extinguisher on top right
  • Egg: Egg carton
  • Baseball: Baseball glove
  • Shotgun shell: Shotgun
  • Magnifying glass: Beam of light
  • Spider: Spider's web
  • Chalk: Blackboard
  • Thief's stethoscope: Safe
  • Tiny party hat: Birthday rat

Next click on the note on the left statue.

Darkwood Manor Haunted Stories 2

  • E cards: In the chandelier, top left of fireplace woodwork
  • Sheet music: Piano music stand
  • Mirror cleanser: Dirty mirror
  • Warding flashlight: Mirror
  • Prisoner doll: Noose
  • Magic bookmark: Magic book
  • Tied straws: Broom handle on right
  • Axe: Whole logs in front of fireplace
  • Match: Filled fireplace rack

Now go back along the path and head inside the Aquatic Museum and click on the fish-shaped note on the wall.

The Great Museum Caper 1

  • E cards: In the top of the left glass cabinet, at the base of the blue statue
  • Blue feather: Headband on the wolf
  • Hammer: Thick breakable glass case
  • Alarm panel: Panel slot behind statues
  • Can of oil: Lamp held by Amadeus statue
  • Sponge: Handprints on left glass cabinet
  • Clay camel lid: Clay camel pot (in breakable glass case)
  • Alarm disable code: Alarm panel
  • War paint: Warrior's face

Go along the passage to the right and click on the note in this back room.

Enchanted Forest and the Seven Seals 2

  • E cards: Rock on bottom right, third main window from left
  • Fly: Spider's web at top of tree
  • Campfire lighter: Logs on right
  • Wooden nose: Noseless doll
  • Fangs: Toothless snake
  • Arrow: Target
  • Bug jar: Spider in spider's web
  • Small letter: Carrier pigeon at top left
  • Owl: Nocturnal rest (hole in the tree)

Go back to the front room of the Aquatic Museum and look at the painting.

  • Left: Fishing hook, bait
  • Right: Wood, saw

Take the teacup emblem from behind the painting. Walk back to Potions Perfecta and head inside. On the right, put your teacup emblem in the teacup engraving slot. Pick up the owl's ruby gem, and click on the note.

Playful Teddy's Lullaby Adventures 1

  • E cards: Between banners near bottom, blocks at bottom right
  • Bean train: Train tracks
  • Magic beans: Bean train
  • Small comb: Doll with messy hair
  • Rodeo doll: Toy horse
  • Insta-hair: Bald doll
  • Asian styling chopsticks: Geisha doll
  • Oversized tie: Big teddy bear
  • Clown nose: Clown doll

Go upstairs and look at the large painting.

  • Left: Bullet, binoculars, deer horn
  • Right: Hammer, chisel, glue

Take the hour hand. Now head over to the Old Globe antique store and look at the owl. Put the ruby in its place, and take the fish emblem. Go to the back room of the Aquatic Museum, and look at the large round metal disc. Put the fish emblem in its central slot, then insert your gear. Head around to the path down the side of the museum. Put both the minute hand and hour hand on the clock, then use the elevator.

Chapter 2

Look at the green stone to find another tile-matching puzzle, then click on the note.

A Tomb Amidst the Shifting Sands 1

  • E cards: Anubis statue on left, between books at top left
  • Golden bone: Golden dog statue on left
  • Hammer: Cracked pot
  • Tomb key: Coffin lock (within cracked pot)
  • Snowman scarf: Snowman
  • Black buttons: Snowman
  • Flowers: Empty vase on right
  • Egyptian dog collar: Dog statue on right
  • Stone wing: Wingless sphinx

Go back from the tree to the elevator. Click on the left note.

Journey to the Ancient Parthenon 2

  • E cards: Next to the bearded statue on right, beneath the globe
  • Crusader sword: With the other sword behind the shield
  • Bow: Bowless bear
  • Styling scissors: Golden hair
  • Glasses: Squiting statue on left
  • Crusader axe: With the other axe behind the shield
  • Time reverse bandages: Overcooked turkey
  • Slab etched with five: Over the archway
  • Wet sponge: Dirty statue

Now click on the right note.

The Great Museum Caper 2

  • E cards: Around the neck of the female warrior, in the tree just above her
  • Sledgehammer: Vase near bottom right
  • Glass cutter: Thin glass behind vase
  • Thief glove: Precious ruby behind thin glass
  • Sand bag: Where the ruby used to be
  • Prehistoric meat: Dinosaur head on top left
  • Pirate hat: On the pirate's head
  • Flowers: Vase
  • Wirecutters: Bomb hanging from ceiling

Head back to the tree, then right to the pond. Look at the base of the left statue to find a tile-matching puzzle - complete it and take the machete. Look at the base of the right statue and solve the next tile-matching puzzle to find a master key. Look at the necklaces of the two statues to get some cryptic clues. Now click on the note.

Whiddon's Expedition: Atlantis 1

  • E cards: Castle in left window, behind left metal support
  • Poseidon crown: Poseidon's head
  • Starfish: Star engraving
  • Teeth: Crocodile skull with missing teeth
  • Valve: Blue inoperable tank
  • Deflated blowfish: Pipe in right window
  • Feather: Ticklish squid
  • Pipette: Ink next to squid
  • Twin zebra fish: Zebra fish

Head back to the tree, then left to the entrance. Look at the gnome's necklace for another clue. Click on the note.

Forgotten Idol: The Mayan Expedition 1

  • E cards: Top of left pillar, beneath star on left side of stone face
  • Beak: Beakless duck
  • Tail: Unbalanced squirrel
  • Twin moth: Brown moth at top of screen
  • Pottery glue: Broken pot on left
  • Frog: Lily pad pot (after fixing it)
  • Ruby pupil: Stone eye disc
  • Eye patch: Pirate parrot on top left
  • Shaman mask: Shaman crow on right pillar

Use your machete to clear away the vines, and your master key to unlock the gate. Head into the cave on the left, and click on the note.

And Now, for My Next Trick 2

  • E cards: Pink balloon, crystal ball stand
  • Balloon: Balloon hook over portrait
  • Throwing dagger: Balloon on hook
  • Ghost projection: Crystal ball
  • Buttons for eyes: Eyeless clown doll
  • Extension cord: Short cord from neon sign
  • Glowing carrot: Neon sign
  • Saw: Wooden box
  • Carpet cleaner: Carpet stain (red stairs)

Next look at the blue stone for a tile-matching puzzle. Solve this, then click on the note.

Whiddon's Expedition: Atlantis 2

  • E cards: Top right corner, within life saver
  • Pearl: Large clam in middle window
  • Tiara: Mermaid statue's head
  • Royal scepter: Mermaid statue's hand
  • Gold coin: Opened gold chest
  • Sharp prong: Poseidon's hand
  • Martial arts bandana: Kung fu lobster near bottom
  • Surgical scissors: Loose stitches in shark
  • Diamond ring: Hand that pops out of shark wound

Now have a look at the portrait on the wall.

  • Left: Watermelon, green apple
  • Right: Coconut, big banana

Take the blue sapphire, then look at the note.

Playful Teddy's Lullaby Adventures 2

  • E cards: Red box on the left, toy house on the right
  • Knight doll: Knight-hungry dragon
  • Piano key: Missing key from toy piano
  • Green worm: Bitten apple
  • White ink spray can: Striped horse
  • Horn: White horse
  • Halo: Angel doll in top right
  • Gold knob: Knobless door on left
  • B block: Between A and C blocks

Head back to the entrance, then through the gate to find the living room. Click on the note.

The Mysterious Clocktower Labyrinth 3

  • E cards: Old record player on left, behind grating on right
  • Candles: Shiny candelabra
  • Envelope for stocking: Stocking
  • Doll spirit: Wooden doll
  • Red dragon stitching: Blank red flag in top left corner
  • Plastic eye: Plastic skull
  • Taste for poison: Poisonous apple
  • Unfried egg: Frying pan
  • Thinking cap: Thinking gargoyle

Look at the portrait on the wall.

  • Left: Strawberry, green grape
  • Right: Lettuce, potato

Take the ring, then look at the note.

Journey to the Ancient Parthenon 3

  • E cards: Wooden barrel on left, edge of mosaic ledge on right
  • Pickaxe: Cracked ceiling
  • Key in ice: Warm beam of light
  • Locked box: Key on tray
  • Gilded plate: Gilded silverware on left wall
  • Correction pen: Fibonacci 4 (turn it into a 5)
  • Record: Phonograph
  • Blue feather: Featherless hat at bottom right
  • Tweezers: Incomplete ship in a bottle

Return to the pond (right from the tree) and look at the golden sphere. Place your sapphire and ring in the hole in the top, then go down through the opening that appears. Click on the top note first.

And Now, for My Next Trick 3

  • E cards: Near middle of wooden floor, on playing cards
  • Lighter: Plate of gunpowder
  • Three swords: Cabinet with slots on the right
  • Metal trigger: Incomplete rifle
  • POW: Flag coming out of rifle
  • Sun: Celestial slot at left end of wooden box
  • Magic wand: Wand hat
  • Water bottle: Sun and water hat on stage floor
  • Bell handle: Bell near crystal ball

Click on the other note.

A Tomb Amidst the Shifting Sands 2

  • E cards: Near top of far right pillar, shield on steps
  • Black orb: Right eye engraving
  • Can of oil: Dry torch hanging on left wall
  • Match: Oiled torch
  • Yang gem: Yin pot
  • Black paint: Cat statue
  • Anubis spear: Anubis statue
  • Red sun emblem: Coffin lid
  • Skeleton arm: Skeleton in coffin

Look at the portrait on the wall.

  • Left: Fire, wave, dirt
  • Right: Sun, moon, cloud

Take the moon emblem, then return to the living room (through the gate at the entrance). Put the moon emblem in the blue door and head through.

Chapter 3

Head up the stairs, then click on the left note.

Majestic Theater of Nobel Hill 1

  • E cards: Archway over curtain, central part of curtain pelmet
  • Flute: Flautist doll on right
  • Trumpet: Horn-blowing snake
  • Dress: Bare mannequin
  • Handle: Crank to left of stage
  • Bow and arrow: Archer behind curtains
  • Lion emblem: Blank shield on boat behind curtains
  • Shell: Shell-less slug at top right
  • Bedtime cookie: Warm milk at top of curtain

Now click on the right note.

Darkwood Manor Haunted Stories 3

  • E cards: Rain drum on right, books at top right
  • Crowbar: Boarded up window
  • Cut the painting scissors: Central painting
  • Key: Coffin lid
  • Garlic: Vampire in coffin
  • Hand of forecasting: Crystal ball
  • Angel figurine: Death figurine
  • Top hat for bonehead: Skeleton
  • Drum mallets: Rain drum

Head further up the stairs to reach the ground floor, then click on the note here.

The Great Museum Caper 3

  • E cards: Next to central plaque, on gold stand in right cabinet
  • Bleach: Empty bucket
  • Mop: Green stain next to bucket
  • Panel code: Panel on right cabinet
  • Egyptian scepter: Anubis statue
  • Rolled up painting: Empty frame
  • Glue: Shattered pieces
  • Chisel: Smooth tombstone in main scene
  • Polishing brush: Tarnished pole

Head through the right doorway to find the fountain room. Pick up the blue beetle from the right, then click on the note.

Playful Teddy's Lullaby Adventures 3

  • E cards: On top door of left castle, on robot's chest
  • Antenna: Short-reception robot
  • Crank: Jack-in-the-box
  • Five red marbles: Tree without apples
  • Needle and thread: Torn purple bear
  • Pencil: Tic-tac-toe game on ceiling
  • Letter A: Block stack on left
  • Paper pterydactyl: Gum on top left
  • Piece of white plastic: Rabbit missing an ear

Head back to the ground floor, then up the stairs to the first floor. Click on the note.

Wild West Jack and the Raccoon Gang 1

  • E cards: Birdhouse at top left, bottles on top balcony
  • Sheriff badge: Sheriff lizard
  • Shears: Overgrown hedge
  • Nutcracker: Large walnut behind hedge
  • Super-age soil: Small cactus
  • Plant needles: Smooth cactus
  • Insect stinger: Harmless bee in bottom left
  • Crow: Friendly scarecrow on right
  • Bag of cash: Raccoon robber at top left

Now look at the beetles on the wall, and add your blue beetle. Click on the note that is revealed.

Forgotten Idol: The Mayan Expedition 2

  • E cards: Next to green maraca, on bottom right shelf
  • Brush and white paint: Skunk on far right
  • Shovel: X marks the spot near the bottom of the screen
  • Seeds for planting: Loose dirt you found with the shovel
  • Hungry rabbit: Carrot growing in the loose dirt
  • Battery: Empty flashlight
  • Tiny hammer: Egg on left
  • Explorer's pith helmet: Explorer's skull
  • Stone star: Star slot on left side of central stone structure

Head up the stairs to the second floor. Pick up the screwdriver, then open the green box and click on the note.

Enchanted Forest and the Seven Seals 3

  • E cards: Orange at top of screen, near top right of tree
  • Paintbrush: Drafted canvas
  • Key: Locked door
  • Hard walnut: Nutcracker behind door
  • Clippers: Untrimmed bush
  • Mother bird: Next with eggs
  • Brown dye: Visible chameleon in top left
  • Red gem: Missing eye statue
  • Toy mallet: Toy gopher

Go through the right doorway to find the greenhouse. Pick up the sapphire, then click on the note.

Wild West Jack and the Raccoon Gang 2

  • E cards: Roses at bottom left, crates at top right
  • Antique rifle: Sharpshooter kitten
  • Thirsty rat: Wine leaking from barrel
  • Half loaf of bread: Other half loaf of bread at top right
  • Gunslinger's hat: Gunslinger rabbit
  • Bullet belts: Bullet-less barker (dog)
  • Mystery mask: Mysterious moose
  • Boxing glove: Punch-hungry pug (dog)
  • Paintbrush: Unpainted wood near top of house

Return all the way back to the ground floor, and look at the green box on the wall. Put the sapphire in the front of the box to open it, then click on the note.

A Tomb Amidst the Shifting Sands 3

  • E cards: Far right column, gold base of dog statue
  • Crowbar: Coffin lid
  • Bandages: Mummy
  • Sunglasses: Mummy
  • Ruby gem: Slot on second pillar
  • Compass: Engraving above mummy
  • Ball of yarn: Playful cat
  • Stone beard: Stone Pharaoh bust (top shelf on right)
  • Toothbrush: Skull with dirty teeth (top shelf on left)

Head right to the fountain room and look at the portrait.

  • Left: Shield, chainmail, helmet
  • Right: Cat, lion, tiger

Take the golden plaque, then return to the ground floor room and put the plaque in its space. Take the triangle gem that appears. Head upstairs twice, and put the triangle gem on the wall, then go through the open door to a balcony. Pick up the white rose on the right. Head all the way down to the ground floor, then back down another set of stairs. Look at the bowl on the right wall and use your screwdriver on it, then take the heart stone. Now return to the greenhouse (right from the second floor) and put the heart stone in its slot. Now click on the note.

Majestic Theater of Nobel Hill 2

  • E cards: Red flag on right, middle balcony on left
  • Moon piece: Half moon symbol on curtains
  • Key with "Tragedy" engraved: Tragedy mask above curtains
  • Pirate patch: Pirate giraffe
  • Strings: Incomplete violin
  • Crossbones: Black pirate flag
  • Gauntlet: Knight's hand (behind curtains)
  • Tiara: Princess (behind curtains)
  • Toothbrush: Dirty-teeth gator on left

Now look at the portrait.

  • Left: Unicorn, dragon
  • Right: Cowboy hat, beret

Take the red rose. Head to the fountain room (right from the ground floor). Put the red and white rose in their holders in the ground, then take the stone rose. Head up to the first floor, and put the stone rose above the gilded door, then head through.


Click on the note on the left wall.

Forgotten Idol: The Mayan Expedition 3

  • E cards: Stone divider on left, plants above top right shelf
  • Warm sleeping bag: Cold snake
  • Animal crown: Lion statue
  • Hook: Hanging fish in top right
  • Signing pen: Autograph book
  • Tiny peg-leg: Three-legged lizard on left pillar
  • Dollar sign: Dollar bill in bottom left
  • Burglar mask: Bandit fox
  • Pearl: Clam engraving on left pillar

Now click on the note on the far wall.

Whiddon's Expedition: Atlantis 3

  • E cards: Next to ship's wheel, on lobster trap
  • Glue: Smooth finless shark
  • Fin: Sticky finless shark
  • Watering can: Bowl-like helmet
  • Goldfish: Water-filled helmet
  • Sardine for the hermit: Hiding turtle
  • Lightning bolt: Eel in middle window
  • Small shovel: Buried teddy bear in middle window
  • Heart: Teddy bear needs love

Head through the door into the second room. Click on the left note.

Majestic Theater of Nobel Hill 3

  • E cards: Broken drum, radio on right table
  • Letter P: Crate on left
  • Culinary award: Star chef (behind curtains)
  • Cleaver: Beaver on right
  • Book worm: Apple book
  • Kitty bell: Siamese cat (behind curtains)
  • Sheriff star: Policeman doll
  • The 7th visitor: Chair VII in foreground
  • Pineapple: Pineapple basket (behind curtains)

Now click on the right note.

Wild West Jack and the Raccoon Gang 3

  • E cards: Right lower window, scarecrow on far right
  • Handcuffs: Prisoner parrot
  • Hammer and nails: Crooked sign
  • Party hat: Partying porker (pig)
  • Fish: Hungry eagle
  • Vacancy sign: Chains over door
  • Top hat: Well-dressed monkey
  • Boards: Broken window
  • Whiskey: Parched porcupine

Go back to the first room and look at the portrait.

  • Left: II, V
  • Right: III, IV

Take the golden leaf. Return to the second room and put the golden leaf in the slot at the top of the machine. Take the Enlighten key from the door of this machine, and look at the other door. Insert the key and go through. You will now be back in the study. Go to the Aquatic Museum, and down the corridor to the back room. Now look at the door in the back of the room and use the Enlighten key again. Go through into a secret room. Look at the green stone to find another tile-matching puzzle. Look at the plaque and the portraits. Go back to the entrance of the mansion, where the door is still locked. Use your Enlighten key one last time on the lock, then go through the door.